Saturday 9 September 2017

Rambling on a boring Saturday

A very quiet day.

Surfed the net for interesting new stories but can't find any.

Except maybe the storm approaching southern US.

But that's far away from here.

The rest seemed the same as usual.

Boring stuff.

Anyway, some of my friends were not very comfortable with my last post about masseuses and prostitutes.

One of them even scolded me.

"Why la you tell people you go massage. People may think you are not a good person. It will affect your credibility," he said.

I was like...huh, what's so wrong about going for a massage.

I did it all the time whenever I felt like it.

I don't see anything wrong with it.

Sometimes I even go for massage when I'm travelling overseas.

The best I had was in Shanghai. It was a medicinal massage for lower back.

The first time I went for a massage was with my mother.

She used to take me and my dad for a massage at a place called Si Fu in Bangsar.

The masseuses were locals, mostly from Sabah.

They were very good.

So, really, it's no big deal actually.

I think people tend to jump to conclusion about certain things.

By the way, I'm writing this blog not to show people how intelligent, credible or even how moral I am.

I'm not that type of bloggers, okay.

I'm just writing what I experienced and read as well as giving a bit of my opinion on them.

So, it doesn't matter what people think of me.

If they like to read my blog, they are welcomed to it.

But if they don't like it because they think this and that about me, then they just don't have to read it and waste their time.

Some thought I'm campaigning for certain quarters, but really I'm not.

Well, not anymore.

I'm strictly writing on a personal basis now.

Really. It's like that for me now.

What is right is right. What is wrong is wrong.

If I don't know about things, I would say I don't know about them.

Plain and simple.

By the way, who do you think may want to pay me for writing this whimsical post anyway.

Not even BN want to waste their money on a stupid blog like mine.

It doesn't even have charts, graphs and all the fancy statistics.

Several prominent BN bloggers even said that my blog is devoid of facts and useless.

Really. That's what they said.

And they were right in that sense.

As I said, I only write what I experienced and read as well as giving a bit of my opinion on them.

That's about it.

Yes, theirs are superior blogs, and mine is a useless blog.

I got no problem saying that.

That's because I can manage my ego quite well.

I'm not even trying to become like them.

In fact, I don't want to be like them.

I'm just happy being the way I am.

Eh, enough lah. I'm rambling too much pulak.

Really boring day with nothing much happening.

Listen to this song lah ya,



  1. Muslims always kafir mengkafir, annie tell your frens for God to judge not them thank you...

  2. Annie,

    //Anyway, some of my friends were not very comfortable with my last post about masseuses and prostitutes.//


    //People may think you are not a good person. It will affect your credibility//

    But did you explain your FP Index hypothesis to those people?

    It is all just part of the thinking process, isn't it?

    You were engaged in empirical research and the FP Index hypothesis is seriously valid, to some extent.

    Remember those unusual economic indicators? Some people take them seriously.

    For example, I think that some comments in your previous articles suggested that the ease of getting a visa influenced the FP Index, so this factor, i.e. ease of visa granted, should be included as a variable in the FPI.

    Thus, from an economic POV,

    FP Index = No of *ahem* prostitutes in a country (and) ease of visa (and) earning power (and) something else (and) another thing else

    Therefore, it is easy to see that your hypothesis may be quite correct.

    Because the higher the FP Index, the better the economy of the country.

    This equation reminds me of your friend, SatD, of Pure Shiite fame ( :)

    He loves crunching equations and making them up - with original charts and original graphs as well!!

    Some of his equations and graphs look really good and totally believable although I am not sure how they stand up to closer scrutiny - not that I am an expert at scrutinising equations or graphs :)

    I think you should ask him to come up a better FPI :)

    Who knows? He could even publish a paper with a reputable journal and become famous :)

    My brother has, apparently, published several papers in his field with reputable journals and, yes, those papers make him a lot of money because people read those articles and think he is really clever and pay him lots of money as a consultant.

    To me, he is just my brother, who is a pain in the ass.

    Maybe that's why he doesn't talk to me very much :)

    //what's so wrong about going for a massage.//

    The problem here is that most people think that "massage" is a code word for "prostitution".

    This is rather unfortunate because I happen to know that there are a few blind people in Brickfields who provide excellent remedial(?) massages, according to a good friend of mine.

