Thursday 26 August 2021

Finally, the idiots made peace amidst mounting Covid deaths

The politicians finally said they want to stop their nonsense.

Pakatan won’t pressure PM, to defuse political tension

Yes, that after months of forcing us to listen to their chatters amidst rising number of Covid-19 deaths and infections.

All that changed was Muhyiddin stepping down, replaced by his deputy Ismail Sabri.

Pribumi Bersatu replaced with Umno.

Okay lah, maybe slightly better but I don't think that's much of a change.

All those energy wasted for not much, actually.

How do you all Pakatan supporters feel about that?

Ismail Sabri better than Muhyiddin? Umno better than Pribumi Bersatu?

Now they said they will not pressure the PM anymore.

Of course la, that's because they already lost.

If only they had saved the energy they spent on fighting and instead channelled it towards fighting Covid-19.

What a waste.

Eh, our Covid-19 deaths are now over 14,800, which is almost three times more than the civilian casualties throughout the 1948-1960 Malayan Emergency.

That's a lot, okay.

The politicians should have seen from the very start that this Covid crisis is a real war with people really dying.

Instead they just use the words "war against Covid" as soundbites, and continued with their usual power grab nonsense.


Well, never mind. 

Hopefully the coming peace as they promised will prevail at least until we managed to overcome Covid-19 and rebuild our country.

Once we can vote again, lets just vote out the selfish monkeys among them.


  1. Aisay Annie.."once v can vote let's vote out the selfish monkeys..." Really? Y vote Wen d King decides. No longer d Mandate Rakyat. Elections r now pointless n a waste of time

    1. Anon 10:20 .
      Kamu ni perkara senang pun tak faham.
      Sebab itu ahli2 politik kerap buat perkara tak berfaedah (spekulasi ) sebab tahap kefahaman rakyat macam ini lah .
      1.YDP Agong tentukan PM lepas MP pilih.yang majoriti menang.

      2.Masa anda undi,anda dah beri mandat kepada MP.yang pilih PM (& parti pemerintah ) adalah MP.
      Rakyat atau pengundi sudah tiada hak pilih PM.(hak kamu sudah beri kepada PM ).

  2. agree, its pretty idiotic to make peace with a dumb pm that cause 15k msian died.

    1. Mamat ni dah mula balik mantra " dumb PM " dia .
      Sapa yg pandai di mata kamu ha???

    2. Saya ingat die cakap tentang PM ke 8, kenapa PH perlu berdamai dengan PM Muhyiddin

  3. Sudah lupa, parliamen tutup untuk 6 bulan

    Nak cakap pun tak nak dengar

    Buat apa?

  4. Siapa power grab, UMNO ke PH?

    Macam UMNO anak dara dalam semua ini

    1. Please don't confuse Annie with facts.

    2. True. Umno yang cause the previous failure. Harapan no where near the scene of betrayal. Again, the next betrayal will now not come pakatan who has only 88 mp but from the PN coalition themselves. Maybe GPS, bersatu or PAS. Again harapan can only watch frogs fight each other.

  5. Another raving loony fickle minded party.Bunch of richman poorman beggerman and thives getting together. What a country where peoples votes does not matter.What counts are the loonies sd. We are all idiots for supporting these loonies.I for one will not vote in GE15.

  6. "If only they had saved the energy they spent on fighting and instead channelled it towards fighting Covid-19. What a waste."

    They are in gomen arrrrr Annie?

    Bodoh piang lah you, kih kih kih.

    Anyway, if AssMain is DPM, then the Number 1 and Number 2 causes of COVID deaths will be PM and DPM.

    I think they should hire Annie as Minister of Health.

  7. He knows very well his tenure is short-lived. Not much could be achieved in a year and a half. The new PM can’t do much actually. This PRU-14 mandate expiry date is around the corner. It’s going to be all but over comes May 2023.

    He has only 20 months to prove himself and his capability. Battling COVID and jumpstart battered economy would take lots of his time. 12 months or more of his short-term tenure. Then he only has 8 month or less to make any significant mark before parliament automatically dissolved in May 2023.

