Wednesday 28 June 2017

The best way to be a liberal Muslim

I honestly don't mind being labelled a liberal Muslim.

That's because I do think that I'm one of those.

I'm not going to be a hypocrite and deny it.

I'm definitely not the so-called conservative type of Muslim.

I don't even really live the so-called proper Islamic lifestyle.

For one thing, I don't believe that voting for Pas makes it easier for me to go to paradise in the afterlife.

And I don't really like all those Arab things people said to be Islamic.

I don't even like Arab food that much. I think I'll get very fat if I eat all those lamb kebab.

I prefer Japanese food and the kawai stuff.

Still, I'm a Muslim, okay.

I don't do some things they said to be demanded by Islam, but I don't debate on them either.

I hate religious debates more than any other types of debate because I think that's when religion brought out the worst in people.

For me, my faith in Islam is something between me and Allah. Not with other people.

I hardly commented on religious stuff because of that.

And with that, let me write a bit about Datuk Zaid Ibrahim of DAP, whom everyone said is a liberal Muslim like myself.

I think he should consider doing the same, that is not to talk too much about prayers, Islam or other religions.

His comment the other day on the AirAsia pilot who asked passengers of the troubled flight D7237 to pray as he tried to land the plane safely was really stupid.

Sorry, that's the only way I can describe it.

You all can read what others said about it at this link,

Netizens defend AirAsia pilot after Zaid’s criticism on prayer request

Zaid, being a liberal Muslim may not really believe in prayers that much, but he shouldn't antagonised  others who really believe in it.

He achieved nothing by doing that, except in a way confirming what the Umno people have been saying all these while that Malays who joined DAP are not true to their race and religion.

Honestly, again, let me repeat, Zaid needs to really shut up on things he is really not good at, especially religious stuff.

Hey, I don't wear a tudung, but I don't go around saying that wearing tudung is stupid because of the country's hot and humid weather.

People want to wear tudung because they believe that's what their religion demands them to do, so let them be la.

Why the need to insult them, right?

What could be achieved by doing that, anyway?

Is it all just about the ego of being supposedly smarter and superior than other people?

That's why I said Zaid was stupid.

In Islam, as far as I know, when we are in trouble, we pray to Allah for help. Probably other religions also suggest for us to do the same to their respective gods. That's what the pilot did. That's what most of us would do in that situation.

Why did Zaid have to gatal-gatal comment on it?

I 'm certain that myself, despite being categorised as a liberal Muslim, would pray to Allah in such a situation.

Well, actually I did that once several years ago.

I was on a night flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka when the aircraft hit a turbulence over the Indian Ocean.

It was the worst flight I ever had. The plane even at one point dropped several thousands feet after hitting an air pocket.

I actually prayed to Allah until the plane safely landed in Colombo.

I do wonder whether Zaid would pray too if he's in the same situation.

Maybe he would.

Now, he talked only like that.

He is still a Muslim, after all, okay.

Just a bit too liberal, I guess.

p.s Sisters in Islam and others of the same type, please take note, ya.


  1. I think what he was saying is that the pilot's job at time of crisis is to stay calm and instil confidence amongst his crew and passengers and focus on his job. If I was one of the passengers at that time my natural reaction would be to silently pray for safety. If I have my young children with me I would ask them to stay calm, to pray for our safety and probably tell them that it's going to be alright insya Allah. Well in this case the key words here are 'crisis', '36,000 feet', 'Mr Pilot'

    1. This is what Zaid actually said,

      “AirAsia pilot urged passengers to pray on distress Perth flight. Good lord, I much prefer pilot don’t tell me death is imminent.

      “Pilot has to give hope, and leave the rest to God and the passengers. If AirAsia are big into prayers; engage proper Iman and priest,”

    2. “Truly, Allah loves those who repent, and the Lord loves those who purify themselves.”
      [Al-Baqarah 2:222]

      “When a person dies, all his actions effectively come to an end with the exception of three things:
      1) He leaves behind good charitable works which continue to benefit the living,
      2) He has accrued wisdom which continues to benefit his soul in the afterlife,
      3) And the supplications of his/her good children to God on High for his/her soul's well-being.”
      [Sahih Bukhari]

  2. Actually I think the pilot's job in a crisis is to be factual, informative and dispassionate.

    He's the one at fault.

