Thursday 21 September 2017

About not giving a flying fuck

Yesterday, my blogging captain Rocky asked,

KJ merajuk lagi?

It's actually about KJ's Instagram status of "Can't give a flying f anymore".

I checked just now and it's still there.

I think KJ is not really sulking, but instead just fed-up with something.

It's normal actually.

I got fed-up too sometimes.

Yes, sometimes I also felt that I can't give a flying fuck anymore.

I don't blame KJ if he feels like that from time to time.

After all, he has to work along with this type of people all the time,

I would have really gave up a long time ago if I'm in his position.

In fact, the last time I quit my job was because I had to work with some extremely obnoxious people .

Just look at what happened last weekend when they hyped up that super important press conference.

So stupid.

Then arrogant some more.


Anyway, maybe KJ was not even fed up at all.

Maybe he was just being funny.

He may just put his status like that to match his Instagram profile picture

Honestly, he really looks like he can't give much of any kind of fuck anymore....flying, walking or swimming.

Even if he wants to, I don't think there will be any taker with him looking like that.

He really looks like a Rohingya refugee in that picture.

KJ, change la the picture.

It's your worst, okay.

And while you are at it, change the status too la.

You are making a lot of people anxious with that one..

Anyway, I also checked KJ's tweeter account.

It's still very much alive, especially with news of the Asean paralympic games.

Looks like KJ is still working, which is good.

Seriously, I don't think KJ will quit on anything.

After all, he had gone so far on his own to survive in Umno after his father-in-law left the PM office.

I doubt he's going to throw all that away.


  1. Annie I know you are a KJ fan.Will you terima if he wants you as a second wife? OK I m digressing. I used to think KJ was the future of the country, but not anymore. His silence on 1MDB is most sickening! Can't he see the corruption all around him....come to think of it, he too was found guilty of vote buying in UMNO. Got a reprieve from PM (Isa pendek got screwed) so now I guess kena support PM & all the other clowns.

    1. Oooooi.... second wife..? Annie..?

      KJ got taste k..

      Bangla taste... kahkahkah..

  2. I don't give a flying fuck about this monkey.

  3. Mamat ni drama queen. ada la tu pasal diri dia yang dia nak promote.

  4. annie, KJ ni drama queen.

    Ada la tu plan dia nak promote diri sendiri.. status instagram dia tu auta aje... bagi gempak.

  5. He shouldn't uploading that kind of status though TBH. He's a public figure. A minister to be exact. It is unbecoming of him to say such words. Still be on his youthful side, he should show examplary behaviour to our youth out there. Minister for Belia lagikan. Just my two cents worth..

  6. A spent force such Mike Tyson made the country at stand still on clowdy Sunday afternoon. What a joke. Mat Taib yang tak ada kerusi tu kononya boleh tarik 8 Adun PKR masuk Umno. Logik ke?

    Tak logik langsung. Masa jadi ahli PKR sebelum ni pun orang dah tak peduli. Ada dengan tak ada sama jer. Ni kan pulak boleh pujuk Adun PKR untuk terjun masuk Umno.

    Nak cover malu pun cari la cerita dongeng bagus sikit. Contohnya Hadi Awang bakal terima lagi 90 juta ke kikiki...

  7. What's up bro KJ? What made you so exasperated? Got a problem down south?

  8. Annie,

    I wonder what's pissed KJ off or was he just making a frivolous statement?

    I guess we will find out in the days and weeks to come.

    As for KJ's profile pic, again, was he pissed off or is it just something to amuse himself?

    //I doubt he's going to throw all that away.//

    I am pretty sure that KJ was going to stand down in GE13 but apparently, Najib had personally asked him to stay.

    I think, at that time, KJ said he was thinking of going into the corporate world.

    IMHO, KJ is one of very very few UMNO politicians who has the brains and the skills to succeed in the corporate world on his own merits.

    To be honest, KJ is wasted in politics.

    I mean, where is he going to go next?

    He can't stay as the Minister of Youth and Sports forever now, can he?

    So, what other Ministry can KJ go to?

    The good ones like Finance, Home Affairs, Defence, are reserved, OK?

    Foreign Affairs? MITI? Rural Development? I don't think so.

    Health? Transport? That's for the dummies.

    So what else is there which is challenging enough for KJ?

    TN50 was supposed to be his baby but I dunno what Ministry that would fall under as it would encompass quite a few Ministries.

    Maybe KJ could be yet another Minister with Special Functions in the PMO :)

    But for all I know, KJ may have also realised he is going nowhere fast in politics and that is why he doesn't give a flying fuck any more.

    It will be interesting to see if he does defend his seat in GE14.


  9. Maybe he couldn't get to be General?

  10. Hi Annie,

    It doesn't matter if he doesn't give a flying fuck or a quaking duck.

    This guy should just fade away into oblivion.

    I mean, his portfolio is just not about sports.He needs to realise it includes youth as well.

    Besides going astride polo horses,foolish behaviour during soccer matches seems to be his pass time.

    Now he is going public with his vulgarity.What an exemplary personality for the youths of this nation.

    The recent fire tragedy involved youths.Same with the bike tragedy.Teenagers and drop outs.Not to mention the illegal racers.Glue sniffers,Mary Jane smokers,rise in ice inhalers,designer drug takers.

