Sunday 15 August 2021

Should be Hishammuddin, if Muhyiddin resigns

Everyone seems to believe that Muhyiddin will meet the Agong on Monday and after that he would tender his resignation as PM.


But if true, what exactly he wants to say to the Agong?

I bet he would want to tell the king he wants to resign and suggest the name of his successor.

Well, I also dare to bet that he would suggest for his administration to stay because it needs to continue functioning as a government to handle especially the pandemic crisis.

And my money is definitely not on him telling the Agong to hand over Putrajaya to Pakatan.

No way he is going to tell the Agong " Tuanku bagi lah chan kat Anwar jadi PM".

He probably knows what it would be if Anwar becomes PM and Pakatan takes over.

"Ini semua salah Muhyiddin", "Ini semua salah Umno", "Ini semua salah Najib", "Racist, racist, racist" etc will go on for at least the next one year.

And some firemen may even get beaten up to death.

Yup, I'm quite sure Muhyiddin would not suggest such thing to the Agong if he really wants to resign on Monday.

I think he would instead suggest someone he's sure will be acceptable to his allies and especially Umno.

He needs a compromise for that. Someone acceptable to him, Pribumi Bersatu, Pas, MCA, MIC,  the Sarawakians, other small allies and most importantly the Agong and Sultans as well as most of Umno.

The only one I could think of to fit that is Hishammuddin.


I know that the Agong will be okay with Hishammuddin, who is married to his cousin.

Hishammuddin's wife is arguably the most beautiful grandma in Malaysia

I'm also quite sure Sultan of Johor is okay with him too, and that means the other Rulers probably  will go along with it.

As far as Umno is concerned, I believe only Zahid's faction may oppose Hishammuddin to be made PM.

Some others in the party may be squeamish at the prospect but will rather have that than having to endure Anwar and Pakatan in power again. At least Umno will be back heading the government.

Same like me.

At least there will be no disruption in the effort to fight the pandemic.

Najib should be okay. Hishammuddin is his cousin, after all.

Well, Anwar and the gang will scream and yell again if that happens, but by then the Perikatan coalition will once again command the majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

Their fault if that happens, actually. 

They should just wait for Sept 7 and defeat Muhyiddin with the motion of confidence instead of forcing him to resign and sidestepping them like that.

On whether Hishammuddin will be a good PM is another thing. 

It would be too long for me to put that in this post.

Next time, maybe.


  1. Elok b4 GE15 declare sja darurat n YDP takes over. All states ade Sultan dn Yg dPetuas to look into welfare of rakyats.

    Sultan2 majority adalah pemimpin2 lama yg penuh dgn pengalaman and dok peghati progress of their states.

    They shld be able to pick who shld head this and tht deparrments.

    Wakil2 rakyat semua kasi bubar aje.. tak pasai2 dok buang duit rakyat bayaq gaji elaun mereka. Covid 19 getting from bad to worse!

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  2. why suggest one that have a role that cause 12k died? i rather hv mahathir the conman or najib the thief.

    1. your logic we should reject current s'gor gov as come s'wak can bring down their covid cases but s'gor despite various task force helmed by previous health min cannot?

    2. yes, pls ask the selangor mb to get lost, bring along his task force, he is the no2 stupid, cant match the stupid pm though.

    3. @Poodah at 13:09

      If you can't see the diff between Selangor and Sarawak, you are the one who should do the poodahing, no?

    4. Anon 13:38, yes I so hope the mb & all his assembyman/ woman will be booted out...all talk not much action.

      Anon 15:36...pigidah..when it comes to folks u sokong, there are 10,000 thousand reasons not to compare but when its ppl u don't like, semua nampak sama. One word, hypocrites!

    5. @ Pig Dah (oink oink) 16:24,

      Baca & faham.

      In Selangor 91 per cent of the total number of clusters are workplace related, of which 80 per cent were from factory clusters.

      Selangor cannot change Federal SOPs or cancel permissions given by MITI.

      Sekian, tolong upgrade otak hang.

  3. Military junta rule pun ok.

  4. Jangan tambah BIADAB.

    Letak jawatan sebab tiada sokongan majoriti, tidak perlu CADANG sesiapa kerana Muhyiddin tidak mempunyai outstanding to say so.

    Agong lebih bijaksana.

  5. So much for speculation.

    Ada Federal Constitution kan? Atau pun Federal Constitution take bolih pakai sudah. No rules and regulations means no democracy.