    No bloody time to figure out whether your passengers are 18% Muslim, 22% Hindu, 5% Atheist, 7% Taoist or whatever.

    Just update passengers on safety situation. And keep them updated and reassured.


    Don't make passengers shit in their pants by suggesting they urgently need divine intervention, lah.

    Guna akal sikit AirAsia O.

    Now every useless hack nak tumpang glamer, like Nik Bodoh of PAS-PIS-PUS.

    Pretending to be alim while supporting a corrupt regime.

    Hancurlah Melayu.

    "AirAsia - Now Everyone Can Pray"

    1. Are u even a Malay sir/madam?

      To condemn a race as a whole are truly unprofessional.

      And do you "pray" for that to happen? Asking "divine intervention" to pursuit your political ambition?

    2. Anon 1323

      You sound like Nik Abduh too.
      Sama kurang berdiplomasi

      Prof Kangkung

    3. '"AirAsia - Now Everyone Can Pray"....HA HA HA!!!!

      i think tony fernandez better cange slogan to that.......

      But i agree with u.

      Pilot duty only to convey info.

      If I am flying emirate or quantas and pilot tell me to pay, of course WORSE.

      pilot is not imam lah.

      or priest or whatever.

      stupid for airasia to "cover line". Be more aware of your airline bad quallity.

      How many "incidents" so far for AA?

      cannot oount.

      You want me to pray that the engine is OK, plane don't overshoot, tayar no problem?

      Please TONY!!!!!!!!

    4. Aiyoo. When the plane safely landed you still want to find others fault ka? What is more important to you? Making a SOP announcement with professional and bombastic intent language or operating the aircraft so the aircraft professionally landed?

      Announcement punya hal pun mau kecoh ka kawan? Bukan announcement PRU pun. Mau terbalik PC nanti.

  3. Liberal that are so allergic with the Religion?

    Akal manusia tinggi dan panjang mana? Bongkak dengan Tuhan?

    1. Better than wear kopiah and sapu $$$$$$$$ think very superficial.

    2. Hmmm... You assume? Is not that superficial. Believing something that you not seen with your own eyes or eye?

      Seeing is believing dont you think?

    3. Anonymous28 June 2017 at 17:58, ha tu lah!

      Umno penyamun
      Pas peminta sedekah
      Memang elok sgt dah tu...

      Kerjasama pas dan umno memang tepat...Najib rompak billion kongsi sikit dengan lobai2 pas...lobai pas pertahan dan bela najib...2 dua hancurkan negara...demi "Islam" konon

  4. "Liberal" tu ape pulak?

    There is only korup or not korup....good or bad?

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dengan Rosmah
    Curi, zina dan rasuah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Ambil harta syubhah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Kleptokrasi perintah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Hina Hudud tak patuh syariah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Beri duit 90juta rasuah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Kutip cukai haram jadah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah
    Najib dan Rosmah
    Disiasat DOJ, FBI dan 10 negara amanah
    Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

    Lobai Haha tak kisah...

    1. Mahathir, muhyuddin, isa samad, azeeeeez, dll ambil dan kaut harta tak pa?

    2. Tunjuklah bukti yop....kalo ada?

      For Bibirpink Bugis Pirate & Badak Air Gemuk, 251 pages of forensic evidence, 7 countries.

      You ada apa? Tin kosong?

    3. "Lobai Haha tak kisah
      Najib dan Rosmah
      Ambil harta syubhah
      Asal Melayu Islam sudah...

      Lobai Haha tak kisah
      Najib dan Rosmah
      Kleptokrasi perintah
      Asal Melayu Islam sudah..."

      ya, this verses is good!!!!

