Saturday 5 April 2014

What if Hannah got her hate wish

I have been accused of being a hateful racist many times by the DAP cybertroopers who seem to love hanging out at this blog.

You can read such of their comments at many of my previous postings.

Normally they resorted to accusing me of being a hateful racist bitch whenever they find it hard to argue against what I wrote:


Me: Over 90 per cent of Malaysian Chinese worshipped Guan Eng despite him being an irritating immature prick.

DAP cybertrooper: Eeerrr....uh uh, how to argue???....uh uh, Annie is a racist. Yea, Annie hates ne ne ne ne.....

Well, excuse me DAP cybertroopers, actually, HATE is what that keeps DAP and the Pakatan gang going.

Here is what DAP's Selangor assembly speaker Hannah Yeoh tweeted following the death of pro-Pakatan blogger Bernard Khoo,

“I am off tonight to raise a glass in honour of my buddy and to pledge that we will carry on the fight to rid this nation of that cancer called Umno / BN.”

Helen Ang wrote about it as Deepest condolences and simultaneously a pledge to eradicate Umno 

So, Hannah the holy evangelist of City Harvest Church wants to get rid of Umno/BN which she described as a "cancer".

And she said all that at a time of someone's death.

There's no hiding of her hate towards BN or to be more precise, Umno. So much for all those talks about love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

I guess, for Hannah and friends there should not be any let up in the hating game. It's their source of strength against Umno, that dastardly Malay scums party.

I sincerely believe that once DAP and its Pakatan gang attained full power in Putrajaya, they will pursue that agenda using every means at their disposal. Something like what the PAP of Singapore did to all those Malay political elements back in the early days of that country.

Bear in mind that Hannah is a top official of DAP and not one of those not so bright DAP cybertroopers trolling at my blog.

Well, never mind.

Let say Hannah got her wish and Umno is really dead in the end, what's next?

No more Umno, and BN dissolved.

Who to hate then?

Will Hannah and her friends go after Pas after that?

After all, I am quite confident Pas will want to have their wish fulfilled too after getting to Putrajaya.

Who to keep them in check?

Remember, Umno is dead at that time, okay.

Well, Hannah, all those Umno goons you hate so much will run to Pas and be like this guy,

Good deal that one. 

Enjoyed all the excesses while in Umno and giving the party a bad name, and when he had done with it, jumped into Pas and have all his sins absolved.

No need to pay back all those millions he stole when he was the Selangor MB, the guy is almost certain going to paradise after he died, just like all good Pas people.

Well, that's what most of them believe anyway.

You got such good deal at City Harvest Church, Hannah?

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how DAP is going to handle Pas which by then have become the biggest party in the country, thanks to the exodus of members from the dead Umno.

Imagine Hannah, you all will be up against an Islamist party which will then be bigger than the now hated Umno.

You think Pas will continue be the docile junior partner in Pakatan after that? How are you all to stop them from pushing through the hudud thing?

Okay, let's not even think about them having control of the military and other security apparatus which were mostly manned by Malay Muslims. That would be too scary.


  1. The hateful ***** is dead, long live the hateful bitch

  2. Hate wish?

    Only those intoxicated by syaitan have any hate wish!

    1. Stop sending out shock-waves of Hate and Fury, when your Lord Creator sustains you by His Love and Wisdom. No one, not a single soul, is able to stand up in self-righteousness when faced with God's Judgement.

      We don't find the truth listening to the echoes of our own voice; we see ourselves in someone else's mirror.

    2. Soorrryyy,.. your lord creator was born a man. as such is very hard to trust a man. especially as DAP said a man could be like najib. lord creator also could be a man , a racist, a whore and a nazist hating jewish christians.

    3. eh 6:40, if your lord creator was a man then who created your lord creator man? All men are born and die, so can your lord creator be a man? Either wake up and get sober or go back to sleep ... you appear to be hallucinating.

