Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Painful after sahur rambling

Talked with a friend who used to be a staunch Umno supporter but now with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the other side of the fence.

He is actively campaigning for Pribumi Bersatu.

I asked whether his new party will be ready if the general election is to be called within the next few months as many believe it would be so.

"I think we still have plenty of time. Najib will likely stretch it till the end like in the last general election in 2013. He has no real reason to call for an early polls," he said.

The deadline for the next general election is in August next year.

"How about the economy? Will it holds up for BN till next year?" I asked.

"Looks like it," he said.

It doesn't look good for the opposition parties if what my friend said were all true.

On the possibility of the opposition parties being able to use the extra time to mend their currently acrimonious ties, my friend said the chances of that would not be so good either.

"Too much mistrust between the (opposition) parties," he said.

My friend however said he will continue what he is doing now.

"We have to at least let them know that the corrupt practices can't go on. We have to speak up against it," he said.

Well, good luck to my friend.

He was actually visiting me yesterday afternoon after hearing that I'm sick.

I'm writing this lying in bed using my phone.

Can't even sit and write properly using my laptop.

Woke up earlier about 2.30am and can't go back to sleep till now.

Nothing else to do, so I'm writing this just to pass the time.

Had some biscuits for sahur just now.

Trying to keep my puasa intact and refusing to take my pain killer.

Maybe Allah giving me the pain to cover a bit of my sins and therefore I should take it as it is.

I'm quite a sinner, actually.

Sorry, I'm beginning to ramble.

Hopefully things will get better.

I'm already feeling guilty for not being able to work.

Okay, I better rest now. Left side of my body beginning to get painful again as I lay on it to write this.



  1. Sakit adalah ruang pensucian dosa kecil dan kesempatan untuk lebih banyak mengingatiNya.

    Nik Aziz pwenah memohon maaf ketika sakit, selepas bersara dan sebelum meninggal dunia yang dianggapnya satu pembalasan Allah di atas kesilapannya sepanjang menjadi pemimpin (harap betulkan jika fakta ini tidak tepat)

    Ketidaksepakatan dan saling mwncurigai komponen pembangkang bukan perkara baru dan inilah kelemahan mereka dan inilah pwrkara pokok yang sedang Tun cuba tangani.

    Kepelbagaian pembangkang sangat rumit untuk diwarnakan satu dan ini lebih susah dari menentang BN.

    Mujur Rafizi memainkan peranan kaberap bising kekecohan pembangkang sambil mengkucar kacirkan integriti umno

    BN kelihatan stabil tetapi sedang dimakan anai anai.

    Ketidaksepakatan pembangkang akan bertembung dengan parti yang dimakan anai-anai, sukar diramalkan siapa yang hancur lebih awal.

  2. Annie,

    Take care and get well soon. Heaven can wait.

  3. The opposition has just been handed a gift on a silver platter. They finally have an issue that can cause a significant dent to BN's felda settlers fixed deposit. I hope the opposition can hold themselves together and not make any stupid statements.

  4. Hai Annie. Lama juga tak sihat nampaknya.Take care ye. Semoga segera sihat dan dipermudahkan.

  5. Annie. Semoga segera sembuh.

  6. This is WHY, PRU14 won't be held in September, guys.
    May be Najib wants to sell FGV to China too,
    so that's why the Presiden is comming to Malaysia to
    ensure that he will get the whole package including

    Presiden China Xi Jinping bakal mengadakan lawatan
    kerja ke Malaysia pada Oktober ini, sekali gus ia
    mungkin menyebabkan pilihan raya umum ke-14 (PRU-14),
    terpaksa ditangguhkan sehingga tahun hadapan.

    Memetik Sinar Harian, Sin Chew Daily melaporkan
    pemimpin utama China itu akan menghadiri majlis
    perasmian Xiamen University Malaysia, Sepang yang
    turut dihadiri Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib
    Tun Razak.

    "Semasa lawatan kerja Presiden China di Malaysia,
    perdana menteri dan jemaah Kabinet perlu hadir.
    Oleh itu, Parlimen tidak boleh dibubarkan pada
    ketika itu," tulis akhbar berkenaan.

    1. Correct.

      The no-balls Bugis thief has postponed it.

      Too much coming out about the Shafee RM9.5 million payoff...

      ...and about FGV.

      Felda folks not happy.

      Have to songlap more money to give them.

    2. Selling FGV too wow... how pathetic
      He really is a bottomless pit

  7. It's all in the mind. Think positive and get well soon, dear Annie.

  8. Cik Minah @ 7 June 2017 at 12:13,

    //May be Najib wants to sell FGV to China too,//

    ROFLMAO. :)

    You have no idea how hard I was laughing :)


  9. Annie,

    Sorry to hear that you feel a bit under the weather.

    Hope you get better soon.

    //On the possibility of the opposition parties being able to use the extra time to mend their currently acrimonious ties, my friend said the chances of that would not be so good either//

    Well, any BN strategist will do his/her best to keep putting out news that the Opposition is hopelessly divided.

    It is a great tactic because many Pakatan supporters will be dumb enough to pick up the stories and create even more divisions by themselves.

    For example, I read that Tun Mahatir has offered himself again as an alternative PM for "a short while".

    This news will be exploited by BN strategists for all it is worth.

    I mean, Lim Guan Eng (your favourite DAP man :) has already said that DAP will stand by Anwar Ibrahim.

    So, you can see the immediate startegic value of such diametrically-opposed statements.

    But everything is not quite smooth sailing for BN either.

    Now we have the FGV stoush to add to the can of worms which Najib has to deal with.

    And we really have very little news about what is happening on the ground in Sabah with Shafie Apdal - is he making any headway? Us, orang biasa, just don't know.

