Friday 20 August 2021

Ismail Sabri better be aware of the ghosts

So, Ismail Sabri has been appointed PM and he will be sworn in tomorrow.

I'm not sure whether to congratulate him because I strongly believe that it's not going to be easy for him. 

For one thing, he has that confidence vote to go through in Dewan Rakyat with such paper thin majority.

The frogs may jump again over the next few days.

Some may even see the start of his premiership as an unfortunate event.

My beloved sent me a message just now reminding me that it's now the Ghost Month, that time of the year when the gates of hell supposedly open up, allowing ghosts and spirits to wreck havoc on earth.

This year, the Ghost Month is between Aug 9 and Sept 6, with the climax Chung Yuan or Hungry Ghost Festival on Aug 22, which is the day after tomorrow.

My beloved believes it's not the best time for Ismail Sabri to open shop in Putrajaya.

Of course, being a Muslim I don't believe in all that but my beloved is a Cina Bukit and thus was really concerned that Ismail Sabri's administration starting itself at this time of the year is not going to be good for the country.


Don't know what to say lah.

But I do understand the culture. If you want to know why I say that, please click on this link to my old post on April 12, 2014;


But please don't confuse between Qingming and Hungry Ghost Festival. They are different, okay. Go google yourself to check that out.

Anyway, I don't think Ismail Sabri's premiership is going to last very long.

No, it's not because of the ghosts.

You see, even if he survives the confidence vote, he would likely has to call for a snap election once the pandemic crisis is over, which I believe will be within just a few months from now.

The vaccination programme is doing very well and we may achieve the herd immunity before the end of the year.

We are even starting to relax the movement restrictions quite a lot these past few days.

The pressure will be so great for Ismail Sabri to seek a new mandate when the situation permits the country to hold a general election.

I think we all would want that.

And you know what, I don't believe Ismail Sabri will be the Umno's PM candidate going into the general election.

It would certainly be someone else.

So, Ismail Sabri should do his best with this relatively short time as PM to do good so that he will be remembered as a good guy.

Well, for one thing, he can do his best to bring the country safely out of the pandemic and not goof up the coming budget.

That would be good enough.

I know the guy a bit when I was working in Pahang and I think he's not such a bad person.

Not top notch, but as a temporary PM okay lah.

Eh, enough la for now. I need to have dinner now.



  1. yeah, especially the bunch of bersatu backstabber. chinese believe in beating the villian chant, tonite i will use my clog to bang all this bersatu forthcoming betrayer for 2 hours to show my support of sabri, our new dumb pm.

  2. Let vote of confidence passed in Parliament first only then you appoint cabinet ministers. If you appoint them before vote of confident in parliament taking place, disgruntled MPs of Bersatu who do get ministerial post or dissatisfied with cabinet composition, they will be on the position to pull the rug on Pak Mail in next parliament session. Be smart and let the typhoon pass through first.

  3. The question is does he have any ideas or is he going to be a puppet of his and other parties?

    1. Ismail sabri kurang menonjol dalam UMNO.Zahid hamidi walaupun Presiden UMNO tapi chicken out ,Ismail Sabri ambil alih jadi Ketua Pembangkang sebab TokMat Hassan timbalan presiden UMNO bukan MP.sejak itu dah nampak dia akan mengetuai UMNO satu hari nanti .cuma bila dah jadi PM adakah dia akan tahan asakan rakan dan musuh politik.ada 3 beban besar menunggu ;
      1.Lantikan kabinet
      2. Undi Percaya di Parlimen
      3. Situasi Ekonomi & Pandemik Covid 19 .
      Nanti bolih nampak Ismail Sabri ni Puppet atau tidak.

  4. Annie just tell your beloved that ismail sabri doesn't give a shit about his prediction, forecast or whatever he's been smoking ya..

  5. For sure, his political future is hanging by a thread. In order to survive longer, or at least until next GE, he would have to act wisely by catching up on some sneaky tricks to pacify each and every ally and indulge their every whim 24/7, just like any other feeble politician does. Anyhow, all eyes will be on those in trouble, whether or not he would let them off the hook pronto. That is the crucial focal point. Undoubtedly, this fortuitous fortune that bestows on him is somewhat too massive to digest for some, maybe he himself, too. By sheer serendipity, he is indeed the chosen one after all. Hopefully, he will lead us out of the pandemic and steer towards the right direction however difficult the passage would be ahead of him.

    1. "Anyhow, all eyes will be on those in trouble, whether or not he would let them off the hook pronto. That is the crucial focal point."