    4. Mengapa nak bandingkan taik siapa yg lebih busok? TDM dah pencen 14 tahun dan sekiranya dia bnyk kaut duit rakyat, baik dia ke mahkamah, hentam dia cukup2. Lagipun kan ke Najib yg berkuasa sekarang. Sepatutnya segala bukti dah ada,di Petronas, MISC, PKFZ tapi yg heran nya , mahathir dah hentam najib lebih dari 2 tahun, takde pun yg nak bawa dia ke mahkamah, bodoh sangat ke PM kita ni??

    5. Seteruk2 Mahathir, siti hasmah tak beli cincin berlian,shopping spree pakai duit negara,lantik sendiri 1st lady (sepatutnya hanya untuk permaisuri agung)..parlimen dibuatnya macam rumahnya.

      sebaik2 Najib......Tenguklah isterinya rosmah,reza anak rosmah bukan dgn najibpun pun boleh tumpang semangkok jet,yarth dan harta 1mdb,kawin/harijadi anaknya..habis duit kementerian keewanggan,ada koleksi beg birkins,ada receipt berlian/cincin jacob..itu tak terkira yg tersembunyi..

      Sebaik2 ularmak...Tenguklah bini2 pimpinan pas..ada hadiah audiq7 bini kedua..mursyidul am pas ada porshe untuk anak..bini kedua hadi dapat hadiah rumah dan kereta free.

    6. Jho taik babi low makan kangkung
      Anak felda tak dapat beli diamond pink

      "Harap maklum"

  5. God is merciful but humans are merciless...

    1. Have you heard of a place more evil than hell?

      Who created hell?

      Was it created out of mercy?

  6. Dear Annie,

    As a true muslim we should pray either during good or bad times.

    Not so sure about this Zaid Ibrahim...maybe he pray to his did mention he said My Lord wright Annie.

    About being liberal or conservatives...did such muslim really exist?

    To Anon @ 12:28 12 june...when you're​ in a plane and having crisis at 36 thousand feet...surely you need to pray and pray hard!

    Because there'll be nothing left to bury if something really bad happened...i supposed.

    And god does intervene in every aspects of our life and this whole universe.

    For us to put a plate of rice on our table...the farmers need to have the soil,rain and water,the river,the lake,the wind,the weather,the season,the earth,sun n moon, even every planet and stars on this universe need to be orbitting perfectly on its axis...and mind you they're in a billions!

    Now tell me...about your plate of rice.Whose "intervention" is that?

    The Equalizer

    1. Now tell me, about the RM2. 6 Billion in Najib's bank account. Whose "intervention" was that?

  7. annie, there is no such thing as liberal muslim, either you are muslim or you are not. If there is liberal muslim then there is also islam hadhari etc.

    1. 'Liberal Muslim' is a term used by the Islamic Autocratic Fundamentalists having a propensity of self-imprisonment and self-mutilation as a way to please his god, on those people having the same faith but with more courage to question the psychopathic views of those feudalistic Fundamentalists.

    2. The forgetfulness of one's true Self is the greatest suffering for a man. Everything other than Atman (true self) is trivial. There is no real happiness in the pursuit of the trivial; real happiness comes from grounding oneself in the Infinite Original (Brahman) .

    3. Calling yourself a Muslim gives you social recognition but are you a Mukmin - a person of true faith?

      That requires a long process of self-discipline doesn't it?

  8. Annie,

    OK, looks like I have lost that comment I had written earlier on.

    Never mind, I'll re-write what I can from memory.

    Re the Air Asia fiasco.

    Look, it boils down to professionalism.

    When hundreds of people entrust their lives in the hands of one man, it can be somewhat worrying to find out that, THAT man seems to be off-loading that trust to some mythical divine entity.

    Let me put it another way.

    How many readers here would board a plane if they knew that the pilot had just danced around the plane, waving chicken feathers and chanting incomprehensibly?

    Hmmmm... maybe there are some readers here who would still board the plane because after all there are people who would entrust their lives to "doctors" who dance about, waving chicken feathers and chanting incomprehensibly.


    1. " all boils down professionalism."

