Friday 4 April 2014

Understand the GST, don't become a monkey

The Pakatan gang and their friends among the NGOs will organize a rally in KL on May 1 to protest against the implementation of the Good and Services Tax (GST) scheduled for April next year.

They are planning to march from the Dataran Merdeka to the Petronas Twin Towers or something like that.

Bear in mind that it's going to be on Labour Day where elsewhere around the world the day was marked by street protests, many of which had turned ugly and violent.

Those who are going to participate will likely be the usual suspects such as these,

But seriously, do these young Pakatan-obsessed people really understand what is the GST and the real impact of its implementation? Do we?

The government had tried to explain the whole thing from the start, but as usual, those hell bend on toppling the BN government choose not to hear it and instead tried to drown out the explanation with their usual crap against the establishment.

For easy understanding of what is the GST, here is a Bernama report which was picked up by Sin Chew Daily (I choose to use the one published by a pro-Pakatan Chinese newspaper because I don't want to be accused of trying to peddle a government's propaganda stuff),

What 6% GST means to Malaysians

Here is another simple explanation of the GST,

GST Malaysia Explained

Okay guys, please read those explanations. They are not too long, okay.

Please don't simply turn yourself into pawns of the Pakatan politicians by monkeying yourself on the streets to protest against something you don't actually really understand.

The advice was meant for Marina Mahathir too. Don't be such a dumb shallow old girl. It's not cool to be stupid, okay.

The Pakatan leaders actually needed this rally simply to whip up support for themselves.

They need to keep the momentum going against the government after their so-called "Kajang Move" fell flat on its face with PKR president DS Dr Wan Azizah Ismail only managing a win of reduced majority in a self-engineered by-election that no one really cares about, amidst the country's anguish over the missing MH370.

The Pakatan's so-called Reformasi 2.0 also apparently failed to gain any traction despite DS Anwar Ibrahim now facing the possibility of spending several years in jail for committing sodomy.

Nobody seems to really care about the old sexy daddy man anymore except his hardcore supporters.

Well, they can try to have this GST rally, but seriously, I think the right-thinking people among the ordinary folks were getting tired of all the nonsense.

I also believe the authorities need to stop being soft on those who want to flaunt their stupidity in public by having that rally in downtown KL.

If they still want to gather to protest against these and that, please ask them to go to some stadiums somewhere outside the city centre so that they do not disturb the life of other people.

They may claim to have the right to make monkeys of themselves, but I believe we, who disagree or don't give a crap about their political nonsense have the right not to be bothered by them too.

The authorities must develop a backbone on this. Otherwise, things will only get worse with these Pakatan clowns later on.

Well, if they really can't be persuaded from making a scene in a public place, ask them to have the rally at Gurney Drive in Penang. They can have all kind of political rallies there every weekend if they want. 

I am sure Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng will be thrilled with the idea. As Mat Sabu said about such rallies, "Ini akan menjana economy kerana peniaga peniaga boleh menjual barang barang kepada peserta peserta demonstrasi."

How Guan Eng? You want the demo in Penang or not? Boleh menjana economy tau?


  1. Lets those monkeys let off their steam.

    1. Yep, let them let their steam off, they are only doing it on the streets, thats fine as long as they don't find some Mongolian girl to let them steam off. MH370 is not the only mystery, fews years back there was another unsolved mystery called Altantuya.

    2. Everyone are monkeys typing ludirious words to let of stream and belacan is the food of Malaysians like macs of USA.

    3. Anon 01:57
      Who is altantunya?! Your mother erhh?!

    4. Anon 08:34

      "Everyone is monkey ... belacan is the food of Malaysians like macs is to the Americans."

  2. re: "As Mat Sabu said about such rallies, "Ini akan menjana economy kerana peniaga peniaga boleh menjual barang barang kepada peserta peserta demonstrate."

    otak dia terkacau, lidah dia liar di sebabkan salah pencuci muka hak orang lain .... nah terdengar diorang nak hukum hudud lagi ... biar si Sabo terhukum.

  3. " How Will It Affect Businesses?
    Businesses will be held responsible for managing payment records to quality for input tax credits. With the implementation of GST, business owners would also need to file tax returns regularly. All goods and services—except when specifically included—will be subject to GST. When it comes to business costs, the tax is not expected to have much impact on business-to-business transactions, although business owners would have to mind compliance costs related to GST implementation."

    This is one of the reason why they want to monkey around the Dataran.These people are the worst "pelari cukai" in Malaysia despite them saying otherwise.They can't have 2 sets of account anymore.

    1. Very good, now there are more bumi companies than before at least 30% and increasing. Further bumis want to become boss. Pay gst

  4. re , I also believe the authorities need to stop being soft on those who want to flaunt their stupidity in public by having really in downtown KL.

    The authorities must develop backbone on this , otherwise , things will get worse with this Pakatan clowns latter on.

    I blamed UMNO for this , stop being a gentleman , it's never good for the country .

    1. Then must act like the isreal how they hantum the palestianians?

  5. 08:42
    Siapa pun yg berniaga memang kena simpan transaction journal.
    Jadi bila nak berniaga ini syarat yang baik untuk perniagaan itu sendiri.
    Objective nya efficient tax collection system. This is a tool to fiscal management.
    What makes you think Bumi traders don't pay taxes ? Most get financing assistant from some agencies and business record is made a must. You think they could play games with their tax filings ?
    Why wouldn't you keep records ?
    GST only replaces existing sales and services tax. This is the way to go .

    1. Yes more people pay tax and means poor people has to pay everything

  6. Apa susah nak faham ?
    There are already tax paid on purchases of goods and services. These taxes are in the prices we pay now. GST implementstion will haul those traders who don't keep adequate records. This is called Prudent Fiscal Management. Tax collected but not remitted is big chunk of uncollected taxes.
    Sekolah pondok tak ajar ni.
    Sekolah vernacular ajar macam mana nak evade tax. Ilmu songsang.

  7. Welcome all pasar malam, ramli buggers, satay and roti sellers. Of course poor rakyat pays