Saturday 3 June 2017

Bullies are the scum of the earth

The death of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) student, cadet officer Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain is really upsetting.

My condolences to his family. AlFatihah.

 Zulfarhan Osman and his parents
I was first informed about the case yesterday by a JB friend. 

Zulfarhan was a JB boy.

I was told that he was tortured and beaten to death by his fellow students.

Reports so far indicated the same.

'Bullied' navy cadet dies, police investigate case as murder 

Whatever it is, let's wait for what will come out of the investigation.

I have always been against bullies in any form. If I happened to encounter them, I tend to fight the bullies even though I know I can't win and have to suffer for it. 

This is a little venting I did on bullies in Johor and at my old workplace back in February 2015,

Achtung! Bullies in the building!

In the case of Zulfarhan, I thought there were no more physical bullying in our universities these days.

I thought our young ones are more sophisticated than us and therefore they don't do that sorts of bullying to express their sense of superiority over others.

Guess I was wrong then.

Ya, probably these bullies who killed Zulfarhan will later on become like those at my old workplace who victimised their subordinates and others due to their misplaced sense of superiority.

I sure hope the authorities will quickly charge them and serve it as a lesson for others who have the urges to pick on the weak and helpless.

I also hope that in cases like this, I would not in future see these kind of lame headlines anymore,

Higher Education Ministry Views Zulfarhan Osman's Death Seriously

Can't they come out with something more intelligent or meaningful to say?

What? Could they possibly view the case any other way but seriously? Come on la.

I wish the ministry could instead give some sorts of assurance that in future, when parents send their children to universities they don't have to worry about them getting beaten and tortured to death.

I sincerely hope this case will not end up like so many others - forgotten after all the publicity had died down.

I'm still waiting for what will happen to the teacher who beat up tahfiz student Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi who later on died of his injuries as highlighted in this post,


  1. Annie,

    I could never understand those who abuse their authority over others.

    But I guess such abuse is perfectly normal when there are many who share the same view.

    It is the tyranny of many against the few.

    Each one of the many will simply validate the abusive actions of the other.

    Biasa lah.

    And it is even more normal in a military scenario where there is simply nowhere for a newbie to escape from the abuse by a senior.

    Fixing the culture of abuse in the military is probably easier than fixing a similar cultural problem in society.

    The military operates on the basis of discipline and it is just a case of "do it or else" or maybe in this instance, "don't do it or else".

    For the military, it just "mau or tak mau" to issue the appropriate orders AND the appropriate penalties.

    No arguments, no ifs, no buts, no negotiations.

    But if a culture of abuse exists within society, well, that becomes a little more complex.

    Laws have to be changed, votes have to be taken and perps have to be willing to give up their abusive acts.

    Unfortunately, many of the perps are in positions of power and authority AND/OR hold majority political and religious clout.

    So, cam mana now?

    Who would want to willingly give up such a fortunate position?

    Why would anybody want to give up such a fortunate position?

    Better to stay silent and be grateful that one is not the abused, right?


  2. Apa yang salah ,siapa yang salah , mana yang salah ,apa salah .

    Ini lunia sutak makin teruk maa aa ,macam atak pelajaran punya olang lagi tak tahu itu sempadan maa aa ,buat sesuka hati lia olang punya lea aa.

    Pelmimpin buat suak hati , penguasa undang-undang buat sukak-sukak hati , kasi laksana undang buat sukak hati ,olang lamai pon buat sukak-sukak hati maa aa .

    Malaysia sutak macam tatak pelatoran sekalang ini maa aa .

  3. Since the deceased was in his third year, so ragging is out of the question. Therefore, I wonder what had the youngman done to deserve such a merciless retribution from his college mates.

    Hence, those mob who murder that groper-guy in Alor Setar must be dealt with, severely as a lesson to the masses.

    If not, people would assumed... no wonder, those of that particular religion were barbaric an uncivilized.

  4. On the passing of Zulfarhan Osman Zulkifli. Inna lillahi wainna ilayhi raji'un. Allahumghfirlahu warhamhu wa 'afihi wa' fu 'anhu.

    Also in the news today. The passing of Rehman Rashid, the journalist whose writings I enjoyed very much reading. Allahumghfirlahu warhamhu wa 'afihi wa' fu 'anhu.

    May Allah Ta'ala have mercy on them all.

    Yang masih hidup. Much need for reflection. As to what culture brings on merciless actions.

  5. Bullies always feeding and presenting to you their bullshit
    The truth is that bullies are always irrational
    They bully you because they can

    You will be in pain because of it
    And they'll derive pleasure from your pain

    Only you yourself can end the torment

  6. Dengan segala kebejatan yang berlaku dalam Negara ini... terutamanya oleh pemimpin tertinggi Kerajaan lepas guna Agama untuk mangaburi kebejatan itu... lama-kelamaan, semakin ramai anak-anak Melayu akan menjadi malu untuk mengakui bahawa mereka adalah orang Melayu dan Islam.