      Yes ! Spot on !

    2. The pilot has more than 41 years experience as per reported. He flew the plane with only one engine for two hours and landed it safely. I don't think just because he requested his passengers to pray to God in that time of emergency made him less professional and be subjected to ridicule. Thank you.

    3. And I also think that it should be "it boils down to saving the lives of everyone on board".

    4. Annie. I am with you. On both at 7:25 & 7:27. Thank you very much.

  9. The Equalizer,

    //even every planet and stars on this universe need to be orbitting perfectly on its axis//

    Black holes may put a few holes (pun intended) in that "orbitting perfectly on its axis" :)

    Oops!! Now somebody is going to me that the Quran talks about black holes.

    //about your plate of rice.Whose "intervention" is that?//

    My plate of rice requires the intervention of someone to serve it to me :)

    I think she is Indon and she is a very very pleasant person. :)


  10. Annie nak tanya sikit......when your flight to Colombo experienced turbulence....did the juruterbang requested all on board to pray ?

    1. Maybe the juruterbang is not a Moslem and as religious as that of Air Asia.
      I wouldn't comment until I know the exact words used by the pilot but I hope his request for the passengers to pray was before the plane take off.

  11. Gladiator, did really started a joke!

    I don't know... whether if its the doctor or the pilot or is it you that who are "chanting" uncontrollably!


    The Equalizer

  12. The Equalizer,

    //I don't know...//

    Given your response here and elsewhere, I didn't think you did.

    //whether if its the doctor or the pilot or is it you that who are "chanting" uncontrollably!//

    Gosh, it does sound like you would board that plane with that half-naked pilot waving his chicken feathers, right?

    Well, don't forget to take the travel medicine prescribed by that half-naked doctor waving chicken feathers as well, OK? :)

    If that is what you believe, go on right ahead, board that plane, pop those pills and pray hard - you will need those prayers :)

    I, myself, would prefer to board a plane piloted by a no-nonsense professional and be treated by a no-nonsense doctor, trained and up-to-date with the latest medical procedures.


  13. comment mcm mcm, mmg real laaa... respect loh...
    jom tarik dua tiga puff ganja, dngr lagu Search dan relax trbng mcm Air Asia... sure clear landing punya..

  14. The engine failures on AirAsia X Airbus A330 which returned to Perth Airport on Sunday 25 June 2017, the China Eastern Airbus A330 which returned to Sydney Airport on 11 June 2017 and Shanghai bound Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 which lost power in both engines over the South China Sea on 23 May 2015 have one thing in common - i.e. all three of these aircraft were powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 700 series turbofan engines.

    On 4 November 2010, a fire and explosion occurred in the rear section of the No. 2 engine, a Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 972-84 high-bypass turbofan powering Qantas Flight 32, an Airbus A380-842, at around 2:01 UTC (10:01 am Malaysian time), as the plane was climbing out of Singapore Changi Airport enroute to Sydney.

    On Sunday 25 June 2017, the accessory gear box of a CFM International CFM56 engine powering a Malindo Air Boeing 737-900 fractured, causing the engine to seize, whilst the plane was enroute from Lahore, Pakistan to Kuala Lumpur, forcing the pilot to divert to Delhi and two days later on 27 June 2017, the windscreen of a Malindo Air Boeing 737-800 enroute from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur cracked, resulting in the plane returning to Dhaka.

    Instead of wasting time and energy bickering over relatively trivial issues like the pilot asking passengers to pray for their safety, politicians like Zahid should demand answers as to why the above six air incidents occurred and what is being done to rectify whatever inherent faults there may be with the above engines and windscreen; their manufacturers' quality control; and the quality of maintenance, checks and inspections these aircraft had received whilst in service with the above airlines.

    1. My concern is, are all the flight pax are insured? Making an insurance policy optional for public transport OPERATOR is a un-responsible.

      Insurance is a COMPULSORY for ALL public transport operator. Weather low-cost, service airline should insured their pax. Even Uber and Grab insured their pax. Hey, our own TRANSNASIONAL bus service also insured their pax.

