Thursday 3 April 2014

China should have been a better friend

China has never really been aggressive towards its neighbors throughout its estimated 5,000 years' history.

It has never been a conquering nation. Back then, if the rulers of China ever felt like having some military action to satisfy their ego, they rather do so by killing each other rather then taking the trouble of invading other countries.

The only foreign wars the Chinese had ever fought back then were defensive wars against the barbaric northern tribes such as the Mongols and carrying out occasional punitive actions against the pirates of Japan who were causing some mischiefs along the Chinese shoreline.

As for the natives living south of the Chinese border, they were mostly looked down at and considered too inconsequential to be bothered with.

Small states such as the Malacca Sultanate regarded China as a benevolent superpower and looked up to it as a protector, especially to ward off the local bully of Siam, now known as Thailand.

Sometimes I wondered what if China had at that time decided to colonize all the countries in South East Asia. I am confident the Chinese at that time could had done that if they really wanted to do so. 

Had they done that, I would probably be writing this in Chinese.

But China had remained a docile giant which preferred to mind its own business.

Things however changed at the turn of last century with the demise of imperial China and the ensuing upheavals which cost millions of lives due to wars, famine and other such nasty happenings.

It was around this time that waves of migrant Chinese, fleeing the hardship in their motherland arrived on the then Malayan shores and other parts of South East Asia.

They were forced to assimilate by the locals, except in the then Malaya. The Malays of this country accepted the Chinese the way they were and in return the Chinese at that time agreed that the Malays and other natives may have certain rights exclusive for themselves. It was a relationship developed on trust, a concept  hardly understood these day.

Fast forward to present day, China is poised to take over from the US as the biggest economy in the world. 

Despite the new found wealth, the country is still relatively a developing country with the overwhelming majority of its over one billion people still living in poverty. 

That's why you can find Chinese nationals working in massage parlors here, among other places. There was even a video of a female Chinese national giving some sorts of dodgy massage to a very famous Malay politician.

Nonetheless, the Chinese government had apparently decided that such indignities needed to be rectified and therefore the country needs to flex its muscle to show the world that it's a real superpower instead of exporter of cheap labour of all kind.

Thus the China's departure from its peaceful nature, nurtured all those centuries ago.

Just look at this China's territorial claim over most of South China Sea and decide for yourself whether China does now intends to be a big bad bully of the region as part of its show of force,

Their marines had even landed on the James shoal within Malaysia's territorial water off Sarawak a few months ago, claiming it as theirs.

Lying about 80 km (50 mi) northwest of Bintulu, the shoal is 80 kilometres (50 mi) from the Malaysian coast and about 1,800 kilometres (1,100 mi) from the Chinese mainland.

They had done the same in territorial water of Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

As history had it, Malaysia has always been considered as China's best friend in the region. Yes, we have better ties with China than Singapore, the close American ally which majority of its population were Chinese.

Despite that, now that it's rich and really powerful, China had decided that Malaysia is just a little country which should listen and fulfill its wishes, even to the point of surrendering its sovereignty and territory.

"We are your friend, but you better listen to what we say and comply with our demands."

That's China's current language of diplomacy as far as Malaysia is concerned.

The MH370 tragedy had amplified the status quo of relationship between the two countries with Chinese state-control media going all out at condemning Malaysia's handling of the crisis.

Even the demonstration by relatives of MH370 passengers at the Malaysian embassy in Beijing last week was believed to have been sponsored and carried out with the blessing of the Chinese government.

It's an exercise which demonstrated China asserting its dominance over a small country.

Most readers of this blog were probably not well versed in Chinese and therefore not aware with what's happening in the Chinese social media where anti-Malaysia feeling was being whipped up in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The attacks were not just directed at our government, but the country as a whole.

Malaysia is once again just an uncivilized incompetent little country, south of the Middle Kingdom's border. 

That's what our country had been reduced to be in the eyes of the Chinese. 

The most unfortunate thing was that there were fellow Malaysians who joined in the attacks against our country in those Chinese social media platform.

So, where should we go from here as far as China is concerned?

Should we be a closer ally of the US, to counter the threat posed by the Chinese?

Bear in mind that the majority of Malay Muslims of Malaysia may not like it that much if the government get too cosy with the Americans who had been all these while been bullying their fellow Muslims in the Middle East.

