Saturday 7 August 2021

Zainul still seems to be himself

 I like this article,

This is not the time for political indulgence when the rakyat's well-being is severely threatened 


It has been a trying year and it shows on our faces, in our conversations and our mental well-being.

Yet, Covid-19 is yet another opportunity for some politicians, regardless of their affiliations, whilst riding their hobby horses, to shout the loudest that they care the most. 

Exactly my sentiment.

I know Zainul Arifin, the writer of that article.

First met him when he was still some sorts of a big boss at NST. Nice guy and a straight talker.

Not very good with office politics though. That's why he's no longer with NST.

Based on that article, I think he is still like that - writing things as they really are.

That's because I noticed Zainul is now the executive director of operations at Petra News, which owner Vinod Sekhar is a friend of Anwar Ibrahim.

If you click on the link and read the entire article, you would agree that it's obviously not in line with Anwar's current agenda.

That means Zainul wrote that article without caring that Anwar is his boss' friend.

Typical of him.

As I said, the guy has never been very good at office politics.

If he does, he would be mindful not to write in any way to risk displeasing his boss like that.

But then again he probably knows that Vinod doesn't mix his political stance with the operation of his news outfit.

Still, Zainul could has instead tried to make himself sounds as if he's on the same page as his boss, just to score some extra points.

Well, he didn't and that's how it should be for a true journalist.

I have to admit that Petra News' flagship The Vibes has of late been leaning a bit too much towards the Pakatan's side just like most other "independent" news portals.

Some of its editorialising were not subtle enough, I think.

So, it's good to see people like Zainul there to balance things out.

We can always do with a proper impartial news outlet.


  1. You are completely misrepresenting what Sdr Zainul wrote, actually.

    With all due respect to him, it's yet another "why can't we stop politicking and focus on the pandemic" article, and there's one of those every two days in the media. So it's not very fresh as an angle, but it's not political.

    I don't see any politics in it. I think the Vinod Petra whatever or Anwar or anyone would just read it and shrug.

    Only one factual point..."even if it is just held together by twigs and vines, regardless of the huffing and puffing of his detractors. "

    Sdr Zainul needs to count his twigs and vines again. Giving Mael Sabri the benefit of the doubt, let's say 27 BN MPs are behind Moo. That is still a total support of 99.

    Last time I checked, that's less than 111.

    If you see Sdr Zainul again, ask him if seeking a fake Emergency purely to save your own ass is "politicking".

    It is.

    Very harmful type, too.

    "We can always do with a proper impartial blogger."

    1. Well, I also can always do with a proper impartial reader...but as always, most just want me to support their cause.

    2. Hehehehe ; )

    3. Annie, you are truly impartial. Not even your blogging captain can sway you to change your stand on DSAI/PH.

    4. My blogging captain never try to sway me on anything.

  2. the biggest problem now is not anwar, yr obsession toward anwar is appalled.

    majority once pick ph and mahathir, anwar take over later was the promise, its mahathir the conman that refuse to keep promise, and umno pas who do not want to play by the democracy rule that cause all the mess today, they started the game of everything is poosible, evety 2 years can change pm and govt, thats democracy with umno pas bersatu characteristic.

    1. True those who cried no Anwar, the alternatives are failures. You didn't give the guy a chance to fail. I am no Anwar fan but we are not going to do another round of Tun after Muhiddin. Muhiddin is definitely going to out and it is a matter of time.

  3. If your write-up is leaning too much towards PH you lose your credibility of being " independent " news portal. Being independent is when you write impartially objective articles leaning more towards the incumbent with less value given to the opposition. One could not be more impartial and independent without criticising the opposition whilst supporting the govt.

    1. "Being independent is when you write impartially objective articles leaning more towards the incumbent with less value given to the opposition."

      That is berat sebelah.

      Neutral means not leaning to either.

  4. What Anwar-PH fans and supporters(taksub) just cannot grasp is. PR or PH or whatever Pakatan with Anwar as the Malay head figure will never get the support of the Malay majority. Without Malay majority support you will not rule.
    If you cannot figure out why then you just dont understand the Malays.

    1. no malay support is fine, bec out of 10 malay leaders,11 want to be pm.

  5. Cheh waaaahhhhhh....

    "MUAR – Perikatan Nasional (PN) Johor dan Parti Pribumi Bersatu Johor menolak kerjasama dengan Ahli Parlimen Pengerang Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said dan Ahli Parlimen Pontian Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan berikutan keputusan mereka menarik sokongan ke atas PN dan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dua hari lepas.

