Monday 9 August 2021

Chinese should push for a change of government

 Saw this earlier,

Covid-19 is back in Wuhan


China, which successfully contained the initial outbreak now faces a fresh threat as the fast-spreading Delta variant reaches dozens of cities.

The government has once again confined residents of entire cities to their homes, cut domestic transport links, rolled out mass testing and tightened overseas travel restrictions.

Yes, by Malaysian standard, those are indicators of #kerajaangagal.

So, that's why I said the Chinese should follow Malaysians who are now pushing for a change of government.

They should gather at Tiananmen Square and carry black flags. 

If the PLA roll in with their tanks like in 1989, they should lie down on the road to stop them.

If they want, they can borrow Anwar, Guan Eng and Mat Sabu as their leaders. Make them lie down in front of the tanks also.

That should stop the pandemic. Right?


Hey, I also want a change of government (in Malaysia and China) but not now amidst this pandemic.

I don't want the disruptions as they could cause more lives to be lost.

We change the government now, then the new one will want to put their people in charge and that I fear will cause chaos to the ongoing effort to fight the pandemic.

They will try to prove that they know better and undo things already put in place by the current team.

New health minister, new minister in charge of vaccine, new health DG etc, all trying to do things differently and that I believe will only make things worse.

I don't want that for the Chinese too, actually.


The headline of this post is only just to tease them a bit.

Seriously, it's already too bad that  they have to make do with being ruled by the communist dynasty for now.

I think they simply have to bear with that for now and be focused on preventing the pandemic from getting worse.

Yup, the Chinese and their evil communist government should concentrate on doing that instead of threatening Taiwan and bullying Hong Kong and Xinjiang people.

As for Malaysian Chinese, they better stay at home and be safe as much as they could.

Same with other Malaysians.

Don't be crazy and go out to the street to protest against the government just because Guan Eng tells you to do that.

You kena Covid nanti, Guan Eng will not come and help, okay.

After all, the guy is also now facing corruption charges, just like the gang from Umno.

Oh, Anwar will also not do anything to help you either. The guy can talk only.


Don't be like those politicians who are over eager to take over the government now while the rest of us are fearing for our lives and livelihood.

Let's just pray and do our best so that this pandemic will be over soon and we can have a proper general election to properly change the government.

Better that way, isn't it?


  1. Why are your lying using malaysian Chinese. The real people wanting to change government is umno as there have power to collapse the government which they have done by stopping their support. This style of writing no different than umno game plan, creating a bogeyman to introduce fear to the malays. It melayu killing melayu lah.

  2. By way what happen to your cause of justice for adib. 2 years of all malay gomen also cannot solved adib killer. I think the coroner err in the judgement, he was hit by the Bomba trunk.

    1. Poor Adib was misused a political tool.

      You can also ask why PAS, UMNO and 40 Muslim NGOs held a "Save the Rohingyas" rally few years back.


      Both poor Adib and the Rohingya are abused as political fodder.

      That's the truth.

      Zero sincerity.

    2. Porah!

      Yg hangpa guna Teoh Beng Hock tu mcm mana pulak? Pure Racist!

      ~ Hantu Siber ~

  3. "Please stop politicking and focusssss on the raaaaaaakyat and the pandemiccccccccc and the economyyyyyyyy......"


    a) Gomen Ministers who langgar SOPs to do seven rounds of political plotting at Jalan Bellamy, Wisma Perwira, Moo's jamban (4 times) and Seri Pacific Hotel.

    b) Anyone at risk of losing a 80k monthly income plus perks for just garu teloq.

    c) Various hopeless lebai2 who know they will never sit a gomen Mercedes again. Never mind that declaring a fake Emergency is the worst form of politicking has clearly had f*** all to do with "the raaaaaaakyat".
    d) AssMain Ali.

    e) Various 9th rate "academics" who know they have to jilat juboq kerajaan.

    f) Really unimaginative columnists.

    g) Really hypocritical bloggers.


    "Please stop politicking and focusssss on the raaaaaaakyat and the pandemiccccccccc and the economyyyyyyyy......"

    1. Okay, okay
      "Please focus on politicking and stop caring for the raaaaaaakyat and the pandemiccccccccc and the economyyyyyyyy......"
      Happy??? this also got.

    2. Thank you, Annie.

      You have a beautiful voice!

      If I am not careful, I might fall in love....