    These blind people have very few avenues to earn a living and providing remedial massages is one of the very few ways they can make a dignified and respectable living of sorts.

    //As I said, I only write what I experienced and read as well as giving a bit of my opinion on them.//

    I don't know about others, but to me, that is worth more than charts, graphs, and statistics.

    I have always had the feeling you write as you feel.

    It is as though the thoughts form in your brain and the next stop for those thoughts are your fingers and straight onto the keyboard.

    Of cos, it may not really be like that but that is how I like to think it happens :)

    //Yes, theirs are superior blogs, and mine is a useless blog.//

    Yes, they may be superior blogs but I think many readers here tend to read your useless blog more than those superior blogs :)


  3. Apa la lu, Annie
    Merajuk pulak..relek la

    Memang dalam hidup ni ada hari hari yang membosankan. Kalau hari hari tak bosan, sibuk le pulak. So bila bosan, berleter le. Ini tak kena itu tak kena. Biasa la tu. Relek..relek.

    You go to outsyedthebox you get hantam moron, hantam walretard
    You go to shahbudin you get too much harapan
    Why do you think many keep coming back here ?
    So you go to blogs bekas ketua-ketua pengarang akhbar mainstream. Sana jugak. Hantam, hantam, hantam.

    That is why we are here.
    Cerita lain daripada hantam hantam ni pun ada.

    1. Agree anon 03:05. Everything is doomed & gloom according to Outsyed - dia sorang yg pandai/betul.With shahbudin, umno & najib is maksum. LifeofAnnie is more balanced: sometimes critical, sometimes full of hope, & sometime full of angst.

  4. Annie, I don't know if I am qualified to say this as I am relatively new to this blog....but I will say that you are selling yourself short. Some of those blogs which you claimed are superior are quite full of sh*t, hehehe. You see, although I don't agree with your political view most times even in the short time that I have visited your blog, I think you are sincere and without malice in your can sense this sort of thing. AND more importantly, you welcome, REALLY welcome all views and even if you find a few objectional, you give warning first ever so politely, thanking them, hahaha...that's kinda like old world charm.

    Anyway, all I want to say is that these so-called 'superior' bloggers are not as so hot-shot as you might think la.

  5. Annie. Orang kampung lepas bersalin mesti cari 'tukang urut' (for lack of a better term) nak bagi lurus semua urat yang senget. Dulu-dulu ini kita ada pakar urut mak bidan kampung. So urut tradisional ini is part of our Melayu culture.

    In a foreign land where I used to work, we have centres owned by the local Muslims for such urut. Very respectable 'tukang urut' wanita from the Philiphines were employed. For ladies only. You can also request them to urut you in your own house. More comfortable. I did this regularly because work was quite stressful then. But this was urut moden aromatherapy. Bukan urut tradisi Melayu. So urut has no negative connotations except when the profession is abused.

  6. I masuk blogs, not because of their SUPERIORITY. I just want to read. Sama macam I join makcik-makcik ngaji Quran dengan Ustazah di mesjid. Not because I want to pass the 4 tanawi Exam or joining the musabaqah. I just want to read the Quran, that's all. Unfortunately, the ustazah insisted my reading to sound like ARABIC tongue, otherwise I am berdosa!
    Cannot stand itla, belajar just two words in one week, to sound like Arab otherwise berdosa.
    Siapa tahan........???
    I am Malay, hari-hari makan sambal belacan, macam mana nak sound like Arab who only eat camal and kibas...????
    Tak mahu berdosa, so I quit........hehehe
    Sama macam masuk blog - tak kira pro or anti Umno.
    Berdosa ke kalau kita disagree........?????

    1. Cik Minah,

      Nowadays there are so many Arab food such as Nasi Arab Mandi, Nasi Kabsa and then there are Kebab.

      The one popular is Restoran Saba in Putrajaya. In KL also many.

      You amalkan slowly, you can speak arabic like Tok Arab.

      The most important thing is that, the tajwid have to correct. If you have Javanese Slang is still ok. If you can read in Arabic slang, than I guess it would probably sound better.