  3. What sort of character this elected public figure that DAP / PR produce , even the Israeli and Jew's knows their limits not to take political advantage on the dead .

    On the other hands' it's good ,thus show's the people , real attitude of their elected State speaker so called public figure of the state , party and politic above everything.

  4. Blackmoon @ Don't play-play said:

    Senor zorro-unmasked is dead?
    Pity the old drunkard... he was full of hatred towards BN and UMNO in his blood, after being cheated by Anwar brahim and the DAPigs.
    He enjoys putting people he dislike into his "fart chamber" in his blog and I always reminded him not to push his luck too far...
    Condolence to his family.
    RIP Senor.

  5. In this world, one country wants to kill thr other like in middke east, USSR to kill USA and umno kill pk and pk kill umno. in the end, end of the world with global warning and polluted water.


      LONELINESS cries deep from my soul,
      Keeps trying to tell me about the world growing so cold.
      Too many people trying to take from my Earth,
      But we can't live without controlling our birth.

      Deep inside a voice cries out of you,
      It's not alone 'cause, people, I been cryin' too.
      If we don't stop what we all see is wrong,
      I guarantee you mankind won't live long.

      There's a land, a glorious land,
      It's right here on Earth.
      Understand what you can from the land,
      Your life is it's worth.
      Woah-oh, woah-oh, woah-oh-oh.

      To face the problems that everyone's found,
      We must replace what we took out of the ground.
      Pray for your brother, let your soul find a way,
      Help one another, oh, please listen to what I say.

      O people! keep suffering loneliness .... or choose self-purification & human brotherhood

  6. Who say red bean has no answer when LGE is being criticized. I have hear it over and over again, the same sentence that they will churn out in defense of LGE. Their typical word would be

    "Penang is running supper efficient ever since DAP took over. Corruption is at zero level"

    I believe many heard the same line before

    1. Is there any corruption in DAP politics. ?

    2. Anon 18:30,

      No. DAP is a party which is as clean as a whistle and as white as snow. But I wonder why DAP is also known as Daddy Anak Party or Developers Above Party. Cronyism? Corruption? Racism? Hypocrites? Liars? Those are some of the traits of DAP.

    3. Easy kawan. Dap had been exposing and picking up umno's traits. 2nd and current pm and all runs in the family. Dap just follow umno. What umno had been doing now, dap will follow umno in future yet to be seen

  7. Maybe in the future follow umno and having pasar malam in agm, free makan and all expenses paid.

    1. RE: Enjoyed all the excesses while in Umno and giving the party a bad name, and when he had done with it, jumped into Pas and have all his sins absolved.
      No need to pay back all those millions he stole when he was the Selangor MB, the guy is almost certain going to paradise after he died, just like all good Pas people.

      You can fool the people all the time, even the scholars some of the time, but at no time will you bluff Allah Most High, oi ex-MB. Don't be so childish lah, pangkah PAS akan masuk syurga! And don't be so foolish to think we can't see that you are hiding behind religion to cover up your embezzlements.

      Kedustaan dan kemegahan pada diri kita akan mengagalkan kita masuk ke syurga.

    2. Now you admit umno has been swindling in the past and new ones will carry on its traditions

  8. Anon 18.30
    My foot,who started corruption ....dunia tau maa..Can afford to ask any corruption in tidor maa..

  9. I may be wrong Annie but I think the raising a glass thingy was posted by the self appointed Anak Malaysia cum F**k Anything UMNO scumbag, Haris Ibrahim.

  10. Chinese people, even if they are DAP supporters, generally do not 'worship' any of their leaders.

    Worshiping implies blind faith. Instead, Chinese are generally prepared to be critical of their leaders, to the extent of throwing them out when they find them not working towards the common good objective.

    1. Yes your are so right. Like in Kajang perhaps. ha ha ha don't try to make a joke about it. It is a blind faith. Like ROS problem.,The penang tunnel, kancil park and many others.