Friday 8 September 2017

Thai oil massage

I went for a massage yesterday.

Have to because I felt that all my muscles were very tight.

Maybe because of work stress.

It was a Thai oil massage.

Very nice.

The masseuse was Lita, a 26-year-old lady from Bangkok.

She's very good at her work and was quite strong despite only weighing 46kg.

Lita can speak a bit of English, so I had a conversation with her as she did her work.

She started as a masseuse three years ago but only came here recently.

Still single, she's supporting her elderly parents and younger school-going siblings.

She used to work in a factory but the pay was not good enough.

Life was tough, she said.

I asked why she came to KL for work.

"Bangkok pay little, KL more," she replied.

Her customers were mostly men.

I asked whether they were good to her.

"Men all same. All naughty. I ok. They pay," she replied with a giggle.

"You give them sex?" I can't help but to ask.

"No sex. Special massage only. Pay extra," she said and laughed.

Well, at least she's not saying she's prostituting herself.

Many do so though.

All those women came here from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China etc.

Then there were those from Russia, Uzbekistan and such.

I do wonder what made them take the trouble to come all the way here to earn a living in such an awful profession.

I mean, everyone seemed to say that their countries are nowadays better than Malaysia.

China, for instance, is overtaking US as the world leading economy.

How come then there were those who came here peddling sex.

If not sex, then they massage our feet for a fee.

Rather nice feeling though having someone from a world leading economy massaging my feet.

Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and even Philippines were all said to be overtaking us in terms of economy, yet some of their women are here  doing that sorts of jobs.

How come?

When I think about it, it does make me wonder why people said our country is so bad going to worse.

You don't go to a worse country than yours to offer sex for money or to earn a living massaging the people who were supposed to be worse off than you.

You go to a better place for that, I think.

Let's say I'm to be a masseuse and have to work overseas to earn a better income, I think I prefer to work in London or Paris.

I don't think I want to do such a job in one of those failed states in the Middle East or Africa.

Well, I think I'll only believe all those talks about our country going to the dogs when all the foreign prostitutes are no longer here.

Or if I have to go to a kampung mak andam for a massage because all the Thai and China spas were closed down because the economy is so very bad.

Let's not even talk about the millions of foreign workers, legal and illegal, who cari makan here, okay.

Well, I know, some of you all think I'm going crazy writing this post about masseuses and prostitutes, but really guys, doesn't it all made sense to you all?

Anyway, since the Thai oil massage I had yesterday was so good, I'm putting here a Thai song for you all.

A bit violent here and there but the rest are quite okay, right?

Typical Thai love story. They slap each other quite a lot, I guess. Kena tampar sampai jatuh jambatan.....hahaha



  1. Dah makin teruk orang umno, baca buku ekonomi dalam bilik urut..

    1. Annie is not UMNO but I like how she presents her idea on the blog
      Ultimately these ideas are going to benefits me

      Jho low

  2. Why compare us with thailand? You should compare us with sweden, or denmark or even Singapore. Maalaysia is blessed with natural resources. Only systemic corruption is holding us back.

  3. Indeed, only if the foreign prostitute just stopped working here then you can say the country is in big trouble
    You can ignore all those bullshit, after all the economy is very simple and not complex at all
    I believe there's no other reliable indicator that can despute this, not even the biggest financial scandal in the world can match that
    I approve this message

    Jho low

  4. Annie,

    //Well, I think I'll only believe all those talks about our country going to the dogs when all the foreign prostitutes are no longer here//

    I love it, I love it :)

    Annie's Foreign Prostitute Index :)

    Believe it or not, such an index might sound whimsical and frivolous but it seems to have a real place in economics.

    There are people who gauge the health of a country's economy using strange and unusual economic indicators.

    Google "unusual economic indicators" if you don't believe me.

    Are such economic indicators valid?

    How would I know?

    I am not an economist and I have never ever been to a massage, so I cannot conduct any indepth research into your FPI hypothesis :)

    I do my own massages using techniques which I have learnt here and there from observing professional sports massuers.

    Obviously, some of the techniques need to be modified as I am doing the manipulations myself, eg my lower back and the back of my neck.


    1. Malaysia has a shit plane, shit banks, shit attorney general and even prostitutes won't be able to fix that

  5. Annie,
    Cara kau berkempen utk Umno buat aku ketawa lahh (of course you won't admit it).
    Nak tukar kerajaan bukan berdasarkan berapa jumlah pelacur asing yang ade!!..
    Kite bagi try Pakatan Harapan..5 tahun jerr pun..time tu kau kira la pulak berapa banyak pelacur asing yg ade..tak bagi 'chan' lg kat PH..mane tau..silap silap pelacur Russia terus apply Permanent Resident..confirmed aku mmg pangkah Pakatan lg utk next election..

