Friday 22 May 2015

Annie may have to join DAP

Someone asked me last night why I am not making a definite stand on the ongoing Umno's internal conflict.

The guy was not happy with my self-declared "observer" status.

At one point, he even accused me of wanting to be on the winning side by not making my stand clear.

That pissed me off a bit.

Let me be honest here, if I want to be on the winning side, I would have choose to be on the Pakatan's side.

Yes, they are the winning side now and they will stay to be so till the next general election if Umno continues to tear itself apart.

Pas and DAP are taking pot shots at each other now, but I believe they will kiss and make up sooner or later for the sake of giving Umno and the rest of Barisan Nasional the final knock out punch less than three years from now.

And let me tell you this, if I'm going to the other side, I will most likely be joining DAP.

Well, why not? I think I can go quite far in DAP. After all, I'm a half Zairil.

Maybe I can be a member of parliament like him. your heart out Dyana Sofya.

Anyway, I can't see myself joining Pas.

Their alim ulamak wouldn't like me. I don't wear tudung and smoke (quite a lot these days).

PKR on the other hand is just a cartoon party. I can't be joining such a party.

Whatever it is, if I have to join DAP, I will most likely have to mentally block this image,


p.s...can you all Umno people stop fighting? Pleaseeee....


  1. annie,

    pernah pergi tak tengok mcm orang2 melayu tak berduit, anak berekor-ekor yang duduk kat flat-flat PPR? pi tengok kat lembah subang, tengok tempat tinggal mereka, cara hidup mereka, anak-anak mereka. tujuh keterunan kedepan diaorang pun tak tentu habis sekolah lagi, you have any idea what $42B is? kita patut biarkan je ke orang cam najib and balau2 dalam umno sekarang ni teruskan usaha MURNI mereka? LOL


    p/s: you baru berfikir nak masuk DAP, saya, isteri dan anak2 dah lama jadi kafir (mkh = melayu kafir harbi)

  2. Dear Annie,
    I thought u quit smoking??? never mind...take ur time. Totally understandable. It is not a big deal; even if u smoke, it doesn't make u less Muslim, I guess its the same with wearing tudung or not. The thing is people often got mixed up with Islamic values and cultural values. The latter seem to cloud their judgment and will remain so unless they educate themselves a bit more. How 'Islamic' a Muslim is - only God and 'tuan punya diri' knows (if she/he understand Islamic teachings from the Quran and Sunnah) ...
    Anyway, I would join PAS in a second if I am 100% convinced that they are truly 'berjuang for Islam', till now, not so. DAP and PKR is out of the question. With what is going on now, for me, BN is still the least of three 'evils' provided UMNO is thoroughly doing a 'self cleaning exercise' once and for all. Until then, I am happy not being a member of any political party.
    Salam from Japan

    1. How Islamic a Muslim is depends on how far one is submitting oneself to His commands.

    2. Anon 16:20,
      You maybe right; so good luck in measuring the extent of one submission to His commands. Please do share with us if u ever figure out the formula. Until then, let Him be the Only Judge of how Islamic we are.

  3. Through my observation, you are just playing safe but you are still defending Najib despite him being a thief and liar. The fact that you think Najib is not a thief is rather perplexing as after reading all the exposures and blunders on 1MDB, we can deduce the type of person he is. After stealing the country funds that we are forced to repay via GST and has burdened the poor rakyat, this a**hole still wants to hang on to power to whack more money.


  4. Puff the magic dragon with me. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  5. Annie, zairil is not half chinese la, he is pure chinese... Dia anak tiri khir johari. His real father is a chinese.

  6. Wakakakakakakakakakaka

    Get ready for curses and insults from all your admirers in UMNO.

  7. Emmm....PKR = Cartoon Party.. A political party, abound with lawyers.
    I thought its a Liwat Party. PAS pun sudah kena liwat oleh Al-Juburi. Demi WANG, setengah pemimpin PAS sanggup jual Bangsa dan Agama.

  8. Try taking deep breaths - abdominal breathing - next time you feel the urge to light up that cigarette. It'll help cut down on an unhealthy habit.

  9. And that party is making their love to sideline their partner in PR. Just look at the recent announcement of their shadow cabinet. I believe they are testing the water to see the public reaction to the announcement and also to send a message that they are aiming for the premiership. That's the reason why you don't see the douchebag in the lineup.

  10. Hai ....YAAAAAAA,,, Annie mau masuk itu DAP lor rr ,Wa manyak sukak ,itu macam lea aa . Wa manyak ingat itu uncle Lim pasti gumbila maa aa .