    After that it is going to be political reset. It’s back to square one. With battle royale of politicians to secure votes. And he himself will slip back in the background as he is only VP of Umno. Then someone else in Umno will be in the driving seat to lead the party to comprehensive GE victory. Comprehensive here means comfortable majority victory. Probably not 2/3 but more than simple majority. No more razor-thin majority which threaten stability. It is going to be strong and robust government lead by Umno BN.

    1. Anonymous 26 August 2021 at 13:51

      Thank you for visiting our country.

      I guess you are from Norway or Botswana?

      UMNO - at its very peak in 2004 - never won more than 109 seats. It was helped across the line by the Mouldy Cibai Association (MCA) with 31 seats, Gelakan with 10, and the Mickeymouse Incompetent Clowns (MIC) with 9.

      If you think MCA, MIC and Gelakan are going to win 50 seats in PRU15, let me teach you one of our local phrases: "otak di lutut".

      If you think UMNO is going to win 100-plus seats in PRU15, then divide your brain in half and put the other half in your other lutut.

      Thank you.

    2. The seats are malapportioned and gerrymandered though, this really mean, that some can win 48% of the votes and 60% of the seats,

  8. Aiesy Annie! Idiots? wat a beautiful language ......

  9. Mukhriz dicadang ganti Anwar sebagai ketua pembangkang. Kalau Tak Ada Saya, Anwar Bukan Siapa Pun" - Tun Mahathir

    Ismail Sabri dapat jadi perdana menteri kerana ahli Parlimen Umno ‘kluster mahkamah’ memberi sokongan kepadanya, kata Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Link bawah

    Di dalam Parlimen skrg terdapat 3 blok iaitu Kerajaan, PH dan Bebas. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, jawatan Ketua Pembangkang di Parlimen kini disandang oleh DS Anwar Ibrahim dari PH.

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata Anwar Ibrahim terhutang budi kepadanya kerana naik dalam politik, menolak kecaman berterusan penyokong pemimpin PKR itu beliau menjadi halangan kepada usaha Pakatan Harapan (PH) untuk kembali berkuasa.

    Waima begitu, jawatan Ketua Pembangkang sebenarnya juga boleh dilantik dari kalangan Ahli Parlimen pembangkang dari blok Bebas. Ia bukan jawatan hakiki untuk blok PH. Antara nama yang ada ialah DS Shafie Apdal & DSU Mukhriz Mahathir.

    Bekas perdana menteri itu berkata, Anwar yang tidak mahu menerimanya selepas kerajaan PH tumbang tahun lepas.

    “Saya tak tolak dia. Sebenarnya, Anwar jadi Anwar kerana saya. Kalau tak ada saya, Anwar bukan siapa pun.

    Saya yang bawa naik dia sampai jadi timbalan perdana menteri,” kata Mahathir dalam wawancara bersama Bernama malam tadi, merujuk kepada tahun 1990-an ketika menjadi perdana menteri selama 22 tahun.

    Parti Pejuang Tanahair Johor Bahru ingin mencadangkan agar Mukhriz Mahathir untuk dipertimbangkan sebagai Ketua Pembangkang

    1. Boiboi has:

      a) 4 seats

      b) 0 hair.

      So the answer is......NO.

    2. Najib pun terhutang kepada Tun selepas menjadi PM, tapi tak letak jawatan pun bila Tun lawan dia

      Logik sama

  10. Kita semua kena kencing...bendera putih la...hitam la...merah after muhyiddin step down...where all these flags...semua dah kenyang ka???...thise politicians not all which ever sides they are...real morons..muka topeng oink oink...throw all those orang tua dalam lubuk hantu...Tun..Kit Siang..Anwar..Zahid...

    1. Where are the flags?

      can find here

      Bendera Putih has nothing to do with politicians

      and no people are not kenyang yet, if you can help feed them at least, please do

    2. MP's state and federal are using their allocations to send food parcels every week bro, still happening... every single week and it is still not enough

      Bacause it no longer in the current news cycle and no longer a novelty thing to report does not mean it is not happening still

      people still losing jobs, business's still closing

  11. Rileklah Annie,

    When the PM chooses his cabinet he will be attacked both within and outside his coalition because no one will be 100% happy.