But what was the value of their thoughts on the matter, anyway?

It's such a pity that China has to behave the way it does.

We would have prefer Malaysia to be a closer friend of China than that of the US.

But what choice do we have now after being treated that way by the Chinese?

I guess, success just got into the China's head, making it swelled too big for its own good.

It's just too bad and such a let down.


  1. Good article Annie. keep it up.
    Where there are Chinese, there will be gangsters and prostitutes. In Malaysia with the addition of red bean army. Dont believe me? Go and visit modern Arab countries, there are a lot of massage parlors and Chinese prostitutes. Turkeys are clever. They don't allow even a single china products in their country. As a result they produce good quality products for export market, particularly for Europe market. So do we really need the Chinese or the China's??

    1. Tell umno givernment to ban foot massage and acupunture

    2. We don't if we have sufficient domestic demand to move our economy along. If not we will need them as China is our largest or second largest export market. it's all very easy to talk about boycotting this and that but we need to look at the whole chain to establish if it is going to 'shoot us in the footy'

  2. Not worth being nice with the Chinese. They are UNGRATEFUL scums, forget about M'sia's kindness towards them. Barbarian race! Also, look at the way Chinese Malaysians behave towards M'sia and also the attitude of China Chinese towards M'sia. The Chinese are big bullies. Now, there's even a plan by DAP to take over the country and replace this Malay moderate government with a Chinese centric government a la S'pore. Everyhing will be given to the Chinese, nothing will be shared amongst other races. If there is to be shared, it would be just a token, just like S'pore, the way it treats the Malays. Now, if DAP takes over this country and if it treats the majority Malays/Bumis, then it is an APARTHEID government. Apartheid is when the minority rules over the majority and not the other way around. So, M'sian Bumis including all native Pribumis of Sabah and Sarawak, once you give away the country to racist DAP, it will be over for you. They will reactivate ISA/EO for sure. They will marginalise other races but the Chnese, They will follow the GRC system like Singapore, so that it is easy for them to control the country. And Malay will be the National Language but in name only. Mandarin will have a bigger exposure than the Malay language, just like in S'pore. So, think carefully. Never trust what DAP tells you. The Malays in Penang are being chased out of their dwellings and business premises, but not the Penang Chinese. Penang Chinese are not disturbed at all by the DAP government. Is this fair? This is only Penang, what will they do if they control the whole country? Please be more intelligent.

    1. Re. They will follow the GRC system like Singapore, so that it is easy for them to control the country

      They systematically marginalized the Malays by relocating them to various GRC in smaller numbers, so that the Malays can't form strong alliance in any GRC. As time progresses, they notice that the Singaporean Malays proliferate at higher rate than that of the Chinese, and to counter that they have resorted to importing new citizens mostly from China at a rate of 25,000 people a year since mid 2000's or so.

      Re. And Malay will be the National Language but in name only.

      Tun Yusof bin Ishak was the first President of Singapore, serving from 1965 to 1970 and whose picture is printed on Singapore currency. He is the only Malay president since and the only remaining evidence of the existence of the Malays in Singapore that they are supposed to be proud of (?).

      Re. Mandarin will have a bigger exposure than the Malay language, just like in S'pore.

      They will encourage everyone to study mother tongue in School and by virtue, the Malays will take up Bahasa Melayu, the Chinese will take up Mandarin and the Indian will take up Tamil. As time progresses, when entering the job market they will deliberately put Mandarin as a requirement and by default those who don't speak and write in Mandarin are systematically and automatically eliminated.

      Re. The Malays in Penang are being chased out of their dwellings and business premises, but not the Penang Chinese.

      Singapore is a lesson well learned for the Malays for why we should not and will never trust the Chinese, while Pulau Pinang is another case of history repeating of "Melayu Mudah Lupa".

      Re. This is only Penang, what will they do if they control the whole country?

      Please refer to exhibit A i.e. Singapore

    2. Which small country bully big or populous countries? Isreal? Here , you mean small bully big. US also bully smaller countries

    3. Today' utusan Singapore malays are migrating in thousands if not in million.

  3. Same can be said of the chinese malaysian....getting big headed now that they feel that they are economically superior than the rest

    1. Who really feel more superior with special position, religion and royalty?

    2. anon 20:37
      you dont have to ask who??... so what if we have the special right!!! cannot cari makan meh??!!! you wont allow to travel arrr??!! were banned to enrich yourself??!!
      did the malay ask your money??!! .. did the malay bother or disturb your family?! did the malay stopping you to open bisness?!! did the malay say you cannot form a chauvinist party?!!
      if the answer none of the above.. so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    3. Where are the tax money landed?