      Zaid should rather push for this rather than "prayer" thingy. Protect the people. Life matters.

    2. In fact it's the Minister of Transport who should be asking, but he is too busy acting as mamasan for various Mainland China towkays who want to sleep with greedy Umnoputras.

      You help me, maaaa...

  15. I have read a book written by Zaid Ibrahim entitled 'saya pun Melayu' that has been translated into English (I am a Malay too). In his book he sounds so humble
    May be the arrogance attitude comes when you are richer than most people.May be it comes with age.The more you aged the more arrogance you become as many old people have the attitude that they are better than younger people because of their experience.
    I had the opportunity to attend a wedding where zaid ibrahim was one of the VIP who had to 'tepung tawar' the bride and groom.He looked so frail.He almost stumble on the steps after tepung tawar the couple.
    At his age he should be preparing himself to meet the creator rather than distancing himself from his creator unless he believes that he created himself.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. OMG....ape ni ? How could Zaid be considered as " distancing himself from his creator" or even might be so arrogant as to " believes that he created himself " !??!

      How could one even reach the above conclusions just from that call by Zaid to that Air Asia pilot incidence ? This sort of spinning is so way totally incoherent !

  16. I don't think that the "prayer" issue has anything to do with religion at all. It is just the media spin like usual trying to make everything religious. Like some commentors have written above, it's about professionalism and ensuring that there is no mass panic in an emergency situation. There's nothing wrong in asking people to pray, what is important is how it is conveyed, does it help with the situation more or would it make things worse? that's the question that needs to be asked.

    1. The stupidity is this:

      If you are Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Hindu etc, why would you need a REMINDER to pray? If your religion tells you to invoke your deity in times of crisis, why do you need a 3rd party to TELL you?

      Tony Fernandez is a fool because he said that if Airasia was not a cheap airline, the pilot would have been praised.

      That is 100% nonsense.

    2. Wow...this is news to me...did Tony F realllly said that ? And he's not even a Malaysian politician !!

  17. Annie - commercial jets are designed to be able to be flown with only one engine working. it is one of technical requirements of commercial jets design.

    1. True, but I believe that commercial jets are designed to actually fly with all their engines in working condition. To fly with less than that is an emergency and the pilot did well to do so without panicking and making mistakes as the margain of errors would be less. Thank you.

  18. Liberal tu ape?
    Lobai PAS alim sangkat ke?
    Serban & janggut bukti ape?
    PAS parti munafik tegar, hina asa Islam.
    Tapi nak berlagak berkukok kononnya merekalah bersih dan Polis Syurga Melayu Malaya.
    Lobai Loya...
    Serban Songlap..
    masih ada segelintir hamba Allah jumud yg percayakan puak ni. Salah satu senjata mereka adalah bercakap melayu dgn telo Erebika Fasari. Sikik sikik fun tak paa, seneh helweh..melayu yahoo pejam otak ikut meneruu...alahai,
    Hampaspispus..parti pemudahcara penyokong mungkar.

  19. From a retired pilot:

    Pilots have a responsibility that extends far beyond passenger safety. They can greatly influence passengers’ emotional states by reassuring them through regular announcements. Many of the people who take my classes report that they like hearing from their pilots. In fact, they are uncomfortable when the pilots do not say anything, even when things are going well.

    The airline’s mistakes continued after the flight landed. One passenger felt that AirAsia provided no medical support or information about replacement flights after they had gotten off of the plane. The passengers would have been better served if following such a potentially traumatic incident, the airline provided someone to talk to immediately who was knowledgeable about traumatic stress and could reassure them that while the flight was upsetting, at no time were they in real danger.

    Airlines and pilots need to prioritize not only keeping their passengers safe, but also making them feel safe. Hopefully AirAsia (and other carriers) will learn from this incident and handle potentially traumatic situations better going forward.

    Better advice than praying for it to happen!

