Friday 13 August 2021

About fighting spirit and origin of #kerajaangagal

 Unlike me, some people have very strong fighting spirit.

They fight over everything. 

They even fight against firemen trying to put out a fire.

Beat one of the firemen to death some more.

And when others said that's wrong, they came out in force in social media to defend their fighting spirit.

Racist, racist, racist, they said of those who sought justice for the dead fireman.

The ministers and excos among them also joined in, giving all kind of excuses to justify their fighting spirit.

Their AG did his best to prove the fireman had died because he was hit by the other firemen and not by the highly spirited of his kind.

Such was the fighting spirit of some people.

Well, maybe they are better than me, who don't really like fighting.

After all, they always got what they want most of the time.

What to do, God created these people like that.

They also make a lot of noises.

Just look at the parliament sessions.

Even if they know they were wrong, they will argue loudly that they were right.

Just to keep up the fighting spirit, I guess.

I don't like these people because they really irritate me.

So noisy.

Lucky that they are the minority in this country.

The majority of Malaysians are nice and tolerant, like me, alhamdulillah.

But nice and tolerant people could not be PM.

A PM must have fighting spirit.

Like Dr Mahathir, and now Muhyiddin.

Stubborn like hell.

Nice and tolerant ones like Najib and Pak Lah didn't get very far.

Eh, Najib even abolished ISA. He could have used it when he was about to lose that day.

Lousy tyrant that Najib. Didn't even want to use the police to beat up protesters like Dr Mahathir did.

Anyway, I always wonder what if Dr Mahathir didn't resign for the second time that day.

We all know that he actually resigned because Anwar and the Pakatan gang wanted him to fulfil his promise to step down after two years.

That's what led to the Muhyiddin's take over and the state of affairs as it is today.

What if Dr Mahathir did what Muhyiddin is doing now. Just ignore Anwar and the gang.

My guess was that, he would probably face a vote of no confidence too.

Maybe that's why he resigned because he didn't want to give way to Anwar. Fighting spirit, okay.

I wish now that he had not and instead just dissolved the parliament and we could have a snap general election at that time.

We would probably have a good stable government of our choice now handling this pandemic.

Bear in mind at that time the Pakatan gang had been losing one by-election after another.

The most crushing one was in Tanjong Piai where a Chinese candidate from the so-called irrelevant MCA, backed by the almost dead Umno totally defeated a Malay Pakatan candidate in a Malay-majority constituency.

For many at that time, the Pakatan government was the kerajaan gagal.

Same as the one today, I guess.

Well, let's just wait for Sept 7 when they vote whether to let Muhyiddin continue as PM.

Bising-bising sangat sekarang pun tak guna.

People are dying of Covid-19 by the hundreds and yet they keep making noises lah, demo lah, etc.

Really useless bastards.

Hopefully they don't beat up ambulance drivers pulak this time.

Okay, I better stop now because my spine is hurting very badly at this moment.

This slipped disc of mine is a real bitch.

Need to lie down.



  1. Aisay Annie..." Hit by other fireman n not by his kind"....or pls don't get racist here. The coroner ignored d views of d forensics expert but went along with n independent prof who did not even conduct d post mortem. Even d present AG n polis have no new evidence. Look at d facts Annie n don't b guided by this race n religion wh is destroying this country.

    1. As usual. Racist, racist, racist they said. Typical.

    2. ".....and not by the highly spirited of his kind."

      The best way of not being called not to be racist.

      It's very simple, kan?

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, good old Annie.

    You are, at the matsals say, "flogging a dead horse."

    You always try and sound noble, dear Annie ("The majority of Malaysians are nice and tolerant, like me" cheh wah), but somehow always end up sounding like a hypocrite.

    "They fight over everything. They even fight against firemen trying to put out a fire. Beat one of the firemen to death some more. And when others said that's wrong, they came out in force in social media to defend their fighting spirit. Racist, racist, racist, they said of those who sought justice for the dead fireman."

    Followed by....

    ".....and not by the highly spirited of his kind."

    "His" kind? What kind? You mean lawyers - ohhhhhh wait, you mean Indians! who is the racist now, Annie? This is a classic case of what the matsals call "irony". Get someone to explain it to you.