      Not focal point, it's his KPI.

      This is a Najib/Zahid gomen by proxy.

  6. I best ok lah is the best we can expect and the standard Malaysians should aim for

    Same as he's not to bad what and others

  7. Salah Strategi Anwar kecundang lawan musuh politiknya. UMNO kembali menguasai Putra Jaya semula. Tony Pua salahkan Anwar.

    Pasukan think tank Anwar tidak mempunyai stratrgi yang tepat. Setelah Datuk Sabri Ismail dilantik PM ke 9 sepatutnya DSAI tidak perlu menyerang PM Datuk Sabri. Sepatutnya PN di biarkan berkuasa sebab terlalu banyak kelemahan dalam kerajaan Mahiuddin.

    Kabinet yg ramai tidak berfungsi dan polisi yg flip flop di setiap kementerian. Era Ismail Sabri tentunya ini akan diperkemaskan maka peluang think tank DSAI tertutup semula. Cipta lagi yg persepsi baru oleh pasukan DSAI.

    Sepatutnya pasukan think tank DSAI perlu hapuskan politik Tun dan legasinya dari bangkit menyerang DSAI. Tapi pasukan think tank DSAI samgat gelojoh untuk menyerang Mahiuddin. Setelah Tun tidak boleh bangun menyerang DSAI maka strategi seterusmya adalah Sabri Ismail.

    Sepatutnya DSAI halakan serangan kepada Tun Mahathir dan legasi Tun selama lamanya. Tun adalah musuh DSAI sudah berdekad lamanya. Hapuskan musuh DSAI satu per satu. Maka DSAI hanya perlu tumpukan pada musuh politiknya seterusnya iaitu PN.

    Setiausaha Publisiti Nasional DAP Tony Pua, yang mempersalahkan pembangkang yang menyaksikan Umno kembali berkuasa.

    "Ditendang keluar dari kerajaan pada Februari 2020 adalah cukup buruk. "Tetapi berperanan utama yang membolehkan Umno kembali berkuasa? Satu tamparan,” katanya dalam satu catatan Facebooknya malam ini.

    Pua merujuk kepada kejatuhan Pakatan Harapan tahun lalu, dan peranan yang dimainkan oleh pembangkang untuk mengasak pentadbiran Perikatan Nasional sehingga menyebabkan pengunduran diri Muhyiddin Yassin sebagai perdana menteri kelapan.

    Ahli Parlimen Damansara itu sebelum ini lantang membidas idea menjatuhkan Muhyiddin, kerana bimbangan bahawa tindakan berkenaan akan menyebabkan Umno kembali berkuasa.

    Ahli Parlimen DAP Kota Kinabalu Chan Foong Hin, dalam satu kenyataan kepada Malaysiakini menyoal apakah kerajaan baru Ismail sabri akan menawarkan tawaran serupa kepada pembangkang.

    Dalam hal ini salahkan Anwar Ibrahim yang pentingkan numbers sedangkan Tony Pua mengetahui Anwar tiada majority. PM ke 8 sudah menawarkan bipartisan tetapi ditolak mentah oleh Anwar dan puak reformasi.

    Akhirnya Veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang hari ini secara tidak langsung mencadangkan Anwar Ibrahim dilantik sebagai timbalan perdana menteri dalam kerajaan yang bakal ditubuhkan, selepas presiden Anwar itu gagal memperolehi numbers majoriti ahli Dewan Rakyat.

    Membiarkan Tun menyerang DSAI bila bila masa adalah kelemahan strategi pro reformasi. Hapuskan Tun dan legasi kekayaan anak beranak dan akhlak anak cucu jadi senjata ampuh melenyakan Tun dan legasinya.

    Gunakan strategi yang betul DSAI boleh berjaya menundukkan musuh politik dengan cepat. Membiarkan Tun menyerang bila bila masa menyebabkan hilang fokus pengikutnya.

    1. I think everyone should acknowledge zahid skill to kill off muhiddin. Please lah what ever spin you want to credit to Anwar think tank is assuming they are as smart a zahid. The fall of muhiddin is due to zahid pulling out support. Whatever yapping by opposition on muhiddin failure has no effect on his ability to hold on power. When support is pull, you lose your seat. The pulling out support is done by zahid. Zahid should have been rewarded pm ship not Ismail who was still coddling muhiddin balls when zahid pull his team out

  8. Let's count last how long..days perhaps?

  9. Not only this is the ghost month, but his support of 114 (yat yat sei, in chinese) means everyday die and to be sworn in on the 14th ( sap sei,sound like sat sei, sure die in chinese).