    4. Dont use the tax argument laa to say Chinese contributed more, they always have 2 sets of account and always show lost one, no profit. The big chunk of taxes come from Petronas and GLCs, not from any particular race ok.

      These taxes then being used to upgrade infrastrcuture etc, its Chinese that gaining in the end, because they control the economy, construction etc

    5. Yours is bigger than mahatail and he has been telling lies all the time?

    6. who is mahatail? ..your grandfather aarr??!!

  4. Same samelah Annie. The local version is also behaving likewise. There are both male and female bullies amonngst them. Probably taking a cue from the mainlanders.

  5. re: "I guess, success just got into the China's head, making it swelled too big for its own good."

    It's gonna take some decades for China to shed its atheistic Maoist mentality and to come to terms with global material consumerism. Recall that Mao Tse Tung was fiercely anti-Confucian in social ethics and of course they rejected the inner spiritual dimension of humanity.

    Can Confucian Humanism be a method of Spiritual Exercise?

  6. Here's something from National University of Singapore: "Zheng He and The Art of Collaboration"

  7. Imperial Admiral of Goodwill and Human Resource Leadership

    Pioneering Supply Chain Management

    1. Admiral Zheng He was descended from the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) and the following is his lineage recorded in Chinese:

      Silsilah lengkap Laksamana Cheng Ho (ditulis dalam bahasa Cina) :

      Cheng Ho (Zheng He, Ma He, Ma Sanbao atau SYED HAJI MAHMUD SYAMS: 1371–1433) bin
      Mi-Li-Jin (Ma Ha Zhi ) bin
      Mi-Di-Na (Haji) bin
      Bai-Yan bin
      Na-Su-La-Ding bin
      Sau-Dian-Chi (Sayyid Syamsuddin or Sayyid Ajall (Sultan of Bukhara) bin
      Ma-Ha-Mu-Ke-Ma-Nai-Ding bin
      Ka-Ma-Ding-Yu-Su-Pu bin
      Su-Sha-Lu-Gu-Chong-Yue bin
      Sai-Yan-Su-Lai-Chong-Na bin
      Sou-Fei-Er (Sayid Syafi’i) bin
      An-Du-Er-Yi bin
      Zhe-Ma-Nai-Ding bin
      Cha-Fa-Er bin
      Wu-Ma-Er bin
      Wu-Ma-Nai-Ding bin
      Gu-Bu-Ding bin
      Ha-San bin
      Yi-Si-Ma-Xin bin
      Mu-Ba-Er-Sha bin
      Lu-Er-Ding bin
      Ya-Xin bin
      Mu-Lu-Ye-Mi bin She-Li-Ma bin
      Li-Sha-Shi bin
      E-Ha-Mo-De bin
      Ye-Ha-Ya bin
      E-Le-Ho-Sai-Ni bin
      Xie-Xin bin
      Yi-Si-Ma-Ai-Le bin
      Yi-Bu-Lai-Xi-Mo (Ali Zainal Abidin) bin
      Hou Sai-Ni (Sayyidina Hussain) bin Sayyidina Ali (karamallahu wajhahu) who married Sayyidatina Fatimah binti Muhammad Rasulullah (salallahu alaihi wasallam).

      Syed Syamsuddin, the Sultan of Bukhara was defeated by Genghiz Khan and imprisoned in Beijing. By virtue of his moral excellence however, not only was he freed but he was assigned to the post of Deputy Minister of Yunnan.

      - referenced from Prof. Kong Yuan Zhi, “Muslim Tiong Hua Cheng Ho: Misteri Perjalanan Muhibbah di Nusantara.

