Thursday 14 September 2017

Rafizi simply hantam on income tax, Eric See-To needs to do his job better

A friend complained to me just now about PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli getting it all wrong about the income tax issue.

"He simply hantam the figures lah," my friend said.

"And the BN people are not answering him properly. They even confirmed Rafizi's nonsense," he added

My friend was referring to this tit-for-tat between Rafizi and BN strategic communication (BNSC) deputy director Datuk Eric See-To.

Rafizi challenges See-To to debate on tax collections

First, Rafizi's claims which my friend said were all wrong,


Previously, Rafizi said that from RM60.3 billion in 2010, income tax collection was estimated to have reached RM112.3 billion in 2017, according to data obtained from the Treasury.

He also claimed that there was a drastic decline in personal income tax collections by the government even though the economy was developing.
“Personal income tax collection in 2012 was RM51,288 million but it went down in 2016 to RM27,566 million.

Then, this was Eric See-To's which my friend said failed to address Rafizi's wrong statistics,

On Aug 31, See-To took issue with the Pandan MP’s decision to compare the tax collections in Malaysia in 2010 to Australia’s tax collection average growth of 5.3% during the same period.
Rafizi, he said, failed to state that the GDP growth of Australia was just 2.7% during that period, which meant that tax collections had also outpaced economic growth there.
“Australia’s example shows that income tax collections outpacing economic growth is not unusual.”

So, I checked from the Inland Revenue Board figures, and this is what I found,

Please click on image to see it better

Yup, I think my friend is right. Rafizi got all the figures wrong.

My friend is also right about Eric See-To failing to point it out to Rafizi, which in a way confirming the wrong stuff told by Rafizi.

I hope Rafizi can stop doing these sorts of monkey business of quoting the wrong statistics just to win over the rakyat's support. It's unethical, okay.

And I think Eric See-To and his team should do their job more diligently. I heard they were paid quite well. So, don't la do a sloppy job.


  1. Dear Annie

    Sloppy job of by who!!!

    ....or perhaps its a saboteur job!

    The Equalizer

  2. Annie,

    This is simply not fair, OK?

    I am still struggling with the Foreign Prostitutes Index (FPI) and you have moved on to income tax collections and GDP.

    Bagi chance lah!

    I can't think that fast, OK?

    The FPI is a valid index, regardless, of what others may think of it.

    As to the stoush between Ragizi and See-to, my money is on Rafizi.

    Unless See-to gets some serious help from people who are as smart, if not smarter, than Rafizi.

    As for the figures you have presented, my first thoughts were whether they refered to cumulative corporate and personal tax.

    You will notice that Rafizi had, cleverly, refered to personal invome tax.

    Of cos, for a person like me, struggling to understand the FPI, it is going to be hard to work out comparisons to the Australian scenario re GDP and personal income tax.

    Might be better to stick to the FPI..

    Hmmm... maybe I sjould look at foreign prostitutes in Australia to see if there are any correlations to the health of the economy...


    1. You can go ahead and do your fucktard prostitute analysis all day, lets see if you can win awards

  3. Aiyo Annie you need to be current & relevant. The hot news are the poor victims of fire at the religious school. My heartfelt condolences to all victims. In most other countries the operators of the school will be charged with manslaughter but in Malaysia..itu takdir. No one will be accountable.So sad.

    1. Please read my posting before this one. Thank you.

  4. Senangnye penyamun bawa rm 100 belion enjou kt amerika dgn dedaknye....rakyat kt tanah air ade kebuluran x mkn...

    1. Anon @ 20:48

      Are you high on syabu!!!

  5. Pelaburan KWSP dlm infrastructure US adalah dlm bentuk terbitan bond municiple utk finance projek2 mereka.
    Bukan pelaburan secara langsung utk projek2 infra.

    Pulangan nya lebih bagus.
    Fungsi KWSP adalah mencari keuntungan maxima utk pencarum.
    Klu tidak dilabur diluar Negara.... kesemua duit KWSP itu perlu diguna oleh Kerajaan Pusat didalam Negara.

    Bermakna hutang krjn akan bertambah banyak lagi Dan pulangan nya tidak seberapa.

    Ingat duit KWSP tidak boleh diperap ..mana nak hasil Pendapatan utk byr dividen kalau tidak dilabur.

    So bagi macai2 Pakatoon jgn mudah tertipu dgn dakyah politic Pembangkang.
    Vegetable will kiss my ass

    Jho low

    1. Bijak jho low should change your name to something else as Jho Low name smells rat.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Fungsi KWSP adalah untuk mengumpul, menjaga simpanan wang pekerja. KWSP juga memberikan pulangan yang terbaik simpanan perkerja.

