Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Getting angry at Nazri

Everyone seems to be angry with Tourism Minister DS Nazri Aziz.

You can read about it at Rocky's

Nazri's poor tact

I'm not angry with him though.

In fact, I almost expected him to behave that way.

He has always been like that, what.

I think he was even made a minister because he is like that.


Not at all surprising.

Nazri is simply a pugnacious man.

But such a man can be useful in certain situations.

I believe that's why he's been a minister for so long.

So, what's going to happen to him now?

I think nothing.

He will remain as he is and he will continue to behave as he is.

Of course unless PM DS Najib Razak sacks him, which I don't believe would happen.

Sack him for what?

For being rude to a state "minister"?

I don't think so.

The guy even quarrelled with the powerful Johor royalty two years ago and nothing happened.

Click on this link to read a bit about it,

Royalty in the ring

Don't tell me it's okay for Nazri to be rude with Tengku Mahkota Johor but he can't be rude with a Sarawak "minister".

Yes, this one will also blow away like last time and Nazri will go on with his merry ways.

All the angry people will cool off soon anyway.

Personally, I'm already used to Nazri's antics.

Kinda provide some humor to the political scene, don't you think?

I also find him not the worst among Najib's people.

In fact, I prefer him more than the likes of Ku Nan and Puad Zarkashi.

Really can't stand those two.

At least Nazri is relatively macho and handsome, okay.

Eh, enough lah.

Listen to this song better,

Okay, I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Not full recovered yet.



  1. Annie, rest and get well before raya. Agree with your ranking of the 3 UMNO diehards. Ok, not going to say anything further on those 3 since this is fasting month!

    On separate issue, what is going on with our kids??? The bullying is really getting sadistic.

    1. Bos,

      Got many more...
      Noh Omar is one.
      Azeez used car is another.
      Tajuddin pasir salak is one more
      Eh ramai lagi ada

  2. The fee for 1 night hotel is rm100
    Now because of this bastard tax, it become rm 120
    And you know what
    His new wife said "life is a choice"

    What a piece of fuck
    Don't introduce the tourism tax in the first place you bastard whore!


  3. Wa hati manyak kechik ,Annie cekap Nazri , macho n handsome lea aa.
    Tapi Wa manyak atak ingat Wa atak sikit lebeh lawa dari itu LGE maa aa ,apa bolih buat maa aa ,itu sepet punya hat tatak bolih kasi sorok maa aa.

    Itu Nazri aah aa ,UMNO punya olang sikalang memang itu macam maa aa ,lata-lata pon itu macam apa ,tatak bedza maa aa .

    Busar punya cekap ,olang selalu ingat pandai lea aa .

    1. Q: Why won't a lion eat up a clown?
      A: Cos it tastes horribly funny!

      So Nazri the Clown can take center stage among lions without a worry in the world. What a smart-ass ...

  4. Hi Annie,

    I was really pissed off with Nazri with this latest incident. But after reading your post, I quite agree wirh you. Without him, our political scene would be dull. Suddenly remember of his Antartica suggestion after Perak police denied his debate with Tun M. Lol..

    Btw, are you gonna say something on the Kluang ramadan bazaar incident?

    Kind regards,


    1. Itu Kluang punya hat ,apa atak hat maa aa ,Lu latang olang punya luamah olang tatak suka ,so jangan latang laa aa ,lain tempat bolih pegi maa aa .

      Apa mau kechoh-kechoh maa aa .

  5. Annie,

    Nazri wasn't just being rude, he had mentioned about being samseng viz thuggish!

    Apparently he had used the same tone against HRH Tunku Ismail.

    Could nazri be a role model for those culprits who tortured Zulfarhan and Nhaveen?

    Annie you are disgusting. Apparently you need no beating from Nazri to be brain dead.

  6. Annie,

    As Nazri Aziz has said himself, he has always been like this and he is too old to change.

    I believe he is held in some regard by the opposition because of his straight-up style.

    //Not full recovered yet.//

    Geez, I really do hope you have been seeing some REAL doctors.

    Your problem may be something really simple which nobody has noticed, eg gluten intolerance, blah blah blah.

    But what would I know? I might as well be waving chicken feathers over duck entrails and doing a reading of your teh tarik leaves.


  7. Someone highlight the following in FB.

    "Kalau ikut website rasmi Parlimen, cukai Pelancungan itu dibentang kali pertama pada 4.4.2017. Bentang kali kedua 5.4. 2017. Lulus pada 5.4.2017.
    Maknanya masa dibentang di Parlimen tiada bahas panjang. Express sungguh lulusnya.
    Adakah masa itu para MP tidak nampak masalah yg timbul atau tak boleh jangka?
    Atau pun semua MP absent ke terlena..? Atau berkecuali?
    Apa yg jelas, Parti Memerintah BN dlm keadaan terdesak dlm mencari sumber kewangan."

    End quote.

    I just hope the voting for Tourism tax is not done at 2am, like they did with SOSMA's enactment.