    Setiausaha PN Johor, Datuk Dr Sahruddin Jamal berkata, pihaknya akan menghantar surat kepada pucuk pimpinan Bersatu dan PN untuk menyatakan pendirian mengenai kedua-dua ahli Parlimen berkenaan.

    “Kita akan menunggu UMNO Johor untuk menyatakan pendirian, tetapi sehingga kini mereka belum mengeluarkan apa-apa kenyataan.

    “Memandangkan kedua-dua ahli Parlimen telah menolak sokongan kepada PN dan Perdana Menteri, jadi kita menolak mereka,” katanya ketika ditemui di pusat pemberian vaksin Dewan Jubli Intan, dekat sini, hari ini."

    Really, Parti Bunga are getting too big for their own boots!

    They are doomed, anyway....

  6. The MP for Parit has just withdrawn support for PN.

    Prior to that....

    "MUHYIDDIN Yassin has the vote of 102 MPs against 118 who are opposed to the prime minister staying in office, pollster Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) said.

    IDE today released a tally of MPs who are for and against the embattled prime minister after 31 Barisan Nasional lawmakers declared themselves for him yesterday even though Umno had announced it was withdrawing its support for the government."

    DYMM YDPA can order Moo to show majority in 72 hours.

    There is no way such a matter can be allowed to hang for 6 weeks.

    It is not a small matter.

    1. Anonymous7 August 2021 at 19:15

      kaum melaiyu only 51 percent of penduduk malaise.
      if kaum melaiyu/pribumi/bumiputra that lain cerita.
      after 5 peratus kaum melaiyu kena kencing gan PAKATOON Dap
      habis jatuh kerajaan BN. khabar islang melayu di ancam
      baru lah kerajaaan lebih baik Abah moo+semburit jatuhkan PAKATOON

    2. Pakatoon is not threatening biggest malay party to deregister. Which race is highest highest mortality in covid pandemic.The malays are dropping like flies and you think all malay government care for the malays. Ya keep repeating crap hoping someone will believe you..

    3. Anonymous7 August 2021 at 21:04

      SOALAN: Sape yg paling suke kenchinnnnn melaiyoo?

      JAWAPAN: Pemimpin melaiyoo.

      bak kata omputih....“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”


  7. The whole nation is now a shambles, one hell of a mess we are all in. The depths of politicians' ugliness shines through in the midst of tug of number-war-game. Spending hours, days, weeks on end calculating and accumulating numbers while thinking about their own neck. How many of them really care about the seriously worsening Covid outbreak and its daily death toll? Nil. Zilch. So what even if they finally get the formidable number to oust the PN? What sort of phenomenal formulas do they have in store for us? Nothing but, I surmise, only a dark cloud on the horizon awaits ahead and the nation will once again get caught in a vicious cycle of 3rd-world-standard Malaysian politics, if anwar and those kleptocrats are hoisted to the power. Go ahead and try them out if you insist to leap in the dark.

    1. You seem quite naive, bro/sis.

      Anyone who has ever been in Umno since the 1980s is a kleptocrat. Including Madey, Anwar, Jib, Moo (although he was already making $$$$$$$$$ illegally in Johor as well.) You name it. The three Ks (Kabel, Kroni, Kickback) system has been in place for more than 30 years.

      Every KBU is a multi-millionaire.

      How? By working very hard, getting into MIT and Harvard, setting up their own company, creating innovation, driving the econo - heheheh. No lah. All under table.

      So choose your poison, lah.

      Keep Moo's oversized, incompetent cabinet of clowns in power? Up to you.

    2. Well, hello a klepto-cum-bugger! I spotted one. This one really stood up among the rest. A great leader with his fanciful political dogma which has blinded many out there.

  8. The Vibes just did another one, actually:

    Ya, yet another "stop politicking" piece.

    You think politicians listen?

  9. Anon 21:04 kalau krjaan BN tak jatuh makhluk apa 1MDB pun kamu tak tahu. Jho Low pun mungkin kamu ingat tokay durian. Kamu dan kawan2 kamu yg menyokong Najib/umno/BN kalau tak kerana PH sampai mati pun tak tahu kamu kena kencing oleh najib,jho low dan sekutu2 nya.

  10. Aisay Annie...wat i cannot fathom is why the King and his brudder Sultans not step in to save the nation. They have their advisors and know the shit hole the country is in. Why the reluctance to step in? Can't they not hear the cries of the rakyat pleading for help.

  11. Anon 19:39 Thank you for highlighting the obvious. I was getting a little bit worried if no one notice my drift. That's one way of writing to get it printed by pro establishnent writers. TQ again.