    2. Cik Minah.
      Penekanan yg salah.biasalah org Melayu.salah sebut ngaji quran bukan main marah.anak tak pandai matematik,fizik diaorg buat x kisah pulak.
      No wonder Muslims are so backward.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Sepatutnya, galakkan orang mengaji.
      Ni tak, asik cakap kalau sebut salah, BERDOSA!!!!
      Bagi saya, yang penting TAJWIDnya.
      Mana nak dengung, mana nak didengung panjang dua,tiga,empat atau enam harakah. Tak perlu saya nak tahu lam Kamariah or Lam Noriah dan sebut bunyi HA' macam lidah Arab.
      Itu sebab ramai orang boring, terus berenti.
      Memang MELAYU salah penekanan.
      Nak jadi Arab sangat.

    4. Cik Minah, setuju sangat. Plus, nak tahu tang mana boleh berenti sebab nafas tak panjang. Saya nak masuk kelas mengaji pikir 10x. Sampai la ni tak start2. Masa saya kecik belajar mengaji dulu, ustaz x tekan kan tajwid sangat.

    5. Cik Minah Ooi,

      Al-Quran itu dalam bahasa Arab. Jadi itu kenalah sebutan dengan betul.

      Ada 2 perkataan Arab yang seakan bunyi ha. Satu Ha bunyinya ke dalam sikit, satu lagi di anak tekak.

      Ada bezanya, Cik Minah cuba carilah Ustazah yang pandai sikit mengajar. Ada yang tak pandai mengajar.

      Kalau tak betul sebutannya, maknanya pun jadi lain.

      Bahasa lain pun sama. Sebagai contoh, dalam bahasa cina perkataan "Hai"

      Kalau perkataan a dalam "Hai" dipanjangkan (4 harkat) , ertinya laut.

      sebaliknya, kalau a itu dipendekkan, (1 harkat), ertinya "dengki"

      Itu dalam Bahasa Mandarin.

      Dalam bahasa Mandarin, lagi banyak "tone" suara setiap perkataan.

      Cik Minah, kalau makan belacan pun boleh belajar baca Quran , syaratnya kena practice dan ikut ustazah yang pendai.

      Mungkin Ustazah PAS, garang-garang kot? Orang PAS dia ini suka sangat menghukum hukum.

      Cik Minah cuba cari Ustazah Pakatan Harapan.

    6. Bukan garang, CARI MAKAN.
      It takes 4 years to Khatam. Every month rm150..00.
      Ada yang rm300 per month. Belajar cuma dua kali seminggu - two words!!
      Don't worry, I got an Indonesia Ustaz now. He let me read and he listen and correct my reading. He is doing Masters in Usuluddin at one of our university. I help him to write it in MALAY. Now I am well versed in SUFISM......HEHEHE

    7. Well done Cik Minah! Hendak seribu daya.

  7. Annie,

    When I was young during school holidays I often got bored when there was nothing to do on one particular day. My mom would say to me,"Pi ambil wuduk dan mengaji Quran kalau boring". Would you do that today?

  8. Feeling bored?

    Book a flight on private jet with Pokjib!


    “From a pure public relations point of view, it’s a meeting the White House should avoid,” said Donald Greenlees, an authority on Southeast Asia with Australian National University. “Even a photo op with Kim Jong-un would be better.”

    Among those highlighted in the assets seizure cases are Mr. Najib, who is identified in court documents as “Malaysian Official 1”; his wife, Rosmah Mansor, who is renowned for her foreign shopping excursions; and his stepson, Riza Aziz, whose company, Red Granite Pictures, produced “The Wolf of Wall Street” and other films.

    In the United States, Ms. Mansor may find it best not to wear jewelry that the Justice Department wants to seize, including her $27.3 million necklace with a 22-carat, pink diamond pendant, or the 27 gold necklaces and bracelets that she acquired in Los Angeles for $1.3 million."

    I think stealing our public money to go shopping never gets "old"....huhu hu

  9. 1mdb money scam so boring too till todate cant know whether jho low innocent or guilty...

  10. You never bother how your taxes being treated, you are no different than Bangladesh and those on working visa people

    1. Annie, Sarawak says NO to the ROHINGYAS. Better send them to Kelantan, since PAS makes so much noise about "SAVING THE ROHINGYASsssss...... ".Here's some reading, for us to pounder.

      Sarawak says no to housing Rohingya refugees

      KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 9 ― Sarawak will oppose any effort to house Rohingya refugees, state minister Datuk Seri Michael Manyin said.