      : )

  4. unfortunately, its people like u that now emulate the ccp komunis std, sampai 10k mati still die die want a useless pn plus without majority support stupid pm to reign.

    pn is komunis that gain power through backdoor n not parliament, u r pn komunis cadre that do komunis propaganda work but pretend to like democracy taiwan. ccp komunis n pn komunis that no people mandate shd hv get lost long time ago, its komunis cadre like u that help to defend n preserve their stay.

  5. I seriously couldn’t fathom why all these PH supporters crying out all sorts of slogans about failed government , parliament failure etc etc.

    As if for a start those blardy politicians will pay you any dime or even think about them for the stupidity acts of this. They been given the chance to debate for 5 days and all they did were shouting crass words

    AT the moment the one that are working for anybody’s interests are only, the person in charge of vaccination and his intent to make it as quick as possible, the front liners attending to all the cases and most importantly the person himself/herself to ensure that he/ she is not infected or be affected by taking all necessary precautions.

    All other nonsense shout and cries of politicians that do not relate to the above 3 actions should be deeply shafted up their arses till it reaches their throat to gag them into shutting up their gop!

    What the heck would any 20 year olds gathers at the street to shout slogans for the sake of politicians!! Blardy hell why cant the politician themselves do it! And now they intend to do it the second time..what the heck do they get, I mean is there any thing inside their numbskulls?!

    The last thing any idiot should do is to talk for the sake of politicians, who as far as one is concerned their existence or not would not change one bit the façade of a donkey’s arse, which they quite clearly fits in for description.

    Let the 3 parties above do their job and we move on as quickly as possible to contain this disease.

    And the PM should just close his ears about all these donkey’s braying of asking for the votes to be carried out soon. Goodness these arseholes don’t even know about rules of 28 days notice!

  6. Change of might give a different approach in dealing with the pandemic.

    All the ministries are run by the civil servants with their respective experienced head-in-charge.

    Instead of working together by listening and considering proposals and suggestions of head-in-charge, we have smart aleck of politicians interfering by coming up with their own agendas and policies for their own selfish greed, killing any effectiveness in the control of covid.

    The different ministries cannot even co-ordinate, coming up with contradictory SOP and confusing everyone.

    Pity the ORPHANS. Pity the OLD and AGED. Pity the HUNGRY. Pity the UNEMPLOYED. Pity the HOMELESS. Have the concerned ministry done anything yet.

    1. "The different ministries cannot even co-ordinate, coming up with contradictory SOP and confusing everyone."

      The so called "double dose" rights are based on very bad scientific understanding.

      Even if I am vaccinated, I can still TRANSMIT the virus.

      This is not a good SOP at all.

  7. Here we go again:

    Pemuda Pas meminta semua ahli politik untuk berehat sementara dengan memberi tumpuan dan kerjasama kepada kerajaan dalam usaha memulihkan negara.

    Ketuanya, Ir Khairil Nizam Khirudin berkata, semua pihak dituntut untuk bekerjasama dalam merealisasikan Pelan Pemulihan Negara (PPN).

    “Jangan jadikan terma ‘political ceasefire’ sebagai hanya omong kosong untuk mengaburi mata rakyat tetapi melakukan yang sebaliknya.

    “Ingat! Rakyat sedang memerhati,” katanya menerusi satu hantaran di Facebook pada Ahad.

    So, so predictable.

  8. Sorry Annie,

    it bukan pasal PH lawan PN

    Ini pasal UMNO lawan Bersatu

    Siapa yang nak telan siapa.

    Jika UMNO tak strike sekarang, mungkin UMNO akan ditelan atau dihancur.

    ini bukan cerita Guan Eng ke, Anwar ke etc mungkin itu ialah cerita yang kamu mahu, tapi itu bukan cerita yang sedang berlaku

    1. Anonymous9 August 2021 at 21:17


      Once ROS comes in as a weapon, UMNO cannot back down.

  9. Errr... if not for UMNO everything would be hunky dory in your world so why obsess over PH.

    This is all UMNO's doing, Zahid and DSN

  10. It should start with you with open hand standing in front of the tank.,while it’s a under statement.

  11. With a population more than 1.4b, pulling through a ghastly Covid outbreak in such a short period of time was pretty impressive. That alone has drawn countless of secret admirers despite the loathing and jealousy of its rivals. This time around, combating with a fiercer Delta, I think, China is once again more than ready. Lending PH leaders would make them a child's play for the communists. Their capabilities are poles apart. They are just going after position and power, nothing else aside from that.

    1. "With a population more than 1.4b, pulling through a ghastly Covid outbreak in such a short period of time was pretty impressive. That alone has drawn countless of secret admirers despite the loathing and jealousy of its rivals."

      You trust China's version of the truth???

      Ha ha ha.

