Friday 1 September 2017

Doing our bit for Malaysia

I read Rocky's latest posting today,

Malaysia no hope?

and was reminded of this post I wrote on March 20 2014

I believe that most of us do love our country.

Students and teachers of Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan (SMJK) Chung Hwa made history when they paraded a 626m long Jalur Gemilang, in Kota Baru recently
Despite our complaints and unhappiness, we want to do the right thing for Malaysia.

Maybe our ways of showing our love for our country were different, but still we want the best for it.

As for those who forsake this country, I think they did so more due to personal reasons and not because things are so bad here that they were forced to leave.

There were many who left but later came back.

I have a friend who migrated to Australia but returned after she suffered chronic spinal ailment which costs for treatment over there were too expensive.

Others came back just because they missed the life here.

My mother's sisters live and work in Singapore, but they are still Malaysians.

One of them was married there and her children are Singaporeans.

Still, despite living a completely Singaporean life, my aunt loves Malaysia very much.

She cheers for Malaysia in her Facebook postings whenever our athletes participated in sporting events. She's a big fan of Lee Chong Wei.

Of course, she loves Singapore too.

It's after all the country of her husband and children.

As for us here, sometimes we got angry with what's happening in the country, but most of us still want to do the right thing for it.

Deep inside we know this country of ours is not so bad.

Most of us are like that.

It's not perfect, of course, but it's much better than most others.

The truth is that, despite our complaints, most of us still want to contribute in making this country a better place.

Remember that private neurosurgeon I highlighted in this post,

Doctors are criminals?  

Yes, the one who said he didn't want to help out at the government hospital anymore because the Inland Revenue Board people are giving him a hard time.

At that time he was angry. He even contemplated taking up an offer to work in beautiful Maldives.

Apparently he's okay now and is back doing his volunteer work.

He tried to sound reluctant but I know he loves doing his bit of national service.

This is my Wassap conversation with him the other day.

Yup, sometimes we thought that this country is so fucked up, but actually it's not and we still love it and want to do the right thing for it.

I think it's a bit like having a cranky boyfriend or girlfriend whom we love so much.

End of the day, we still love and want the best for him/her.


  1. Annie. I have no problem with my country. I have problems with trust that has gone busted. We have to differentiate that. I will not relinquish my passport. But I will expect those who can't trust themselves to relinquish their amanah and pass it on to the better others. Again it's not about quitting on the nation. Thank you.

  2. To all patriotic Msians do your bit by toppling BN for the good of the nation or future generation...

    1. Saya nak beli diamond berharga rm1billion tapi saya tak ada duit
      So saya sekarang tengah tunggu wang tax tourism, gst, toll dan macam-macam lagi untuk membeli permata tersebut
      So cepatlah korang bayar tax dan gst...
      Bayar cepat-cepat... sebab saya mahu beli permata dengan cepat
      Salam merdeka... merdeka beban kewangan...

      Jho low

  3. Annie,

    //I believe that most of us do love our country.//

    I was born a Malaysian and I will die a Malaysian.

    Does that count as love for my country?

    I dunno.

    //As for those who forsake this country,//

    I know quite a few people who have left Malaysia simply because they see no future for themselves and their children.

    They are born the wrong race and they have the wrong religion.

    As far as I know, they are extremely happy in their new countries of US, Canada, UK and Australia.

    The family in Australia was offered permanent residency within 7 months of being in the country due to the father's specialty.

    The "poor" guy has had to turn down several job offers because they did not pay well enough for him.

    Others have good paying jobs overseas and only return to Malaysia for holidays or whenever the fancy takes them :)

    They could never get the same jobs in Malaysia because, yes, we are back to that race and religion thing again, sorry.

    But then, why complain about somebody else having that same job in Malaysia when one is being paid the overseas equivalent of about RM300 per hour for 40 hours a week, right?

    //I have a friend who migrated to Australia but returned//

    That doesn't sound right to me.

    As far as I know, Australia has an excellent health system and her treatment would have cost next to nothing even if she was a migrant with no health insurance.

    For example, medication which can cost RM10,000 a month is available to some people, eg the young, the poor and the old, for RM7.50 a month - no joke.

    Two or three years ago, I, personally, know of a young guy, 20y.o.(?), who had revolutionary spinal surgery by a world-leading spinal surgeon.

    Cost to that young fellow? Zero.

    That was thru the public health system.

    With health insurance of, say, RM1,500 per month, your friend would have virtually zero to pay for virtually any ailment she might have at a private hospital with a private room and her choice of private doctors.

    But then I don't claim to know everything about the ins and outs of the Australian health system.

    Maybe your friend has some specific issue which is unique, I dunno.

    //Deep inside we know this country of ours is not so bad.//

    Annie, it is not that the country is bad.