      Manyin, in charge of the state education, science and technological research portfolio, was responding to social media postings claiming that the Rohingya refugees will be sent to the Serian and Bau districts.

      “We totally oppose it. How can we just accept them in?” he was quoted saying by the Borneo Post on its website today.

      The news report did not provide further explanation of the state minister’s objection, except to say the influx of Rohingya refugees would not be good for Sarawak.

      In the same report, Bukit Semuja assemblyman John Ilus and Serembu assemblyman Miro Simuh dismissed the social media postings as “a rumour, a spam intended to disrupt racial harmony in the state”.

      Ilus reportedly said there was no such plan by the Sarawak government to house the Muslim refugees from Myanmar.

      “As far as I know, there’s no such thing going to happen. Such postings are irresponsible as they could create racial tension and divide the people.

      “We should preserve peace and harmony, and remain united,” he was quoted as saying.

      Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency director-general Admiral Datuk Zulkifili Abu Bakar yesterday said his team was stepping up patrols in several areas of the country’s waters to face the possibility of an influx of Rohingya refugees.

      The stateless Rohingya who hail from the northern Rakhine state in Myanmar have been described as among the most persecuted communities worldwide.

      The Myanmar government has repeatedly denied allegations it is practising “ethnic cleansing” amid outbreaks of violence in the area.

    2. Cik Minah oooi, mmg tak logik nak hantar ke S'wak. Ada lautan di tengah, sape nak bayar tambang kapal laut atau kapal terbang mereka?

      Ini le rakyat M'sia, kita bising riuh rendah nak tolong but 'not in my backyard'.

      Saya cadangkan bagile dema duduk salah satu pulau kat Langkawi ke, Selat melaka ke, macam kita buat kat Pulau Bidung dulu. Tak ada le dema merata kutip sedekah kat jalanraya nanti.

    3. Itu Rohingya memang boleh muat masuk kan dalam negeri Kelantan dan baki nya boleh di-hantarkan ke kawasan Terengganu Besut...boleh hari hari Hadi Bawang cerita pasal fatwa baru dia mengenai Jihad.

      Kalau tak muat juga masuk kan kat rumah pemimpin UMNO yg besar itu.

  11. Cik Minah,

    //since PAS makes so much noise about "SAVING THE ROHINGYASsssss...... "//

    What a great idea!!

    And don't forget Kelantanese have been told that the state is underpopulated.

    The Rohingyas will provide a quick boost to the population there.

    Then they can also interbreed with Kelantanese as well to help things along.


    1. I hate this….....make fun of others weaknesses. tat frivolously disrespectful of yours n its not funny at all. Am a kelantanese n am feeling terrible to be referred to those poor characters. We r not tat lousy…leaders with serious power who r accounted for. Either umno or pas it wont change anything. Anyway we still ve momentum on our own.

  12. Annie,

    Your 'thai oil massage' article was a total 'blunder'lah..why??!! tried to justified that Malaysia economy were good by the numbers of prostitutes.

    Okay, jgn salah faham ..aku tak hentam kau..its human error..

    Sudah semestinye ape yg kau tulis dalam blog kau, datang dari hati kau (its your damn blog anyway)..tetapi pembaca blog kau comes from all walk of chill out, take it as it is..

    1. It's not a blunder to me. Thank you.

    2. Annie, Some ppl are just too prickly la, no sense of humour. M'sian ni banyak sangat topic 'pantang'.

  13. 32b tu tahun bila?.. masa tu rakyat tak susah mcm skrg pon. Atas dasar ape derma 2.6 tu? Kenape masuk akaun peribadi? Kenape mula2 dulu nafikan? Boleh beri nama penderma? Bukan ape, nak mengelak fitnah je. Kenapa dipulangkan setelah menerima? Kenapa awal2 niat tak payah ambil sekali? Kenapa tak saman wsj? Dalam setahun ada berapa hari selasa? Tu je nak tanya.. kalau jawapan munasabah.. sy terus isi borang UMNO seumur hidup.. 😂.. ini janji sy.. bukan janji dicapati 😄

  14. fatin @ 12 September 2017 at 00:03,

    //I hate this….//

    Aiyah, don't be like that, OK?

    Don't hate.