    What's the point of voting then? RAKYAT need not pay tax anymore??

    1. "I know that the Agong will be okay with Hishammuddin, who is married to his cousin."

      X cukup meh?

  6. just because he is blue blooded & educated ? dont have to look far to see the comparison with his cousin.

    recall his performance during the early days og MH370 crisis ? good thing he was replaced.

    I dont particularly like anwar, but ph has some young, progressive capable people. umno / bersatu will be the same old political war chiefs in cabinet. Of the 70 odd cabinet members, name me more than 3 who have done their jobs.

  7. It's totally unjustified, impractical and even immoral for Mahiaddin to hand over the job to Hishammudin, especially when the latter is still a active member of UMNO which the Rakyat have thrown into the longkang, GE14.

    It's definitely a mockery and a disgrace to the democratic process, when a defeated Party could return to the corridors of power through treachery and betrayal of Peoples' Mandate.

    Therefore... it would be more appropriate for Mahiaddin to choose an 'original' Bersatu or PKR member who won GE14 with PH and was covertly involved in that shameful and immoral Sheraton move.

    To me... the best thing for The Agong to do... decree an immediate emergency Parliament sitting so that 220 MPs can choose the next PM... with the option that they can choose a non-MP... like Rafidah Aziz or Lee Lam Thye as PM. If it's against the Federal Constitution... the candidate should be allow to abuse democratic process... just like the Rear Admiral did twice in Kajang & Port DICKson.

    (Don't worry too much... In the Dewan Rakyat... when MPs vote by raising hands... the Rear Admiral will not have the numbers).

    "I know that the Agong will be okay with Hishammuddin, who is married to his cousin."

    This is the worst of all grounds or rationale for The Agong to aye Mahiaddin's choice of replacement or successor. It can be presumed or interpreted as nepotism on the part of Royal Institution which is supposed to be apolitical.
    This is akin to chucking the dignity of 'Bangsa, Agama & Institusi Raja-Raja Melayu' into the longkang or... into valley of destruction (campak kelembah kebinasaan)... hence, exposing everything dear and sacred to the race, to even more contempt, disdain and ridicule.

    1. "I know that the Agong will be okay with Hishammuddin, who is married to his cousin."

      This is atatement paling bangang dlm sejarah bloga2 tempatan.

      Pingat mas!

      Not to mention insulting the Agong.

      You think YDPA is that shallow???

    2. msia democracy is pretty unique, until today i still dont understand how come party that lose election can become part of government, thanks to mahathir and his bersatu. and i also dont understand why agong want to have an opinion who should be the pm, perhaps reading too much rpk, thats why now drag into the political mess. and what annie said wrt cousin aunty uncle in law bro sis etc seem to be the reality. my view is stick to the original mandate and let ph rule until the next election, its time for msian to learn what democracy is about. umno can always come back via election and not backdoor, in fact umno have two of the best future pm candidate among all msia parties, the very consistent mohd hasan and not that consistent khairy. do away marx opium and stick to competency.

    3. Dear HY.

      "thanks to mahathir and his bersatu".

      He he he...

      If that's the case... you might as well put the blame on Semburit and his gang of 10 PKR defectors too.

      And... don't forget... couple of months before that evil Sheraton move... there was lots of howling calls for Dr.M to resign, especially from that loud and filthy mouth... PKR's Kapar MP and his ilk... seemingly impatient and too greedy for their 'beloved' leader to be crowned as PM on a platter.

    4. on hindsight, perhaps ph should let mahathir carry on, but a promise is a promise, just like a manifesto supposed to be a manifesto and not a propaganda tool, else how the voters judge one performance.

      sadly the coming together is more on common enemy and nothing to do with sincere heart to improve common folks livelihood, and now we are in a stage where every clown (rocky words) can think out loud he can be pm, a democracy resemble to musical chair or merry go round?

  8. Hopefully His Majesty Agong would come to his senses and not accepting Muhyiddin’s resignation. The moment it happens I’m afraid there will be a period of upheaval and chaos where the security apparatus with the like of PDRM and ATM will struggle to contain. As ambitious politicians jockeyed for control of the wheel, it would plunge the country further into another debilitating crisis. A massive political crisis.