    It was NEVER about the country being bad.

    It is the administration of the country which is what I take exception with.

    //Remember that private neurosurgeon I highlighted in this post,//

    I recall that fellow.

    He is truly a good guy.

    People like that friend of yours are really rare!

    //sometimes we thought that this country is so fucked up,//

    Again, I would like to remind you that it was NEVER about the country.

    It was always about the administration of the country.

    //it's a bit like having a cranky boyfriend or girlfriend whom we love so much.//

    As far as personal relationships go, I would never date a cranky girlfriend, or a demanding girlfriend.

    Would be a waste of my love.

    I don't think healthy relationships are based on the demands and desires of just one party.


    1. - I'm not against people migrating for a better future but I disagree if you say or they claim it's because of their race and religion. Everyone has the chance to do well here as long as they work hard for it one way or another.
      - My friend with spinal ailment is real. She's my classmate at law school. Her husband is an architech. She said she even had to hire a maid to care for her babies because of her condition and that's adding to the costs.
      - Some people are just cranky by nature but they may have other positive traits. I always try to see the positive in someone than the negative. I'm in love with a cranky person and trying my best to make the relationship works. It goes both ways.
      Thank you.

    2. I'm also migrating in my public funded yachts(stolen kampung tax money)

      Living in yachts is good too... you agree?

      Jho low

  4. Annie,
    Artikel kau kali ni mmg potong stim..lebih kpd kempen halus (which you have every right to write so).. personally utk aku mmg tak jalan lah..majority, da letih la dgn UMNO.

    1. Ikut suka hati engko lah. Thank you.

    2. Jangan "ganggu" Annie, gangguan-gangguan makhluk halus

      Jho low

  5. I have travelled to a few other countries.I lived in the US for 6 years.I made a conclusion that Malaysia is stil among the best countries to live in.
    Just like many Kelantanese would like to admit,Kelantanese are amone the most quarrelsome people when they are in Kelantan.However,outside Kelantan they become brothers and sisters.
    I believe Malaysians are also quite similar in that aspect.We quarrel with each other when we are together in Malaysia but will become the best of friends outside Malaysia.
    One occassion that really stick in my mind how proud we are as Malaysians.
    I was on holiday in Shenzen with my family.While queing to watch some kind of cultural show I was chatting with my wife and children in Malay.
    A group of chinese youngsters came to us and asked us.'orang Malaysia kah?'.Obviously we look Malaysians or Indonesian with my wife wearing tudung.
    After knowing that we are Malaysians I can see from the look of their faces they are so hapy to meet another Malaysian in Shenzen China.
    We chatted for a while before we went seperate ways.
    It is ironic when I think about it.These youngsters are surrounded by so many people who look like them but they are more than happy to meet us.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Tak heran pun Prof.Kangkong, while I was in Beijing, met some youngsters belajar Manderin and mengajar English di sana, complaining to us deritanya makan masakan Cina and susahnya nak cari MILO!!!

    2. Oh terlupa nak sebut.the youngsters are CHINESE and a few Indian. Mereka mengajar Bahasa Inggris di kolej-kolej Beijing. Ada juga belajar Manderin or memperdalamkan Manderin mereka di Beijing.

    3. Malaysia is a splendid country
      That's all the reason we have to oust good for nothing najib

    4. It's a magnificent country malaysia is
      That's why we the elite have to milk them to the bone

      Jho low

  6. Annie,

    Malaysia is like a little girl being possessed by a demonic jinn.

    A demonic jinn habitually derived its strengths from human blood. Hence it possessed human beings whenever there's opportunity.

    Through the human body the demon also gets to enjoy worldly things such as sex and the taste of food, which it's not entitled to.

    And being inside the human body the demon found refuge against lightning strikes.

    The malaikat taking charge of the lightning strikes cannot hit the demon who is hiding inside the little girl, otherwise the little girl may die together with the demon.

    And when an ustaz is called to perform exorcism on the little girl, the demon would make the little girl screaming for help and sympathy.

    Thus Najib-UMNO-Country-Islam are being tied together as ONE, hitting one means hitting all.

    And, love one must also love the other.

    How evil.

    1. Malaysia Is good country, it's much better than America
      It's very hard to songlap in America

      Jho low

  7. Gladiator,

    Kalau treatment for medical aliment in Down Under costing almost ZERO, there is no reason to leave Australia and I agree and I will say it everyday to anybody I meet. But as you put it, "RM1,500 monthly" health insurance cost, one would need to make 20 times that amount monthly to afford this !!
    Worth it kah ? Betul ka your number ?

    You kena tegur a few times it the rotten administration of the country and not the country that so fucked up. I would never ask to live and die in another country (not even to die in Mecca macam tok nenek selalu mintak). We want to live in the beautiful Malaysia of the 60' & 70's (minus the underdevelop elements) before the islamization, before the existence of BN quick-rich scheme became the terminal cancer we see today.