    This is definitely not auspicious at all.

    What UMNO veteran Zahrin Mohd Yassin suggested to UMNO MT is the most wise, that is support Anwar to be the PM, and let him clean up the mess that Muhyiddin left behind and moreover the problems that the country face now will take a long time to resolve, ultimately UMNO will be blamed for it.and come next PRU, UMNO will be hit hard by dissatisfied voters.

    Ismail sabrin is now the pawn that is being used by the crooks to wriggle out of their court cases and he will be hated by many.

  10. I hope the new PM will choose a good set of advisors and not money hungry ones. Eventhough Badawi was seen sleeping in Parliament and laid back, he is still on record as the highest votes won at 90%, bcos he had an able team behind the scene supporting him. Sabri should know that the chair carry the most power even for a average person. I would love to see him :
    1. Reduce the number of cabinet members-minimum 30%
    2. Accelerate the vaccination with more single dose vaccine as AZ with 9 weeks interval plus 14 thereafter is far too long and not fair to those who need to be innoculated to work or travel.
    3.Reset the whole health system and provide safety net in terms of costs for all Malaysians. We all heard of treatment at private hospital for C19 at hundred of thousands per person.
    4. Reset the economy- Pump prime with more infra works. Proceed with HSR and award it to the contractor who can fund the costs 100% and share the operational risks.Same with MRT Ph3.
    5. Set a tax free year in Budget 2022 for all SMEs, PLC must still pay taxes. No RPGT for next 5 years.Reduce personal income taxes for 2 years, allow capital items bought to be deducted against taxes to boost consumption. Print more money, ringgit will weaken but help export. It will also reduces import of luxury items that will be more expensive.Promote buy local aggressively.
    6. All court cases proceed non-stop and no more postponement.

  11. Tony Pua ingat dia seorang yang sangat cerdik mencadang PH terima apa yang ditawar oleh Muhyiddin. Sudah lupa ke PH ditikam dari belakang oleh si Muyiddin ini? Ada ke Muyiddin akan tetapi janji dia itu.

    Cadangan LKS Dsai di pilih sebagai TPM adalah cadangan paling bodoh sekali.sepatutnya PH jangan terlibat dalam pentadbiran negara pada ketika ini memandangkan begitu banyak masaalah yang tidak mungkin dapat diselesaikan dalam jangka 2 tahun ini supaya tidak disalahkan Oleh rakyat nanti.

    DSAI patut tumpu segala usaha dalam 18 bulan ini untuk reorganise dan strategise supaya PRU 15 nanti satu kemenangan landslide dapat dicapai, dengan kehancuran UMNO Dan PN,Dan PAS yang total.

    1. agree. i dont know what make tony/okm think this round will be diff. but their boss also got case like najib, so every road could be a highway.

    2. You are correct. Selepas memberikan kemudahan senior minister kat DSAI, Muhi akan mula dolak dalih spt AG belum draft bla..bla.. kita jgn lupa
      1. Kjaan Myhi bohong di Parlimen
      2. Tutup Parlimen
      3. Bohong mengenai Agong setuju undi percaya di hujung sept

      4. Istana keluar kenyatan perletakkan jawatan Muhi sebelum PC Muhi, sebab takut diputar lagi

    3. Amanah and Tony Pua gang is sponsored by TDM to attack DSAI asking his resignation to grab PH Chairman for TDM.

      When Shafie lost Sabah, did they ask him to resign?

      And wasn’t Shafie/TDM pact put a condition for twin PM nomination for PH only for Shafie to backoff last min. But did their 13 votes went to DSAI?

      Tony Pua fails to see this self-incriminating logic. GPS is No DAP, DAP is No Kleptos but Yes Backstabbers and mini-Kleptos.

      DSAI didn’t forfeit anything so PH can capitalise on Kleptos and Backstabbers commit suicide the next 18 months. Let Amanah and Tony Pua decide if mosquito Pejwang can do better than PKR over long-standing principle of political honour and standing by to faithful partners.

      Political choice who to sleep with is FOC. No rocket science, PKR can retake Shah Alam and Kota Raja since they are the home team support party in Selangor, if come to push.

  12. Annie,can you explain how we are going to achieve herd immunity by vaccinations when vaccinated people can be infected with the covid virus and can transmit the virus to a third party.Two days ago it was reported that 60% of the cases in Kuching were among fully vaccinated people and another8% had received their first dose.