    We’re already fighting a huge health crisis. The last thing the country and its people need is another “malapetaka”. Opening another front of huge crisis is something the country are not ready and not prepared for. When the country face twin crises (health and political), gigantic in its scale, automatic the country’s economy too will suffer. We too are going to face massive economic crisis should power vacuum take affects in the aftermath of PM resignation. His Majesty Agong should be cautious in his decision tomorrow. Any decision he’d be taken, in one way or another, will carry a massive repurcussion to the fate of the country.

    Secretary to the government, on his initiative, together with IGP and PAT should go to the palace and ask to have an audience with the His Majesty Agong. He should do what previous KSN Ali Hamsa did last time around when the country was rudderless right after BN government’s fall. Take a leaf out of Ali’s playbook. Brief and explain to His Majesty Agong the precarious situation in the country. Brief the Agong of the need to maintain peace and order and not to escalate things further. Any decision His Majesty would make tomorrow are going to have huge impact on country’s fate.

    A steady hand and experience is needed to steer the country out of the pandemic. Advise from the most senior government officials is needed in this most trying time.

    1. The Rulers are quite aware of all this.

    2. OMG 15 months of chaos and upheaval under this PM is still not enough ? Gives him another 22 months, we will definitely have a Humongous malapetaka, where the suffering rakyat now will not be able to handle.

    3. Nothing is going to be escalated, change of govt is normal for example when parties win or lose in elections. Same here accept this is outside of elections

      why so dranma

  9. There is no such thing as handing over the PM post to whoever he likes. The King will follow the Constitution, the one who commands majority among the MPs will be appointed.And when this PM resigns, the cabinet go off with him. Same thing happened to Tun M, otherwise why many called this backdoor Govt and not the winning coalition.Let the legal process begins and we hope the King decides wisely and not any outgoing pm or any 3rd party.

  10. AHLI PARLIMEN SEMBRONG sama sekali tidak akan menjadi Our next PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA 🇲🇾

    Dia bukanlah our PM's material!

    Cheers🌟 YAKIN & PERCAYALAH 🇲🇾

    1. Hisham kaki songlap....

      "The man in the job when this project was commissioned without proper tender and the missing billion disappeared was Najib Razak’s cousin Hishammuddin Hussein.

      Former deputy defence minister Liew Chin Tong had in September told the Dewan Negara that Putrajaya’s special investigation committee on procurement, governance and finance, had discovered that RM1 billion of the RM5.94 billion paid for the warships could not be traced, and had in October urged the government to investigate the missing RM1 billion."

      I think dh cukup la.

      Kesian Malaysia.

    2. H2O? What to expect, this is the standard of this Puteri UMNO blog coming straight from the longkang of PWTC.

      H2O will be same wine in a different bottle of Kerajaan Gagal.

      At the rate he handled the Sulu Incursion and MH370 expects the current 10,000+ No of deaths to climb.

      Plus, hé still has to deliver the 10 helicopters, commission dah sapu.

      Pity, Annie blogged in laidback stylish English but still can’t shed the anak Mak Cik Kiah at PWTC groupie stigma if she continuously relied on the old outdated UMNO political compass.

    3. I have to defend Annie here.

      Although she is a macai, she is not from the longkang of PWTC.

      Her macai-ing is done in classy places like Kuantan and Japan during springtime, while watching Korean dramas.

      That is what is called high-class macai.

      (Gurau jer Annie, jgn marah ye : )

  11. "Ini semua salah Muhyiddin", "Ini semua salah Umno", "Ini semua salah Najib", "Racist, racist, racist" etc will go on for at least the next one year. And some firemen may even get beaten up to death."

    Ahhhhhh, Annie, Annie.

    Your ability to blog at the level of a Form 4 schoolgirl is always impressive :)

    I think YDPA is a wise king.

    He will follow the constitution.

    As for your favoured crook Hisham:

    "The man in the job when this project was commissioned without proper tender and the missing billion disappeared was Najib Razak’s cousin Hishammuddin Hussein.

    Former deputy defence minister Liew Chin Tong had in September told the Dewan Negara that Putrajaya’s special investigation committee on procurement, governance and finance, had discovered that RM1 billion of the RM5.94 billion paid for the warships could not be traced, and had in October urged the government to investigate the missing RM1 billion."

    Only one billion of our money gone, right Annie?

    Don't forget to bring back your 1MDB defence:

    "Ooooooo numbers, I don't understand all these big numbers!"


    You're so cute.