    Tapi Annie ea aaa ,Wa ingat kalau lompat sana lompat sini , mana pon tatak bolih sampai maa aa , mesti atak jiwa maa aa ,balu atak lasa jiwa manyak puas lea aa .

    Olang pandei cekap ,itu perjuangan mesti atak pelinsip maa aa ,lompat puanya olang mana bolih ikut lea aa .

    1. People jump here and there also can become senators and ambassadors what.


    2. Annie,

      Tatak muka punya olang ,mesti bolih buat macam maa aa , atak muka punya olang jiwa manyak tetap lea aa.

      Wa lespect itu uncle Lim ,sutak manyak taun maa aa ,tatak goyang maa aa , tatak jadi menteli pon tatak hat punya maa aa ,selupa macam Liaw Tiong lai pon tatak apa lor rr .

      Bijak punya olang atak cekap eaa aa , "peljuangan tatak janji kesenangan, kesenangan bukan kelana perjuangan " , Wa pon atak ingat itu macam .

    3. If you need a musical interlude .......

    4. Oi apek or pseudo apek, can you write properly in BM? You are wasting people's precious time in trying to decipher your comment. Cant stand yr apek lingo. I think you're not even Chinese.

  11. Shakespeare's Sonnets no. 146:

    "Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth these rebel powers that thee array;"

    Why dost thou pine within and suffer dearth Painting thy outward walls so costly gay.

    "Why so large cost, having so short a lease Dost thou upon thy fading mansion spend?"

    "Shall worms, inheritors of this excess
    Eat up thy charge? Is this thy body's end?"

    "Then soul, live thou upon thy servant's loss And let that pine to aggravate thy store"

    (If that is so, then, my soul, let my body's loss be your gain, and let my body suffer for your enrichment)

    "Buy terms divine in selling hours of dross; Within be fed, without be rich no more:"

    (Sell your hours of earthly waste in exchange for time in heaven; spend resources on yourself, within the body, and no longer concern yourself with outward beauty.)

    "So shalt thou feed on Death, that feeds on men,
    And Death once dead, there's no more dying then."

  12. It's just a hunch, ok?

    It is not possible that so many UMNO division leaders still show their support of PM as well as the rest of the BN leaders if truly The PM songlap so many billions or RM for that matter in order to live a lavish lifestyle. Because whatever can be said about BN or UMNO politicians being thieves, robbers or whatnot which involves some, the rest do have principles and are truly dedicated towards serving the rakyat. Why do they support the PM on this 1MDB thing eventhough with all those stories of billions lost?

    Is it because 1MDB was created to provide slush funds for BN in particular UMNO to prepare for next election espeicially in East Malaysia where monies talk the loudest? And these were found out by some PR guys thru leakages of information which were supposed to be kept secret?

    Now with KJ going after J Low and Muhyideen sort of like initiating a diversion towards the 1MDB board instead, was it hoped that this slush fund so created will not be known? Afterall this fund is to ensure the continual survival of the ruling party in the next GE and which BN politician is likely to object? BUYING FROGS costs tons of money in the event of a Tie in Parliament or buying allegiance from other component parties to remain in BN will costs even more.

    So it do look like some diversions are used to hide this X Factor or if not then perhaps some have taken this opportunity to advance their personal interests rather than keep quiet?

    Does it make sense?

  13. Annie, i know u hv frens from among the PMO ppl thats why you hv this denial that Najib is a penyangak. You want to believe your frens tht Najib is a good guy. But i told you before, if they are najib's men, they are not good men. Anybody who is willing to stand by Najib and insisting that he is a good man, cannot be a good man.

    Accept the hard facts Annie. Najib is not what you think he is or what you want him to be. Your frens are blinded by money, positions, glam or simply not righteous enough to say the truth.

    This is not about Tun M attacking Najib. This is about 42billion debts that Najib shoved down our throat to pay while his family and jho low enjoy. So what you need to ask is for Najib to settle it without affecting us instead of asking for umno to stop fighting. Because if we stop attacking Najib then the nx thing we know all our funds cud be empty and all the lands allocated for bumi had been sold! It is what is going on now...thts why we need to increase the pressure and make sure tht he stops all transactions pending investigation.

    Can you understand that Annie?

  14. Why not join DAP Annie. Since you have a liking for Chinese boyfriends/suitors you perhaps will be able to find someone better in that party. Diyana Sofea found Zairil.

    Way to go Annie. Better prospects than in UMNO.

  15. I'd vote for Annie. Maybe not politically astute, but smart,, good heart and wants the country to move forward and be a good place for its citizens


  16. PKRs expected to fumble badly. You're our choice MB adinda Ms Annie
    instead of the other over-showy DAP girl, Ms Syefura(?)

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH