Sunday 17 September 2017

On the tahfiz tragedy twist

Latest report on the tahfiz tragedy ;

Youths arrested, mocking remarks motive behind tahfiz fire


“They comprised school leavers and dropouts living around Datuk Keramat area,” he said.
He said all of them have been remanded for seven days from today and investigations would be done under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder and Section 435 for mischief by fire.
Amar Singh said six of the youths were tested positive for drugs and two had previous criminal records for rioting and vehicle theft.
Looks like the whole tragedy has taken quite a dramatic twist.

Honestly, I'm quite lost for words.

So many questions now in my head.

What were the kids thinking when they did it?

Was it because of the drugs they took?

What had the tahfiz students said to them that made them did it?

Did they really mean to kill those other kids?

Whatever it is, for me, this is a sign that something is really wrong with our society.

I feel that collectively, we failed to raise our kids properly that some of them ended up doing what those kids did.

Yes, I believe that we are all at fault on this.

I know, most of you all probably disagree with that, thinking, what does it got anything to do with the rest of us.

Well, I'm talking about us as a society.

We, as a whole, failed on this one.

Those kids, who died and those who allegedly caused their death shouldn't end up like that if we are a better society.

We need to be a society with better values if we don't want this sorts of tragedy to happen again.

As for those arrested kids, if they are indeed guilty of the crime, then I hope our justice system will be just with them.

Hang them all? No, I don't believe that 's the solution.

These are kids, after all.

Remember, we are also to be blamed as a society which produced such kids.

We need to do better than that, and learn from this tragedy.

For one thing, we need to do more for our youths so that this country may have a better future.

Anyway, despite this latest development, I still stand on what I wrote about.

Tahfiz and other religious schools need to be brought to mainstream education system


  1. Sikalang lain olang punya salah , itu tahfiz punya pengulusan tatak salah .

    Banjir lekat Pulau Pinang ,lia olang cekap kelejaan pusat punya salah ,negeli punya tatak salah .

    Wa sutak pening maa aa .

  2. Tak kira dalam masyarakat mana pun there will be some bad apples.Things like this are bound to happen.
    As the father of three grown up children I personally believe that the parents have major responsibilities in raising their kids.
    Kalau tak mampu beranak ramai, jangan beranak ramai.The government should seriously thinking about some social engineering program like what the Singaporean government did.
    Those who don't have the capacity to raise a decent family should be discouraged to have many children.May be on voluntary basis.Giving free condoms or contraceptive pills to the people will probably do.After all,if we can do something to control cat population why not we do it on human.After all,bad humans can do much damage as compared to what stray cats can do.
    My suggestion might sound too radical but let's give it a try.

    Prof Kangkung

  3. Annie. My heart breaks. For all of us.

    "I feel that collectively, we failed to raise our kids properly that some of them ended up doing what those kids did."

    Yes. Indeed. My first thought when I read about Cik Minah's sharing of the latest report that you edited in your posting. We adults as heads are so engrossed with our own battles. That the children of the society are lost at the tail end.

    I mourn both the vanquished and the mocked. Innalillahi wainna ilayhi raji'un. May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala forgive and guide us all. Allahumma ameen.

  4. Something is really wrong with our society sister? YES!!! very sick.
    We still tolerate the SICKO al-Pekan in the Putrajaya (now Putragagal) ..... Hahahaha!!!

    1. The current MP of Pekan is a special kind of trouble, the people following him are even more bewildering

  5. Susah nak cakap, Annie. The area is occupied by low income group of people. The area has been on fire several times. We can always say, they should not built the Tahfiz there, but than the Tahfiz is meant for low income group. So, they should put wall around the school to avoid trespasses, but than if the building is burnt, the same tragedy would occure. Memang susah hidup di dunia ini. Buat begini, jadi begitu. Buat begitu, jadi begini.

    1. That what happen when you have a low class opposition against goverment.

      Same scenario is it not?