    But he likes to parade at sports events,posing for selfies and self glory.Of course legendary Morten Frost is waving goodbye..tainted Terry Walsh is enjoying life in the hockey pitch.
    Gloating over the recent success (if you may call it as such) in the SEA Games is total insanity.After having poured billions of ringgit into it, none of the athletes scaled Asian standards or even equalled Asian records.Yet we were treated with a public holiday for 145 golds and 145 potted plants.
    Lets not talk about our football for it puts an ache in our hearts.

    Never heard his voice in parliament pleading for the fate of the hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates.Never heard his say about the rampant drug scourge among the youths of today.Never had a road map for the development of our youths.

    But most know him as a quarrelsome personality.And he quarrels for the wrong reasons.

    So it doesn't matter if he doesn't give a fuck or a duck.

    It would better for me to enjoy the long break by listening to Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse.

    Rasta Rules

  11. i thought it was a pornical announcement.
    it worse if we take it by words. wat actually tat f explains...bird mating? weird …..tat f is not limited to high school dirty anymore,now we heard them in lots of strong opinions too, just missed d laughing…. at least not maniacally. it seem no one is too old for ‘that’. Ha…haa…not a revitalise pill…isn’t it?

  12. Annie,

    KJ promoted the idea of the Malay being a Macai and Balaci.

    So now, he get to show the face that go along with it.

    He used to be "Anak Jantan" , during UMNO assembly but now he don't give a flying f###, i don't know what happen to him.

    Anyway, Annie, sometime ago, I went to the new swimming pool at Wangsa Maju Sport centre at Wangsa Maju, KL. The new Swimming pool open on Sunday but the ticket counter is closed on sunday.

    The public have to buy ticket in advance on working day. What the flying f###, what kind of rule is this.?

  13. fatin,

    //wat actually tat f explains...bird mating? //


    Sometimes I wonder how some people can think of funny things while I struggle.



  14. Kelebau kalau sutak nampak lumpur ,semua mau telejun mandi lumpur maa aa .

    UMNO semua sutak tepalit itu lumpur ,tunggu itu haujan lebat-lebat balu kasi belisih balik lor rr .

    Itu hujan bila mau jadi , Wa tatak tau lea aa .

  15. KJ is finished. He has nowhere to go. Stunted political growth. He failed being a youth minister. he only focussed in sports. but the youth now has so much problem, he should be responsible for it. those kids who burnt down the tahfiz, shouldnt KJ say something? no he didn't. all those rape cases among youths, did he squeak anything? KJ, or KJ's macais, if you read this, you can GTFO!

  16. A typical young man with hopes and dreams stifled
    In solace, still grappling with the truth in his political theatre
    Aghast, as truth hurts
    As he Atlased his beloved party upon his shoulder,the unbearable fatique out-weighs loyalty
    Supporting a war with weak tactical offences and constant debacles will end with shattered hopes and dreams
    Time to pick-up the pieces

  17. Unlike those DBKL & PAS drunkards (intoxicated with piousness), thanks annie for being sober not to write against beer festival cheers!!!

  18. Khairy Flying Fuck Jamaluddin.
    Has a nice ring to it.

    Mohd Bangang Najib Razak works too.

  19. Annie,

    The DPM had used the word Wala' and Shahidan used the word Jihad.

    Now, KJ had started going beard.

    This proves beyond reasonable doubt that the theory of UMNO having a pact with PAS is true.

    However, KJ should refrain from using profanity words or words that encourages fornication whether on the land or in the air.

    This is a big no no from Hadi Awang.

  20. Fadzireen,

    //A typical young man with hopes and dreams stifled//

    Seeing as we are discussing an unusual word in the English language, I have to say, fucking hell!!

    Did you make up that bit of prose/poetry?

    If you did, I have to say it's not bad.

    A bit too deep, too complex for some people but it is almost like you were some kind of rapper :)


  21. KJ and Mukhriz are among the future leaders.May be they will cross swords in future if both decide to remain on the opposite sides

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Annie,

      I think KJ should join the UMNO exodus to Bersatu.

      He will have a better platform to expand his potential. He talk better than Najib. That is for sure.

      But I don't see a future so bright for him in BN or in the land of Cash is King.

      He have to repent and renounce everything he said which is detrimental to the interest of the public, like being a macai or balaci.

      Maybe, just maybe, Pakatan will able to forgive him.

    2. Mukhriz... yes, but not KJ who had a lot of skeleton in the closet.
      Without Najib and his FIL, KJ will not last long amongst UMNO's power-hungry, greedy and back-biting division-chiefs.
      The following was written by SatDee in his FB posting.

      "Mr Flying F hired a helicopter to fly over the 'mansion' and the rest as we know is history...(then drones were not commercialized to the retail market yet)"

  22. Bugger hedging his bets again. he's seen the writing on the wall that BN may lose. so he's giving the impression that he's also dissatisfied lah etc.

    bloody opportunist. chased after izzah, cannot get, go after nori. silly girl fell for the facade.

    well, we'll see,,,

  23. Annie,

    Takkan la benda yg KJ buat tu orang lama yg mcm Rocky ni tak paham..
    It WAS the intention..he's (KJ) bargaining..alahaii Rocky, psy war zaman macai BN yg lain takder pun bangkit kan hal ni?? and Rocky..whats the fuss all about?!!


  24. Sudah sampai masanya Kj diberi kenaikan taraf Menteri dewasa yang lebih kanan sesuai dengan hasratnya untuk bertanding naib presiden.

    Sampai bila nak jadi Menteri budak-budak.