    Dah tak ada apa yang boleh dibanggakan oleh Melayu dan orang Islam di Malaysia ini. Dah la satu haram pun kita tak boleh reka-cipta dan buat untuk menyenangkan kehidupan umat. Sampai nak melaungkan azan pun, kita guna pembesar suara yang dicipta oleh orang Kapir.

    Jangan terkejut... kalau semakin ramai ibu-bapa berikan nama anak-anak mereka nama seperti orang Kapir. Islam simpan dalam hati hati dan dirumah saja.

  7. Annie. RD. I could sense RD's hopelessness in view of the current situation. But I remind myself always that (1) The good is always in the minority. Stories of the Prophets narrated in Al Quran Kareem tell us the majority were always in disobedience. Read for instance, Kisah umat Nabi Nuh Alayhissalam. Umat Nabi Ibrahim Alayhissalam. Umat Nabi Lut Alayhissalam. This morning I went through Surah Al Hijr. Again I am reminded of umat Nabi Saleh Alayhissalam yang durhaka. So kita tak putus asa disebabkan kejahatan dan kedurhakaan orang lain. Walau ramai (yang mengaku berugama dan tidak berugama) yang mencela Ugama kerana contoh-contoh kedurhakaan sekarang. It is for us to remind ourselves and others of doing good and nahi munkar. That's our duty. Then we ask Allah Ta'ala for Taufiq and Hidayah for ourselves and for others. Hope is when we understand the limit of our duties and responsibilities. For instance, we can't force people to believe us. That's not within our jurisdiction. (2) I would like to share the words of Freire who said "Hopelessness is hope that has lost its bearing". So bila rasa hopeless, kita kena check dan betulkan bearing kita semula. Again I would say mohon Taufiq and Hidayah Allah Ta'ala. Because indeed Allah Ta'ala is the Provider of the Ultimate Guide. Allah Ta'ala is Most Knowing. Thank you Annie. Thank you RD. Ramadhan Kareem Mubarak.

  8. Annie,

    Another 8 young religious school kids killed in a van accident.Why are these tragic events befalling on these young ones ? I believe they were transported from one place to another after collecting donations from the public.
    And the cops have confirmed the van driver did not have a valid driving license.
    Earlier an ex convict was charged for the murder of the young boy and now someone who is not fit to drive has killed 8 innocent kids.

    Can the authorities, especially the religious dept issue a blanket ban and forbid these kids from going around sourcing donations.Are we so poor to rely on these boys for money ?
    Didn't some royalty question the allocation of one billion ringgit for these religious activities. Isn't one billion ringgit sufficient or is there still a need for these donation drives ? If insufficient, please ask for more instead of killing innocent kids.

    Rest In Peace.

  9. Anonymous @ 4 June 2017 at 08:42,

    //For instance, we can't force people to believe us.//

    Yes, we can.

    Believe or die :)

    The method has been used elsewhere.

    Al Shabab have applied exactly such a method and just last week in the Phillipines, apparently 9 workers found out the hard way.

    Applying such methods will encourage people in those areas to read the Quran, become good Muslims and memorise a few verses from the Quran, right?

    And if they still refuse to believe after being given the opportunity, well ..... you know lah :)

    //That's not within our jurisdiction.//

    Yes, it is.

    We can use hudud or turn to the hadiths for guidance.

    Hadi Awang is apparently a very learned Islamic scholar and I am sure he can conjure something up which nobody would dare argue against.

    //So bila rasa hopeless, kita kena check dan betulkan bearing kita semula.//

    As long as your "bearing" agrees with what "they" have told you, you will be OK.

    Tak bolih guna akal, you know.

    And most people do not guna akal or are afraid to guna akal or do not know how to guna akal in such matters.

    You are really a very dangerous man for suggesting that we should try thinking on our own.

    Must report you to JAKIM and JAWI. Heheheheh!!


    1. Others or nons should master the art of taqiya, anything & everything muslim good, peace unto the world!!!

  10. Annie. RD. Sometimes we are highly tempted to respond to those who mocked. But I remind myself that there are clear guidance on how to respond to mockeries.

    “Be tolerant, command what’s right, pay no attention to foolish people” [7:199]

    “The Servants of the Lord of Mercy are those who walk humbly on Earth, and who, when the foolish address them, reply ‘Peace’” [25:63]

    “Call people to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good teaching, and argue with them in the most courteous way” [16:125]

    “We have spared you those who ridicule you” [15:95]

    “Do not revile those they call on beside God, so they, in their hostility, revile God, without knowledge” [6:108]

    And Allah Ta'ala knows best.

