Sunday 3 September 2017

Maybe Malaysians need to rest less

I think this comment from a previous post deserves to be highlighted,

September Public Holidays and Weekend Rest Day List :

Aug 31 (Thu) National Day
Sept 1 (Fri) Hari Raya Haji
Sept 2 (Sat)
Sept 3 (Sun)
Sept 4 (Mon) SEA Games Victory Special Holiday
Sept 9 (Sat) Agong's Birthday
Sept 10(Sun)
Sept 11(Mon) Replacement for Agong's Birthday
Sept 16(Sat)
Sept 17(Sun)
Sept 18(Mon) Replacement for Malaysia Day
Sept 22(Fri) Awal Muharram
Sept 23(Sat)
Sept 24(Sun)
Sept 30(Sat)

The whole September 30 days, after deducting weekends and public holidays, a total of 14 days off, only 16 work days.

[ A constant complain from a lot of companies...even with so many public holidays and rest days, the number of employees applying for Emergency Leave and MCs are high and a common happenings, with a fair number not turning up for work with NO notice or even calling in to inform...ini biasa la in our land of the leisurely :) ]

Thanks commentator JJ.

Think about it guys.

We do rest a lot, okay.

All that despite so many of us complaining about the supposed hard life these days.

For a bunch of hard pressed people, we don't seemed to complain too much about resting a lot.

Anyway, sometimes I do wonder if all those public holidays are really necessary.

Over the period of this one month, we have six public holidays.

Compare them with the number of public holidays in Singapore.

Click at this link please,

Singapore Public Holidays 2017 - Ministry of Manpower

They only have 11 for the whole of this year.

Well, click on this for,

Public Holidays in Malaysia in 2017

That doesn't include special impromptu holidays like in Johor when the JDT team won some sorts of football tournament a few years back.

You can read about it here,

Guess, that's just the way things are in this country.

I don't think we can change it anyway because people will jump up and down if we want to cut down on the number of holidays.

Many will be up in arms on racial and religious sensitivities, okay.

Anyway, if I may suggest, why don't we make it that certain holidays are only the rest days of those who are really connected with the occasions which warrant them.

Raya only for Muslims, CNY only for Chinese, Deepavali only for Hindus, Christmas only for Christians, etc etc etc.

Those not really affected have to go to work.

How about that?

For one thing, we can reduce the congestion at the highways during those festive seasons.

I know, some of you all may ask, How about celebrating together gather?

I think, those really celebrating those occasions will appreciate it more if the rest of us can stay at work instead of joining the balik kampung rush and causing traffic jams and such.

Anyway, I don't think we need to shut down the entire workforce for holidays such as Awal Muharram, Wesak and Thaipusam.

Let's just the Muslims take the day off for Awal Muharram,  Buddhists for Wesak and Hindus for Thaipusam.

As for the special holidays....I think if JDT wins a tournament, let the players, coaches, manager, team owners etc etc have a holiday. The rest of Johor should continue work as usual.

Same goes with the other states.

Well, in conjunction with this restful public holidays month of September, here's a song,


  1. Wa manyak ingat itu cadangan manyak patut lea aa , Ugama punya celebration ,hanya itu ugama saja cuti maa aa . Tapi lea aa ,kalau itu taipusam n chingay itu arak atas jalan apa macam lain olang mau keleja lor rr .

  2. Annie,

    //The whole September 30 days, after deducting weekends and public holidays, a total of 14 days off, only 16 work days.//


    Soooo many working days ah? 16 you know.

    Too much lah.

    Look, Fridays should be a day off as well.

    It will give good Muslims plenty of time to prepare for sembahyang, to go for sembahyang, and get home safely after that.

    Then, because Muslims get Friday, which is a work day off, Christians should get a work day off as well, and I suggest Monday, because their prayer day falls on Sunday, a non-working day, you see.

    Now, because the Buddhists/Taoists/Hindus/Sikhs don't really have a fixed weekly day for prayer, we should also give them a work-day off as well, so I suggest Tuesday.