    I did not do it to make you hate me.

    You can be unhappy with me, you can be angry with me, but please don't hate me.

    Hate hurts you more than it hurts me.

    Hate will eat up whatever goodness there is in you.

    I hate "hate".

    //make fun of others weaknesses.//


    The only "weakness" I can see is that Kelantanese people are not dumb enough to go have 10-15 children which those mad PAS ayatollahs are demanding.

    Those PAS morons have no plans for how a family is going to feed 10-15 children, but they don't care.

    //We r not tat lousy…leaders with serious power who r accounted for.//

    OK, let's say that Kelantanese are not that lousy.

    So, why do they keep voting in those lousy leaders?

    It is those lousy leaders who allow people like me to make jokes about Kelantanese.

    Yes, those lousy leaders have serious power but how did it all start?

    I will bet you that it all started with one person who influenced others who in turn influenced others and so forth.

    No, it doesn't happen overnight and yes, it may take a long time, but I believe that just one person can start things happening.

    If you want change in Kelantan, do something about it.

    Do it quietly, low-key, slowly, maybe amongst friends first.

    However you want to do it, just do it :)

    OTOH, maybe you already are.


  15. Anonymous @ 12 September 2017 at 00:58,

    //you tried to justified that Malaysia economy were good by the numbers of prostitutes. //

    I am curious, why can't the number of foreign prostitutes be a gauge of the health of a country's economy?

    Believe it or not, this is a serious question.

    Please note the specific reference to "foreign prostitutes", OK?

    We are not talking about local prostitutes, OK?


    1. Gladiator,

      .." we are not talking about local prostitutes, OK? "..

      What do you mean by 'we'???... annie consult dulu dengan kau ker sebelum dia menulis..atau demam kau tak kebah lagi..

  16. Annie. Welcome back. To the turtles of Rantau Abang :)

    Menunggu Malaysians yang lain yang masih di perantauan. Just like the turtles. You don't have to be in residence in order to serve.

  17. Annie. Another frontier news.

    Welcome ladies. Yes I mean all ladies of the world. Be different. Be good. Jangan seperti Mdm Ang. Lost her shine when in power.

    Good day for the ladies today. Our gentle leatherbag lady turtle included.

  18. 'Thanks' to al qaeda, 9/11 radicalized the whole world against muslims...

  19. Annie. Corrections. Mdn Aung not Mdm Ang. Leatherback not leatherbag ;)

  20. Annie, IMO the strength of your blog is your diverse topics which in turn attracts diverse readers. I like reading the comments to your blog - macam2 ada. Plus comments from your readers are generaly tak merapu' & tak vulgar.

  21. Malaysia,
    can buy 1 chicken, a carton of milk,10 eggs, fruits and 5kg of rice.
    Yes because US currency exchange rate is high here.
    most of us budget a lot now.Economic is not so good .so cost of living very high now...
    .....but for some.... still...who cares?

  22. May be U are right Annie, Malaysian economy is on the right track. Look at the fish price. The fishes caught locally are more expensive than Salmon!!!!!

    Air flown Imported Salmon RM41 Per KG, Local Ikan Merah RM63 Per KG, Local Jenahak RM46 Per Kg.

    I masuk blog Outsyed The Box. Mr. Akhbar got the shock of his life when he went to the market this morning and saw Local Ikan Jenahak was selling for RM46 per kg. Local Ikan Merah was selling for RM63 per kg !!

    These insane prices must be due to our leaders capabilities to handle the economy. U are right Annie, our economy is on the right track. No wonder Thai prostitutes come rushing to Malaysia!!!!!!

    1. Most of the salmon sold in M'sia are farmed salmon. The europeans invest highly in tech farming method that doesn't take much space and thus (combined with subsidies from the gov'n) can produced these fishes cheaply.

      Even small country line NL is now a major producer of vegetables through high tech indoor farming wheras in M'sia, saya rasa cara kita tangkap ikan tak berubah sejak 20 thn lalu.