    Hari ni saya setuju dengan Prof Kangkung.


  8. But of course Malaysians love Malaysia.

    That's why we don't want to see it become a corrupt cesspool where the leaders steal freely from public funds and use race & religion for political ends.

    That's why people risk arrest and intimidation to make their voices heard.

  9. America can suck my dick
    Long live Malaysia

    Jho low

  10. Annie,

    //I disagree if you say or they claim it's because of their race and religion.//

    Believe it or not, in Malaysia, it is quite difficult to get a job as a lecturer, a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, a researcher, a scientist, in any GLC, any university, any government department, if one is not quite the right race or religion.

    Even if one did get such a job, the prospects of promotion and advancement are dim or non-existent.

    There is only that many that be absorbed by the private sector.

    //she even had to hire a maid to care for her babies//

    Aah, she has children.

    OK, that complicates matters.

    Nannies and maids are expensive in Australia.

    So, my guess is your friend is back in Malaysia more for the support she gets from family and friends PLUS the advantage of a maid.

    Medical costs at private clinics in Malaysia are probably only marginally cheaper as compared to Australia.

    //I'm in love with a cranky person and trying my best to make the relationship works.//


    I wonder how many hearts you have broken here with that statement :)

    //It goes both ways.//

    Well, if BOTH parties to the relationship are equally cranky, there should be no problem there, right?

    Beyond the usual expected problems, that is, whatever they are.

    I am not very good at this love business.

    I do admire some of my friends who seem to have no problems getting girlfriend after girlfriend after girlfriend.

    They do try to teach me some of their tricks but I am just hopeless at the quick wit, the soothing words, and all the cool stuff that goes into attracting females.

    Don't get me wrong, I can think of the clever and funny things to say - four days later. :)


  11. i have no doubt each one of us loves our country in our own way.

    it is the one who runs the country. i dont think they care.

    ive been in BTN once, we were ask to sing various patriotic songs. and i was angry. not because we have to sing, but because we dont need to. we already love our country. it is those who are in the higher ups who are stealing money bringing the nation to its knees that doesnt give a damn about malaysia.

    mo1 being who he is must have stood before negaraku millions of times. but he and his henchmen are the real traitor.

    I am proud of course when negaraku is played. but I also stand before negaraku with mixed feeling. it is a tragedy.

  12. Syukur kita ada negara.

    Tu je.


  13. Annie,

    Few days back there's this news about Wanda boss and family being prevented from leaving at Tianjin Airport.

    In China, things can move quickly, but there are traces where one can follow to see where they lead to.

    But the Wanda news of course was not reported by local media. Just like the Malaysian Envoy being murdered in Madagascar, the timing of the reporting and the time of happening could be twisted out of needs.

    Anyway couple of months back najib, someone from johor, and lim kang hoo were travelling up and down to China to look for Wanda. Najib even was reported to have said that Wanda could do wonders for Bandar Malaysia.

    Now, the fallout of Wanda with China leaders, is a slap on najib administration. What kind of advisers najib have for china affairs?

    Anifar? Ong Ka Ting? Or Shahidan Kassim?

    What a tragedy, for the country, i mean.

  14. if you care to do surveys after surveys as posted by bru there is no denying or dispute that every malaysian even the pendatangs for crying out loud, have hopes and wish for a better country and given the opportunity would strive to make it even the say goes...a gomen of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth but unfortunately we are blessed with a gomen of the corrupt, by the corrupt, for the corrupt

  15. As someone earlier posted it is not about the country but the bloody gormen. We are a truly blessed land...the land of milk and honey. Mana ada negara boleh kencing in public, double triple park, buka gerai mana you suka...Malaysia Boleh!

  16. LOL...
    Do not show your stupidity here
    Why complain the govt
    The govt had built all the nec facilities..enforcement authorities...recreational parks and other public utilities...
    It is the attitude of some of the rakyat who blemish the prosperities of our countries....
    People used to say that we had a first class facilities but third class mentality citizens..

    1. Anon 1708
      There are so many angry people out there.Sometimes I wonder how these people lead their lives when they see everything negatively.Do they have a piece of mind?

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof kankung: 6 yrs in the US and 'a piece of mind'??? No wonder today's graduates can hardly string a sentence in english.

    3. Looking at life too positively is a delusion, just like looking at rose coloured glass

      Pretending everything is all good is nothing but cowardice

    4. Oi Kangkung Ahjibgor gomen is rotten vegetables

    5. Anon 2329
      What I meant is 'a peace of mind'.yes it was a typo.However,a piece of mind cannot be too wrong since most of these people cannot think properly

      Prof Kangkung

    6. 'There are so many angry people out there.Sometimes I wonder how these people lead their lives when they see everything negatively.DO THEY HAVE A PIECE OF MIND?