    1. Anonymous @ 4 June 2017 at 16:33,

      Some very good quotes there from the Quran.

      What a shame the Manchester bomber, the current London attackers, very likely the abducters of Pastor Koh, Joshua Hilmy and others, and the Maute/Abu Sayyaf attackers, etc do not seem to agree with your quotes.

      Even in Malaysia, we see people who profess to be Muslims, to all intents and purposes, ignore such passages.

      I wonder why that is?


    2. Not to mention Perkosa, who were stamping on photos during Ramadan.

      Stay classy, Perkosa.

  11. Anonymous @ 5 June 2017 at 10:04,

    //Others or nons should master the art of taqiya, anything & everything muslim good//

    Good try but not good enough when someone is holding a gun to your head.

    Can you recite a verse from the Quran?


    Gosh, that nice haircut you got today is gonna be messed up a bit by a bullet :)

    BTW, I have wondered if I was in a situation like that, what would happen I insisted on converting to Islam on the spot?



    1. Gladiator,

      Lu atak tau pasat itu Jurusalam Jublee , Wa manyak helan lea aa .

    2. lufang @ 6 June 2017 at 06:24,

      I would understand you better if you wrote in English, thanks.

      Sorry about mentioning it.



    3. Manyak sedih maa aa , Wa Cina sekolah maa aa .

    4. lufang,

      cina olang, bulayu olang, sama jugak maa aa,

      cina panggil olang busat itu 'tualang', bulayu pun ikut panggil olang busat dia 'petualang', sama-sama maa aa,

      petualang makan manyak di dulang, olang lia makan tulang maa aa,

      olang cina nasib tak baik panggil 'suay', pulumpuan bulayu nasib tak baik boleh jadi 'langsuay' maa aa,

      lufang tak mau helan leh, sama-sama gua lespek lu, lu lespek gua maa aa,

      olang jahat tak lespek olang lain, itu olang jahat jangan pulak panggil lia 'hati ke_ing' leh aa!

  12. Annie......when are U going to write about the 7
    children from Madrasah Tahfiz Al Hashimi, Kampung
    Tualang, Kuala Krai who died at the hand of an
    irrisponsible driver who is also the teacher at
    the Tahfiz, without any valid motor lisence.....???
    You cry so much when the Amoy langgar 8 bysical boys
    but U just senyap, when it comes to this case.
    Is it because the driver is a Malay Tahfiz teacher...??
    What if the van had an accident with an MPV Indian or
    Chinese driver.........?????

    1. Sorry Cik Minah. I have not been well for quite a while now. Can't write much and comment on every accidents that happened in the country. Why don't you write about it instead? Thank you.

    2. Unfortunately, I don't have a blog.......(nangis).
      I masuk blog orang, menyibuk......HEHEHE

    3. It's okay. You can write it here. As long as it's not overly seditious, vulgar or victimising innocent people I will insyaAllah publish it.

    4.'s the story, taken from Berita
      Harian. Tak seditious, vulgar or victimising people. Just news, to pounder.

      KUALA KRAI: Pemandu van Tahfiz Al Hashimi
      yang terbabit dalam kemalangan maut membabitkan tujuh pelajar di KM55 dekat Kampung Telekong,
      di sini semalam, tiada lesen memandu.

      Bagaimanapun, Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah
      Kuala Krai, Deputi Superintendan Zulkarnain
      Ismail Al Haj, berkata pemandu, Muhammad
      Hamzi Mohammad Husham, 24, tiada rekod
      kesalahan trafik.

      Katanya, hasil ujian saringan air kencing

      juga negatif. "Hasil siasatan awal mendapati, pemandu van jenis Maxus V80 itu dipercayai
      tiba-tiba hilang kawalan ketika di lokasi
      kejadian selepas memotong sebuah kenderaan
      di hadapannya.

      "Apabila pemandu van terbabit masuk semula
      ke laluannya, secara tiba-tiba van berkenaan
      hilang kawalan dan terbabas sebelum merempuh
      sebuah rumah yang berada di sebelah kanan jalan," katanya ketika dihubungi, hari ini.

      BH hari ini melaporkan keceriaan 12 pelajar
      tahfiz untuk menghadiri program Tafsir
      al-Quran di Madinah Ramadan Kota Bharu,
      bertukar ngeri apabila tujuh daripadanya
      maut selepas van dinaiki terbabas di Kampung Telekong, di sini, semalam.

      Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 9.30 pagi,
      lima mangsa termasuk seorang berasal dari
      Thailand, maut di tempat kejadian manakala
      dua pelajar meninggal dunia ketika menerima
      rawatan di Hospital Kuala Krai (HKK).