      THE MERCY OF DIVERSITY: A talk by Syed Umar bin Hafiz at "The Radical Middle Way, UK"

    2. Then why treat Chinese as arrogrant and ingrate? I bet he is more than the panda which iclude racists would bring the cewek to see

  8. lets talk about Chinese propagating Boycott against Malaysia.
    Are China too reckless instigating a boycott on this country (Malaysia)? Let’s don’t talk about boycott just yet, China cannot even boycott the Japanese effectively, for them who massacred hundreds of millions of our countrymen, and those Vietnamese and Indonesian who killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese, why don’t I see any Chinese boycotting them?
    Alright, if you all think that the Malaysian Government had murdered 153 Chinese passengers, then they also murdered 38 Malaysian, 12 crew members, 12 Indonesian passengers, 7 Australian passengers and 7 American passengers.
    Alright, lets boycott this country (Malaysia) which was first to establish diplomatic ties with China among all other South East Asian countries.
    Let’s boycott this country (Malaysia) who had been consistently refused the United States military to build their base for the purpose of locking the Chinese survivorship (military strategy) among the lines of island
    Let’s boycott this country, which the borders of Spratly Island which was determined by China was only 80 KM off their coast, yet the only country that does not make any objection.
    Let’s boycott this country, which has been consistently against the Philippines and Vietnamese to bring up the conflict of South China Sea to the world’s attention
    Let’s boycott this country, which donated to China to fight against the Japanese (during WW2) which amounts to 1/3 of the total military expenditure.
    Let’s boycott this country, which contributed 3000 car mechanics and drivers during our (China) war with the Japanese.
    Let’s boycott this country which allows 5million Chinese to preserve their culture, language and religion
    Alright, let the Chinese in China stand united to boycott this country, which is kind and nice to China.
    Ps: if you dislike a government, means you will have to hate everything about this country, then I want to point my question to those ignorant artist who declared that they will never visit Malaysia, as a public figure, do you aware that your lead, (announcement) have hurt the Malays (Malaysian citizen)?
    Just now I saw a post from my friend who works as a reporter in Weibo (Chinese Twitter), he said ‘ once you have achieve certain level of patriotism, any ridiculous matter will seems to be reasonable. And this word ‘patriotism’ has bring more harm,’

    The attitude of our Malaysian Chinese sometimes is also laughable.

    1. Unless you are the original writer of this comment, it is only polite for you to cite the reference for I have read it from other blog, written by a Chinese reporter/columnist/reader in a local Chinese newspaper (if I am not mistaken) .

    2. You are mistaken. as a racist, you are supposed not to know Chinese otherwise just like the 4 legs in "the animal farm"

    3. So you agree that the Chinese "just like the 4 legs in "the animal farm" ?

    4. You are real dumno and confine yourself. Pity you do not know English to read the Animal farm by George orwell

    5. And pity you who don't know that it is an INSULT loud and clear actually and deliberately to your own kind.

  9. Good review there Annie! However please excuse me to rant a little again on the comments
    1. Why drag in the local chinese when this article is about China? Even Taiwanese does not want to be associate to China.. I for one do not want to be associate to China although I root from there… Most of us are of pendatang origin.. so why only keep calling the chinese and indian pendatang? I respect Malay special rights and in return would expect to be treated as fellow Malaysian and not to be equate to Indonesian (pendatang). I wonder.. would a Malay favour an Indonesian more or a local Chinese/India.
    2. We should do away with stereotyping.. yes some chinese may be big headed.. but is it all chinese? I’m sure you can find big head Malay, India and others as well.. so stop stereotyping.. this will help to reduce the unnecessary argument between race.. oh btw I hate RIdhuan Tee!! Should I then hate Annie as well?
    3. RBA – why cares about them? Leave them in their own world.. why visit their blog , comment and get irritated? You know you cannot turn them into new leaf.. so why waste time arguing and insult each other? I may be misinform on this but did DAP admit that RBA are their macai?
    4. I dunno about others.. but I got whack proper and good from RPK article before GE12.. and I’m very thankful for that.. that is where I learn - Chinese does not need MCA to represent Chinese.. I just need a politician irrespective of race that can work and serve the people. So to chinese, multi racial party would be the choice. DAP is one of it. So do PKR. That is why these 2 parties perform well in GE12 and GE13. The chinese is also not afraid of voting in PAS anymore. This is why MCA suffer because at the same time, MCA has lost it voice in BN. I don’t think MCA can make a come back anymore.. The Chinese are enlighten. For non-chinese politician who has enough with race based party.. do consider joining the DAP to neutralise the chinese majority..or maybe form a BN friendly multiracial party and revive the hope of Tun Jaafar Onn..
    Seems I’m getting out of topic already.. anyhow thanks for the chance to rant here..