    2. Blue ocean strategy
      What about local faming of ikan merah/jenahak just like the West with farmed Salmon or it is already in motion
      Get ready for prices of fish head curry to spike
      Favourites local past times is slowly being constricted
      So, brings back the good old times


    3. Not only Barang Naik but Banyak Naik!!! Syukurlah BN!!!

  23. mr gladiator 12 sept 08.13

    not hate u…i just hate tat irreverent remarks….make fun of others intelligent…ya u know its just out of d line. maybe sound good to u but not on our pride. d like of someone called ur mother cacat….how u would like it?

    d call to bore out children like queen bee….i never heard tat. not another joke, is it? d situation here is job migrations do occur primarily. 6 of my 7 siblings work in KL. d apparent moved must ve offset d population density.

    some pas heads maybe plain orthodoxy……but calling for human mess production even in context, its highly not true.

    am no supporter of pas. my family members voted them last GE...but not anymore – enuf is enuf, they said. what happened then not pas was better but umno was worthless. umno leaders were seen sky high disposition in nature, greedy, quarrelsome, cronyism, bad agent, federal lapdog …… short those vulgarism aint fit d average n ordinary kelantan people.

    I think tat serves your query…mr! anyway wats tat OTOH?


  24. Anonymous @ 12 September 2017 at 14:33,

    //What do you mean by 'we'???//

    As I was in "conversation" with Anonymous @ 12 September 2017 at 00:58, the "we" refers to me and Anonymous @ 12 September 2017 at 00:58.

    Now that you have enjoined this "conversation", the "we" can also now refer to you, me and Anonymous @ 12 September 2017 at 00:58.

    AFAIK, that is English as she is spoken. :)

    I am surprised you understood as much as what you did but failed to understand how "we" was used.

    Oh well...

    //atau demam kau tak kebah lagi//


    Why so rude?

    I can also be rude but it is pointless because we will just ended up hating each other instead of trying to build bridges.

    Somebody has to try and break the cycle of hatred that we Malaysians have for each other.


    As an atheist, I did not need religion to tell me that :)

    Now, people with religion tell me that they can do better than me.

    I wonder....


    1. Religionists have God but MO1 has billions, who doing better leh...

    2. Gladiator,

      Anon 12 sept 0058 and Anon 12 sept 1433 was the same person..aku lah yg tulis komen tu..

      The point is , my comment was directed to Annie (the blogger who wrote the post incase you forgot)..

      So komen tu utk Annie..jadi kalo Annie nak jawab, jawab lah ..kalo Annie tak nak it is her right anyway..aku tak mintak kau mengomen atas komen aku..

      Free advice for you gladiator ..dont be so busybody larr..

      HHK (initial ni senang kau ingat lain kali)

  25. Najib wanted to help strengthen US economy!

    All the while, I thought MAS CEO to recruit planes. I'm probably wrong.

    1. When in the red, they are busy selling off plabes in their fleet
      With the optimised assets they are now in the black
      Now, prided with success has quickly embarked on a buying spreeIs
      Is it based on sound forcasting technics or gazing the crystal ball?
      Why rock the boat unless warrants by an increase in air travel
      Its a confession of a habitual plane buyer rather than a service provider
      History repeats itself


    2. If and when Najib wants to "strengthen your ekonomi" you better get the hell out of there ... or build an iron wall to protect yourselves.

  26. Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan.

    Keduanya, kami memiliki KWSP, yang merupakan dana pencen utama di Malaysia. Mereka memiliki modal yang besar untuk dieksport, mereka melabur hampir AS$7 bilion dari segi ekuiti di AS dan mereka berhasrat untuk melabur tambahan AS$3 bilion hingga AS$4 bilion bagi menyokong pembangunan semula prasarana anda

    1. Elok lah hidup ni betul kan diri sendiri dan keluarga sendiri dulu sebelum nk salah dan fitnah kan org lain, Tidak ada faedah nya pn anda yg dok marah pada DSN n dok maki hamun dia je, Dok buat tambah dosa, Bawa lah muhasabah diri n fikir hidup kita di akhirat, Juga kemana hala tuju hidup kita n anak2 kita, Sesiapa jadi pemimpin pn semua sama je, Kalau di kata kan manusia kita ni semua x sebaik malaikat yg allah jd kan. Apa pn kita sama2 doa semoga hidup kita dan malaysia di lindungi allah dalam kesejahteraan dan aman damai. Saya party boy yang amat hensem.

      Jho low

  27. Annie, why not you ramble about MO1 'successful' trip to US buying planes & investing billions there??? PS hope these planes & billions are not disappear or misuse by the wolves of 1mdb (jho low & riza aziz)...