    I don't see him being able to choose a high performing cabinet, he has to juggle too many interest and factions.

    All the same players will be there, The PAS ministers who have not impressed, the old timers, the non performers, Adham Baba, Rina Harun etc etc. He does not have a deep bench to choose from.

    I would not be surprised if Tajuddin Rahman will be back in a Ministry.

    Only 3 things I would see to see if he is being political or really going to focus on the issues on hand

    1. Who is the Health Minister
    2. Is KJ retained in his Ministry
    3. Who is the Finance Minister - Johari Ghani or Mat Hasan will be good choices, if anyone else among the current MP's then I have to reserve judgement.

  12. Yes, Annie, the last 17 months everyone should just have kept quiet, hold hands and sing Kumbaya whatever the govt did.

    Let the govt do what it wants without criticism.

    Recycle and reuse those old "I love PM" signs.

    Happy Happy

    And beyond the MP's, the people where so happy right? It was just these shit oppo people making noise, everyone else in Malaysia was just skipping old happily.

    Damm them for critising the govt.

    1. Im okay with criticising the government and I ctiticised the Muhyiddin's administration too. Check this blog's archive for that. What Im not okay was when they attempted power grab as Covid got worse.

    2. Yes, UMNO did do that

  13. It is still the same old same old politics but skillfully played out in a new obscure way. So, finally the opposition has come to its senses and decided to accept to the terms of agreeing to disagree in an effort to make peace? It is the all of the sudden that perplexed many in one way or another. The same goes to the infamous 'I've got the numbers' saga in which all turned out to be downright spurious claims. If PH continues to be led under this very person's leadership, then it is highly probable that PH will get nowhere or worse. Obviously, the formation of PH coalition is all about his unreasonable obsession to the top seat, every other things are secondary. Worse still, that idea champions vehemently by LKS all along and altogether.

    1. perplexed? what is there to complain about now, the new govt is not formed yet lah.

      In all countries the leader of the opposition aspires to the top post, that is what being in the opposition and campaigning is about.

      Please show me a country where the leader of the opposition is not aspiring for the top post?

  14. 1. Power Grab 1 - Geng Bersatu + Azmin (dan Tun) tarik sokongan
    dari PH dan membentuk kerajaan baru

    2. Power grab 2 - Deklarasi Darurat supaya parliamen tidak

    3. Power grab 3 - 14 Wakil Rakyat UMNO tarik sokongan dan
    membawa turun kerajaan - PM baru dari UMNO

    1. I see same group of frogs fighting against each other. No where is harapan in this fight.

    2. Anonymous27 August 2021 at 04:18

      Please do not post facts.

      Annie is allergic to the truth.

      Thank you.

  15. New blood of politicians must come out and take the lead. TONY PUA..DR KIAN MENG..KJ..NURUL IZZAH..HANNAH..RAFIZI.SYED SADDIQ...they cannot be second liner anymore. How I wish these aspiring leaders form new party together and let the orang tua becomes opposition.

  16. PM also Finance minister again? No need lah

    Seriously does the new govt not have any talent from its own ranks? Does so much power need to be concentrate on one person again - and he can't trust anyone in his govt as well?

    We don't need the nonsense of only one monopoly supplier for the MARA Digital malls again

    Let's see if this is true or not - If PM is also Finance Minsiter

  17. Pak Lah 2.0 begins

  18. a crap cabinet as expected , what else can you get from these jokers. at least I have a new solid cabinet at home ha ha ha

    1. Dulu kabinet PH Madey ada Mat Sabu sebagai menteri pertahanan.
      Kabinet Ismail Sabri pula ada Shahidan kassim sebagai menteri wilayah.kikikikiki

  19. Yes UMNO and Bersatu made peace - correct

    or more accurately one UMNO faction of 15 MP's held the govt hostage and now made peace with the other 100 MP's