  12. Democracy kepala hotak ape where majoriy MPs are made up of KATAKs? Rubbish! Nonsense.

    Darurat interim "military rule" is still the best option to control this wabak. Buat curfew hours.. sapa keluaq gate rumah tak payah cakap byk, kasi tembak habis cerita. Yg kacau lebih ikut mcam Indonesia dulu, sumbat naik tongkang dan hanyut golongan keteghaq2 ni semua k laut.

    Selangor n KL figures rising sah pemimpin dan rakyat takde disiplin langsung.. hegeh2 merayap ke hulu ke hilir macam mrk sja need to survive. Sebut sja nama Anwar or PH rasa nak termuntah!

    MILITARY RULE PLEASE.. kasi disiplin sikit otak bahalol2 yg tak faham bahasa.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. hehehe, a symptom of stupidity now become desperate

  13. tunggu! the real king maker akan muncul...

    1. belum munccul lagi

      Mungkin bukan real?

  14. Dear PM Muhyuddin
    For a what it is worth , DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT hand in your resignation tomorrow.

    You will be viewed as a looser and quitter if you do so. Only poofters and the French surrender, if you know what I mean!
    For a start, Im not sure what transpired in today’s meeting with your Bersatu folks but with the scant report that I read in the papers, I think you are surrounded by a bunch of faggots who I believed were only quiet, not giving you any positive actions to be taken and probably scheming on what they will do to save their skin next. And who gave the permission to that flying car snake oil peddler to mention to the whole world that you will resign tomorrow. I would send in my bodyguard to slap him twice in his face right now and teach him a lesson “don’t ever take sides with anyone out the party you maggot!”

    You are slowly winning the war on COVID. Look at the fantastic result that Sarawak, KL, Labuan etc are achieving. With the fantastic rate of vaccination that is dished out thanks to the fantastic work of your only working ministers amongst the bunch you have ie KJ and the Health Minister, we are seeing great results of COVID now. I mean come on, in Sarawak whose size is like Pahang, Johor Terengganu put together only report 3 cases of Category 3,4 & 5 combined for the past 2 days! What more can people ask , eh?

    And GPS who has worked silently in the background, working hand in glove with KJ and going all out on their own to every corner of their states to get people vaccinated, the fruits is now for all to see.

    And coincidentally GPS has avowed they will NEVER EVER work with that party where the former failed accountant Finance Minister humiliated them and that shows any party who is willing to cut their connection with that bugger you will get a good result. Its not the party per se, there are quite a few sensible individuals in that party namely Tony, OKM, Hannah, Yeoh Bin etc, its just that bloody individual one need to be cut out because he is just insidiously loud, tin kosong and probably dense as well!

    DO not take the action of the old man. By him doing what he did, I’m sure he regretted for the rest of his life because nobody quits then the next day beg that he wants the job back. People just viewed him as gila kuasa. Do Not walk on the same path.
    If you are on your own now, so be it. But I don’t think you are. GPS , PAS, Sabah Team and the UMNO 26 are all behind you . The opposition do not have the numbers. Don’t be alluded they do, actually they don’t. So carry on doing your work for next 23 days ( till 7 Sept when the vote is counted) and make every day from tomorrow meaningful How you go about doing that?

    You need to be engaged every day in whatever platform of social media. Just look at Trump, he was nefarious, but you cant deny that his tweeting every single day , was what showed that he was in touch with the ground.

    Continued 2

    1. Better rush to the hospital! You mind is severely infected by the virus!

    2. Please post on Muhiyiddin's facebook page, I don't believe he reads the comments section of Annie's blog. Maybe when he is no longer PM he will time to visit

    3. Bila dia tahu tak aka sokongon, dia dah panggil darurat untuk 6 bulan,

      Nak darurat lagi ke?

      Bila tak ada sokongon, tak ada sokongon lah, kena resign serta merta, tak boleh continue macam tak ada mata

  15. Aisay Annie...King shd appoint someone fr PH cos that was d party d rakyat elected. If he picks someone not in PH then tell me why d need for elections. The choice of d rakyat must b adhered to. No exceptions.