      HEHEHEHE.....nampaknya Prof Kangkung tak faham maksud 'A PIECE OF MIND'. 'A PIECE OF MIND' is used when U want to give a view. Eg. I give him A PIECE OF my MIND". Or, I lost my piece of mind, since Njib becomes the PM......HEHEHE
      U cannot say don't they have a piece of mind...???
      It should be, 'Don't they have any brain, to think....????
      Or, TARAK OTAK KAAAA.......hahaha

    7. Pros Kangkang,

      Your basic illiteracy demonstrates that you are merely a "piece" of decaying kangkung left over from a Pasar Dedak.

      You cannot have any peace of mind if this is the standard you teach your fellow BN cybertroopers.

      Prof Sawi

    8. thanks cik Minah

      yes, my English is not perfect. That I have to admit

      Prof Kangkung

    9. Guys, give Prof Kangkung a break okay. My English not so great also. Thank you.

    10. Wow,Annie bela lain jangan jeles ye.You really make my day.

      Prof Kangkung

    11. Oi Annie, don't you be no cauliflower head ok? Hehe

  17. Sell all malacca land to communist china UMNO bangsat!

    Dasar bodoh tak ada otak, aku cincang sampai mampus

  18. 35-year-old Malaysian businessman Jho Low is the focus of an investigation into the disappearance of $4.5 billion from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB.Low allegedly used the money to party with Leonardo DiCaprio, Miranda Kerr, and Paris Hilton.He once bought a $1.29 million necklace for model Miranda Kerr.Business Insider took an in-depth look at everything that is known about Low, and his penchant for giving gifts to celebrities.Low has disappeared. The last recorded sighting of his superyacht was on August 12, just off the coast of Koh Rong Sanloem island, Cambodia.

    You can help malaysia by not defending najib

  19. Annie. An interesting development. More here:

  20. Annie. This is not so recent an article. Dated 11 August. Still, less than a month ago. I would not like this potential tragedy falling upon our beloved country. I truly believe that we should pay attention to those who sincerely wish to put some sense into our thick heads.

    "Last week, the Sri Lankan government leased its new Chinese-built harbour facilities for 99 years to the Chinese government after the new port could not attract enough traffic to make the port viable and the Colombo government decided not to spend its precious revenue to service the loan from China.

    This is a fate we should conscientiously seek to avoid." (Prof Jomo KS)

    Full article here

    1. dear anon 2152

      Comparing Malaysia and Sri Lanka is like comparing apples and oranges.
      Let Jomo speaks his mind. After all, Prof Jomo is not knwon to agree with the government on anything

      Prof kangkung

    2. Annie. I wish PK would read the entire article before commenting on PJKS's position. Paragraph by paragraph. Remove any preconceived notion about PJKS. Better still assume that you have no knowledge of the author. Then you may share your thoughts again here. Thank you.

      PK- Prof Kangkung
      PJKS - Prof Jomo KS

  21. Anonymous @ 2 September 2017 at 09:56,

    //Kalau treatment for medical aliment in Down Under costing almost ZERO//

    As far as I know, that is the case.

    Unless you know different.

    // "RM1,500 monthly" health insurance cost, one would need to make 20 times that amount monthly to afford this//

    I googled up some medical insurance in Australia, just for you :)

    From what I can tell, for around RM600 per month, a single guy get basic cover with some extras.

    For around RM1000 per month, a single guy gets everything.

    So, OK lah, I was out by RM500 in my guess. :)


  22. I love eating dim sums, nasi lemak and roti canai and not forgetting sate, too!

  23. Yes, no doubt we love our country. Hear our voices of reason and peace.

    Malaysia is our country. We were born here and we are going to die here too. Come what may. We are all entitled by our birth.

    As you know, all of us want to do right for our country, but this fucking Asshole has fucked us up. You know who we meant!

    He and his other half have drive us crazy!!

    1. Anon 1214

      The exact words that you use against Tun Mahathir when he was on the other side of the fence

      Prof Kangkung

  24. Kalau UMNO kalah GE14 orang melayu akan merempat, melayu akan mati, contract saya tak dapat lagi

    Jho low

  25. After 60 years of NEP, and wasting RM10 trillion, all you get in return is "a piece of mind".
    Hahaha, you can't change the monkeys no matter how much money you throw at them, they belong in the jungle.
    Jeez, I cannot stop laughing.

    1. BN akan menang dalam PRU 14 akan datang.Can you please translate it into English please.Haha

      Prof Kangkung

    2. defending a crook who stole billions from the people
      Im Malaysian not Singaporean