Saturday 16 May 2015

Annie's code of leadership may be obsolete

I trimmed my budget last month due to difficult personal financial situation.

Among the things I had to let go was my subscription of the New Straits Times newspaper.

It's the only newspaper which I subscribed.

Now I'm going to totally rely on the internet as my news source.

I think I will also have to let go of the NST SMS alerts service later.

It just costs me a few ringgits a month but now that I'm quite broke, I think I need to save every penny.

Anyway, this is the last message I got just now from the NST alerts,

NST 16/05: PM says decision to have BR1M was not decided by him alone but by Fiscal Committee under Bank Negara to help low income group.

I find it interesting that PM DS Najib Razak had put it that way.

Well, the way I understand it, Najib was saying that the decision to have BR1M was made by him and members of the fiscal committee.

He made the statement in defense of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's attack on BR1M.

This is an earlier message from the NST alerts:

NST 16/05: BR1M does not make the people lazy as claimed by Dr Mahathir but provides social safety net & passes on wealth to the people: PM

Well, I would probably had defended BR1M differently, in the sense that I would said that the scheme is the best for the rakyat and I'm as PM will take full responsibility for it, better or worse.

I would not had even mentioned Dr Mahathir.

Maybe it's my style of leadership which is different from the PM.

Last time, when I headed a team at my work place, the code that I followed dictates that as a leader, I must be the one responsible for every aspects of our missions and I must protect my team members the best that I could.

I was thought of this code by my seniors.

For me, if my team screwed up, I must take the blame because I'm the leader.

It's because if a team member fails in his/her duty, I must take the blame too as the code says a leader must guides, motivates and inspires his/her subordinates.

If the subordinates failed, that means the leader had also failed to fulfill his duties.

I also believe that as a leader, I must protect my team members from being abused or bullied by the big bosses if they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

Okay, maybe I'm just old-school.

Most people these days seem to live by the "survival" code.

If they fucked up, they would try to tai-chi the shit to someone else, so that they can survive the crisis.

Many of the powerful people, including those from the PM's camp live by this survival code.

They survive by pleasing the PM and passing the buck to other people when in trouble.

But hey, they are the ones deemed as "successful" and appreciated by most people.

Loyalty, honor, and integrity seem to be garbage these days.

Eh, enough of my rambling.

I'm now at my friend's place in Kuantan.

She's the one I mentioned in my post,

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

I drove here last night after work.

Love hanging out with my friend and her two children.

We are going to the beach later in the day.

Hopefully it's not going to rain.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. I certainly don't think so, in reply to your post title. I think it is admirable. Not obsolete, but rare, I guess.

  2. Sebagai seorang Perdana Menteri beliau mempunyai kuasa penuh dalam membuat kata putus berhubung dengan cadangan pemberian BR1M. Biar lah apa pun cadangan yg beri kepada beliau, sebagai seorang perdana menteri beliau harus mempunyai daya pemikiran yang tajam dan peka dengan suasana semasa, sentimen rakyat dalam keadaan semasa dan impak kepada negara sebelum membuat keputusan mengenai sesuatu cadangan yg diberi. Ternyata beliau tidak mampu dan gagal utk menilai cadangan pemberian BR1M sebagai sesuatu yg baik utk negara. Saya sedih kerana beliau sebagai perdana menteri terpaksa mengelak dengan memberi alasan ia adalah keputusan bersama. ia seperti memberi tahu rakyat bahawa " jangan la tembak aku sorang tembak la depa sama, tak aci la aku kena sorang" sebagai seorang pemimpin dan ketua yg baik seseorang itu harus lah memikul tanggungjawab jika sesuatu keputusan tersebut tidak memihak kepadanya. dan jangan lah menyalahkan orang orang dibawah.

  3. Malaysia is ruled by proxy. The real PM is Rosma Marcos and the 7 billion consultant with programs such as ETP, GST, P*Ki...

  4. Bravo, Annie! Show us your true mettle!

    In response to Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim’s current post on ‘A People Congress’, I would like your permission to respond thereof, as I do not wish to register myself there, as I am just an anonymous blogger. Thank you, if you would permit me!

