Thursday 10 April 2014

Bits on bad dream, Malaysian springtime and betrayal.

Woken up by a bad dream about 4am.

In the dream I was having a shower when my place was raided by Jabatan Agama people. I was so angry that I woke up. Well, come to think of it, in the dream, there was someone I'm in love with at my place when it was raided. Hmmm... really weird.

Well, can't go back to sleep till now, so that I decided to do this posting.

Surfed around the net and found quite a number of people writing about the current "Malaysian Springtime".

From Chuah Bee Kim's latest

Springtime In The Tropics


My "Sakura Boulevard"

to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's latest


Yes, even the handsome old man is writing about it.

Guess, everyone need a bit of a break from writing about serious stuff sometimes.

On another note, I found out yesterday that I had been betrayed by someone close to me.

It hurts, but I don't think I can do anything about it.

That someone doesn't owe me anything, so, I don't think it's my right to demand loyalty from her in the first place.

I have to accept the betrayal as part of life and hope to grow wiser from it.

After all, being betrayed is part of life's learning process.

That reminds me of how Dr Mahathir used to love someone like his own son, who then betrayed him.

He nurtured the guy and made him his would be successor.

In a way Dr Mahathir placed the guy ahead of his own sons.

The old man never tried to place his own children in a position of power when he was the prime minister of this country for 22 years.

But he did that for that guy he used to love like his own son.

It must had hurt him so much when the guy finally betrayed him.

I don't think many of the young people these days really know the story of Dr Mahathir and this guy whom he love like one of his own children.

Maybe they should learn about it.

It's a lesson on life actually.

I wish I can be like Dr Mahathir in handling such a betrayal.

Be really cool and professional about it.

Not as easy as saying it though, especially when I'm boiling with anger over the betrayal.


  1. "In the dream I was having a shower when my place was raided by Jabatan Agama people. I was so angry that I woke up. Well, come to think of it, in the dream, there was someone I'm in love with at my place when it was raided. Hmmm... really weird."

    Calm down, lose not your spirit, .....
    “The course of true love never did run smooth” (Shakespeare)

  2. ex-malaysian chinese aka traitors have been granted permission to come back to Malaysia? i thought they were only 2nd class citizen here in malaysia. why coming back? shame on you all!!!

    1. yeah..they want to be oppressed and discriminated again? it really shows to us what the Chinese have been saying about Malaysia and the government all this while are just plain Bullsh*t!!!

    2. I suppose they want to taste hukum Hudud. I fully support Hudud law to be implemented not only in Kelantan but the whole of Malaysia as well. No more massage parlors, gambling dens, and bars. Genting casino will be closed down, no more lotteries, 4D, and all other gambling whatnot. Non -Malays especially the Chinese would start packing their bags and migrate elsewhere. Malaysia will be peaceful at last!

    3. If dislike, then dont give. Malsysia wamts their money because gst is passed to raise more money

    4. Anon 20:35,

      No one needs "Harpers of Hudud" to tell us that massage parlors, gambling dens and bars should not be allowed to flourish. Neither Gautama Buddha, nor Jesus the Messiah, nor Confucius, nor Lao Tze, ever permitted human beings to engage in business ventures which promote carnal transgressions and hell-bound sinfulness. The Chinese majority have just lost their way, and allowed the samsengs and the unscrupulous towkays to (mis) represent the Chinese community - and those guys are avaricious and neurotic. But, we should be concerned that many Malays are beginning to think and feel like the Chinese silent majority - with a preponderance for the love of the World [Dunia] and its amusements and playthings.

    5. anon 21:03
      what money?!!! these bugger money so big!!?? staying in london doesnt have to pay tax meh?!!..majority dont want all these shithead granted citizenship.. you think without their money this country will sunk!!!well think again shithead!!!

    6. Who is more traitor? Imagine, who allow traitor (enemy) to enter the country dumno

    7. Look at ringgit, with petromoney, money is smaller than smaller countty which has nothing but imported humans to make their few times bigger than ringgit. You ingrate against umno to visit Malaysia year

    8. 12.14, when other races leave, the rest are getting more armless

  3. Thanks for the mention, dear Annie. I wish you a pleasant day and hope you have no bad dreams tonight.

    1. Allow one stand side by side to spill racial snd divisive vermons

  4. That guy dont know how to ucap terima kasih..

  5. The government is willing to 'betray' us by allowing the 'traitors' to return back as citizen. If they return, they should return back as PATI and none else.

    I can feel the heat of anger by those who love the country.

    1. These are all rumors. Home Minister has already said this is not happening. Don't spread rumors.

  6. You rank right up there with Helen as one of dumnos more despicable hate spewing writers.

    1. To think that after all those many middle-ground postings and moderating comments, one of you Narcissistic Nitwits could spill him/her self all over us again - really rank belligerence!

    2. anon 20:15
      ...and your rank just next to the National Zoo..lowlife!!!

    3. Anon 10.44

      It is the likes of you which allow the rubbish that Annie dishes on a daily basis to stand. Grow the fuck up and realise that the political agenda she has is being pursued through race and religion. This is a country for all Malaysians and not one political party.

  7. you think after this they would be grateful?Huh..h.

  8. Anon 10:44
    since annies blog is no good, why the fuck you read it??!!

    ' this is a country for all malaysian'.... that statement for sure will come from typical bloody hell chinese!!!

    1. It must be very good that holy words are used or used in no good. "she" allow holy words better than Helen ang.