    Such a system should be implemented right through the whole year, not just for September.

    Hm, I think that is now much much better - Wednesday and Thursdays are confirmed work days, if everyone is agreeable.

    Unless the Dayaks, Ibans and all those Orang Asli complain about wanting a day off as well.



    1. wonderful idea! Then everyone can just wait for the durian to drop.

  3. Come on la annie, you of all people should know better that any public holidays that falls on saturday will not be replaced

    1. Really ka? In Johor how? Their weekends on Friday, Saturday. Kelantan?

    2. Johor, kelantan, trengganu n kedah is the same if the public holiday fall on friday it will be replaced on sunday but if it falls on saturday it wont be replaced

    3. I see. So, in that case some people still get to holiday. Thank you.

  4. Annie. A most agreeable proposition. Good thinking.

  5. My friend sent me a link to ur blog on this article. I totally agree with you. I seriously dont understand why we need to have so many holidays and its unproductive.

    Western countries sometimes have more holidays and short working hours, but lets not compare our situation with them. When they work, they work. When we work, we chit chat, ponteng, gossips. 8 hours of work but we only work for 5 hours actually.

    As a muslim, prophet Muhammad told us to work hard and gain knowledge. I am sure if he is alive, he will not be happy knowing that on his birthday, muslims did not go to work. Only few will go the mosque and attend to classes, others will stay at home watching tv and go to shopping complex.

  6. It all depends on the nature of work.Policemen,doctors etc work around the clock.Similarly we academicians work don't really observe public holidays.
    We don't go to the office during public holidays but we bring our works home.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Typical blinkered reply of a BN supporter. You ingat rakyat M'sia ni semua kerja gomen & GLC je ke? How about the manufacturing and SME industries? Boleh tutup kilang macam petik suis je ke?
      Do you know how many of the skilled and semi skilled jobs in Msia that have migrated elsewhere? U nak suruh semua org jadi part time glorified taxi driver & salesperson ke?

  7. Annie. Hari ni saya ke hypermarket. Sambil cari barang saya sempat berbual-bual dengan promoters. Promoter 1. Gaji bersih sebulan including OT dapatlah about RM1300.00. Suami tak kerja. Sakit, berhenti. Now cari kerja semula susah. Duduk rumah jaga anak sorang. Rumah, sewa.

    Promoter 2. Government employee. Buat part time bila cuti. RM80.00 per day. Suami kerja kilang. Anak dua. Saya tanya banyak komitmen ke. Baru pindah rumah katanya. Cari duit tambah nak beli peti ais dan mesen basuh (washing machine).

    Begitulah. Both promoters in early thirties.

    Saya pula beli itu ini. RM200. Just a few food items. And I meant real few! I was caught by surprise. I was not computing as I picked the items masuk trolley. And saya agak-agak je. My fault. Syukur Alhamdulillah ada budget. My husband does the shopping normally. For the two of us. BUT I am saddened by the realities that others have to compute every penny. And theres's no cuti for them.

    I also wrote on Merdeka Day on my FB. That that's NO merdeka when we are in debt. (Whether as an individual or as a nation). The posting was triggered by another incident. Someone was needing help to pay some debts due to poor business. She borrowed from a few to pay debts to other few.

    Truly life is difficult for many. Earnings are so less. And commitments are overwhelming. In many families the younger siblings (with families) are helped by their more stable elders who are now in the late fifties and above.

    Many like PK and family may not feel the pinch. But please do look out for the younger families. I am apprehensive about the nation's debt that are placed upon our grandchildren's back.

    1. Don't worry too much ma'am. The nation's humongous's debt will be shouldered and paid by your children and grandchildren. Not you. You're safe. At least at the moment.

      That's the way things work with current administration. That's what TN50 is all about. Creating lots of problems and scandals and debts now and give it all to future generations to think how to solve them. Creating problems for the future generations to solve. Negaraku..