  28. Annie. We are so good. We have such great value propositions for the emperor. Congratulations. An excerpt:

    PRIME MINISTER RAZAK: Thank you very much, Mr. President, for your invitation for me and members of my delegation to meet with you at the White House. I want to say that we come here with a strong value proposition to put on the table.

    Number one, we want to help you in terms of strengthening the U.S. economy. I come with three specific proposals. Number one, we intend to increase the number of Boeing planes to be purchased by MAS. We are committed to 25 planes of the 737 MAX 10, plus eight 787 Dreamliners. And there is a strong probability -- not possibility – probability that we will add 25 more 737 MAX 10 in the near future. So within five years, the deal will be worth beyond $10 billion. That’s one. We will also try to persuade AirAsia to purchase GE engines.


    PRIME MINISTER RAZAK: Secondly, we have Employees Provident Fund, which is a major pension fund in Malaysia. They’ve got quite a big sum of capital to be exported. They have invested close to $7 billion, in terms of equity, in the United States. And they intend to invest three to four additional billion dollars to support your infrastructure redevelopment in the United States.


    PRIME MINISTER RAZAK: And thirdly, our sovereign fund, Khazanah, they have an office in Silicon Valley. They have invested about $400 million, in terms of high-tech companies, and they intend to increase that investment as well.

    Read more here:

  29. fatin,

    //d like of someone called ur mother cacat//

    If I insult somebody's mother first without reason, I deserve whatever happens next.

    //d call to bore out children like queen bee….i never heard tat. not another joke, is it?//

    Oh, I wish it was a joke but sadly this stupid suggestion is, apparently, from PAS Kelantan!!

    It seems that PAS Kelantan considers women to be no different from breeding cows.

    //in short those vulgarism aint fit d average n ordinary kelantan people.//

    Sounds like Kelantan people are getting smarter.

    Hopefully, PAS will find that out in GE14.

    //anyway wats tat OTOH?//

    Sorry, it comes from a bad habit of hanging around strange and weird forums.

    OTOH = On The Other Hand.


  30. How can najib telling Trump that we(without consent) will support the US economy when its our economy that needs to be supported.

  31. UMNO ada kuasa demokrasiiiiiiiiiiiiii, its not terkubur or graveyard

    Jho low

  32. Let's vote out this useless kleptocrat PM this coming GE14,then whatever deals this mo1 made will be review and/or cancelled.

  33. Sarawakians still live in jungle, and Malaya still not going to develop the infrastructure here Instead to help US to develop its infrastructure... What the fxxx ?

  34. Unrequited enthusiasm. This Malaysian PM imposes on its own people GST, cut down scholarships, took away subsidies, raised petrol price, and then offers to help America's economy. LOL.

  35. Create more jobs for American.
    Cannot comprehend this at all. US should invest in Malaysia to help us create more jobs for our youth. So wrong in many levels.

  36. Hi Annie,

    Following the just concluded US$15 billion or so economic aid for the greatest nation in the planet, I have a prayer request :

    There's a lady I've known forever.She is very sick.On top of

    that,she is being abused by those to whom she has given

    everything.Just breaks my heart. Seems there's nothing I can

    do alone. But maybe, if we join in and lift her up together

    we can heal her.She just attained her 60th birthday, but way

    too young to die. Her name is MALAYSIA...and I love her

    very much.Many others love her as well.Together we must

    selamatkan her.

    Rasta Rules

  37. Donald Trump patut berterima kasih pada Najib dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia kerana kesudian Najib untuk membantu meningkatkan Ekonomi Amerika yang kian meruncing... prof vegetable-mutant babi turut bahagia

  38. USA GDP = 18569100 million
    Malaysia GDP = 296359 million
    Investment made = 13000 million
    13000 million = 4.3% of Malaysia GDP = 0.07% of USA GDP

    Spending 4.3% of Malaysia GDP to strengthen USA economy by 0.07%.
    Malaysia Boleh!

    According to The 45 Group’s Foreign Agents Registration Act filing, Baumgardner-Nardone was hired to help Malaysia with “arranging meetings between US government officials and Malaysian officials and advocating on strengthening relations between the US and the Republic of Malaysia.”