    Salam Dato’,

    1. I have a small suggestion: You should reconsider promoting and advancing this initiative, publicly, but work in silhouette, in getting support of ‘friendly MPs from both political divides to support ‘a Referendum’ via the Parliament instead. I am aware that in Westminster-type of democracy, we do not have such practise, but ‘crossing-over’ of MPs had taken place in our democratic system many times, and I am sure those would not be our last.

    2. I am not alluding to the facts that you are a fine gentleman, lawyer, and politician, but your migrations from UMNO to PKR and KITA, eventually, would not offer you credence in this noble cause (and it might meet its demise before it gains momentum even!). The majority of the Rakyat would not take you seriously, especially, when you would be sharing the Stage with ‘has been’ (no pun intended) politicians except for Dato’ Sak (who is also a fine gentleman and politician!).

    3. I would say, once you have obtained enough MPs to support this referendum, make them declare their stands, publicly, so the Rakyat could rally behind the ‘Alternative Party.’ Once it gains momentum, spontaneously, nothing could stop it from forcing the Speaker to call for a motion of confidence against the current majority leader of the House.

    4. Malaysians, generally, would not rally like that happening in the Philippines (to oust the Marcos’s), in Thailand (to oust the Thaksin’s), or the various ‘Arab Springs’ (to oust their respective rulers and leaders), as we are tolerant and educated people (unfortunately!). What we bring to the Table for our family to feed on is utmost priority, to us! And, you could thank the Tun too, for this phenomenon, for he had given us education and economy prosperity to do otherwise. I am just so sorry, on behalf of other Malaysians like me, for not being able to rally with you to advance our own cause. Say that we are chicken et all, but rallying, I believe, for majority of silent Malaysians, that is just is not the way we would like to demonstrate our loathing with DSN and the Government.

    5. Granted, we loathe DSN and those merry-bands of thieves that are in UMNO and BN and at homes that are making our lives miserable, and those of our future generations, if left unchecked now, but forcing them out of their comfortable offices and homes via rally, we would not do. However, I am sure that if a new alternative were borne, we would rally behind it, wholeheartedly!

    6. Pursuing your cause the way you intend to do it, would not bring you the desired result, for sure. However, if the Tun and TRH could declare their supports thereof, DSN and Gang would be out of works soon than they would ever had expected!


  5. That's why Tun M said that Najib tak layak jadi PM. He doesn't think that the buck should stop with him. Dia ingat people lantik dia jadi PM just so he can fly in private jet, stay at a free house with everything free (food, utility etc), travel with missus on holiday (and shopping spree) overseas etc etc.

    NAJIB IS THE WORST PM EVER! Even sleeping Pak Lah knows when to quit!

  6. This does not reflects a quality leadership. I wish Msia a very good luck...

  7. Dont forget to post yr bikini pics at the beach Annie. Headless shot pun ok hihi

    1. Better to guard your modesty sis while you look beyond the

  8. Najib seems to be answering all questions that Tun raised EXCEPT on 1MDB. What does that mean? We all will be having the same guess on the answer. Regarding BRIM, i actually agree with the handout for the lower income group but the problem is that it was done with ulterior motive to rob more from the poor folks. RM 500 is given per family but GST will cost RM 1,000 per person or RM 5,000 (10 x more than BRIM) for a usual family size of 5. In fact he is making the lower income group poorer by RM 4,500 per family in a year! Everyone can see that this Jibby Kangkung is not sincere at all!!!

    p/s : for those PMO dungus here, please answer with facts (not rubbish.shit) where the missing RM 27b is before trying to dispute my comments.


    1. Well done zack!

    2. He's just a bangsatwan with a humongous headache straining himself in overtime! Only heartaches left for us.

  9. Don't like his style. Not smart as a pm.


  10. It may be BNMs idea but the government decides and implement, adinda Ms Annie

    SWTs :
    Maybe not so relevant in politics, but top corporations now adopt team decision making, even self directed work teams (SWTs) in more democratic/ Theory-Y organisations also Syura practices according to al-Quran.

    It appears that some members of his Cabinet and UMNO team are still confused and still favour the old: I have great mind/ I tell you you follow Tun Dr Ms style.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Good move Annie....That will reduce your headache. But if you want to TOTALLY ELIMINATE your headache you need to get far away from Rocky and his Band of Idiots!