      HSR, ECRL, Kuantan and Malacca's ports. To name a few. There's lots of money and lot of debts coming with such projects!..
      Thank god I'm old now. I'm not going to be around much longer. It's not going to be my problem. Good luck for young people..; )

    2. Anon 2232

      I do agree with you to a certain extent.That is why everybody needs to have some financial literacy.
      Budgeting is very important.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Dear anon 2232
      Let me tell you and those who care to read.

      I came from a very poor family. Both my parents were rubber tappers who worked in a rubber estate in Muar Johor.

      We lived hand to mouth. The whole family even shared one toothbrush because my parents could not afford to buy more than one toothbrush.

      My whole family supported UMNO. We were poor but my late father was very nationalistic. He was semi literate but he instilled in me the spirit of nationalism.

      At home, we had the photos o Tunku Abdul Rahman hung on the wall.

      People kept asking me why I still support UMNO and BN despite all the 'scandals'.(As if the other side is free of such scandal). My answer is simple, ÚMNO is in my DNA'

      Orang muda sekarang cuma tau komplen, komplen dan komplen

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Annie. The beauty is that those young promoters I had conversations with were NOT complaining. They shared because I enquired. For instance Promoter no.2 berdiri pegang kotak to display a brand of biscuit. She offered to me for taste. Customers were passing her way so I kept her in conversation for awhile. Tolong promote lagi to encourage her :). I love hard working young people.

      We must question our assumptions about people. I could also offer my life story to PK if it helps him to question his belief about others.

      Probably not necessary. Are not intellectuals trained to listen to the voices of others? Despite our DNA makeups?

    5. Nonsense like UMNO DNA is the reason why scandals after scandals keep destroying malaysia

    6. Very true indeed Prof Kangkung

      Orang muda sekarang cuma tau komplen komplen komplen...dalam bersih rally ramai orang muda macam ni!

      Yang berani terbalik kan bendera Malaysia...purposely!

      Dan juga golongan masyarakat yang sedang mengawal ekonomi di malaysia sekarang ini!

      Bagi mereka they want a full and total control of everything!

      Full total control of this country...sudah tentu bolih buat banyaaak duit!

      Golongan opportunist!

      Kalau betul lah this country is in real bad know lah sudah tentu lama dah dia orang ni cabut...dia orang ni pun memang banyak duit untuk cabut!

      Again it is not about this country has become poor and bankcrupt or has become a failed state!

      You know...i know lah what is their intention and has become not so secret agenda anymore!

      The Equalizer

    7. Prof Kangkung 09:26

      I came from a contented family to make ends meet. I am from Muar too. My father worked as a labourer and my mother was a very enterprising lady. She was called the 'Nasi Lemak' lady. She walked 5 km a day to and fro to sell her delicacy. She got melodic-sweet voice when she called for her customers' favourite.

      Fortunately, our family did not have to share toothbrush. We shared other things though.

      We are lucky I guess, because my late father did not take his children education for granted. Besides, education granted us good jobs but it also gives us the opportunities to serve back to our communities toward nation building.

      Above all, we were given the opportunity to expose ourselves in sports. I mean through sports we were quite free to do things for ourselves. I think, that was the beginning of our journey toward free minds.

      My late father was the staunched supporter of Umno. The whole family love Umno till to this very day. But thing has changed lately in our prospectives.

      Currently, in spirit we love Umno but now we (I mean 'we') extremely dislike the packagings brand of Umno's leadership. We are lucky because we do not have Umno's DNA in our DNA and RNA templates. It is cancerous to have the counts of Umno's DNA.

    8. Young people is not complaining. They are a bunch of angry people. They have reasons to be angry and they are as mad as hell. Their resentments are not for the sake of just being angry.

      They learn to know who is really the country's Malaysian Official No 1.

      They find out that he is an imposter. He is a person who is not what he pretends to be. He claims he is honest in running the country, but he turned out to be a Fraud.