      Wang simpanan pekerja bukan untuk dijadikan bahan untuk diletakkan di meja perundingan antara Najib dan Trump.

      Wang simpanan pekerja bukan untuk membina infrastruktur Amerika dan untuk buat "Make America Great Again"

      Presiden Ronald Reagan ada menyimpan rakaman perjumpaan antara Ronald Reagan dan Mahathir pada tahun 1984.

      Boleh tengok di Youtube.

      Ada Mahathir cakap hendak kuatkan ekonomi Amerika? Ada Mahathir letak wang untuk infrastruktur America?

      Ini yang menjadi masalah bila amalkan "Cash is King", hendak mengeratkan hubungan dua negara pun nak kena sebut berbillion-billion dan sampai duit simpanan pekerja pun nak sebut kepada Trump.

      Apa dia hasil yang dibuat balik dari perjumpaan Trump?

      Duit hendak beli kapalterbang sampai RM40 billion, dari mana hendak cari?

      Sekarang ini, Malaysia banyak duit ke?

    3. Saya cukup bijak untuk menjual malaysia sahaja
      No need grandiose PHD like you
      Bersyukurlah lagi, makan tahi saya pun aku perintahkan kamu bersyukur

      Jho low

    4. 'Investor friendly' BN said to foreign direct investors (FDI) that Msia is the best place to invest so why EPF need to invest in US??? All Buntut Nasional (incl jho low) are ass brained!!!

  6. Something doesnt add up with the table from LHDN.If you add up the individual collection from the 12 tax collection centres,they dont add up to the total collection for the individual year.

  7. Anonymous @ 14 September 2017 at 20:12,

    //You can go ahead and do your fucktard prostitute analysis all day//


    Why like that one?

    If you don't think that the FPI is valid, at least say why.

    There are legitimate labour force implications in the FPI, so constructive criticism from you would be a plus :)

    I hope your snide remarks are not because you look down on prostitutes.

    They are humans just like you and me and there are many many reasons why a person would sell his/her body for money.

    There are even NGOs which work with prostitutes trying to help them.

    So, maybe you can see some relevance for the FPI from this perspective.

    //lets see if you can win awards//

    Well, I could say I have already won at least one award - from you for fucktard analysis :)

    But I better not because I have a feeling that it may upset you to think that you have unintentionally given me an award.

    So, let's pretend I didn't say anything, OK? :)

    Let's just try and constructively discuss the FPI instead of fighting and calling each other names, OK?


    1. You never had any awards, mabuk ketum ke?
      You can encourage your mom, sister and daughter to sell their body everyday
      Wohoo liberal bravado

  8. Visiting US & thought of spending few thousands to strengthen US economy but that niamah MO1 beat me to it by spending BILLIONS to strengthen US economy (people money he think his datok money) sigh...

    1. Anon 1801
      Spending money and investing are two different things.Tun M pun pernah cakap EPF should invest more in overseas market for higher return

      Prof Kangkung

  9. KipiDAP BN infighting & implosion btw there is no honor among Bandit Nasional or 1mdb thieves...

  10. Anonymous @ 15 September 2017 at 10:02,

    //You never had any awards, mabuk ketum ke?//

    Ah, so it is now NOT fucktard analysis.

    Thank you :)

    //You can encourage your mom, sister and daughter to sell their body everyday//

    Looks like you seem not to understand.

    Even if your mother, sister and daughter entered prostitution as well, it would still make no difference.

    We, meaning you and I, are not talking about local prostitution, remember?

    It's foreign prostitution, we are discussing.

    Now, if your mother, sister and daughter moved to Singapore and became prostitutes there, they would become foreign prostitutes and hence become part of Singapore's Foreign Prostitutes Index, you see.

    So, as you can see, the FPI does have real world labour force implications.

    I still wish you would consider a serious discussion but I guess some people can't do it because of their aversion to the stigma of prostitution.


    1. You wanker glorifies prostitute too much

  11. Sejak Bila Rafizi ni bijak?

    He acts as if he is a smart guy but in reality he is just a good actor.

    I remember one of the promises made by Pakatan Rakyat in its manifesto for GE13 or GE12 is a toll abolishment. When people asked where to get the money to pay compensation to the toll concensessaionaires, his simply answered that we can use EPF money.
    Does he think he can get EPF money free of charge?

    Memang Rafizi is a moron

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Rafizi mana ada bijak, dah tahu lama dah

      Jho low

  12. Anonymous @ 16 September 2017 at 12:00,

    //You wanker glorifies prostitute too much//

    Well, I guess that says something about you and me, doesn't it?

    You look down on prostitutes.

    I considerthem to be humans just like you.