Thursday 19 August 2021

Don't worry too much about politics, we can do without it for a while

Today I just want to copy and paste something my good friend wrote. Too lazy to write myself.

By Shahrum Sayuthi

MALAYSIANS should not worry too much about the current political turmoil.
That’s  because we have to save our worries for bigger problems – the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic and social well being fallout.
The tussle over who should become prime minister and form the new government is by right a problem concerning the politicians and maybe to a certain extent the Rulers.
It is after all a problem created by them and should be solved by them. 
We, ordinary Malaysians are mere spectators, just like those at a football match.
We can cheer and jeer all we want, but what happens on the pitch is up to the players as well as the referee and linesmen.
As it is now, the farce that we are witnessing is more like a very poorly played football match.
The players are cheating and committing fouls at every chance they get and the match officials are struggling to do their job.
Worse, the match is still undecidedly boring even after extra time with no clear winner.
All that, while we the spectators at the stands have to endure a very heavy rain and hooligans among fans of both sides behaving annoyingly.
Yes, that is more or less how it is with the current Malaysian political scene.
It is best that we just ignore it and instead concentrate on how to endure the Covid-19 crisis.
We actually can manage it without the politicians, at least for quite a while until maybe after the pandemic is over.
The government machinery is, after all, still functioning and efforts to fight Covid-19 are still ongoing, thanks to our brave frontliners.
The vaccination programme, which should be the most crucial in our war against the coronavirus, is also going well.
Hopefully, we will meet the herd immunity target as scheduled before year end and then some semblance of normality will return.
As for now, we can do our part by observing the standard operating procedures of movement restrictions,and helping our frontliners as much as we could in curbing the pandemic.
There is no need for us to be too concerned about who will be the next prime minister and which side of the political divide will form the government.
The Yang diPertuan Agong should be allowed to take all the sweet time he wants to decide on the matter.
Whatever his decision, I do not think it would make much difference to us ordinary Malaysians.
It would be just another “backdoor government” as the politicians said about the previous one, and its policies would probably be of not much difference either.
This new government should not be allowed to be in power for too long anyway.
As soon as we Malaysians manage to overcome the pandemic, the mandate must be returned to us to vote for a government of our real choice.
Let the ongoing political comedy amidst our Covid-19 sufferings be the last time that we have to endure those selfish individuals who claim they should be our leader.
We must vote them all out of our consciousness the first chance we get at the next election, which hopefully will not be too long from now..
Until then, dear Malaysians, be safe and keep your spirit up.
Shahrum Sayuthi has been a journalist for 24 years of which 18 were with New Straits Times before quitting as its political editor in 2015 to join The Mole.


  1. spot indeed it is all correct. kuasa rakyat penentu kerajaan di GE15. in the mean time, hopefully ismail sabri will b chosen as PM 9 by DYMM Tuanku based on the majority of MPs' SDs. then, come GE 15, rakyat will decide on which party they want to govern the country

    1. Ismail Sabri is a safe bet. He is moderate, quiet and have no scandals. He has no court case and no report of having unusual or abnormal taste. He is a normal person like most of us. After all he is Pahangite, the same birthplace where YDP Agong comes from.

    2. ki ki ki..abnormal taste as liking the smelly pintu belakang? haha no need to b so politically correct when making statement. but indeed, it is true. this guy is a mr. nice guy in umno, a gentleman that is. hope he will govern the country fairly n decisively n work towards ending the pandemic n bring malaysia to greater heights economically

    3. One look at Sabri n u can see he is clueless. Zero personality n devoid of any inspirational qualities. He is a mere puppet to b manipulated by UMNO bigwigs

    4. He was given 17 months and see the results and what can he do next 17 months.Same old same. He is collectively responsible for all decisions as a member of govt.

    5. It is forgone conclusion that Bera will get the top job. The question now who is our TPM? Azmin perhaps?

    6. Anonymous19 August 2021 at 11:49

      "Ismail Sabri is a safe bet. He is moderate, quiet and have no scandals. He has no court case and no report of having unusual or abnormal taste. He is a normal person like most of us. After all he is Pahangite, the same birthplace where YDP Agong comes from."