  16. Continued from 1

    Your next 23 days are crucial. Just proclaim every single day the good things that are dished out, the good progress on COVID etc etc. Forget about all the politics. As you can see the clever ones in DAP, Tony and OKM, are giving you chance. And just work for next 23 days those things that you say you would want to do ie speed up the 2 term PM ship, undi 18 etc etc

    Imagine if you go now and just few days from now when the country hopefully got the herd immunity and COVID becomes like flu- just see the EPL football yesterday, stadium is full and hardly any people wearing masks as they view that covid is just like another endemic- you will not be remembered for it but your successor whoever it is would . You will be proclaimed as the shortest PM ever and as it is now they are saying that you are in kerajaan gagal. And worst imagine if the so called kleptocrat come back to power….goodness me , can you imagine seeing that fat mama running the country again! And you will be faulted for that!

    Hence, keep the fight , there are 23 days, make it the most fighting spirit that you can muster and then see to the vote. Who knows by then you might win again or even if you do loose at least you can hold your head high and go out with a BANG!

    SO DO NOT resign tomorrow. Just meet the YDPA and tell him, Sir im going to Sept 7 for vote, I may not have the majority but they certainly don’t as well. We will settle the OK Corral gunfight once and for all on Sept 7. He cannot fire you and he has to listen to your advice.

    Good Luck and do not let me and many other sensible people down.

    1. cannot la, agong najib zahid mahathir anwar mohd hasan all the malay big shot want mahiaddin to get lost, to rely on dap will die faster.

    2. Anonymous15 August 2021 at 16:32

      The FC does not provide for a PM who has lost confidence to set his own timeline.

      The words are "shall tender".

    3. That is why UMNO strikes now, they want he credit for the (potential) recovery and to destroy Bersatu and take away that from them.

    4. Anon with Continued Moo sob stories 1 and 2,

      PN is an afterthought gobbled up crew of rookies; parties’ traitors, Klepto-wannabes and horny religious peddlers borned and held together flimsily out of illicit political backstabbing.

      So it is fated they will live by the sword and die by the sword.

      No sooner the clueless flying car clown had finished spelling the word resign, the knives were out: PAS had drawn first blood with No H2O No Turtle, Semburit didn’t showed up at Hamzah’s Publica, Hamzah blanked out Semburit’s TPM ploy, UMNO big wigs pulled the rug on Turtle’s trigger happy move.

      Any PN? Same same, old sirap in new bottle of Kerajaan Gagal and Kerajaan Curi.

      Tak ada kerberkatan illahi, sorry expects more gagal.

  17. Abah resign then YDA will call KuLi to form Gomen...
    Finish chapter..

    1. Do you still believe he still got it? Last time he’s holding public office was in the 1980s. That was like 40 plus years ago. Lots of changes happening. Technologically and governing wise. I’m afraid he’ll struggling or out of his depth. What more the country is in the middle of huge health crisis. We need an experience plus technologically savvy leader such as KJ to lead from the front. KJ has proved he’s very capable leader. Just look at he handles vaccination programme. Among the best in the world.

    2. To quote a song

      "He is better than all the rest"

      Don't know how capable Hishamudin is, may be capable if given a chance and without political constraints to appoint his own cabinet.

      Ismail Sabri has been a non performer for so long, not sure why they rushing to support him.

      If this is the best that UMNO can do then it is a sad day for the nation

    3. Sorry, YDPA can only call someone he believes has the confidence of the majority and that is not Ku Li. Why call soneone who will fail to form a govt and a confidence vote.

      If Ku Li wants it , he should be hardworking and contacting parties outside PN as well like Warisan, but as much as I respect that guy, his attitude (since he disbanded Semangat 46) is always to wait until he is given something on a plate rather than fight for something. He lost his Mojo, fighting spirit a long time ago

    4. Anonymous15 August 2021 at 20:17

      What happened last night?

      Either Zahid blessed Teloq Penyu, or said no.

      If the latter, Ku Li is firm favourite.

      He just needs to offer the same reforms as Moo did to the Oppo, and he may get well over 130.

      Tell Anwar to go sit in the corner.

    5. This is more than just reforms, this is the management of the spread of covid and the economy, that should be the tempuan utama.

      Reforms alone is not enough. Change the head but keep the same players, will that make things better? If whoever is next nominated as PM can offer some concentrete proposals and a roadmap then maybe he will get cross party support

  18. Please read this very illuminating

    Remember for this govt , it was always politics and survival first and rakyat second.

    Adham Baba as Health Minster has failed but still kept in position. Keep saying silly things until their must have been a request that he keep quiet and it was the DG doing all the talking. Which Minister in which dept, let's the DG do all the briefing.

    VIP's constantly langgar SOP including Ministers, slap on wrist with no consequence.