    P/S: Nice one there Joe.. Malaysian Chinese are not laughable.. just that we are
    'rambut sama hitam, hati lain lain' so you cannot pinpoint exactly apa cina mau.. LOL

    1. Why didn't you propose PKR to merge with DAP as to neutralize the Chinese majority in DAP?

    2. Norick,

      Tanah Melayu is part of gagasan kepulauan Melayu. So it's wrong for you to say the Malays are 'pendatang'. Chinese and Indians are indeed 'Pendatang' as they came from China and India respectively which are not classified under gagasan kepulauan Melayu. One thing I hate about the Chinese like you is not only you people want to re-write Malaysian history but also Malaysian geography and its people. LIM KIT SIANG IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAY 13 RACIAL RIOT. MALAYS ARE ORIGINS OF MALAYSIA. THESE ARE THE FACTS!

    3. You are blind. There are so many Indians assemblymen and mp more than Mic. What about karpal Singh. Like Malaysian radar, tidor. You never know about pearl harbour and twin tower?

    4. norick 12:17
      you proposed no stereotyping but at the same time you hate ridhuan dont tell WHY?! so let me tell..because ridhuan tee fully assimilated with the malay culture and religion ( btw malay culture and religion is the core and pillar of this country)... and he always speak and write the truth and reality from the malay perspective..that is why you hate him...btw i hate your father..and i dont have to tell why.....

    5. anon 20:52
      since everyone is blind and tidor .. why dont you offer your pityself to take care the security of this country..since you wont tidor like other people..get a life lah you f***ing low life!!

    6. 15.02, shame on you. Tee is more Muslim and malayness than you even he is born chinese. So next time dont complain if More people from other races become like tee and even can have enjoy special previliges. You ask and you get.

    7. Anon 23:40
      SO WHAT?!!!!

    8. Stupid answer from dumno

    9. anon 15:00
      very genius answer from DAPig!!!

    10. anon 15:00
      genius answer from DAPig...fuck off

  10. Bila waris penumpang warga Cina dari China tiba aritu, orang dia kurus-kurus saja, berkulit gelap dan berwajah bengis. Nampak kasar je. Cakap pun macam nak ajak bergaduh. Tapi Cina di Malaysia khasnya lelaki orangnya agak gempal dan cuddly. They are more respectful and considerate. Nampak perbezaan ketara. Orang Cina kat Malaysia ni nampaknya kuat makan.

  11. "Should we be a closer ally of the US, to counter the threat posed by the Chinese?"

    How about being closer to Russia?

  12. How fast Annie and her pengampu forgo about her hatred for the Jews, Illuminati, Soros, Anwar's and NGO's so called funders etc.

    Just goes to show how flip-flop and write and spew hate whichever way is convenient from a political angle which suits the BN.

    Anyway, why don't get an official announcement from the Chinese Govt and find out really what statement they are issuing. So far I don't hear anything about murderer's and liars as official.

    If the Chinese Govt were to listen to the Ketuanan Melayu's supporters spewing their hate about anything Chinese and about Communists, and taken as Malaysian Govt's stand, there would have been a war long ago.

    1. Re. How fast Annie and her pengampu forgo about her hatred for the Jews, Illuminati, Soros, Anwar's and NGO's so called funders etc.

      What makes you think that we have forgotten about those issues and goons?

      Re. Just goes to show how flip-flop and write and spew hate whichever way is convenient from a political angle which suits the BN.

      Different issues require different analysis and perspective. We don't lump everything into one basket, time changes, people changes and our view changes accordingly but not deliberately to our whim and fancy.

      Re. Anyway, why don't get an official announcement from the Chinese Govt and find out really what statement they are issuing. So far I don't hear anything about murderer's and liars as official.

      Officially and diplomatically the PRC government has never issued a negative comment, and it is only proper to do so. They are as human as we are and wrt PRC nothing surprises us anymore.

      Re. If the Chinese Govt were to listen to the Ketuanan Melayu's supporters spewing their hate about anything Chinese and about Communists, and taken as Malaysian Govt's stand, there would have been a war long ago.

      You obviously have forgotten that we have been waging war against the communist in TANAH MELAYU since prior to Merdeka until now. Remember the late Chin Peng your Patriarchal Hero whose body and even ashes were banned from entering this country last year?