      1MDB is a created vehicle by MO1 to steal our billions. Not only that he is scrambling to pay his billions debt but he makes us pay his debts for a generation to come.

    9. What after 60 yrs you still melalak the same over & over again. Time for change since you have proven unable to govern wisely. Funds also depends on gst according to your boss. Financially failed. No money alrdy semua dah masuk poket you guys. Cebisan & hampas utk rakyat. Jamal Jamban cukup memalukan. Enough with your lies.

  8. Fantastic idea, cuti sebagai 'off-day' kepada yang berkenaan sahaja

    Kalau begitu, apa nak jadi dengan konsep 1 Malaysia? Melayu raya Cina pun bersama raya, Kongsi-Raya, cuti bersama, makan semeja bersama, curi dan rompak pun bersama.

  9. No lah - I need need the non-Chinese holidays to visit Kawan-Kawan yang bukan Cina.

    Take the holidays from the sports team - they winning don't really require holidays. But have to keep the race based holidays - it's one thing that is unique to Malaysia and makes us stronger.

  10. Prof Kangkung,

    //Budgeting is very important.//

    You may find this hard to believe, but people who do not have very much money tend to be experts at budgeting.

    They don't really have a choice.


  11. The lazy monkeys love holidays.

  12. Prof Kangkung,

    //I came from a very poor family.//

    You could not be poorer than my family.

    Why when I was young, we were so poor that if I did not wake up with an erection in the morning, I would have nothing to play with all day. :)

    OK OK OK, so it's a joke.

    My elder sister did not find it funny either and I have the scars to prove it.

    //Orang muda sekarang cuma tau komplen, komplen dan komplen//

    I assume that life today is a bit more comfortable for you.

    Now, let me see...

    I think it was due to some mamak fellow from Kerala who gave you the opportunity to lift yourself up, wasn't it? :)

    In your time, there were a hundred jobs available for every graduate.

    But times have changed, my dear Prof Kangkung.

    Society has changed - the population has grown dramatically.

    Opportunities have been reduced because all the jobs have been taken, all the gold has been mined, and yet, more people are following right behind you looking for jobs and gold.

    The years of a tongkat mindset have taken their toll.

    And we should not forget that it is all the fault of the Chinese, the evangelical Christians, the Jews, the Illuminati and, of cos, DAP, as we are constantly told.

    //My answer is simple, ÚMNO is in my DNA'//

    Just to answer this point last.

    We should recognise when something is wrong with our DNA.

    It would be inherently stupid of me to keep blindly voting for Pakatan if DAP became a cesspool of corrupt racist people who abused their power just because DAP is in my DNA (which it is not).

    Today, I vote for Pakatan as a matter of choice.

    Tomorrow, I can choose to vote for UMNO or MCA or MIC or whomever I please or even not at all.

    My choice, my call - politicians are MY SERVANTS.

    People may call me a lalang but have you ever watched a field of lalang in the breeze?

    I have.

    When there are many of us lalang, we don't really bend very much :)

    And we can cut any politician into shreds if they fuck with us :)

    That is how we should think if we are ever to win back the people's mandate over the damned politicians - BN or Pakatan alike.

    Politicians should fear us, the common man, the pakcik and macik in the kampung, the old Orang Asli man in tattered clothes I spoke about, the achee who can't speak a word of Bahasa Melayu and keeps talking to me in Tamil, not us fear them as the case is now.

    BTW, lalang roots also have therapeutic qualities. Helps cool the body. Lovely when made into a tea - mmmmm.

    You should try it some time, preferably freshly dug and washed.

    Then you can watch a field of lalang in the breeze :)


    1. "I think it was due to some mamak fellow from Kerala who gave you the opportunity to lift yourself up, wasn't it? :)"

      Never forget it.

      Without Dr M Kangkung would be living off roadside parit kangkung.

      Tanpa belacan.