    In the develope world they resign or force to resign. Why can't this happen in Malaysia.

    This is will be a group of incompentents whoever heads the govt as PM and for the reasons explained in the article.

    I look at the list of UMNO, PAS and Bersatu MP's and have no confidence in any of their abilities to be Minsiters and those appointed to be Ministers have already proved that.They even could not appoint a MInster of Finance from their ranks or did not trust anyone from their ranks to be a Minisiter of Finance

    Without Covid more of their incompetence would have been exposed.

    Sad to say but most of the brains are with PH now and when they were ministers they performed better.

    It used to be that UMNO had all the brains and capable people. Not anymore, that party has slowly ossified in an outfit of ageing warlords. People not able to even join, young graduates rejected for memberships as division leaders want to maintain power etc. Years of contracts being funneled to party members etc Years of this has consequences and the country has not been better off.

    Let UMNO head the new govt. Let the Emperor's clothes finally come off for all to see. If they are smart an magmanious, they will work to bring Bersatu back into UMNO via a merger, but I don't think this will happen.

    Hopefully if they perform the can win the next GE, if they don't they lose but of course expect everything to be about DAP, race etc in the next election, same as it has been for the last few years. They have no modal. What does Bersatu stand for except being in power? It is a mini, more honest version of UMNO and PAS

    1. "VIP's constantly langgar SOP including Ministers, slap on wrist with no consequence."

      Telur Penyu has broken SOPs 8 times in just over 1 month.

      It is illegal to hold a gathering in Phase 1 areas.

  19. I think this whole series of events happene because when Ph came to power all the party's in parliament could only think how they were going to win the next elections.

    PH started dialing back on its agenda alreay worried about the next elections. If it had commited to being reforming govt een if for one term, the whole country would have been off. instead it started to focus on winning the next elections at the outset and started to make and not make decisions based on that alreay from the beginning.

    UMNO instead of reflecting deeply and renewing itself focused on getting back to power asap. It could not see itself having an agenda outside of being in power and if Ph coul provide to a better manager than it thens its claim of simply managing the country better would take a beating.

    Bersatu worried about the next elections and the lost of various by-elections decided to leave the govt.

    looking at the next elections as they main agenda they lost everything, all of them whether in power now or not.

  20. one thing I am surprised is not mentioned is this

    For a long time various govt in msia have always said the court and the police process is independent, they cannot interfere, have no capacity to interfere etc blah blah blah

    But recently Muhyddin said people had approached him to influence the case. Similar things have been said elsewhere.

    So is it true then, can the govt of the day affect existing court cases? People seem to accept this a amtter of fact.

    If it is true it is truly sad and shows that Msia has a long way to go

  21. Annie, see this, no Ismail Sabri, no H20 according to PAS, they will accept whoever UMNO the party (vs UMNO MP's) chooses

  22. UMNO dah nak telan Bersatu, First, semua Negeri negeri dengan CM Bersatu telah ditukar n(Perak/Johar) kecuali Sabah.

    Sekarang PM pun ditukar kepada PM UMNO.

    Tapi... jika kerajaan baru ni yang diterajui oleh UMNO ggal menguruskan ekonomi and masalah Covid dengan baik, ... saya ingat UMNO pun akan dibuang.

    Let's see if they can manage the situation better

  23. Muhidyyin, in his long cabinet life in UMNO was a non performer especially as Minster of Education - mostly on auto pilot during his long helm but because of his seniority and position in Bersatu he is the PM.

    Ismail was a non-performer as a Minister during UMNO govt's but he is where he is because of his sebiority and status as UMNO VP.

    H20 I believe was a performer during his time as Minister,

    Khairy is a performer now.

    Might as well give Mustapha Mohamed the PM post

    1. Payah juga klo dia ni jd PM.

      Satni LOMPAT faster than the 22 mths old PM. Foreign investors nak invest mesti ketaq lutut. Once a KATAK forever a KATAK.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. "H20 I believe was a performer during his time as Minister."


      He performed a lot of magic tricks to make our money vanish into thin air.

  24. Sumbat ja kelepekkarat masuk dalam.Duduk luaq buat bising saja. Dah telan juta2 nak lari...haramjadah...sama la Bang Non dan apek..tak habis2 nak tunjuk hero bela rakyat konon....apek pembohong kawan dengan kaki tibai belakang tau la..pi mampossss

  25. Ehmm... What Rocky Bru just wrote was most wise and morally correct.

  26. Wow , Barsatu has gone from hero to zero in 18 months. Going to be a free for all for Bersatu MP's I guess.

    The amazing thing is for this PN led govt somehow UMNO has not become tainted with its unpopularity ven though it is an equal partner.