    1. You are less likely to die of Covid if you are vaccinated. The more people are vaccinated the safer for the country to open up. Like Singapore, UK and others which have acheived herd immunity.

    2. More than 98% of those who die of covid are unvaccinated ,so as of now, vaccination is still the safest bet to survive this mini holocaust.

    3. KJ says don't talk about "herd immunity" any more.

      He is right.

      UK is in trouble right now. Cases shooting up.

  13. Aisay Annie....wat I know of IS.... loves turtle eggs n his idea of MARA Digital (now gathering dust) shows he's not an inclusive person. When u only think of yr own race n religion and not of all Msians u r a failure in my eyes

  14. Dulu PH menang aje one of the 1st kena cekop was Ketua Perisik.. Yang tau faham kenapa kan? To silence dn ikat kaki tangan dia. Sbb itu zaman PH macam segala pemimpin pelik2 telah dlantik jadi PEMIMPIN DAN KEPALA mentadbir sana sini .. depa bebas nak buat sesuka kepala hotak mereka..tst tst tst.

    Tapi orangnya sja yg kena cekop, file2 risik lama SUDAH PASTI selamat dsimpan kan?

    Lepaih ni taknak lagi dok dengaq timbul kes2 sexual, rasuah sbgainya lagi. Nak pilih pemimpin baru tlg teliti latar belakang mereka, hai kan macam2 rahsia ade dalam file. Jgn lupa ya. Pendapatan anak bini menantu sedara mara mereka periksa betoi2. Taknak satni terkejut plak rakyat, cucu2 baru beranak pun dah dlantik jadi Director syarikat2 itu ini, belum pandai merangkak pun dah billionaires.. kekeke

    Ayuh kita sama2 doakan dberi perlindungan dari Allah yang Maha Esa.. lindungilah bumi kami yang indah ini dr pemimpin2 TOYOL dan PONTIANAK nih semua.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  15. Wish him well even thoughy past actions insprice 0 confidence

    He has the Sleepy PM No.2 look

  16. Ya ke annie pru mail sabri bkn calon pm umno, ingat ros suruh umno adakan pemilihan sebaik covid tamat, so of course it will be much earlier than snap election, r u sure mail sabri wont challenge zahid for umno presidency

  17. I think it did good for anwar to lose the SD contest to ismail sabri. What can anwar do better than muiden or ismail combined in a short span of time only to be proven as a failure just the same. Better for ismail to pick up the baton and run the distance for all to see how he finishes, better or most likely worse. Every cloud has a silver lightning. Success could be in disguise.

  18. These last 4days kaw sya mendung dan hujan memanjang. Skrg pun angin tengah kencang mcam nak ribut.

    Harap2 KATAK jgn pula ambik peluang cuaca mcam ni mula nak LOMPAT sana sini ya.

    PM9 mesti tgh sibuk dok pilih barisan cabinet baru. Tolong jgn isi cabinet penuh dgn tin2 kosong ya. Risik latar belakang calon2 betoi2 ya, takmau amik sikap toyol2 dan pontianak "hang kambuih lubang aku, aku kambuih lubang hang sama2 hangpa untung" tau.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. hope the new dumb pm know how to manage the new pn govt wakaka.

    1. You look at his track record running past ministries. What achievements . Zip. Nothing. So dont expect too. The post does not look at the resume.

  20. Ghosts or no ghosts Ismail Sabri is doomed. With Muiden, Adham Baba, KJ, Azmin and the white haired guy they all failed miserably. What could he do better now as PM? Who will he appoints to be in his team that could bolster rakyat's confidence. New faces? Very unlikely because it is payback time to those who had put him up to the throne. It's back to square one, I mean square 2.

  21. Kuasa ke tiga kenyataan Tun ego dan angkuh. “Saya bukan nak jadi perdana menteri saya cuma nak jadi ketua Mageran (Majlis Gerakan Nasional) atau Majlis Pemulihan Negara - Tun Mahathir

    Tun berkata dengan bongkak dan angkuh "Parti yang ditubuhkan nya Pejuang tidak tertarik untuk mengadakan kerjasama sama ada dengan Pakatan Harapan (PH) atau PN".

    Anwar juga hampir pasti menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang ke-8 namun tidak berjaya juga apabila berlaku pergolakan politik dan pertembungan beliau sekali lagi dengan Mahathir dalam Pakatan Harapane.

    Mengikut rekod ini adalah kegagalan ke-5 Anwar Ibrahim dalam cubaan mendapatkan tempat untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia selepas menjawat jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri semasa di dalam UMNO satu ketika dahulu.