    Anyway, PDRM were open and transparent:

    "Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said the family of the fireman could file a suit against the police or himself if they were not satisfied with the investigations conducted.

    Abdul Hamid had said police questioned 52 new witnesses in addition to an earlier batch of 30 people but none had concurred with the coroner's conclusion, which alleged that he died as a result being beaten by two or more suspects while attending to a distress call at a temple in Seafield Subang.

    Abdul Hamid had said the two firefighters who were close to the deceased were also consistent in their statements that they did not see anyone hitting and injuring Muhammad Adib."

    If my maths is right, PDRM interviewed 52 plus 30 = 82 witnesses at the scene. None of whom saw any beating.

    Were you there, Annie? No? Well, I guess the witnesses may be more accurate, right?

    Adib's death was tragic, but the greatest insult to his memory is those who insincerely lament it for political purposes - here's my third matsal phrase for you, Annie...."crocodile tears."

    Look it up.

    1. Arwah Adib was not a dead horse. He was instead a good fireman and a son. By the way, I still don't think the firemen went to put out the fire that day only to beat up each other to death. Maybe the "witnesses" didn't see them being attacked by anyone. Never mind.

    2. "Maybe the "witnesses" didn't see them being attacked by anyone."

      No, the word "maybe" is not relevant here.

      82 witnesses who were there said they DID NOT see it happen.

      Not "maybe".

      DID NOT.

      Two different things.

    3. Ya, ya, ya. Nobody attacked the firemen. Sure.

    4. Annie, as you were actually there on that night, the best course of action is to go to Balai Polis and say: "I saw 10 guys who look exactly like Tommy Thomas attacking Adib." That way, Tommy will get arrested, while they hunt down 9 lookalikes. Fewer Indians on the loose, kan? You win, beb : )


    6. Hmmmmm, yes, this one also jenis "highly spirited of his kind" x boleh caya ler. Or you mean not all Indians are bad? Adunbelivit!

    7. Of course you don't believe the guy in the video. He is not your kind of people.

    8. Laaaaaaa, ape ko merepek nih Annie? I am just pointing out your racism and inconsistency. This "of his kind" reasoning is yours, not mine, okay? It's YOUR phrase that you are using to racialise everything. Susah sgt nk paham ke? LOL....

    9. Suka hati engko lah. Biasa la org macam engko kata aku racist. Tak ada hal punya.

    10. Aduhai....okay lah, you win Annie. Aku mengaku kalah. Anyway, this racial stuff can work in 2019, but maybe you should comment on Abah's latest offer in the presscon today? Good angle is how ungrateful the Oppo are. Haaaaaaah......baru lah laku ckt! Kan?

  3. "when rome was burning nero was playing flute"

    1. "when rome was burning nero was running to Johor and 'Ganu to plot his political survival."

  4. why no action against the murderer? betui kerajaangagal

    1. There are many cases that go unsolved. If you interview all possible witnesses and do an extremely thorough probe, then what further can PDRM do?

      And in law, death must be a proximate cause for a murder charge - poor Adib passed away on Dec 17, 2018, after a period of recovery in hospital, several weeks later. I just hope his care was up to par.

  5. What happened to Pastor Koh Annie??

    1. Xde modal politik, so Annie peduli ape?

  6. kiki ini harejadah haru punya kes nih.. Tepon Jho Low tak lesap Jho Low lesap trus... bodoo bodoo..kikiki

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  7. there goes your fav PN Annie. Open bribery on national TV

    suddenly undi 18 boleh. 2 term PM boleh. Anti hopping law boleh.


  8. "People are dying of Covid-19 by the hundreds "

    exactly, who has responsibility for this?

    The opposition who have little power or the incumbent?

    Yet here you are going on an on about people making noise when the people in power are responsible for the above?

  9. I thnk you forgot how bising was the then opposition when PH was in power.

    Very very bising. And bringing racial tropes in to destabilise a sitting govt. Now PAS especially is bisu about the topics they were bising then.

    Same same

    1. "Very very bising. And bringing racial tropes in to destabilise a sitting govt."