  27. Everyone seems to ignore the phoenix in the room who has faded into oblivion for some time now. How can that be? Well, this person is no ordinary entity but a stoic by nature and had once made history by becoming our 1st woman DPM. Interestingly, she was reportedly being offered the PM post previously, not once but twice by Agong . Don't you think her name would once again be propped up for the 3rd time and be appointed to the job that all politicians, men or women, crave and craze for. Who needs a capable and talented PM as just a celebrated ibu mithali reformsi would do the miracle to all 32M Malaysians to pull through this trying time. Even Rafidah Aziz is no match for her. As fate would have it, poor TSMY had to put up the white flag begging for a reconciliation prior to his resignation.

    1. Best solution! Rightfully hers. Will shut up all the morons.

  28. Huh....I think Agong and Sultan pun tahu H20 very well and will NOT chose him lahhhh..What does he even do anyway besides running to the airport to greet the free vaccines mcm dia pulak yg donate. Bangun pagi pun susah....BFF dgn Azmin lagi...birds of a feather flock together2 lahhhh

  29. I have the feeling as PM Interim ...King will chose Najib.

  30. ""Racist, racist, racist" etc will go on for at least the next one year."

    Yes, this was what PAS and UMNO were doing for 22 months when PH were in power

  31. Sigh
    He didnt take my advice, never mind, let's move on

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    The fat mamma is back and probably back with vengence!

    The song " It does not end until the fat lady sings is now true"

    Welcome Abroad all to Air Transylvania!

  32. Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah berkenan menerima surat peletakan jawatan Muhyiddin Yassin sebagai perdana menteri dan jawatan seluruh jemaah menteri dengan serta-merta berkuatkuasa hari ini.

    Susulan itu, Seri Paduka juga berkenan supaya Muhyiddin menjalankan tugas sebagai perdana menteri ‘caretaker’ sehingga perdana menteri baru dilantik.

    Tahniah Agong

    Seorang Raja Yang Bijak Bistari

  33. Anon 13:48

    No worries mate. He was made into caretaker PM meaning he can now choose whoever he wants for a certain transitional period before his successor comes …probably by end of year or maybe by July next year when the GE was originally proposed by him.

    And since he can have his team to work for then he can have very few highly bombastic working cabinet . Who knows he may only fill in key ministries with the following people

    PM- Mahyudin ( Bersatu)
    Finance- Tengku Zaful maybe being helped by Rafizi (Independent)
    Health cum Vaccination- KJ ( UMNO)
    Economic Affairs- Tony Pua being helped by OKM ( DAP)
    Home Minister- Hamzah ( Bersatu)
    Army- Sabri ( UMNO)
    Education- Tun ( since he wanted it so badly before) . If he rejects give to Mazlee (he works hard, this bloke) ( Pejuang)
    Agriculture- somebody from PAS- Tuan Man ( PAS )
    Woman & Rural Affairs- Nurul Izzah ( PKR)
    Sabah affairs- Bung ( UMNO)
    Sarawak Affairs- Abang ( GPS)

    Bersatu- 2 DAP- 2 GPS 1 Independent (2)
    UMNO- 3 Pejuang 1 PAS 1

    Cukup for now since only interim- which means you can have nice unity govt.

    After 1 month if not found yet then add in other ministries. I believe this should work

    1. Anonymous16 August 2021 at 18:32

      You need to look up what "caretaker PM" means. Moo will be gone by September.

    2. If PH had been unitedly holding on together for so long, WHY this?.

      Sad. POWER really get into the head! 'WAKIL RAKYAT' is supposed to be representing the interests of his/her voters. Seems to be scrambling for position without the blessings of the leader. This is call GREED.

      Thank you PM for phasing out the slimebags, hypocrites, parasites, loudmouths, fanatics, arrogant ........ for the rakyat.

      Thank you KJ for doing yr best.

