Thursday 5 August 2021

Okay, let Anwar takes over, I'm migrating to Taiwan

Okay, okay, I give up.

You all can get rid of the current government.

Too tired of all the bullshit already.

Put Anwar there to replace Muhyiddin.

Guan Eng can take over from Zafrul too.

I'm fine with all that.

Yeah, sure, that would make the Covid situation better.

Go ahead and do it.

But please just shut up and stop going to the street in a crowd like that and make more people infected with the virus, okay.


I have not been writing for a week because my spinal pain is back.

Can't even stand up and walk without pain now.

I only have the energy to withstand the pain to do my cari makan work these past days.

None for this blog until today.

Today feeling a bit better and that's why I'm writing this now.

Short one only, okay.

Yeah, as I was saying, let's replace the government.

Obviously you all want to have Pakatan to take over, right?

Anwar as PM, his wife and daughter as DPM1 and DPM2, Guan Eng as finance and Tabung Haji minister, Hindraf gang as Unity minister, etc etc.

Oh, and let them beat up firemen for fun some more like last time too.

Fine, whatever.

I really don't care.

I don't need the government, whatever it is, to take care of me.

I will take care of myself.

Will just try to survive this pandemic and hopefully later on I can migrate to Taiwan.


Last time we made fun of the fist fighting Taiwanese MPs, but now we have our MPs behaving like clowns.

So, why not migrate there.

At least the Taiwanese are now united to fight off the communists in Beijing.

Really, I'm so fed up with the nonsense of the past week.

They were supposed to work to make things better to fight off the pandemic but they were more interested in getting power for themselves.

All of them.

Eh, my back really hurting now.

Bloody painful liao.

Sorry, can't write longer.

Need to rub that ointment on my back.

Enough of my bitching for now.



  1. taiwan is now okay, can go everywhere freely, their lockdown is not macam komunis dan itu stupid pm mana pun tak boleh pegi.

    lu patut migrate tanah besar komunis, pn yg u suka pun berkelakuan semacam komunis.


  3. There is no way we’re going back to cocky cabinet minister who told the Malays were the actual “pendatang” in Malaysia..

  4. PM: I have the majority

    MPs: Prove it..

    PM: September…

  5. "But please just shut up and stop going to the street in a crowd like that and make more people infected with the virus, okay. Jeeezzzz...."

    Annie Miss Taiwan,

    Due to your selective blindness, you have failed to notice that UMNO ministers plotting with AbahCirit broke SOPs not less than SEVEN TIMES.

    Included in these plotters are....Teloq Penyu, the Minister in charge of....COVID SOPs.

    Tu okey ke? Xde Jeeezzzz ke? Cheese ada kut?

    If that's the case, please invite 30 of your friends to a gathering at your house until 3.00am.

    When you get arrested, show them your Macai Card.

    Konpom lepas.

    If Mael can do it, you can too!


  6. I thought the tussle is between UMNO and Bersatu?

    1. Ya PH just watching the clowns fight each other. Greed is lead actor. Umno after getting back their RM 114 million is now getting greedy. Mahiaddin not so smart, backstab by umno. Umno quit until ransom is paid.

  7. Anwar won't take over it will just be someone else, i wonder if anyone is brave enough to give it to someone from Sabah or Sarawak.

    If all those MP's and non MP's don't resign from the Ministerial and deputy ministerial and GLC positions, does that mean UMNO is on a path of self - destruction?

  8. Peja dah jadi taraf menteri! Gaji menteri tanpa tanngungjawab

    bestnya kerajaan ni

    All you wakil rakyat, Pro-PN , open season for you to, time to get the best package for yourself and upgrade. Let's get from about 67 Menteri, timbalan menteri, taraf menteri to all least a 100 i.e. Duta Khas ke Mongolia yang bertaraf Menteri Kabinet etc.