    Even RPK does not dare talk about Sabah in all his analysis about how hard it will be for Pakatan to win Putrajaya.

    You will note that he delicately sidesteps that issue and keeps drawing attention to Semananjung.

    He knows that most Semananjung people have a blind spot as far as Sabah ans Sarawak is concerned - many of us just never think of Sabah and Sarawak. I confess even I make that mistake sometimes.

    While I know who I would like to win GE14, I just can't say definitively who will win and why.

    Both sides seem to have a good chance from what I can tell.

    Anyway, I have to go do some real work to earn some money, see yer later and get well soon, OK?



  10. Che Minah ,,,

    WOW !!!! Cina mau beli FGV n FELDA ,lagi manyak syok maa aa itu macam Wa pasti lagi manyak untung maa aa ,sikalang manyak celita lugi maa aa .

    Bulayu meniaga semua kasi habit maa aa ,lebih baika jauat tanah saja maa aa .

  11. Bersatu should sever its ties with Pakatan and go solo in GE 14. Or they can make a pact with Pas to face BN. The goings look tough in Pakatan right now to be honest. If they choose to go solo, they are free to contest where they want and as many seats that they want. Doesn't really matter 3 corner or 4 corner. It doesn't really matter anymore. May the best man win.

    If you go on your own, you're only dealing with yourself, with your own party members. Less squabbling for seats and less headache. No need to discuss and negotiate with other parties. They have proved to be unreliable and untrusted allies. Recent PKR Congress is an eye opener. They're willing to employ dirty tricks to achieve their objective. That is PKR.

    They're trying to screw Bersatu big time. In the past, they screwed TS Khalid Ibrahim and Pas. They screwed DAP in Sarawak state seats by contesting among each other. Leopard will never change its spots.

    If Bersatu goes on their own, tak payah pening-pening lagi nak bincang pasal kerusi dan siapa bakal PM. They can form a unity government later on if they have the numbers. After the election. After all the votes have being tabulated.

    The party that win the most seats will get to choose the partners to form a government. A unity government. Their supreme leader will be the prime minister. It is as simple as that. Majority rule. No seat warmer. No pardon board. You're in the minority. Please behave like one.

    And Bersatu will win BIG this time. They have penetrated rural areas, kampung-kampung, and Felda settlements. They're going to get the numbers. PKR and DAP will have to sembah and melutut dengan Bersatu to form a unity government. Mahathir and Muhyiddin will going to have the last laugh..hahaha..

  12. Annie, I think you are right no matter how weak BN may seems with all kinds of problems, the latest being the FGV fiasco PH is just like a pile of loose sands with the slightest wind or some water, it becomes loosen and lying all over the place.

    UMNO/BN people has been saying PH especially PKR is all about one man,Anwar Ibrahim, and not about the country or the welfare of the rakyat. Now it has been proven correct. The Anwar family is behaving as though the PM post is their god given right to have, and Anwar can walk out of the jail and take up the PM post the moment PH wins the election. Can you see how arrogant this Anwar family is ?

    Tun M despite his 92 years old body with two previous heart surgery is working so hard to try to win over voters to support PH,without caring about the threat to his own health and life and yet he is being treated with disdain by the PH leaders.

    Zaid has been giving very sound suggestion to the PH leadership yet his suggestion has been swept aside by the PH leadership. I think these so called PH leaders who are trying so hard to convince the rakyat that they are the trying to save this country from the klepek are actually a bunch of opportunist working for their own selfish ends.

    1. Anonymous@ 7 June 2017 at 17:25,

      //Now it has been proven correct. The Anwar family is behaving as though the PM post is their god given right to have//

      //Tun M despite his 92 years old body with two previous heart surgery is working so hard to try to win over voters to support PH,//

      The above two statements are EXACTLY the kinds of statements which a clever BN strategist would exploit :)

      Set up one party against the other, then sit back and watch their respective supporters tear into each other :)


    2. Even without the above two statements with the way the PKR leaders are behaving, BN can afford to just sit and watch how these PKR idiots destroy the the whole pakatan opposition.

      All of them are pure opportunists.Care about this country and the hardship faced by the rakyat ? my foot.

  13. Anonymous @ 7 June 2017 at 16:19,

    //Bersatu should sever its ties with Pakatan and go solo in GE 14.//

    Poor advice.

    //Or they can make a pact with Pas to face BN.//

    Even poorer advice.

    //Doesn't really matter 3 corner or 4 corner.//

    It does matter, it does really matter.

    //The party that win the most seats will get to choose the partners to form a government.//

    This only applies when we are talking about BN.

    It does not apply to Pakatan.

    //You're in the minority. Please behave like one.//

    And this is part of the problem with many Malaysians.

    We are quite happy to suppress minorities while going around telling everybody what good people we are, how we never miss our sembayang, how much money we donate to charity, how caring we are towards animals, etc etc.

    I believe that a truly good person should think of the minority, the weak, the ones who cannot speak for themselves, the disadvantaged, the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalised.

    I have observed people in my kampung bully retarded people just because they can.

    I have seen them whip retarded people like animals for some undefined wrongdoing because they can.

    Yupe, these are my fellow Malaysians and I am just as guilty as they are because I do not do enough to alleviate the suffering of these people.

    And yes, I am as much a hypocrite as you are for criticising you and I am not proud of it.


    1. I think Anon 16:19 is referring to PKR when he suggests they should behave like a small party if they only managed win less seats than the rest of the party in their coalition. The have no right to claim the PM's throne if the don't have the majority. Your rambling on that point that is really puzzling. English comprehension is a really good thing to have.

  14. Even with that civil war in felda/fgv, BN still can win GE14 syabas muakakaka