  34. Hanya satu Kesilapan Encik PM8.
    2. Sayangnya, Satu Kesilapan itulah cost him a job of the MOST POWERFUL ENTITY in MALAYSIA
    3. Mengumumkan di Stesen Televisyen Arus Perdana untuk menjadikan Ketua Pembangkang as a Senior Minister bukanlah budaya normal Politik Malaysia
    4. Kesian kat awak, Encik PM8. Menggulingkan govt.-of-the Day pada akhir Februari 2020 untuk menjadi MANUSIA PALING BERKUASA MALAYSIA pada 1 Mac, 2020
    5. Hanya untuk digulingkan pada August 16, 2021; Dahulu pun pernah dipecat oleh PM6....
    6. Seperti diakui sendiri olehnya dalam Sidang Media selepas Perutusan Khas Tender Resignation, 'caretaker' Prime Minister adalah simbolik semata-mata tanpa ada sebarang Kuasa yang Signifikan...
    Moral of the story, Lumrah lah kan sebagai Ahli Politik.... Selamat Maju Jaya TAN SRI HJ. MAHIADDIN BIN TN HJ MD YASSIN! Terima kasih atas Khidmatmu as a PM8 🤝

  35. Enemy at the gate Part 8 : Institut Hal Ehwal (Batu Api ) Singapura sila berambos...

    Pendedahan Sebenar sebab Muhyiddin Letak Jawatan

    Perdana menteri yang dilantik daripada kerajaan sedia ada, sekiranya penyandangnya Muhyiddin Yassin berundur hari ini, adalah resipi kepada “Kerajaan Gagal 2.0”, kata seorang penganalisis politik batu api dari Singapura Celaka...!!

    “Ia juga kerana ketidakcekapan kerajaan dalam menangani pandemik memulihkan ekonomi", tambah nya lagi

    Oh Ei Sun dari Institut Hal Ehwal Antarabangsa Singapura berkata, sekiranya pentadbiran Muhyiddin tumbang, hakikatnya ia bukan semata-mata kerana Umno menarik balik sokongan terhadap beliau tapi kegagalan Mahyudin terajui negara..!!

    Ini adalah jawapan dari Oh Ei Sun dari Institut Hal Ehwal Batu Api Singapura.

    Tan Sri (Muhyiddin) merasakan apabila sudah hilang sokongan majoriti, maka beliau perlu menghormati Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan meletak jawatan. Ini jelas menunjukkan Muhyiddin seorang berprinsip dan tidak gila kuasa..!!

    Muhyiddin menawarkan kerjasama bi-partisan dengan pihak pembangkang demi mengekalkan kerajaan peka krisis Covid-19 ketika ini, membuktikan sekali lagi Ahli Parlimen Pagoh itu seorang negarawan yang berjiwa besar.

    Menyifatkan Perdana Menteri itu bukan seorang gila kuasa. Perbincangan awal antara Muhyiddin dengan beberapa wakil parti pembangkang bagi tujuan kerjasama bipartisan itu kerana "beliau tidak mahu lari daripada tanggungjawab demi kepentingan rakyat".

    "Bagaimanapun, hasil persefahaman yang dicapai bersama-sama wakil-wakil pembangkang itu kemudian Muhyiddin umumkan tawaran kerjasama rentas parti secara terbuka, tetapi akhirnya ditolak pula secara rasmi oleh parti DAP - PKR PAN dan PejWang.

    Nampak jelas pembangkang tidak peduli apa akan jadi dan nasib buruk yang menimpa pada rakyat Malaysia..!!

    Kita jangan lupa bahawa usaha Umno menjatuhkan kerajaan ini mendapat sokongan daripada DAP PKR Amanah dan PejWang” . Masih ramai terkinja kinja dengan anal'isis media batu api Singapura.

    Mahiuddin merupakan Perdana Menteri dan pemimpin berprinsip tidak lari seinci pun dari tanggungjawab dimasa krisis Covit 19.

    Malangnya ramai orang tidak nampak kualiti yang ada pada Perdana Menteri Mahyiddin ini, tapi masih ramai yang mencedok analisis bodoh sambil membatu apikan kaum di negara ini dari negara jiran Singapura.

  36. "Mahiuddin merupakan Perdana Menteri dan pemimpin berprinsip"

    Prinsip darurat

    Prinsip takut parliamen

    Prinsip langgar Perlembagaan

    Prinsip kabinet dipenuhi orang auta

    Prinsip GLC dipenuhi oleh ahli politik

    Prinsip guna ROS untuk berpolitk

    Banyak prinsip lagi

    Tak payah propoganda

    His record and actions speak for themselves