Monday 4 May 2015

Razali on the roll...uphill, I hope

Deputy Minister in the PM's Department Datuk Razali Ibrahim yesterday said that,

Felda second generation homes price cut announcement in Rompin a coincidence 

Well, hurrah and bravo!

Good of the young and handsome Muar MP to clear that up.

Honestly, I was previously worried that the opposition may try to muddle up the voters' mind by accusing BN of trying to bribe the Felda electorate in Rompin.

The clarification by Razali may likely saves BN from suffering the feared drastic reduction of its majority in Rompin, which is its stronghold.

Razali must had been advised by the BN's brilliant strategists and media generals to clear the air....hmmm...

Well, I think he should then continue to employ their expertise later on when he defends his Muar parliamentary seat in the next general election, less than three years from now.

I personally believe he needs the fantastic services of the BN's strategists and media generals to continue with his political career...if you know what I mean.

You see, in the 2004 general election, Razali won his Muar seat with a majority of 13,415.

His majority was reduced to 4,641 in 2008 and even further in 2013 to 1,646.

By the way, those figures are real and not mere coincidence, okay.

You can check them for yourselves.

Yup, Razali's constituency is Muar, the once stronghold of Umno and hometown of almost all Johor Menteri Besar.

It is the very centre of the Johor Umno heartland.

What do you think Razali's majority will be in the next general election?

Well, never much for Johor, being the Umno's tiang seri.


  1. Dalam industri perfilimen negara, ini terletak di bawah Kj kan (?)..
    Negara memerlukan pelakon2 tambahan yang berwibawa...
    Pelakon utama sedang merayau pasaraya, streets dan segala kemungkinan lokasi..
    Sudah tentu Pengarah dan Penukis Skrip yang bertaraf diamond/permata sedang memerhati.

    Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang liwat, teori kangkung masih boleh digunapakai sekali lagi sebagai solusi..

    Maaf Annie, tersasar tajuk pulok

    1. Enche kluang, industri perfileman di bawah shabery cheek, KJ adalah belia dan sukan walaupun sukan negara berada ditahap senak perut

  2. no mere coincidence ... clueless come shameless

    explain, explain as i turn i meet the fire .... now i'm low, i'm looking out i'm looking in ... way down the lights are dimmer ......

  3. Hi Annie,

    PAS was right in bringing up the Perumahan Generasi Baru FELDA (PGBF) issue because the houses was first mooted by the PM in 2012 under Bajet 2013, which was more than 3 years ago and nothing has been done ever since.

    I can tell you that corruption is not the real issue here but it's more to the personnel in FELDA not having proper expertise and experience in housing development i.e. expecting RM120k quality-houses to be done at RM90k cost.

    So, sometimes it's not really the politicians' fault...

  4. Annie, mamat ni hopeless la. Takde telur. He's good for nothing! Buang mase je

    1. Agree completely. BTN in shambles because of his no teloqness.


  5. Kalau itu UMNO kalah ,bukan UMNO punya pasat maa aa , lain olang punya hat lea aa .

  6. It appears that each time there is a by election, there will be goodies offered to the voters in that constituency.