      Old macai whoops I mean old habits die hard : )

  10. Thought that TSMY would fight on and go the distance with every ounce of his fighting spirit. But alas, an unexpected sudden turn of events popped out. He must have mustered enormous courage to set forth the peace offerings head-on. Too bad, it was an awkward situation that he was up against the wall. Reality is harsh and can sometime be ugly. Whatever it is, I think it is timely to bring in Mageran until parliament is dissolved.

    By the way, Annie should pay a visit to the renowned Master Chris Leong. Perhaps he has a solution to your spinal problem, insyaAllah.

    1. When you are about to be beaten in battle you are in no position to make an offer. An offer is the ultimate sign of defeat. Had you make that offer 3 months ago your dignity and credibility is preserved. Now you will be at the mercy of your enemies. Winners (not neccessarily takes all) write history losers write poem.

  11. Amerika Syarikat Joe Biden jadi kerajaan paling gagal... kah kah kah...

    Macam mana rakyat Amerika Syarikat boleh pilih Joe Biden yang ada masalah mental dan masalah ingatan jadi Presiden Amerika Syarikat... kah kah kah...

    nnpk nya rakyat USA juga lagi bodoh pilih Presiden Joe Biden yang nyanyuk... kah kah kah

    link ni haah tengok sindri

    This is Presiden of United State of Amerika... okey folks..!! Youu in Malaysia now decided which country is 'fail goverment'

  12. Aisay Annie....instead of asking opposition to prop him up why can't Moo eat humble pie n go back to PH n agree for Anwar to b PM. PKR can take back d UMNO frogs in Bersatu but not the PKR traitors(Azmin & co) Shd b able to muster abt 120 MP. If Warisan PBS n inde hop on...2/3 is a possibility. Give Anwar a's for 2 yrs only. A simple solution.

  13. Anyone calculate USD to RM after return of IMDB funds from US now and then?

  14. Klu give chance 2 years become our PM dangerous woooo...!!

    2 years rasa 'pain and pedih ngilu' when mahu 'cebok' after go to toilet

    kah kah kah...!!

  15. .....'and not by the highly spirited of his kind'....fuhhh...are u so sure abt that? I mean...was that even established w/o doubt? U know what is more dangerous than being a racist?? Its being an absolute idiot.

  16. Split disc is fair balasan for your fitnah. You sounded so damn PWTC groupies that got groped by UMNO AGM delegates every year at the Dangdut Karaoke nightly sessions with the AGM.

    1. It's slipped disc, not split disc. Actually, I prefer rock music :)

    2. Slipped disc, oh sorry, yes painful

      I must say there is sometimes traditional healers who can do things for that that modern medicine cannot

      Strange I know, modern medicine will say you have to operate but my uncle when to a traditional healer (Sikh) who after a few sessions to burn the fat around the area popped it back in. He came from Kajang all the way to Ipoh for the sessions,

      My experience of traditional medicine has been its mostly bokum and placebo, but sometimes I guess some things can work for some people. worth looking into as i understand the pain is extruciating and debiliating

    3. At the rate you are spewing dogmatic tirade of hatred and animosity against Anwar and PH, the back pain don’t seem to bother you.

      If PH are as thin-skinned and super sensitive as the northern religious joker anchoring your illegal government, you will see continuos streams of police reports nationwide for creating public disorder and sowing racial disharmony. Followed by a dawn raid and pickup by some Kuala Balai and you will be remanded overnight to facilitate robust QA on a serious MCMC charge.

      You are one lucky bitch cloning RPK because Anwar and PH celebrate divergent of opinion.

    4. Doksah sebut2 Anwar and PH la. Tgk aje how dey are managing Covid 19 in Selangor today?

      ....Anwar and PH celebrate divergent of opinion... ?? Empty drums beat the loudest.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Chinkies and dark nons are just hypocrite bastards when talking about racism ,fighting corruption and upholding law and order good governance.
      You hit it on the spot Annie.
      Even as someone who have never been PAS or UMNO supporter I can easily list a hundred why the Malay majority will reject PH, especially with Anwar as their PM candidate.
      And without Malay majority support no party or coalition shall rule Malaysia. If thats being racist, so be it.This we will fight to the last.

  17. I really dont know what drug u smoke but it seems to work

  18. jus another paid moron who is talking rubbish