Friday 2 February 2018

End game - not the land but KLVC project


Felda Sets Up Committee For Negotiations With SPSB

Guess Felda chairman TS Shahrir Abdul Samad now wants a better deal for the KLVC project....whatever that would be.

The report stated,


According to the statement, the committee was chaired by member of the board of directors of Felda Datuk Dr Yusof Ismail who represented the Finance Ministry, another Felda board member Datuk Nik Azman Nik Abdul Majid who represented the Prime Minister's Department (JPM), Felda general maanger Datuk Ab Ghani Mohd Ali and Datuk Zainal Abidin Abu Hassan as a JPM representative.

"Felda will also request the government to appoint a representative from the Public Private Partnership (UKAS), JPM in the committee.

The committee members are basically PMO and MOF people.

Well, who can argue with them la.

I'm quite sure Shahrir (and whomever are with him on this) will get what he (or they) wants with the KLVC project.

Well, back then Shahrir said,

Felda only wants its land back

He had insisted that he was only concerned about the land transfer and not the KLVC project and that the two were different issues.

Yea right. Whatever.

Anyway, I actually don't really care who get what in this issue.

After all, as I wrote at the start of this nonsense,

Let them quarrel over it, and may they choke on the money coming out of the project if they don't deserve it.

Actually, I was just a little bit pissed only because they made so much noise over it that the whole thing became an issue and people got all riled up over it.

As Rocky pointed out in his post,

Felda's negotiators and Lurah Bilut 2.0


I only wish Shahrir had formed this Special Committee earlier, much earlier. We know for a fact that the developer had offered to "return" the "lost" land to him sometime last year, long before Berita Harian's Dec 21 sensational piece. That would have been a good time for Shahrir as the still relatively new Felda chairman  to set up such a committee to discuss, diplomatically, new terms with the developer. 

Yes Shahrir, why can't you settle this issue nicely like that?

And don't bluff people about the planted Berita Harian story, okay.

You really think those editors can keep their mouth shut about who ordered them to run the story?

The whole nonsense was so unnecessary.

Ni lah masaalahnya kalau rasa diri sendiri je pandai sentiasa.

Felda 2.0 project?

Okay, the settlers will be very happy with this and vote for BN. They will forget about all the nonsense.

Sure. Whatever.


  1. Annie,

    Based on what I have read so far, FELDA has nothing back.

    As far as I know, there is only talk that Synergy Promenade is more than happy to give the land back but nothing has happened and SP still owns the land.

    I suspect that, somehow, the land and the construction of KLVC are very closely tied.

    Maybe if SP returns the land to FELDA, there is no further need for SP to continue with the construction of KLVC.

    So, the land title stays with SP and FELDA has diddly squat.

    Perhaps, that is why a new front has been opened up with FELDA 2.0 to distract those dumb FELDA settlers from realising that it was only merely talk about returnng the land but no actual land has been returned.

    I do wish that there was more clarity on the matter.

    Has the land been returned? A simple Yes or No would be nice.


  2. Wayang wayang another masterpiece from bn

  3. Annie will be a good opposition blogger....
    x lama dah tahun ni gerenti dah...sabar ek cik annie...

  4. ^ Opposition don't pay their bloggers la dey...

    1. You misread the statement😂


  5. Hear, Hear, Hear.

    Whatever have been said or done on Felda's or other losses... the ultimate truth can only be known after PH becomes the government, with Dr.M at the helm.

    To recover Rakyat's money more speedily, especially from 1MDB's related crimes overseas, its better to elect Dr.M as Finance Minister at the same time... through Parliament and His Majesty YDPA's consent, not like what Pak Lah & Najib did... i.e.. self-appointed.
    Hence it will speed-up the recovery process from all the loot.

    After-all... at his age, Dr.M is surely in a hurry to 'make Malaysia great again'.

  6. RD,

    //the ultimate truth can only be known after PH becomes the government, with Dr.M at the helm//

    Yup, at the moment, we can only guess at what is happening in FELDA, 1MBD, KWAP, MARA, Tabung Haji, etc etc..

    //its better to elect Dr.M as Finance Minister at the same time//

    Actually, I disagree here.

    There are more capable people who can be Finance Minister - Tony Pua is one guy who comes to mind.

    Mahatir is better suited to remain the leader.

    He is the best man to handle the many different views of the many different parties who will be jockeying for positions.

    But this is all just talk on my part right now because Pakatan needs to win Putrajaya first.