    Baumgardner-Nardone reported that she was paid $250,000 on May 9 by Godfrey Group Ltd., a firm that is registered in the British Virgin Islands but lists an address in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru. Despite the payment through the intermediary, the filing said that Nardone would work directly with Prime Minister Najib’s office.

    Baumgardner-Nardone’s hiring drew criticism from press outlets and opposition lawmakers in Malaysia, prompting a spokesman for the prime minister to deny Baumgardner-Nardone’s hiring.

    “Neither the Prime Minister’s Office or Government of Malaysia has instructed, appointed or contracted in any form with the Godfrey Group Ltd, the 45 Group or Healy Baumgardner-Nardone,” the statement said. The spokesman did not say if anyone else might have paid $250,000 for lobbying on behalf of the Malaysian prime minister.

    Baumgardner-Nardone did not respond to inquiries on Tuesday. But she has not filed a termination notice or update with the Justice Department indicating the terms of her contract changed.

    Najib says he has previously golfed with Trump at the president’s club in Bedminster, N.J., and boasts that he displays a picture of the two of them on which Trump wrote, “To my favourite Prime Minister.” The prime minister and his entourage arrived Monday at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, the latest in a string of foreign officials who booked accommodations there that financially benefit the president.

  40. Annie - ALL the A9 Samsung bloggers are clapping their hands with Najib's successful trip to US to donate our KWSP and KHAZANAH'S money. Takda ke sekelumit rasa gerun, marah dan takut dalam hati kamu semua..................??????
    U can't keep your money safely in Tabung Haji anymore.
    U cannot keep your money safely in PNB too.
    Neither is your money safe in the Syarikat-syarikat kerjasama like ANGKASA, TABUNG TENTERA etc. Now all our hard work and sweets are going to USA to help their economy.
    WHAT'S NEXT.............???????
    I am scared Annie.
    What will happen to us, Rakyat Malaysia now......????
    Who is going to look after our interest...........??????
    Are we going to live like this forever........?????
    Isn't there anyone with sekelumit conscience.......???????

    1. With the GE14 looming
      He is taking the cue how Trump won the US presidency
      Wiith a little help from Russia
      Assumption by these super powers are as friends/saviour of the third world countries
      Their tentacles are all over the globe
      They have the ablity to avert/subvert/covert at wimp
      This final leg/foray to the US of A is to ' leave no stone unturned' and PLEASE leave us alone
      No more DOJ press releases on eve of the election
      Then it is LINE CLEAR

  41. HHK,

    //Anon 12 sept 0058 and Anon 12 sept 1433 was the same person..aku lah yg tulis komen tu..//

    And exactly how does one tell between comments where the only difference is the Anonymous timestamp?

    I use a nick, you use a nick, and it makes it a lot easier, doesn't it?

    //The point is , my comment was directed to Annie//

    I am guessing that you meant the comment @ 12 September 2017 at 00:58.

    //..dont be so busybody larr..//

    Aaahh, so you come from the school of thought where questions about your public statements, made in a public forum, are not allowed from a member of the public, eh? :)

    OK, got it :)

    But damn, I am still curious, from an economic POV, why can't the number of foreign prostitutes cannot be a gauge of the health of a country's economy? :)

    No, never mind, no need for you to answer, I know your rules - no questions allowed on your public statements :)

    Maybe somebody else might consider suggesting an answer to a question I have asked publicly :)

    No rules for my public statements - anybody can jump in and be a busybody.

    I find that the best way to learn about people when they start interacting with me :)


    1. Seriously gladiator..get a real human (alive and kicking) to talk to..I mean to have a real other words get a life dude!!..


    2. This is not a time to display ones bravado

  42. HHK,

    //Seriously gladiator..get a real human (alive and kicking) to talk to//

    Aren't you are a real human?

    //I mean to have a real conversation//

    Aren't we having a real conversation?

    //in other words get a life dude//

    I've already got one thanks :)

    I have no way of getting another :)


  43. Anonymous @ 14 September 2017 at 20:02

    //This is not a time to display ones bravado//

    Well, you can't be talking about me because I am the biggest coward there is - ever :)

    In fact, if somebody else claimed to be a bigger coward than me, I would gladly and quietly surrender the title to him/her without a fight - that is how cowardly I am :)