      I guess you're from Pluto?

      Malaysia's agriculture minister will have to explain to the police his Facebook comments urging Malays to boycott Chinese businesses so as to force them to reduce prices in line with falling oil prices, news reports said on Monday.

      Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob had called on Malays, who form the majority in the country, to use their "power" to force the Chinese minority to cut prices.

      Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said later on Monday that the police would record a statement on the issue from Ismail, The Star reported. "The police will ensure that harmony between races is respected," Khalid tweeted on his Twitter account.

      Of course, NFA lah because UMNO.

      Just like all the court cluster will be NFA....because UMNO.

      Anyway, "moderate, quiet and have no scandals" ale toh hang.

  2. No need to immigrate to Taiwan, happy days

  3. i am always on my own, hope the rest pakcik makcik uncle aunty cousin in law bro sis can survive on their own as well.

  4. That’s the FLAW of parliamentary democracy. Politicians treat it like a game on the chessboard rather than striving to form a robust and stable government to ensure good governance and economic prosperity.

    Democracy does not always produce the best form of government. Sometimes it could create chaos and havoc like what is happening now. What more MPs could freely hopping to whichever side they wish even after winning the seat on a different ticket. As a result government is not always stable. Always at risk to collapse. Always feel insecure and vulnerable. Not strong and stable to chart its own course. Take Sabah for example. A dozen or more reps could always jumped to the other side in exhange of rewards thus government easily crumbled and fell like sand castle.

  5. To manage covid,economy and social well beings require good leaders who can fomulate good and outside the box policies.I dont think just by exchanging the position of prime minister between two guys who formulated our policies for the past 17months will solve our problems unless the covid is kind enough to Ismail Sabri to lose its potency in the next few months.

  6. When admnistration step down you have moral duty to step down because you are political appointed. Period. If you are good you will be appionted again. Be morally correct.Nampak sangat nak ke jawatan.Never trust this kind of politicians. It all about me me and me and do not give a hoot about rakyak. Day by day we are breaking records all they want is jawatan. RAKYAT are tired of all these SHENANIGANS.

  7. Before UMNO agitating against a Bersatu PM

    Now Bersatu's turn to agitate against an UMNO PM?

    They don't have a lot of MP's to choose from for their cabinet so expect the same faces.


    Sorry Annie have to worry because govt policies on opening and closing and conduct are going to determine the economic recovery.

    1. Not just that.

      COVID handling as well.

  8. Peja as Deputy President of Bersatu and the 2nd highest ranking person in Bersatu should be the TPM if one should so be appointed

    Not fair otherwise

    Dato Sri ISmail Sabri + Peja = awesome combination!

    Give them a chance please - we can get food reviews everyday!


  9. Jangan Dituang Garam Atas Luka Anwar Itu Wahai Tun.. Mahathir dalam wawancara bersama Bernama malam tadi.

    Apa ni Tun apa pasal nak gaduh gaduh dengan Anwar nih... Jangan bergaduh Tun ... jangan berhenti bergaduh teruskan bergaduh Tun... Selagi nyawa di kandung badan .. teruskan lah bergaduh Tun.. kami sedia menonton sambil tambah pop corn..!

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata Anwar Ibrahim terhutang budi kepadanya kerana naik dalam politik, menolak kecaman berterusan penyokong pemimpin PKR itu beliau menjadi halangan kepada usaha Pakatan Harapan (PH) untuk kembali berkuasa.

    Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata, Anwar yang tidak mahu menerimanya selepas kerajaan PH tumbang tahun lepas.

    “Saya tak tolak dia. Sebenarnya, Anwar jadi Anwar kerana saya. Kalau tak ada saya, Anwar bukan siapa pun. Saya yang bawa naik dia sampai jadi timbalan perdana menteri.

    Dia nak jadi perdana menteri. Saya kata pada dia, ‘Saya jadi perdana menteri untuk enam bulan, lepas tu you take over la’,” kata Mahathir.