      Point to ponder, why then the PRC government didn't go into war with the Indonesian Government , when the Indonesian Chinese were being massacred during 1997-98 Asia Economic Crisis?

    2. come on LOL! the late Chin Peng is NOT my patriarchal hero even if some warped Malaysians and the old radical Kit Siang have a soft spot for him!

    3. I never trust these yellow bastards. As I am married to an American and live in the US, I prefer Americans over these chingkies anytime. One of the main reasons why I agreed to migrate is that I don't have to see or deal with the chingkies anymore. As soon as I step out from my house, not a single mata sepet around, rasa aman dan sedap mata memandang!

    4. Welcome to finger licking good and must enjoy big macs and the orginal taste. Other you are not the real american.

    5. What must all of you tar all chinese with the same brush? My mom was a special branch agent fighting the communist rebellion and nearly lost her life being shot

    6. Anonymous 3 April 2014 22:34,

      So what and who cares?

    7. Anonymous 3 April 2014 21:37,

      My husband and I don't go to McDonald's or any fast food joints lah. Our fav restaurants are Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Mexican and of course Malaysian.

    8. Yup, not all Chinese are alike. My great-great-grandfather served as a commander in General Chiang Kai Shek's nationalist army who drove out the invading Japs and then had to face the communist wrath of Chairman Mao.

    9. anon 1.35. Ingrate, ungrate, pendatang, go back to Malaysia for not adopting USA way of life just as what are being told to Chinese in malaysia.

    10. anon 17:05
      if war erupted between malaysia with any country will you be in the frontline?!!.so what if we go to war china!!.. the malays wont budge to protect this matter what.. unlike.. well you know who?

      during the attack of malacca by portugeuse.. the chinese(who enjoyed the bussiness in malacca) supplying the jong for the portugeuse...we will never forget...and forgive!!!

    11. Pinoys treat sabah like their own kampong. Come and go as they like. Where are you to defend? We truly never forget you as NATO.

    12. Anon23:30
      Where am i?!..the answer is im sleeping with your mom!!!

    13. Like rmaf, Annie and jakim is sleeping too. Let the almighy judges.

    14. History blind 23.30 , various Malay Kingdom encompasses the land of Indonesia today, southern Thailand up to Kampuchea, Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Southern Phillipines, we speak Malay, the Pinoy that you mentioned also speak Malay, Thai Malay speak our language, Kampuchean Malay speak Malay ..dont you consider yourself lucky being pendatang here (maybe or maybe not able to speak Malay) and ask the real Malay of Phillipines not to come and go as they like ..

    15. Go and tell umno, let indon sukarno to come when he wanted to crush malaysia after the firmation of malaysia, sultan of Brunei, passports are not necessary just like abu sayyaf can come and go ibto sabah as we like and sultan of sulu to reclaim what is his and why mata2 get kill unnecessary.

    16. Anon 23:55
      Since you know everybody sleeping only you were not!!! Get a life you fucking lowlife!!!!

    17. Cant blame you ass dumno for being in sleeping party and sleep with everyone including prayer time

    18. Anon 15:04
      You can go back and tell that to your ugly mother!! Low life!!

    19. Anon 15:04
      Just blame your ugly mother! ..enough!!

  13. Waked in the morning ,what we see ,what we hear ?. They say , "musoh dalam selimut lebih berbahaya dari musoh didepan mata" , we cannot assume what they going to do.

    Learning from History on the fall of Malacca Sultanate .
    Melayu jangan mudah lupa.

    1. Not happy? Go and remove the portugese fort and dutch red buildings. Tell unesco,

    2. Anon 23:33
      Tell unesco about what?!!.. your father penis cannot go up?!!!

    3. This is the level dumno can tell Annie and UNESCO. It shows Annie is a he.

    4. Anon23:57
      Who is dumno?! Your father arrgh?!!

    5. Dumno ass, nothing except you want us and annie to talk about your father, mother and sisters?

    6. Anon 19:18
      Feeling uptight haa!!! That serve you right..!!! Get a life!!

  14. Maybe you folks should take a break and contemplate this perfect antithesis to Chris Goodfellow's slow burning tyre and smoke in cockpit theory:

    makes plenty of sense .

    Warrior 231