  6. Before the religious schools and Tahfiz be brought to mainstream education system I think they should be disbanded for 2 years. Strict criteria,new rules and regulations on every aspect should be enforced so that only those really qualified be granted license to operate.

    Too much of religious stuffs clouded the masses. And politicians are using religion for their selfish survival...MO1 and Bawang Hadi for example.

  7. Annie,

    What's wrong with Malaysian society?

    I feel it is down to two main aspects.

    Firstly, there is ketuanan.

    I am entitled to respect because I am told that I am an important person.

    Don't you dare mess with me, OK?

    You mess with me and you will bear the consequence of the second aspect.

    The second aspect of this equation is punishment.

    From young, we are brought up with a sense of what is considered right and what is considered wrong.

    And we know there are a lot of wrongs, even more so when religion is brought into the picture - this is haram, that is haram, lots of things are haram.

    Things haram are punished and many times the punishments are of the scary type.

    Long term exposure to talk about scary type punishments can de-sensitise people to beatings, to amputations, to beheadings, and death.

    So, we have the beginnings of a tragedy here.

    Throw into the mix other ingredients like sub-standard education, a lack of employment opportunities, poor socio-economic circumstances and a simple argument between children becomes a need for revenge to punish those who have insulted us.

    //For one thing, we need to do more for our youths so that this country may have a better future.//

    Yupe, we know exactly what needs to be done.

    We fix the sub-standard education.

    We need more classes on ketuanan, more classes on morality, more classes on civics and more classes on religion.

    Obviously, we don't have enough, right?

    Yes, we need to stress to young and impressionable minds what punishments they will receive if they stray from the path.

    Maybe come up with even more scarier punishments because those young minds are obviously not too bothered about the current scary ones.

    Here, we could turn to Hadi Awang for some help as I am sure he has some great suggestions.

    Punishments are Hadi Awang's specialty.

    OK, so that fixes the problem of sub-standard education.

    Next is how to fix a lack of employment opportunities?

    I was going to suggest increasing the Foreign Prostitutes Index of nearby countries like Singapore, Indonesia, etc to enable the flow of foreign capital back into Malaysia.

    But I know there is, at least, one reader here who might object to this supposedly nonsensical economic index, so I am not going to suggest it, OK?

    Jangan marah gua lah. I didn't suggest anything, OK?

    I just said I was going to suggest it but I didn't, OK?

    Alright, how about expanding government departments?

    Or for GLCs to hire more people?

    Never mind whether those government depts or GLCs need the extra hands as long as there are jobs, jobs, jobs, for everybody.

    OK, another problem fixed.

    What's next?

    Ah, the poor socio-economic circumstances.

    This is the easiest to fix.

    Increase the BR1M payments lah and make the payments monthly.

    Senang je.

    Final problem fixed.

    Addressing the above issues might or might not create a better Malaysia, but we will never know if we don't try, right? :)

    Gladiator *ducks for cover*

  8. Annie,

    According to the law it is a crime not to send children to go to school.

    A school is defined as an education establishment that are recognized by the system.

    These illegal establishments do not complied to this definition.

    Therefore the government is at fault here because they did not perform the enforcement in ensuring children go to proper school.

    There are private schools in this country but they are bound to regulations ensuring the proper syllabus are being taught, the safety and security of the accommodation are up to standard.

    These Tahfiz grew like mushroom in numbers but they are not bound by rules.

    The existing government do not have the will nor the competency to control the situation.

    I do not think that this problem will have a solution, not with the present people that are in charge.