  8. Ehhhhh, no problem lah.

    Give Sarawak money via personal cheque from MO1.

    The pre-election cash bonanzas included a RM100,000,000 cheque handed to ‘Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Malaya Bersatu (UMNO)’ 11th April 2013 a week after the election had been announced. On 22nd April UMNO Malaysia again received two further cheques of RM50 million each.

    Individual cheques were also handed out to all UMNO and related BN divisions, for example Badan Perhubungan UMNO Negeri Pahang received RM15 million on 18th April and the following day, April 19th, UMNO Penang received RM5 million. Kelantan division received RM5 million on 10th April.

    Amongst the many other similar payments was RM5 million both the UMNO state party of Kedah and the MCA Selangor Liason Committee on 8th April and RM20 million to UMNO Selangor on April 24th. UMNO Perak received its handout on April 29th of RM25 million with another five million each going to UMNO Selangor and the MCA Selangor Liason Committee again the following day. Also on 30th April Johor UMNO received RM25 million, less than a week before the election.

    The UMNO womens’ divisions also received significant pay outs, signifying the party’s appreciation of the importance of ‘winning’ the female vote: Pergerakan Puteri UMNO Malaysia received a RM5 million cheque 27th February and Pergerakan Wanita UMNO Selangor RM1.1 million 22nd March and Wanita Barisan Nasional Selangor RM1 million on 17th May.

    Allied parties also received big money, for example the Liberal Democratic Party received RM1 million 5th April, the Malaysian Indian Congress received RM10 million on the 18th April and a further RM5 million 26th April. SUPP received RM2 million 20th March. The previous year UPCO had received RM2 million, indeed over the election huge sums were dished out to Sabah and particularly Sarawak (of which more later).
    Saudi story

    Since all this money came from stolen public funds, borrowed at punishing rates of interest under false pretenses, the ultimate cost to the Malaysian taxpayer will be at least double the sums handed out in this exercise to buy votes for the ruling party, who was abusing its position in such a spectacular fashion.

    People are entitled to assume that a man who is willing to raid his country’s development fund, as well as the civil servant pension fund, the pilgrims’ fund, the farmers’ fund and doubtless other sources of public money, is unlikely to hesitate to attempt to bribe voters with a little of that money back in the form of payment for votes.

  9. Talking about tourism tax, most people who oppose tourism tax are not affected by the tax at all. Like myself, I probably goes to holiday locally 2,3 times a year. If the hotel increases the room rate I can choose cheaper hotels or stay at home stay. Plus, we have a airbnb.

    I don't understand what the fuss is all about. I really support any effort to increase the government's coffer provided there is no leakages.

    Prof kangkung

    1. "...provided there is no leakages." That's the problem! There are leakages left right and center and instead of patching these leakages, gov keeps on finding new ways to tax the people. This gov is clueless about prudent spending, it cuts thoughtlessly in key areas but at the same time throw money away unnecessarily.

  10. Arrogance, ignorance, undemocratic and dump rather dopey behaviors of senior ministers upon their ministership.

    No doubt he is one of the senior ministers, but definitely he is arrogant of immaturity, no quality.

    He talks big or rather boastfully, disgusted, truly disregarded and an ill-mannered elderly minister compatible with his Boss, the Prime Minister who is a thief, and a kleptocratic politician.

    It won't hurt Nazri to explain with courtesy. Was it necessary to call upon his fellow minister of being "setahun jagong" "baru je nak jadi menteri" "belajar lagi jadi menteri dan jangan banyak cakap"? These sweeping phrases were unnecessary to prove the points of being a senior minister.

    By the way, it is uncertain for every ringgit Tourism tax collected will directly benefit Sarawak. It up to the federal government by its numerical discretion to allocate the amount back to Sarawak. Sarawak can't demand back what had been collected though.

    The important point or the issue here, the federal government falls short of its constitutional commitments to Sarawak as stipulated in the 1963 Malaysian Agreement since formation. (Note, Sarawak and Sabah are not states into joining Malaysia, it's a "Nation of its own")

    For an example, the outstanding issue, one of the 20 points stipulated in the agreement, it is Sarawak's rights to receive back 40% of tax collected in Sarawak.

    Nazri miss read the long standing disheartened situation in relation to the 1963 Malaysian Agreement between the Sarawak and Malaya then. Sarawakians feel and believe that they have been unfairly mistreated.

    This imposition of Tourism tax on Sarawak adds further burden and weaken the political spirit of goodwill and understanding. It might pervert the relationship of the FEDERATION.

  11. Who would trust najib government to handle tax fool?

    1. rosmah menghias diri, rakyat yang merana dan professor yang jilat

      Berhenti jilat sekarang

    2. Ada lebih kurang 3 juta rakyat Malaysia berbangsa UMNO yg tidaj berasa mereka ditipu. Malah mereka berbangga apabila ditipu oleh Jho-Jib kerana menggunakan duit rakyat untuk menipu rakyat.

  12. 'Nazri..macho and handsome'??!!..batal puase aku hari ni annie...