    2. Mcm pemain bolasepak matter how good you are, you need a team.without a good team and help from your team mate you are nothing.Tun M contributed a lot because he was in a good team and a lot of players in the team supported him through thick and thin.
      Now he is out of the team, he can do nothing .Poor old man

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Prof.

      Only a fool would construe running a country as football team.
      By the way... whats the use of a 'good team' of cabinet members, when they're not even consulted when 1MDB was created?
      It seem, Jho Low is the only teammate that he needs. And when it run into trouble, then only he needs his teammates in the cabinet to defend him. Anybody who shows no loyalty was sacked or replaced. The legislative and judiciary too, was not spared.
      Prof... I can assure you that, when there is no dissenting voices in the cabinet, the country will go to the dogs.

    4. Anon 0041
      I do agree with you on the point that when there is no dissenting voices in the cabinet the country will go to the dogs.
      Remember Forex losses,IPP agreement,PKFZ etc

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Pros Kangkang,

      Rather than living 30 years go, live in the present:

      The United States investigator conducting criminal investigation into 1MDB-linked funds is encountering problems as several possible witnesses are too scared to speak out, US media network Bloomberg reports.
      Some people in "certain foreign countries" already assisting the criminal probe, are concerned for their safety, while others say it’s too dangerous to cooperate, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said in a Federal Court filing in Los Angeles yesterday.
      The report said FBI has requested to keep the names of its informants secret from the alleged masterminds of the 1MDB conspiracy.
      Individuals who were otherwise willing to provide information said they were worried about putting “the safety and security of both themselves and their families at serious risk," FBI said in its filing.

      Of course the only tong you have is filled not with cement but with your animal feed for the day.

      Yum yum.

      Prof Sawi

    6. Prof sawi

      Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it

      Prof kangkung

    7. Pros Kangkang,

      Your dedak-fuelled "sembah hippo" sessions prove you have learned nothing...about anything.

      Prof Sawi

    8. Prof kangkung,

      You said, "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it"; now, may I say that that's a wise saying befitting a professor.

      But, to learn from history, there has to be a history in the first place. For a Malay like you, how many history books do you have that record the Sejarah Melayu ?

      If there are, what are the titles of the books? Who wrote them? What event and what era in history that the books were supposed to record? How many have you got?

      To add to the numbers, you may take those buku sejarah / tawarikh textbooks that the sekolah rendah kebangsaan are using, and oh, not to forget the authoritative work on history viz. the movies like Bukit Kepong and the latest Rejimen Melayu.

      And how many have you got?

      No, you cannot count the work of Munsyi Abdullah because he was from the Indian Continent.

      And no, you may love to but you CANNOT include the Al Quran and the books on Hadith even though you claim to be ahlus sunnah wal jamaah ASWJ.

      So, how many have you got?

      Atak? Tatak?

      Jangan meludah ke langit, beb..

    9. Learn from Marcos history instead

    10. Anon 1436
      Apa pulak melalut cakap pasal tawarikhlah dsbnya.We are talking about Forex losses,MAS bailout,IPP agreement,PKFZ etc.

      Alhamdulillah, the facts about Forex losses are unfolding.Suspense,suspense

      Prof Kangkung

    11. In ge13 UMNO talked about foreign power that intends to invade Malaysia
      And now again in the coming GE14 they still talking about sultan Melaka and British campurtangan?

      How are we faring in these 4 years? Did the debts have been reduced or have tripled? Did you see any new schools?

    12. its always fuckers like you who reads utusan one dimensional newspaper

  13. There's no need to let najib's rule to continue
    Poor bumiputra don't need rich corrupt bumiputra

  14. Annie,

    One thing that will really hurt UMNO is that, when they lose the election, life will go on and be even better for Malaysia, that the Malays will see real hope and start to progress in real terms.

    Just like KeBAB, the fact that no one cares about his retirement, the feelings will hurt him till the end of his day.

    Real Hope will come when UMNO is buried.

    An evil man will hurt most when the woman he abused and divorced starts to live happily.