    1. Still blaming the tahfiz? You must the father of the 7 teenage terrorists.

  9. Melayu community is in deep shit and they are in denial.

    1) drug epidemic
    2) mat rempit
    3) unemployment
    4) underemployed, i.e. get a civil service job and sit at counter and lepak.
    5) runaway birth rates, January pregnant - September give birth - December pregnant again.
    6) tidak apa attitude. Any problems in life blame it on fate or somebody else.
    7) Ketuanan. Criticism is taken as an insult either to race or religion or both. (How to improve?)
    8) sense of entitlement. Government/UMNO/Perkasa must take care of me regardless of how irresponsible I am.
    9) feudal mentality - follow everything the politicians says regardless of whether they make sense or not (critical thinking must apply la).
    10) give up easily. Famous phrase - "malas la" which can be used in a variety of contexts.

    You can have another 200 years of NEP, and you're still fucked.

  10. Hey Gladiator!

    You miss the real culprit here!

    Towkey rumah urut

    Towkey judi haram

    Towkey rumah pelacur

    Towkey barang seludup

    Towkey barang tiruan

    Towkey pemerdagangan pendatang asing

    Towkey wang haram

    Towkeu pembunuh upahan

    ...and this one that kills those tahfiz kids!!!


    ...and how come you miss them!

    Oooops sorry...terlupa pulak...who are good at making money...they are smart people wright!

    The Equalizer

  11. Pertama sekali... Dalan pengajaran Agama... Jangan mendidik anak-anak kecil dengan 'amalan tebus dosa'.

    Contohnya: Kalau pergi Haji, semua dosa yang lepas-lepas akan terhapus.

    Saya pernah mengalaminya sendiri. Anak saya curi basikal jiran, dua lorong dari rumah saya. Saya paksa dia pulangkan kembali sambil melihat dari jauh. Takut Tuan-rumah keluar dan pukul pula anak saya.
    Pada malamnya, saya nasihatkan bahawa perbuatannya mencuri adalah berdosa dan tidak baik sebagai seorang Islam. Saya tanya dia, apakah perasan kita kalau barang kita pula yang dicuri orang. Mestilah kita marah. Tiba-Tiba dia kata...
    Ek eleh Abah. Arith besar esok, pergi Haji, habis la dosa Arith, Abah.

    Terkejut beruk saya. Tak pernah saya ajar anak-anak dengan amalan tebus dosa.

    1. The was Islam is taught now in msia put so much emphasis on 'hubungan dgn tuhan' but not much on 'hubungan dgn manusia'. I was taught buat dosa dgn tuhan bila2 boleh mintak ampun but buat dosa dgn manusia, selagi org tu tak ampunkan, dosa tetap ada. Waallahualam.

      'Myth' semua dosa terhapus bila pergi haji & myth mencuri dari bukan islam x berdosa telah wujud sejak berpuluh2 tahun dah. Nampaknya sampai hari ni masih berterusan.

    2. Bro., the maqasid ad-deen (goal of religion) is "hablun min Allah wa hablum min an-nas" (to know and love Allah Creator Most Merciful; and to be in harmony with our fellow human beings).
      Can't have one without the other in the Deen.

  12. The Equalizer,

    //You miss the real culprit here!//

    No, I don't think so.

    They are more of the supporting act, if you like.

    By themselves, they don't always cause people to go kill for revenge.

    At least, that's what I think.

    I mean, someone who has just come out of a rumah urut is not exactly going to be in the mood for very much, similarly someone who is on drugs.

    I have never been to a rumah urut but I have had some experience working with people who are drug addicts - but that's another story for another day.

    Believe me, drug addicts don't really care very much about anything except getting drugs, getting stoned and doing very little.

    None of this revenge business for them - too much effort for them.

    All the others you have mentioned are pretty much in the same boat.


  13. Lets admit it. People just love to blame Islam , just admit it. Even when they are the victims they are to be blamed.

  14. Annie. Meanwhile. In the world news. North Korea is moving forward despite increasing UN sanctions. And despite ongoing sanctions North Korea economic growth for 2016 was estimated at 3.9% (Bloomberg Report). By contrast our free Malaysia records a GDP growth of 4.2% for the same year.

    Just. Food for thought.