Friday 25 April 2014

Star Wars lightened up my mood

I have actually been in serious mode ever since MH370 disappeared over a month ago.

I find it hard to get back on the light side of things after the tragedy.

However, when I woke up just now for a fresh new day, I told myself to cheer up and snap out of my sombre mood.

Then I saw this story as reported by the Mole

MAS employees held hostage in Beijing

I was like "What the....???"

I understand that the family members of the victims were upset and grieving but to go to such extreme was so unnecessary. The MAS employees were after all there for them.

Hopefully the MAS people are safe and the situation can be resolved when everyone calm down.

Back to my sombre mood, I still think I need to lighten up quite a bit more.

I need to stop thinking about negative thoughts and try to see the silver lining at the fringes of the dark cloud ahead of me.

Like that Johor thing, I don't think myself being concerned too much will make any difference.

The Johoreans themselves don't seem to be too concerned about being conned and robbed. They have been happily going about their usual business.

The Johorean Chinese were conned by Kit Siang and gang during the general election last year while the Johorean Malays were conned by the crooks from among themselves who took over power in the state after that.

Well, who cares, right?

Go ahead guys, rob and con the Johoreans all you want. Nobody care, you know.


I think I better watch my favorite Star Wars movie whenever I am in a foul mood least the son is a good guy, eh :-)

Okay, after that I would like to watch my second favorite Star Wars movie

Those lightened my mood a bit.

Time to get up for work.

Hmmmm... I wish I can wear this halmet in my office to creep out my bosses

You all have a good day, okay.


  1. Now why would you wanna do the creepy thing dear?


  2. re, The Johorean themselves dont seem to be too concerned about being conned and robbed .

    Sometimes you just don't realize that you are being conned . Keep on Annie !, let wake them up ,probably the cool breeze of Selat Teberau has make them sleepy .

  3. When nobody bothers anymore about what you blog or write, depression comes in.

    Bila nak lompat?

    1. anon 12:05

      tunggu engkau dulu...

    2. Tunggu sampai akhir dunia?

  4. No Anne you're wrong. Many of us Johoreans ARE concerned . And when I say many there are many. Everywhere you go in Johore today people are talking or rather whispering or how to say it ...( cakap dengan know what I mean) .Yes we are concerned. but who are we, just mere rakyats..who can't afford to live in the Mid east or anywhere else .So we just hope (our do'a every Friday to come true).. and wait.... for a pemimipin with 'koro'.(word borrowed from D. A Kadir Jasin).
    For you dear Anne...please carry least for people like us..if we matters that is..


  5. Takkanlah Annie nak biadap pada kebijaksanaan Tuanku Sultan kita menolong bawa masuk banyak pelaburan dan peluang pekerjaan ke Negeri tercinta kita...

    Kalau tak molek pihak China & Singapura, Annie nak harap Pak Arab masuk ke?
    Hari ni, Mukhriz pun berterima kasih pihak China masuk melabur besar kat Yan.
    Pak Arab & Lebai Iran dah tak meh lagi nak bawa duit melabur di mana2 kat Tanah Melayu sekarang ni...

    Nak cakap sindir usaha Tuanku Sultan kita biarlah berpada2 ya...
    Asyik guna emosi sentimen, tapi sedihnya juga masyarakat Melayu Johor kita yang masih mundur di takuk lama.

    ~ Orang Johor dulu, selamanya

  6. Annie,
    In the aftermath of the MH370 tragedy, we can see how different races react when losing their love ones. I would not venture to describe more for fear that i would be labeled a racist.

    1. You mean People perceive mh370 belongs to ketuanan melayu??