    1. tak pernah ku lupa apabila Pakatan naikkan gaji adun berganda2...memang tak la nak sokong mereka yang pentingkan poket sendiri. Pakatan better than BN? you must be joking. Sama saje...just vote for the lesser evil. Tanya apa yg jadi di Perak bila Pakatan berkuasa dgn kononnya MB dari PAS namun banyak tanah2 kerajaan terlepas ke tangan bukan Melayu Islam. Perak punyai MB boneka PAS yg menari mengikut rentak DAP. Sepupu punya pasal

  6. Wtf. Didnt u see? Macam mana depa boleh mai buat keja tu? Why so easy? Compare to other country u did mention above. Hang try la apply permit as a masseur kat london. Buleh ka?
    Isu human trafficking la ni kita yg champion. Hat tiap2 bulan mai keluar masuk border tu suma menunjukkan our country becoming worst than the third world countries. I recommend u to do that massage again n ask her y not go to singapore or aus or euro ka. Susah mau kawtim lor. Our people nowadays especially the authorities r suffering... they need side income also. Boss can they oso can lorr. And sometime also they need that special massage. Hee

  7. video...
    damnnnnnnn... wat a lucky guy...

    got two chics to bang..
    jus like my uncle use to say, untung laaa kau 'jang ... hahaha...

  8. Annie,

    Nowadays difficult to find Singaporean working as masseuse in JB.

    It is also very hard to find a British or Australian (Mat Salleh) masseuse in Malaysia.

    I went to Singapore a month Ago, I see so many Malaysian crossing to the border to work Singapore.

    Many of them a creative enough to use the new mobile skateboard crossing to Singapore, No need to walk.

    But, how come thousand and thousand of Malaysia work in Singapore?

    The economy in JB is very good what and our currency are so strong some more?

    I went to Hatyai last year. How come with RM100, I got only 800 baht?

    According to PM, we are going to be high income nation, but the money getting smaller and smaller in size.

    During Mahathir era, we can get more than 1000 baht.

    Very strange.

    1. Believe in nothing from the Prime Moron and I will call you no fool.

  9. So gentle on your body ... and gentle on my mind?

  10. Annie,

    Can't blame you, you are a very innocent little girl so you don't know.

    China and Vietnam are communist countries, they don't allow prostitution.

    Malaysia is different. Rezeki comes from god, they said. All rezeki without exception.

    The border guards and licensing authority people need to eat, need to kahwin dua, need to send kids to overseas, need to have big bikes like Annie, need many things in life. Salary no enough.

    Like a famous professor used to say, knowledge wealth and power are the safeguard against conspiracy to bring you down.

    So the border guards and licensing authority people prayed tahajud very hard. They wanted their prayer answered.

    And one day, a Cina came by and wanted to open up a brothel . So the border guards assisted to bring in the foreign GROs and licensing authority people make allowance for the Cina's shop to open. And rezeki was shared.

    From the rezeki, not only can buy car, renovate rumah, hantar anak sekolah kat Australia tuntut ilmu, go hajj, and pay zakat.

    And that's how malaysia economy became so successful. From that came money to pay BR1M, to send thousands to do pilgrimage, lend money to Felda settlers, buy government jets and more.

    And that's how Kota Bahru became a serambee mekah, by having so many mek kelate working as GRO in KL. The rezeki procured was channelled back to Kelate for building places of worship (that's why they are so pious, the lebai kelate), go pilgrimage, pay religious alms....

    1. Anon 0035

      " china and vietnam are communist countries, they don't allow prostitution "..??!!

      Nampak sangat lah kau tak pernah pergi sane..ape yg kau 'hisap' mase kau tulis komen ni??!!

    2. ah ok, kau pnah kat situ...
      tlg crite apa yg kau tahu atau apa yg brlaku di situ, bleh..?

    3. Anon 2205

      Kau sentap kerr??..kalo tak berduit nak ke sane, cer Google..bodoh tu jgn la declare..

  11. Like to have more thais who know how to massage rather than rohingyas who know how to beg on the street only...

  12. Annie,

    One way of increasing the GDP of the economy is to bring in more and more cheap labor.

    For example, if you bring more and more bangala, lt say 10 million more, then these guys will work to produce product or services. They also get paid and they do buy stuffs such as food, soap toothbrush etc....

    Due to this the economy will grow.

    Just like Najib said. Growth of 5%

    but GDP dont mean shit if you did not get the GDP per capita..

    Our GDP percapita is increasing year by year.

    GDP per capita is the total economy saiz devide by the total population, in our case is about 31 million.

    But the problem is, the actual people living in Malaysia is more than 36 million because according to data, there are 6 million illegal workers in Malaysia, maybe including your masseuse.

    So, when you divide our GDP with the population of Malaysia, some BN supporter very happy one but the correct number is GDP devide by population of Malaysia + foreign worker + illegal worker.

    So, now you know why there are so many Bangala and Thai masseuse in Malaysia.

  13. just a reminder to you Annie, to not disclose the name of the shop.

    There are plenty of foreign "working girls" in malaysia as the locala charge higher price than them so rules of economy applies.

    There are also Malaysian girls working outside of Malaysia and selling the point that they are Malaysian/ASEAN to sound exotic.

  14. Supply and demand
    Due to the influx of migrant workers (legal/illegal) to this ccountry during its heydays also attracted the oldest profession in the world
    It is a spill-over effects and not sign of economy booming
    They remain due to the relax-emigrantion enviroment