Monday 28 April 2014

The makings of a fair and just ruler

There is this very good article written by Tunku Abdul Aziz which was published by NST on Saturday.

You can read the full article here,

The makings of a fair and just ruler

For those who are a bit too lazy to click on the link, I put here part of the article,

Closer to home, Raja Nazrin Shah, the Regent of Perak, was reported as saying, according to the New Sunday Times (April 20), that "The institution of Malay rulers must be dynamic in facing challenges and fulfilling demands".

He went on to state that the throne must be non-partisan and stand above political polemics at all times.
His reminder about the duties and obligations of the Malay rulers could not have come at a better time, reflecting as it does the sometimes unflattering sentiments on the ground towards some of our rulers and their families.
In a stark reminder to his elders, Raja Nazrin made it clear that the institution was not merely decorative, as the role and responsibility of the ruling monarch had been spelt out.
Raja Nazrin restated an immutable universal principle of kingship that embodies service and public duty in the public interest above all other considerations. Are our rulers up to the challenge that the wise young Raja has thrown into the ring?
His father, Sultan Azlan Shah, a constitutional authority in his own right, once said that: "The role of the constitutional monarchy goes beyond what is stipulated in the constitution.
"The rulers have a far wider responsibility in ensuring that the spirit of the constitution, the philosophy behind the written law, and the interest of the country and the people are safeguarded at all times."
Sultan Azlan Shah was clearly making a distinction between the formal functions of a Malay ruler as set out in the constitution of his state and his traditional duties as a hereditary ruler.
A ruler of a Malay state is, therefore, more than a constitutional creation. He is the embodiment of all that is noble, virtuous, fair and just. Many rulers, past and present, have not lived up to these ideals, but, on balance, it can be fairly argued that they are conscious of their duty to the people. They have a duty that goes beyond the constitutional framework, which has neither spirit nor soul and which only a wise and caring ruler can give.
I now turn to a consideration of what rulers have to do in order to earn the love and respect of their people.
First, they must uphold the dignity of their exalted position by behaving in ways that will set them apart from the rest of us, mere mortals, as models of honour, decency and rectitude. What this means in effect is that they must set high moral and ethical standards of behaviour for themselves and their families in keeping with their anointed roles in life. A ruler must steer clear of involvement in partisan politics.
Equally unacceptable in the eyes of their people is for our rulers and their children to reduce themselves to being supplicants, petitioning politicians for land for speculative purposes and government projects.
There is, in my considered view, no quicker way for royalty to lose their self-worth and respect than to be seen to be behaving in this way.


  1. Islam is not a religion of empty laws and strictures but one which points towards a higher ethical order . . .

    Shaykh Hamza Yusuf -- Upholding Faith, Serving Humanity

    The Ethics of Chivalry in the Marriage Institution

  2. How do you categorize a behaviour whereby a ruler being represented by his immature young son by the title of Tunku Bendahara to represent him in the recent meeting of Council of Rulers?

  3. Mendiang Karpal tentu tak setuju, kan?

  4. Raja Nazrin Shah is very much in the minority.

  5. Can the post of President of FAM be criticized?
    if yes here it goes:
    That use to be hold by a common man.
    Tan Sri Hamzah brought many golden momemts in Malaysia football.

    For the past 30 years ,once great footballing
    nation that used to spar with Japan and
    South Korea,struggle with Phillipines and

    The win over Laos was a great piece of news.
    Apparently with new election coming the baton is going to be passed to another lame runner.

    If critisizing the post of President go against
    le'majeste' ....might as well all Kings take rotation every 5years to hold the post and we rakyat go and play gulis.

    In short

    1. Yes, we neither must have a common man nor a sultan. What Malaysia needs is the maestro who understands soccer and can implement his great vision for Harimau Malaya.

  6. Raja adil raja disembah'
    bagitulah selalu bunyinya madah,
    dikatakan ada tidak menambah'
    kalau tiada pasti gelisah.

    Raja zalim raja disangah'
    bagitulah bidalan zaman berzaman,
    kedudukan raja adalah amanah'
    hilang amanah punahlah amalan.

    Sultan Mahmud mangkat dijulang'
    peristiwa belaku di Kota Tinggi,
    sifat luhur harus disandang'
    barulah rakyat menyanjung tinggi.

  7. Remind me again, why do we need monarchy? Who are these people and why do they think they deserve to be treated more special than others? I did not recall that I have ever made a pledge that I will truly be their 'subjects'.

  8. mekanikmotor 13:47

    you did not recall since you have so many motorbikes to repair.. so just keep on with the job...your 'enlightment' commentary wont give any shit to the monarch!!!