Wednesday 11 August 2021

No need to quarrel, Allah will provide

I don't like fighting, arguing or even debating.


In fact, I don't even enjoy winning them.

Normally, I just say what's my opinion is, and that's about it.

I would hardly try to make others agree with me.

If they want to stick with their opinions, no matter how wrong they were, I would just shrug and walk away.

I don't even really talk much as a person, especially so, when I'm among people who are not my close friends.

Why should I, right?

Most of the time, I don't even try to defend what's mine. Especially when I felt that it's not really worth defending.

What? You want me to quit my job? Okay, I'll go find another source of income. Allah will provide for me,.

That was more or less what I said when my former boss and colleagues wanted to push me around in my previous work place.

I loved my job at that time but I just tendered my resignation without saying much.

Really not worth fighting over it as they would just make it impossible for me to do my work by dragging me into their office politics.

Some of my former colleagues told stories about me throwing tantrums and stuff at that time which were all not true.

I walked out of that place where I worked for many years very quietly. Definitely no farewell party.

I still bumped into my former boss and colleagues from time to time and I believe I behaved properly with them.

After all, I have known them for many years. 

I actually don't even hate them.

It's just that I told myself those people are not my friends and they are not good people for what they did to me.

That's about it, and the rest I leave to Allah.

But of course I don't go have a drink and friendly chit chats with them like the good old days lah.

Well, I'm still like that today.

Rather than quarrelling, I'll just walk away once I feel that it's not worth the effort to do so.

My tolerance for nonsense has never been really good, anyway.

Back in 2018, when BN lost to Pakatan, I told my celebrating former schoolmates to get ready for the mess to come.

They laugh at me saying that I was just being sour grapes.

I stopped saying anything after that.

Well, we know now what happened after that.

It's still messy until today.

Hopefully, things will get better sooner or later.

For now, I'm just trying to survive this pandemic.

If I lose my job again, I think I will try to open a burger stall. 

Hopefully the pandemic will be over by then and people are allowed to buy burgers from me. 

I really only need just enough to provide for my responsibilities.

Really, that's all I'm hoping for.

What ever it is, insyaAllah, things will be okay.


  1. Nanti bila open stall burger, jadi vendor untuk FoodPanda yer Ms Annie. Mesti sedap burger hasil air tangan Miss...

  2. the stupid pm should learn from u, go get a new job as nobody will miss him.

  3. "Back in 2018, when BN lost to Pakatan, I told my celebrating former schoolmates to get ready for the mess to come."


    The future is hard to see, kan?

    You never thought that someone would come through the back door by being elected in a hotel.

    You never thought that someone would spend millions on the most bloated Cabinet in history, at 70 Ministers, just to buy support. Oh yeah, plus 6 equally useless deadwoods as envoys / advisers, including a Middle East envoy who is banned in most of the Middle East.

    You never thought that someone would declare a fake Emergency for political reasons, making Malaysia a global laughing stock and driving FDI down by 55%.

    You never thought that the same Emergency "for medical reasons" would leave us with the highest Covid infection rate per million in Asia.

    You never thought that a govt could take out RM622 billion with zero public accountability.

    You never thought that a govt could completely bypass the Federal Constitution's clear wording.

    Yes, Allah SWT is testing you, Annie, to see whether you can see clearly.

    "Tuhanku menyuruh menjalankan keadilan" - Surat Al-A'raf Ayat 29.

    1. So v well said. Karma strikes bk. Never know why Annie despices PH so much.

    2. Well summarised for the "backdoor" govt.Either he resigned gracefully ( can always cite health reasons) or face the possibility of the first PM to be voted out in Parliament and forever enshrined in our history book for future school children to know.


  5. Pembangkang semua otak kat pungkok...perut hijau....mulut busuk...all 14 traitors tamak haloba...ikut ketua membabi buta..

    1. Hang x paham maksud "traitor" kut?

      Pengkhianat sebenar tu mmg Geng Teloq Penyu doh......keparat

    2. If you dont like your ketua. Resign lah like annie tapi nak guna parti lagi sebab nobody vote bebas. So own defination as freedom fighter. To free what. Melayu dah bebas tak perlu lagi.

  6. Whilst the whole nation was still basking in the glory of GE14 victory, suddenly it was dashed on the specific fateful day, the 16th of May 2018, exactly a week after PH taking down the BN. I remember, looking at the convoy of vehicles en route to Istana made my skin crawl. Since then, politics in Malaysia has invariably been in a state of chaos, rocking the smooth-sailing boat restlessly to cause huge uncertainty and disruption, only he and the God know what the intention of doing so. It seems to me that we all have been jinxed ever since PH took the office. Just wondering what fate might befall us after the easing off of Covid, economic and political crises? Or, maybe the downfall of PN any day now?

  7. "Workers in restaurants and food outlets that are open for dine-in need not be fully vaccinated.

    Clarifying the confusion, George Town OCPD Asst Comm Soffian Santong said the National Security Council (NSC) was very clear that only customers must be fully vaccinated and not the workers."

    Honestly, we are just asking for more trouble.

    1. It is our right not to dine in. Our first priority is our health. This pandemic teaches me that dine in is an aquired taste.I can live without it.

    2. The govt gave us a choice whether to dine-in or not as it does not state restaurants cannot do takeaways. If one feel safer at home , stay at home. By all means, you can even wear PPE to supermarket as it is not an offence. But ridicule or stop those who want to dine in. Restaurants have to survive and staff have to survive too. It would be ideal if all Malaysians are govt servants in this pandemic then we all can WFH or stay home and still get paid doing nothing until 2022 or 2023.

    3. catching up with the benggali soon. dengar kata dongeng kat sana ada hospital pun tak ada operate room. dengar cerita angin jye.

      # Country Total Cases New Cases

      26 Bangladesh 1,396,868 +10,126
      27 Malaysia 1,342,215 +21,668

  8. If the matter is related to life and death we have to fight and not be a wuss.