      I would not surprise me to learn the virus came from a Chinese lab.

  12. isn't the solution simple, if PN is sincere and goes and on about stability then Muhyddin should resign and give the PM ship to UMNO.

    Solved. All the govt programs can terus jalan

    No need to drag PH into this lah

    Peja (Ori Bersatu) vs Hamzah (Lompat UMNO) vs Azmin (Lompat PKR)

    Zahid + DSN vs Imail Sabri, Anuar Musa, Shahidan Kassim etc

    Bersatu + PAS vs UMNO

    UMNO vs UMNO

    With all the above PH is only side drama

  13. Setuju, walaupun PN dah berkuasa 18 bulan, semua salah DAP, Guan Eng dan Anwar

    Kah kah Kah

    1. Itulah perkataan tasbih bloga2 / macai2 / walaun2 Umgnok/Pah...."dap, dap, dap, dap, dap....." sampai hari kiamat. Siot.

  14. Aisay Annie.... wat is yr central point? U lompat fr one issue to another. U sarcastic abt China but dat gomen lifted millions out of poverty in abt 10yrs. U may say d Uighurs r discriminated...not different from d pendatangs here. Frankly d Chinese here r not bothered abt who runs d country s long as the gomen is fair to all. But we cannot see dat happening...v must hav a superior race n religion....sigh!

    1. Discriminated, they are put in re-education camps, arrested without reason, movements and what they can do restricted, CCTV all over the place, snooping software installed on their phone.

      This is not just "discrimination" this is the mass turning and forcing a population into something else.

      Not so different from here? Seriously, give a kick up your back side. Yes iscrimanation exist here but do not compare to the Uyghurs.

      Do some reading, here I tolong you

  15. To put it into fair comparison with Malaysia, China would have to have 42 million cases, 420,000 dead and between 5000 to 15000 Chinese dying in crowded hospitals every day before they would be clamouring for their government to step down.

    1. Please don't use facts or logic with Annie.

      Her job is to look pretty.

  16. By your analogy, India should have changed their govt. And the same to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philipines and many more countries. There is no need to echo RPK's blog, to create me vs you scenario. US is a good example where the new leader encouraged and make sure vaccination is full speed. This country's PM is not in control of his macais. He forgot to lead by example or don't know. Rakyat get called up, fined etc immediately for flouting SOP while his gang wait for police to call, open files, send to AG and back and forth. Did you see this PM come out and censure his team? Thats why you have some of them continue flouting the SOP.One ex MCA President said when the head is rotten, the whole body will be rotten.Thats why the fight against this pandemic is not lead by an able man. Just change the head and keep the hard working ministers.

  17. Think 10:17 is too dense to understand the cynical comparison Annie is trying to allude in her writeup above.

    The opposition here has been crying failed backdoor government on the current PM is selected by YDPA and has been crying wolf tears ever since the stupid act done by the old man selected by them in the first place of easily giving up his seat

    Cry and shout as they want it aint gonna get back that lost precious PM seat.

    We got another 27 days before sept 6 vote in parliament and till then the headlines will be these sychopantic lethargic cries of failed government call which will only fall on deaf ears as far as the govt is concerned.

    BTW wont be surprised they will be so 'kurang ajar' in Parliament just like what happened in Perak assembly during the change of government during the Sultan Azlan Shah time on the first day of seating!

    1. its not cynical, more likely a komunis tongue that keep chanting without ccp, china would collapse and conquered by foreign power, does this sound familiar?

      11k dying is the result of stupidity and incompetent, the cry and shout is the people reaction and reflection, most msian are not no brain ccp zombie that worry abt kurang ajar or to offend a student killing regime.

    2. Anonymous10 August 2021 at 13:49

      Thank you very much for bringing up Perak.

      The Federal Court case of Dato' Seri Ir Hj Nizar bin Jamaluddin v Dato' Seri Dr Zambry bin Abdul Kadir (Attorney General, Interverner) [2010] 2 MLJ 285 decides very clearly that the loss of confidence in a MB/PM may not only be established through a vote in the legislative assembly, but may also be gathered from other extraneous sources. Such sources include representations made by members of the assembly that the MB/PM no longer enjoys the support of the majority of the members of the House.

      I'm pointing this out because a certain obese Caucasian prostitute in Manchester claims it can ONLY be done in Parliament.

      But then, prostitutes say what their clients want them to say, kan?

      So if YDPA orders Hang Diarrhoea tomorrow to immediately justify his earlier lie that he has majority support, then blame the Federal Court, not YDPA.