    1. i dont at least they are better than the previous gov

  9. Jaga diri ; hiasi peribadi Miss Annie....

  10. If you want to migrate to taiwan l would be more than willing to help you. Given your residence in kuantan and I m from Klang Valley perhaps I can help you when you arrive at klia with your luggage. Bon voyage

  11. Aisay Annie...whatever u want to say abt was a gomen voted in by the rakyat. The rakyat is can choose and dispose. Wat this present gomen did is unforgivable...a gomen that is illigitimate. Why have elections Wen d choice of d rakyat is ignored. This gomen ganged up to Dave the country from d greedy Chinese, the sneaky Christians and d dangerous Jews. So u have a Muslim Malay gomen...cantik Kan. Y complain now

  12. Dream on your silly dream.Taiwan won’t take you even for free.

  13. Annie have faith.
    AI and the UMNO court clusters really think they have it made,starting with just 8 MPs day by day with one by one leaving PN-Muhyudin.
    But the moment they announce backing DSAI-PH, we will surely see efforts to salvage PN, with whatever scheme of things,u-turns, frog jumping or horse trading you name it.There are still many middle ground,level headed rakyats,Malays and nons who will swear to ABAI(Anyone but Anwar Ibrahim) and SayNoToKlepto.
    TunM with his clout,and his small band of third force will still be the kingmaker
    All you need to do is give them your trust.
    Ciao! Adios! Selamat!!

  14. Wah, Annie, you complained saying PH used the police to go after UMNO leaders.

    That didn't happen.

    If you want to see people going after UMNO MP's look at how Bersatu is going to use the instruments of the state to threathen them

  15. Look like Bersatu will be the the party that will de register UMNO with latest move of ROS. Not PH but another Melayu parti will kill off your beloved Parti Keramat UMNO.

    1. Correct.

      That is the next move.

      So all the Umno MPs need to ask themselves a deep moral question:

      Will you let your own party and 3.3 members be gang-raped by a party that is 85% kataks, just to keep your Minister perks?

    2. Worst still umno members will be lackey bersatu comes next election cause bersatu no grassroots to run around for them come election time. These PN lover UMNO MP too short sighted and stupid. Sack them and let them run on Bersatu ticket with no grassroots.

    3. Anonymous7 August 2021 at 13:28


      Plus, Geng Teloq Penyu will give the 15 stolen seats back to Bersatu.





  17. UMNO's explanation is very solid....

    Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan later took to Twitter to present a chronology of events since February 19, 2021, which appeared to present Umno’s position that it had validly decided to postpone the party elections before its supreme council’s term had ended and that the postponement was done in line with Umno’s party constitution.

    Among other things, Ahmad’s chronology claimed that 52 of 56 Umno’s supreme council had on June 18 agreed via a circular resolution to postpone party elections and that he had notified this decision in a June 24 letter to the RoS director-general.

    Ahmad’s chronology said the Umno supreme council had on July 7 legitimised the June 18 decision by supreme council members to postpone party polls, and that the RoS director-general had in a letter on July 19 said there was no objection to Umno’s postponement of its party elections.

    If this is correct, then the Umno rebels are working together with Hamzah Zainuddin of PPBM..... kill their own party.

    Ismail Sabri is a proven 100% useless shit. 7th rate thinker. Incompetent through and through. Najib was 1,000 better intellectually.

    Ismail needs to curb his ambitions.

    I hope the grassroots in Bera are taking notes.

  18. This Mahiaddin is getting clueless each day on how to battle the pandemic and jump start the economy. Appointing Faizal Azumu as Minister and ask Msians to put up flags in their homes and vehicles? When so many are suffering, this is the best he can think of? He must have 'diarrhoea' out his brain. Do something positive and honest for the rakyat first and we will put the Msian flags ourselves proudly .It likely to spur more to put up black flags. I hope the non-PN parties can choose a PM among themselves to lead until GE15 and all new PM, ministers, deputies, GLC heads etc must not have any on going court cases( incl.DAP too). This should pacify many non-PN supporters and foreign investors here. Give TR, Mat Hassan etc a chance.This country has proven we can be slammed down by idiots but we can also get up and fight and becomes stronger. No more nonsenses from this Mahaiddin, please.

  19. Most? Abrahamic religions has a concept of if you do something bad it will be counted so you could be put to some "nice" place afterlife. You only need to asked forgivess to God if you want to reduced the amount. But I think Buddhism has the best concept for sin. You can asked for forgiveness if you've sinned but they have add the concept of Karma. Buddha once forgive a killer but later the killer died horribly. So stay classy Annie. We all know Karma is always around the corner. Ciao