  15. Actually, Najib is the best thing that has happened to Malaysia. It will teach the bumiputera that one can achieve the highest office in the land without trying and live a glorious and luxurious life. Can send RM3m on flowers for a one night event, can travel everywhere for free in a private/government jet, can go shopping until baggage exceeds permissable limit the use one whole jet to lug the baggage to another destination. Can afford to buy gold and diamond jewelerry that cost millions. See? The success bumiputeras can strive for?

    I hope and pray that bumiputeras can strive to be like Najib and Rosmah and to hell what others say. Tak kan Melayu/Bugis hilang di dunia? Too heavy to run anywhere now.

    Hidup hidup hidup Melayu/Bumiputera!

    1. Anon 16:26

      It's RM30m, if I'm not mistaken. Flowers from the world over, such luxuries even the Emperor of Ming Dysnasty could not afford for Hang Li Poh..

      Nor could Sultan Mansor Shah for Puteri Gunung Ledang.

      Not even Prince Charles for Camella, even during the time when the exchange rate for Pound Sterling was at the peak.

      Truly a legend.

      And none amongst the modern day Muslims could match what he did to the Rothschilds, the only one who could defeat the Illuminatis in their own game at their own backyard, by forcing one of them to resign from HER OWN BANK, what about that?

      And the thing that really made the illuminatis sweat was that, he didn't even do anything himself, all wonders was done through proxies and many bogus companies and bank transactions!! And when the illuminatis were doing their post mortem, they found everything and all trails just disappeared!

      and dajjal would not dare come into existence as long as he is still alive.

      And for an evil amanat to have lived for over 36 years, he is the only one to make the Amanat Devil himself to tunduk, no cash was given.

      So it's true. He is the best thing that had happened to a God-fearing people. He should continue to rule with his najibonomics.

    2. "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."
      - American Transcendentalist quote

  16. Annie. Ozymandias. Lest we forget that many arrogant others have perished yet mocked half buried under the sands of time.



    I met a traveller from an antique land,
    Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
    And on the pedestal, these words appear:
    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
    Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

    1. The Mappadulung al-Raja was given birth three score and something in the eastern marshes

      Now see his mighty abominations
      For gold and princely castle.
      While poor sentinels guard the night lest vengeance
      Unleash its dark despair upon
      The diabolical one
      Who shrinks mothers breasts to little goodness,
      And drains black vigor from
      The hairs of whole men.

    2. Annie. Anon 19:22. With no reference to any being, these depressing yet beautiful lines amaze me.

      "Who shrinks mothers breasts to little goodness,
      And drains black vigor from
      The hairs of whole men."

      Thank you. Very much.

  17. Salah satu cara ketua-ketua Umno menakut-nakutkan orang Melayu ialah dengan mengancam bahawa maruah dan kedudukan mereka akan musnah jika Umno kalah pilihan raya.

    Mereka kata hidup mati Melayu adalah kerana Umno seolah-olah Umno Tuhan.

    Tetapi apakah nilai maruah dan status Bumiputera orang Melayu di mata Umno?

    Jawapannya ialah RM1,200 BR1M setahun dan periuk elektrik apabila pilihan raya menjelang. Lagi miskin dan daif orang Melayu lagi baik bagi Umno.

    Adalah orang Melayu akan terus biarkan diri mereka diperhamba dan diperbodohkan oleh Umno? Insya Allah tidak lagi.

  18. Don't know what the fuss is about. Najib announce off day due to our achievement in the sea games and everybody start to condemn his actions and then konon2 kaitkan with productivity etc. What a hypocrite.. Let the rakyat enjoy their holiday laaa. Everyday we sacrifice so much already.. Traffic jam.. Heavy time etc... So leave that alone....typical Malaysian semua pun nak komplennnn

  19. Chief Thief MO1 is transforming curiland (1mdb) to cutiland (holiday) sigh or hooray???

  20. This man is taking us as fools. Najib, 9 years of misrule is enough, even if BN were to be toppled now, we have a mountain of debts to repay n those lost billions might not be fully recovered. Enough of your lies. Only fools would believe you again.