    Bila dah Tun tak berkuasa lagi Anwar dan otai reformasi dibakul sampah kan pula. Tindakan ini jelas menunjukkan Tun lebih pentingkan diri sendiri setelah Pakatan Harapan tidak memberikan apa apa keuntungan pada Tun lagi.

    Parti Pejuang juga kekal dengan pendirian tidak menyokong mana-mana gabungan dan memilih menjadi kuasa ketiga.

    "Oleh itu Pejuang tidak tertarik untuk mengadakan kerjasama sama ada dengan Pakatan Harapan (PH) mahupun Perikatan Nasional (PN)", kata Tun Mahathir

    “Kita dapati kedua-dua pasukan gabungan yang ada, PN dan PH tidak menarik dan tiada tarikan langsung maka sebab itu Parti Pejuang asingkan diri selesa jadi blok ke tiga", kata Tun.

    Pada PH silalah menilai kenyataan Tun ini selepas kehilangan kuasa. "Kalau Anwar nak jadi perdana menteri dia kena dapatkan sokongan majoriti Dewan Rakyat, tapi dia kerap kali tak dapat sokongan, pasal apa pun saya tak tahulah,” kata Dr Mahathir.

    “Kita dalam Pejuang adalah kuasa ketiga. Kita boleh pilih mana satu yang kami suka samada hendak memihak kepada mereka tapi kita ingin tahu apa pendirian ditawarkan mereka." hujah Tun lagi

    Pada otai otai reformasi kau orang nilai lah sendiri kenyataan Tun. Bongkak dan mulut celupar. Bila Tun nak kuasa jadi PM kali ke 2 dengan muka tebal tidak tahu malu terhegeh hegeh minta sokongan puak Reformasi.

    Selepas perlantikan Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri PM ke-9 semalam tiba - tiba Tun mohon Pejuang sertai PN sekiranya ada jemputan dari PN. Seperti biasa Tun dengan ayat penuh berlapik sekiranya Pejuang dijemput menyertai PN. Perlukah PN buat jemputan..!?

    Perlu kah dilayan permintaan Tun dengan kedudukan Parti Pejuang yang tiada cawangan tiada bahagian dan ahli parti yang kecil.

    Kalau nak buat blok ke tiga sila lah Tun M usahakan sendiri. Silakan Tun bentuk kuasa ketiga. Tun tidak perlu terhegeh hegeh hendak menempelkan Parti Pejuang pada PN atau PH.

    Malah Parti Pejuang tidak meninggalkan apa apa impak yang signifikan lansung buat masa ini pada PN mahupun PH..! Tiada cawangan, tiada ahli ahli dan tiada bahagian Pejuang di negara ini.

    Pada PH dan PN eloklah tinggalkan Pejuang parti anak beranak ini Tun dan Mukhriz serta lain lain. Biar kan Pejuang membawa hala tujunya sendiri sebagai blok ke tiga. Pedulikan sahaja Parti Pejuang ini.

    "Pinggan tak retak nasi tak dingin. Pejuang tak hendak PH dan PN lagi tak ingin."


    1. Garis panduan ciri-ciri Bapak Munafik digarap Sultan Johor dan Tamrin Ghaffar memang tepat terpakai kpd TDM.

      Barangkali umur 96 tahun dia lupa asas-asas yg berlaku tak lama dulu sebelum Mei 2018, Daim ulang alik 6 kali kepenjara DSAI utk menterai Konsensus PH, TDM bertemu a DSAI 2 kali diMahkamah utk pinjam watikah, bendera dan logo PKR dan dengan hanya 13 kerusi ciput dia bersandarkan Konsensus PH utk undi dia jadi PM.

      Diumur senja ini, dia terbeban dgn menzalimi dan fitnah DSAI sampai 12 tahun dipenjara tambah lagi bebanan Bapak Munafik ini sehingga negara dan rakyat terkesan sangat.

      Tawaran MAGERAN hanyalah smoking gun utk rampas kuasa jadi Diktator balik, rakyat tak akan maafkan TDM.




  23. Dulu no AI no d@p. Skg yes AI yes d@p.What a raving loony fickle minded party.

    1. Semua kena goody goody friend friend la. Satni "personal file" yg kena dedah, payah tau. Haiyooo Telowong dasar laut timbul nanti susah ooooi.

      You kambus lubang I.
      Takpe takpe
      I kambus lubang you.

      Professor Nasi Lemak