Monday 23 August 2021

Serba Dinamik's case of fake comments attack

This is why I need to be extra careful with the comments posted in this blog.

Serba Dinamik takes KLSE Screener owner to court over fake comments


The company’s chairman Datuk Mohamed Ilyas Pakeer Mohamed, was quoted in the statement as saying that an ad interim injunction was obtained by the company and Karim against Lim Kai Yang, the owner and operator of KLSE Screener to stop the website from publishing, republishing or allowing any publication of the false comments.

Ilyas pointed out that the false comments have created unwanted speculations on Serba Dinamik which jeopardises and destroys the goodwill and reputation of the company and Karim.

He said Serba Dinamik would continue to monitor several other platforms and if necessary initiate similar legal actions against those which try to defame the company and members of its staff.

Terrible people. They not only made fake comments but also impersonate the CEO guy to do that.

Really dangerous people.

KLSE Screener, being supposedly reputable and all should have been more careful. Otherwise people may even suspect that it's in cahoot with the fakers .

Seriously, fake comments such as those could really be the undoing of websites as if not screened carefully could lead to court actions and lost of credibility.

Last time Malaysiakini also kena like that.

That's why I think many of my fellow bloggers have stopped publishing comments.

One slip of an actionable comment may land a blogger in court or even in jail.

Freedom of speech is one thing, but people who abuse it could deprive others from it.

For mine maybe it's not so bad as it's just an insignificant anonymous blog but influential websites such as KLSE Screener and all those super blogs with charts and graphs written by fantastic writers need to be very careful, I think.

Still, I also need to take extra care after this. I can't afford to hire a lawyer or go to jail, okay.

You all also please la don't abuse the platform I give you to comment in this blog by posting defamatory stuff.

If the blog is shut down, you'll be depriving others the opportunity to voice their opinion.

So, please be careful.

Okay, I can't write too long as I'm not feeling well again this morning.


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  1. in this world, trust nobody but yourself. there r so many crooks in cyberspace. sigh.. impersonation is a really serious crime. serba dinamik shares jatuh merudum due to all those issues highlighted in the press. in my opinion, they r good entity n making good progress with huge orfer book. good luck annie in moderating comments by your readers