Thursday 14 September 2017

Tahfiz and other religious schools need to be brought to mainstream education system

This is very sad.

23 students, two wardens killed in fire at tahfiz school

These tahfiz schools are of late seemed to be making news for all the wrong reasons.

Students died in traffic accidents. Student beaten to death. Student caught molesting younger student.

I think the authorities need to do something about them.

As noted in the report,

excerpts ;

The fire and rescue department had previously raised concerns about fire safety measures at especially unregistered and private religious schools.
There are 519 tahfiz schools registered across the country as of April, but many more are believed to be unregistered. 
How can there be unregistered schools of any kind allowed in this country?

It's just not right.

When a tragedy struck like this morning, it should be an alarm bell for the authorities to realise that something is terribly wrong with those schools.

I think they need to check on all these schools and make sure that they adhere to the laws so that the students well being are properly taken care of.

The authorities need to make sure of the students' safety and that they are provided with proper living condition.

They also need to check on what kind of education that the students are getting. We don't want the children to be thought the wrong things, especially about Islam.

If things are not right, they must close down those schools.

The same goes with all those sekolah pondok.

I know, the government may be accused of these and those for it, including being unIslamic, but it has to be firm on this.

We should not let these sorts of nonsense to continue just because those schools are supposedly religious.

Anyway, what's wrong with having those schools registered and regulated properly?

I know, some would say "sudah takdir" that those students and others died in the fire this morning, but I don't believe that Allah wants us to do nothing about it.

As for the parents, why can't they send their children to proper schools?

I may sound quite unIslamic here, but I have to say that I really don't understand why there are parents who wanted their children to make memorising the Quran the sole education of their children.

Some said it helps parents to get to paradise in the after life if they have a child who memorise the Quran, but can't they get there by being good people on their own?

Those young children should be allowed to make their own choices in life. That's my opinion on it.

Of course, if the child himself/herself chose to be a hafiz, then okay lah, but the parents must choose schools that have proper living condition and syllabus.

Don't la put the child in an unregistered school where all sorts of things can go wrong.

At least, if the schools are registered, the authorities can check on them and make sure the children studying there are alright.

A lot of people talked so much about the Chinese schools being bad for these and those, but I think the problems of Islamic religious schools are even more important to be addressed.

The tahfiz school in KL where tragedy struck this morning

A Chinese independent school in KL

At least, I never heard of unregistered Chinese schools, and them burning down killing their students.

For the poor children and others who perished in the fire this morning, Alfatehah.  Condolences to their families and love ones.


  1. Annie, dah malas dah nak discuss topic unregistered tahfiz ni. Dah byk tragedi tapi x ada apa yg berubah. Lihat je kenyataan pertama jakim ni, agak2 lepas ni akan ada perubahan ke?

    "In a statement, Jakim director-general Tan Sri Othman Mustapha offered his condolences to those who lost their lives in the tragedy, saying he was shocked and saddened by what happened.

    “Jakim also pleads and advises any party to not spread any pictures from the site of the fire so as to respect the victims and their families.

    “Let us hope that our actions do not become slander and create a negative perception towards the beautiful religion of Islam,” Othman added."

  2. Its alright Annie, at least the parents can go to HEAVEN
    without much ado.......this is the trend these days among Malay parents.

  3. Annie,

    My condolences to the families of those poor children and the wardens.

    It is an absolute tragedy :(

    //How can there be unregistered schools of any kind allowed in this country?//

    Aiyah, you know I know lah.

    No self-respecting school inspector would want to be accused of going hard on an unregistered sekolah agama, OK?

    Especially if that school inspector is a Muslim.

    I doubt if there are any non-Muslim school inspectors left but even if there was, I don't think any non-Muslim school inspector would dare open his mouth about an unregistered sekolah agama!

    //Anyway, what's wrong with having those schools registered and regulated properly?//

    Maybe it's the cost of compliance with regulations if they were registered?

    //Some said it helps parents to get to paradise in the after life if they have a child who memorise the Quran//

    Geez, I hope that is not the reason cos that sounds really selfish on the part of the parents.

    //Those young children should be allowed to make their own choices in life.//

    Aiyah!! Come on lah.

    Now you are talking like an omputih.

    Asian parents want their children to do what the Asian parents want their children to do, OK?

    I know a case where a daughter wants to be a journalist, was an intern(?) at some newspaper, is very inquisitive, has excellent writing skills, etc but she is doing law because that is what Mama and Papa wants her to do.

    //A lot of people talked so much about the Chinese schools being bad for these and those//

    Chinese schools in Malaysia today are shining examples of what a proper school should be. Simple as that.

    No nonsense about them - children are there to get an education and that's that.

    Religion, politics, race, money, everything else takes second place to knowledge and intelligence.

    I suspect that Chinese schools teach their students HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

    Such a philosophy is, of cos, abhorrent to the public schools and the sekolah agamas.


    1. "Geez, I hope that..."

      Looks like Glady still believes in God... unless that 'Geez' is not Jesus.

    2. Dear RD,

      Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - It has no point !

      And as such, one cannot argue with a blunt pencil
      there's no point in a blunt pencil.

      With my above statement I wish not to expect // such type of critical analysis or // clarifications.I stand by my above convictions and no amount of // will alter my stance.

      Rasta Rules

  4. Tak sabar membaca komen gladiator yg penuh kupasan kupasan dan analisis analisis yg begitu mendalam di samping bercerita tentang adik beradiknya/kaum kerabat yang sewaktu dengannya..hmmm

  5. Yang paling sedih, kejadian menyayatkan hati ini akan membawa lebih banyak keburukan kepada emej Agama dan Umat Islam.

  6. RD,

    //Looks like Glady still believes in God...//

    I believe only in science and nothing but science.

    As far as I am concerned, religion was created by humans to explain what seemed mysterious, unknown or unexplainable in those ancient days.

    Religion, then as in now, was simply a means of gaining power and control over the population.

    //unless that 'Geez' is not Jesus.//

    Good god!! (Eeerrr... which god am I refering to here?)

    It's just an expression which is commonly used in conversation amongst my family and friends :)

    Yes, I think the origins of "geez" probably came from Jesus, but over time, it has become part of the language and as far as I am aware, the religious aspect is now just a linguistic curiousity for some students of the English language (or should that really be etymology?).

    Maybe those who are extremely religious would want to debate the issue.

    But I am not a student of the English language nor am I very religious, so, geez, I don't really care too much either way :)

    I do not normally spend too much time worrying about the origins of the words I use.

    I think it is more useful to look at the current social meanings we associate with words.


  7. Annie. Inna lillahi wainna ilayhi raji'un.

    Allahummaghfirlahum warhamhum wa 'afihim wa'fu'anhum.

    May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala ease the sadness of the families. Allahumma ameen.

  8. Seek knowledge as far as China & bear in mind this knowledge will be in Chinese only OK. Fcuk those malay AUTAS who are against Chinese or English knowledge/education...