  21. Rural has been rural for 60years...

    Promises after promises...

    Still wanna believe?
    How do u explain urself to ur kids and grandkids???
    Vote opposition

    1. Anon 1331
      It doesn't matter where live.What really matter is how we see things.
      With the internet,there is not much left between rural and urban.The gap is narrowing.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. South Korea has super fast internet unlike Malaysia you cavemen

    3. I know anon 1734.
      U lancau tak potong.what happened to RBA?

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Lancau saya pun tak potong jugak
      Urban gap is narrowing is more important than national debt and corruption case

      Jho low

  22. This Prof Kangkung likes to repeat that UMNO BN is going to win big in the coming general election.

    You cannot reason with people like Prof Kangkung.

    Like the parents of a drug addict, the mat gian is going to achieve big in his life and in the hereafter, the parents deeply believe.

    Or the siblings of a habitual gambler, ultimately ah longs would come to paint the house and do renovations, but 'adik adalah seorang yang baik, nanti kembali ke pangkal jalan', so they believed in miracle.

    Or the wife of a serial rapist, despite knowing the crime that the husband had committed she chose to wait that one day god will bestow upon her beloved husband 'taufik dan hidayah' and 'kembali ke pangkal jalan'.

    One doesn't become a mat gian, or a habitual gambler, or a serial rapist overnight. Sometimes the family that they came from might have contributed to what they are now.

    So Tun Mahathir vowed to destroy UMNO, for he claimed that UMNO had deviated from the original struggle and had made Najib to who he is now.

    But ultimately the UMNO BN supporters were the one that had made UMNO BN to what they are now. Those that had been made foolish by the very political party that they supported, those BR1M eaters.

    Many here claimed that when Najib UMNO BN are buried, Pakatan Harapan or what have you would become exactly like UMNO BN now. That may be true, because as long as those foolish BR1M eaters are still the majority, they will force any new ruling regime to be exactly like UMNO BN.

    And Annie and some were promoting the idea that to win the election one must SERVICE the people, speak no evil against them, and do things that would make these people like you. That cannot be the right way. That would make those who aspire to do the right thing to succumb to the insatiable appetite of the BR1M eaters, and eventually CASH IS KING must win big. And eventually, you will have a government like the parents of Mat gian, the siblings of the habitual gambler, and the wife of the serial rapist.

    But this is the dilemma of the country. You might not want to say it, but the real problem is the people. You cannot tell the BR1M eaters to refuse BR1M. BR1M is like candu, it serves to prolong a sick life and to create a false believe that the dying sick man is going to live until 80 years old.

    So be it. Let these people be cited in a university lecture hall in the future as one vital example of how DEMOCRACY MUST FAIL, and to prove that PLATO was right all these time.

    1. I have dysfunctional family where my grandmother always think that my drug addict, jewellery thief, unemployed for 20+ years, thuggish, gangster, always ask grandmother for money, girlfriend swapping, chain smoker of an uncle is always right and kind and generous
      While my hardworking mother is deemed as unworthy and "evil"

    2. Anon 1611
      You cannot reason with me because I present to you the facts.What do I get in return?name childish.nak menang election macam mana kalau tak pandai berhujjah dfn fakta.
      Cuba baca the latest in Malaysikini.Tun M is not happy with Anwar's letter.
      Itu dari Malaysiakini,bukan Utusan Malaysia.
      The cracks start to appear in Pakatan.Orang Melayu kata retak menanti belah.

      Prof Kangkung

    3. Hey vegetable man, you sound like bad fiction

    4. UMNO prof like you never give facts, but instead playing racial sentiment and presenting bullishit as facts

    5. This is why we need to kill dumno bn coming GE. Make at STOP to all this crap and clean up national force and gomen.

  23. Prof kangkung has always been reasonable since failure businesses model like 1mdb was established

    Jho low