    “Lepas tu apa peranan saya? Tak nak saya jadi perdana menteri, tak nak saya ada dalam parti. Dia yang menolak saya. Tapi dengan bijaknya, dia beritahu kepada orang yang saya tolak dia.”.

    Pada Tun sudah sudah lah tu berhenti lah.. jangan berhenti bergaduh Tun teruskan selagi nyawa di kandung badan. Sesekali kami pun nak belajar membatu api.. haahh tepokk dan pop corn tambah.

    1. Biar la dia cakap apa yang dia mahu cakap, sebab yang percaya apa yang dia cakap boleh di kira dengan sepuloh jari.

      Kadang kadang kesihan pada dia, dah di benci oleh begitu ramai rakyat, tapi dia fikir dia ada banyak peminat lagi.

  10. The final curtain has come down on PN1.0 after a mere 17 months in the office. However, the new episode of PN2.0 is about to kick off anytime soon. It looks like the storyline is getting even dramatic and more fascinating as conditional promises are made agreed-upon as well. Well, you just cannot get something for nothing. That means there will be yet another round of potential vicious circle, perhaps. However, what sets tongues wagging is, out of the blue, LKS has indirectly proposed that the LOSER, the Opposition Chief, should be made DPM in the new upcoming PN administration. Wah, banyak cantik; after rejecting the peace offer and called it an insult, and now he has the audacity to request for no2 top seat? Has PH no sense of shame and dignity to have to stoop so low? Instead, he must ask the not-quite PM to be to do some self-examinations and reflections unless he hasn't had enough of all the embarrassment and humiliation of his self-incurred crying wolf numbers.

    1. La aaa awat Apek ni masih tak paham bahasa? Semua2 takmau DAP bukan sbb mrk hensem2 semua tetapi jelas dan sah, 22 bulan memegang kuasa even their own PM kecut teloq senyap2 cabut lari!

      Apatah lagi the millions of Bumi investors dlm Tabung Haji, PNB, puluhan ribu pejawat awam yg kena buang kerja, projek2 yg dbatalkan dan asset2 negara yg kena lelong.. sekelip mata hanya dlm tempuh 22bulan?? sebut DAP aje trbayang makluk2 toyol berkeliaran dbumi yang bertuah ini.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. me now very supportive of the smart mahia with his very intelligent n morally upright conditional support. he turn smart after resign pmship like najib.

      lks is the dad of the most stupid fm in msia even after kicked out, not many listen to him so no worry.

  11. Yes no need to worry

    Dato Sri Ismail Sabri was the greatest Rural and Regional Development Minister Malaysia has ever seen.

    His out of the box thinking was amazing during his tenure

    Expect great things and great ideas from him

    1. You mean the much-publicised failure of the Malay-only Low Yatts?

    2. Zaman Najib ujud macam segala GLCs sbb dia paham.. bumis trlalu mentah dlm dunia perniagaan.. sbb Agama juga maka tak cerdik nak buat muka tebal tipu customers..

      Low Yatt. My siblings dn anak2 sedara many fm SJKC.. beli apa2 in Low Yatt we take them along. Buat muka bodo bole tangkap rahsia2 and will definitely get same prices offered to non bumis. Jgn main2 tau hangpa teroq dok kena sembelih prices by these sepet towkey outlets. Kdg2 as much as RM300 cheaper. Hmmm anak Najib pun pandai bahasa Cina tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. dont hv to be so racial n just admit that haggle is not in yr dna, me chinese never buy in lowyat bec so many penipu, go to retail chain store instead (lowyat also have) that sell at fixed price, or lazada/shopee if really want to save rm300 but at yr own risk, the penipu never care u r a malay or chinese. to start a lazada2/shopee2 may not be a solution in this capitalistic economy unless u know what u r doing.

  12. I just don't like DSIS's face.

    Like Annie doesn't like LGE's face and keep's using that one photo

    Based on my face analysis, DSIS doesn't have a chance. People won't support him because of his face.