      Lima maut di tempat kejadian iaitu Mohamad
      Hafiz Aimullah Mustafa, 18; Muhamad Rahman Rozali,17, Nik Shah Jehan Nik Azmi, 16; Nik
      Ahmed Daniel Nik Ahmed Rithaudeen, 14 dan Sarifuddin Muhammad, 14, (Thailand) manakala
      Ahmad Farhan Zulkifli, 14, dan Muhammad Hakimi Muhammad Dahalan, 17, meninggal dunia di HKK.

      Mengulas lanjut, Zulkarnain berkata, pihak
      polis juga sudah merakam percakapan pemandu
      untuk melengkapkan siasatan. "Kes disiasat
      mengikut Seksyen 41(1) Akta Pengangkutan
      Jalan 1987. Siasatan masih diteruskan,"

  13. Regarding to the death of Cadet Zufarahan Othman
    Zulkarnain at the hand of 30 bullies, this is what
    UPNM lecturer said about the matter;

    “Ini sudah menjadi budaya tentera, budaya buli
    dan raging yang dibawa oleh British diwarisis
    sehingga hari ini dalam tentera kita."

    “Budaya ini kononnya untuk mengajar setiap
    anggota tentera itu menjadi seorang yang menurut
    perintah dan taat kepada ketua mereka atau orang
    yang lebih lama dalam perkhidmatan.”

    Demikian pendedahan sumber yang memetik daripada
    laporan Malaysia Gazette berhubung kes penderaan
    di kalangan pelajar Universiti Pertahanan Nasional
    Malaysia (UPNM).

    Menurut sumber yang juga bekas pensyarah universiti
    tersebut berkata, kes buli atau raging sememangnya
    sudah menjadi budaya tentera yang diwarisi semasa
    zaman era British dan ia kemudiaan diteruskan
    sehinggalah hari ini.

    Tegasnya, apa yang berlaku itu bukan suatu yang
    luar biasa cuma ia tidak didedahkan, cuma berbeza
    kali ini ia melibatkan kematian dalam keadaan yang

    Dalam kes penderaan Pegawai Kadet Laut Zulfarhan
    Osman Zulkarnain, ia merupakan kesan daripada budaya
    tentera yang masih diwarisi dan ia kini diterapkan
    pula dalam universiti yang melatih bakal-bakal
    tentera ini, kata sumber.

    “Aduan-aduan pelajar kena liwat, oral seks dan
    banyak lagi itu sudah menjadi perkara biasa."

    “Cumanya perkara ini disembunyikan dan tidak
    didedahkan,” katanya.

    Tambahnya lagi, kebanyakan kes ini tidak dilapor
    dan didedah kerana pelajar sudah diasuh supaya
    taat kepada perintah dan tidak menceritakan apa
    yang berlaku walaupun kepada ibu bapa mereka



    1. Betut Che Minah ,jangan kasi hantar anak itu UPNM ,jangan kasi anak naik ven ,jangankasi anak naik basikal lor rr.

    2. UPNM has failed its students
      One student died because of its stupidity

      What's the benefit of raging again?

  14. Seriously? like the MACC views ahjibgor's & jholow's crimes seeeriiiousleee meh?

  15. "Some very good quotes there from the Al quran"

    ....admitted by Gladiator! TQ and i appreciate it very much.

    But than i feel very sorry for you Gladiator because you are a classic example of an islamophobic victim.

    You can only see the bad muslim around not every muslim go to heaven!

    At the same time you can only see good non muslim around you! fyi there will be muslim and non muslim in Hell!

    Anyway i suggest read more of the Quran and i bet you can find alot more good quotes that will definately fascinates you.

    But than try not to put yourselve in denial of what you will discover.

    Last but not a bunch of good apples just appreciate the good one. Ok... will you?

  16. Anonymous @ 7 June 2017 at 00:44,

    //....admitted by Gladiator!//

    Eeerrr... it is less "admitted by" but more like "agreed to".

    The Bible has some very good quotes as well. Have you ever read it?

    And plenty of other holy books have good quotes. Have you read them?

    But all the good quotes in all the holy books are useless if followers of those religions do not care!!

    //you are a classic example of an islamophobic victim.//

    Little do you know what I am or who I am :)

    //You can only see the bad muslim around you//

    Ahh.. where are the good Muslims? :)

    Here is a quote you might want to think about.

    "When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets." - Attributed to a Hell Angels member.

    Words of wisdom, don't you think?

    I don't think he was a Muslim though :)

    //i suggest read more of the Quran//

    And I suggest that you read other holy books to get a better understanding of religion in general.

    And if you are brave enough to read other holy books, I suggest you try taking your own advice and "..try not to put yourselve in denial of what you will discover...".

    Bolih ke? :)

    //in a bunch of good apples just appreciate the good one//

    Hmm.. what was that you were telling me about denial??

    Oh, it doesn't apply to apples, right?

    Only applies to oranges?