Sunday 24 September 2017

A missed memorable event

Woke up quite early and did some work.

After that I thought of writing something quite serious here.

It's about people being rude to their elders like what happened to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and then to former Pribumi Bersatu vice president Datuk Hamidah Osman.

But then just now I suddenly felt very lazy.

Don't know why but I have been feeling like this over the past few days.

One moment I felt that something is important, the next I can't be bothered with it anymore.

Well, what to's like that lah.

Anyway, I think I just want to make a small complaint instead.

Yesterday evening I was with my friend and her kids when we decided to attend the closing ceremony of the Asean Para Games at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

We wanted to lend our support because we had been hearing that attendance for the event had been poor.

So, my friend and her two children joined me on the drive to the stadium all the way from Klang.

Unfortunately, as we approached the stadium we kept being stopped by the policemen at several entrances of the stadium compound.

They directed us to go to another location to park the car.

Not being very familiar with the area, we ended up getting lost and since the kids were getting restless after a while, we gave up trying to find the designated car park.

Well, so much for trying to show support for the para athletes.

But then again I guess the stadium was already full that we were having difficulties even to park the car.

Still, I wish they could had made that easier for us.

It would have been memorable for us if we had made it to the stadium yesterday.

I have been inside the National Stadium just once and that was during the Commonwealth Games in 1998. I was still a kid at that time.

Even more memorable it would had been for my friend as one of her kids is with autism.

The boy would have loved it.

Well, what to do.

Tak ada they said.

Maybe next time. was a bit sad.

Putting a song here to cheer myself up,

That's the favourite song of my friend's son who is with autism.


  1. Mental block Annie? It happened to writers all the time. It takes a lot to find a rythm to write. Writers usually find it most productive and creative early in the morning. Still looking forward on your piece on Tun M and Datuk Hamidah Osman. Cheers..

  2. Annie,

    Sorry to hear about the kid missing out on the closing ceremony of the Para Games :(

    I have never worked with autistic children so I don't know what that kid would have felt or how he would have reacted, other than to say that things must have had been a bit difficult in your car.

    As you said, the stadium may have had been full, so no matter how much car park space was put aside, it would have had been full.

    Perhaps, there could be better organisation on how the parking was managed, eg blocks of parking are managed by parking wardens who communicate how much parking was avail via two-way radio to a central point, better signage, more parking marshalls, etc.

    Surely this parking problem has surfaced in the past.

    But we know that the authorities will never learn from past mistakes.

    Agak agak is cukup already lah, no need to cover everything, OK?

    Cing chai cing chai ok lah.

    As long as it looks good from the outside, no problems, ya?

    Anybody who complains, don't worry, we have the power to shut them up.

    Whoever forms the next government has to change the system - radically, from top to bottom.

    We just can't continue the way we have been.

    We pour millions and billions down the drain pandering to someone's whim and fancy for what? Nothing.

    Only those at the top benefit, only those who have connections to the top benefit.

    Look at the current controversy on MARA Digital.

    Ismail Sabri looks good, doesn't he? He is a hero to some people.

    But just ask yourself who is making money and who is losing money?

    It was doomed to failure from the very start.

    It's akin to putting a scapel in someone's hand and saying, now you are a surgeon.

    It has been tried many many times in the past and it just doesn't work.

    We have to change - radically.

    //Putting a song here to cheer myself up//

    That's a strange choice of song to cheer yourself up :)

    But I like that song.

    I think I mentioned a karaoke session with a couple of doctors when I sang that song :)


  3. Lesson learnt Annie; next time take the LRT to Bukit Jalil.

    1. It's a bit difficult to take the LRT because we had an autistic kid with us. Thank you

    2. Haritu i parking kat apartment sebelah SSBJ. Just kena bayar parking ngan management apartment rm5 per entry. Banyak je parking kat situ pasal tengah construction so dia tutup jalan. Jadi jalan yg ditutup tu management buat parking. Kena menapak la sikit.

      Tapi yup, maybe kurang signage kot, tu yg kelam kabut. Parking stadium ditutup pasal untuk security measures n traffic flow control untuk atlet katanye. I ok je.

      Dapat la bergambar ngan paralimpian gold medallist mohd ridhwan puzi. Such a down to earth guy.


    3. Untunglah....

  4. Hi Annie,

    It was really heart warming to read your take and involvement with the less fortunate fellow human beings in our midst.

    This is what makes your blog very interesting and many visitors drop by while some pen to share their opinions/views.

    You have taken the liberty to write not only on politics but on other matters of concern that reverberates amongst us Malaysians.

    Can you please probe and write about the ongoing DBI Properties fiasco ?
    I have been following the events on YouTube these past few days and my heart bleeds for the poor victims.
    This venture is somewhat like the current global scandal that we,as a nation, are afflicted with.

    In the case of DBI Properties, they collect monies from the gullible victims under the guise of building homes priced between RM50K to RM80K. These monies are then dumped into new similar sounding companies to deceive another group of people.Then the directors of these companies quarrel among themselves and split into various gangs.The split has resulted in almost RM5 million of the buyers deposits vanish into thin air.
    If you follow the most recent update on YouTube,PPIM has walked the extra mile to identify and expose the main culprits and their modus operandi. There is even talk that the total amount misappropriated is close to RM35 million.

    What saddens me most is the fate of the victims.Can you imagine pensioners,housewives,ordinary kampung folks and retirees were taken for a nasty ride by these heartless conman.Some have lost all their hard earned savings while some sold their land to acquire these imaginary houses.

    The tears shed by the makciks and the painful grimaces on the faces of the pakciks is what prompted me to ask you to write about this fiasco.I admit I am in no position to wipe away the tears of the mak ciks or to soothe the pain of the pak ciks. But I believe you can do something to highlight this matter to forewarn others.

    The culprits cannot show any completed houses as yet but almost 400 over vulnerable folks have been sweet talked to part with their blood, sweat and tears soaked cash.

    No, we can't let the culprits walk away just like that.They need to be shamed, ostracised and condemned before they end up in the jails.

    It is my hope that you will help write about this fiasco more than what I have seen. Your contacts and networks would be in a better position to uncover more dirt about this gang to assist you in your write.This would help others from falling victim to such similar scams in the near future.Thanking you.

    Rasta Rules