      Neither does YDPA owe anyone 2 months to buy frogs.

    3. Whether possible the mandate should be returned to the people, these SD's and changing the govt outside of parliament is a newly acquired and bad Msian habit. It should not become the norm. What Sultan Azlan Shah did was legal but not sure if it was the right thing to do.

      In these times of course there should not be an election but if there is a change of govt from one grouping to a completely different grouping like Perak, the Sheraton Move etc, the normal course of action should be going back to the people if the chief minister or prime minister request it. See Sabah, an election clarifies everything. The govt there is stable. They won an election fair and square.

      The Agong, Sulta's and Raja's must be held above politics and politicians must help them to do that but following the expected norms and coming up with solutions.

      That the Agong had to step in and see every parliamentarian during the Sheraton move was sad, he should never have been put in that position ever but here we are again and he is being put in the same position.

      UMNO might be crying they are adhering to the palace but they are also dragging the palace into a problem they have created themselves.

      These are extraordianry times and that will require him to step in but it should not be the normal situation. The Agong should only be involved in extreme circumstances and not every 18 months.

      I feel sad for him that he get's dragged into this.

    4. "UMNO might be crying they are adhering to the palace but they are also dragging the palace into a problem they have created themselves."


      The same problem caused by the Sheraton gang, right?

      What goes around comes around.

      Live by SD, die by SD.

      What goes around comes around.

      Speaking of dying, look up graphs of COVID before and after Moo released Musa Aman to attack Sabah,

      Moo, Hamzah and SodoMin have a lot of blood on their hands.

    5. 00:00 even so , what is the point then?

      As it is even if that is done the fella in PH doesn’t even have simple majority nor even more majority, all evidence so far shows the current PM has a more majority. SO even if they ask YDPA to choose some one, he will have no choice but to choose the current PM , for simple reason he has the more majority! Back to square one , after all the cacophonic cries being splashed out every single day in all major opposition newspapers!

      I think even DAP realised this and they might even resist any vote count during the Parliament, you can see that firstly by Ong KM calling for politics moratorium on the day KJ presented his report in Parliament, also recently by Tony asking the pertinent question, what if by doing this the klepto comes back in with vengeance.

      SO I think this is just the doing of the Javamen and its now showing that he is losing the plot. I think the biggest loss is the 2 UMNO ministers who quit for stupid reason of blind following. I mean even if you don’t want the money and perks ( as if anybody is gonna clap hands for your doing it, rather more will be thinking which stupid fellas would be doing this), you could have used that extra money and do white flag bungkus by the thousands every month to be given in your constituency!

      So guys, need to tell the macais of the PH supports to stop and desist, just wait for Sept 6 which surely will not change anything from what is current and after that wait 2 more years for actual GE , where once and for all the people say will be done!

      Complete waste of time seriously from what has happened past few weeks!

  18. malaysian are ungrateful and stupid too...they think the world owns them something just because they know how to wake up everyday and eat like a pig

    >james bond

    1. Are you a malaysian ?So, you are equally ungrateful and stupid and eat like a pig. Write with more common sense please and don't generalise.


    PETALING JAYA: An anti-corruption watchdog has questioned why the government borrowed RM11.5 billion in a span of 10 days, and demanded that the Perikatan Nasional government be transparent over the loans.

    The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) said the government needs to account for the money.

    “PN must account for what is on Bank Negara Malaysia’s website,” its executive director, Cynthia Gabriel, told FMT.

    On Monday, former prime minister Najib Razak had questioned the government over the billions in borrowings in 10 days.

    In a Facebook post, Najib included screenshots of details from the BNM website showing billions of ringgit in bonds issued by the government with the central bank as the facility agent.

    The three transactions were labelled as Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills, Malaysian Government Securities and Government Investment Issues.

    The government borrowed RM5.5 billion on July 27, followed by RM4 billion on Aug 3 and RM2 billion on Aug 9.


    1. hiya! a-ni,
      sejak 1957 masih lagi kerajaan "superior race" isle.
      even 22 bulan tenggegal pun kerajaan "superior race" isle.
      masa bila ada kerajaan "minority" pendatang.
      kecuali di Pinang.
      UMNO,PAS,PKR, Amanah.
      macam mana mengaduk pun UMNO,PAS,PKR, Amanah.
      cuma sekali sekala varant baru sementara Semangay 46, Bersatu, Berjaya

  20. Stupid article. Whenever malay leaders get into trouble, blame the Chinese. PN downfall is caused by Umno. Clear as daylight. And yet blame the PH and chinese. To tell you are stupid, you don't like and mengamok pulak