  20. Islam means following Quraan and sunnah. No such thing as liberal or conservative. If a person say he is Islam but does not practise according to Quraan and sunnah means he either munafik or sesat where both are sins

    1. Correct.

      To lecture others and then condone corruption is not Islamic, FULL STOP.

    2. If I were on that AirAsia flight, it was my own business whether to say my prayers, but most positively I would not want to hear an announcement calling for prayers.

      I would pin all my hopes on the people inside the cockpit, not anyone outside it.

      What I was trying to say is that passengers would fully depend on the pilot with all his professionalism to overcome whatsoever problems the aircraft may encounter to ensure everyone’s safety.

      With such an enormous responsibility upon his shoulders, the pilot must make sure the passengers have faith in him.

      If the pilot were to ask everyone on board to pray together, passengers in their right minds and those watching too much of Hollywood disaster movies would assume the aircraft was out of control and that they could only surrender their destinies to the Almighty.

      How could this not trigger widespread panic?

      The consequences could be grave if a handful of the 300-plus passengers cramped into a tight space at 38,000 feet went hysterical.

      The pilot should know that many people are already nervous about flying.

    3. Anon 12:25
      Are you saying someone like me is either sesat or munafik? Are you a member of IS?
      Anon 13:10
      I don't think any of the passengers of the troubled AirAsia flight went hysterical when the pilot requested them to pray for safety.
      Thank you.

    4. Annie at 14:27

      According to hadith, there is no 'halangan' for people like you to die as a Nasrani or a Yahudi, simply because you don't practise what you are commanded to do by the Quran and Hadith.

      This is in the hadith, not in the IS handbook or something.

      There's no such thing as a 'non practising Muslim' in Islam.

      Even further away is the claim of Melayu tu Islam dan Islam tu Melayu.

      The ummah is strengthened through DAKWAH, not through PEMBIAKAN like some Melayu Islam wrongfully think.

      Born a Melayu means born a muslim? How stupid is that?

      And people like prof Kangkung going around calling people names questioning 'engkau ni Melayu ke', labelling Muslim Liberal etc trying to silence other malays who tried to break away from the ideological containment devised to make the Melayu bodoh forever, so as to achieve the deformed unity amongst the Melayu just to keep the corrupted and thieves in power.

      With this kind of prof? What type of graduates is the University producing?

    5. Well Anon, I wish you can give me a straight answer whether I'm a Muslim or not. Your words seem to indicate that I'm not. After all, I don't wear tudung which people like you may deem very unIslamic. Well, never mind. I will appeal to Allah who I believe is the only one who decides on whether I'm a Muslim or a kafir. Thank you

    6. Annie,

      with all due respect, I can't say that whether you are or you aren't a Muslim.

      being a Muslim is an achievement.

      like just being enrolled in the engineering school you can't start to call yourself an engineer,can you?

      worst still by being born a Melayu you regard yourself a Muslim automatically.

      even more stupid are those who have forgotten their duty to dakwah and going around calling Melayu to unite as Muslims AGAINST other races whom they regard as kafir.

      Surah Fussilat Ayat 33 was totally disregarded yet they call themselves'Muslims'.

      and the ustaz amongst them calling themselves 'PEWARIS NABI' yet not one soul have they ever convinced to embrace Islam, and all that they do are just going around calling Melayu to unite against other races.

      lastly, I don't know about tudung being an Islamic requirement, just like I don't understand why the Melayu are making their company to pay zakat and thought that that's wajib.

      I understand that a company is a legal entity but does it do fasting also ? no ?

    7. Never mind, as long as you are syariah compliant...

      Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) hasilkan alat buang air kecil lelaki
      patuh syariah Suci-Urinal System (SUCI-URiS) yang pertama seumpamanya

      Naib Canselor kata buang air kecil cetus ilham penyelidik, diketuai Prof

      peralatan itu dilengkapi

      beg simpanan 600 gram
      bekas tempat membuang air kecil
      penyembur air bersih
      pemegang kemaluan lelaki pelbagai saiz
      beg urin satu liter dan tiub lapor Berita Harian

      membangunkan produk mengambil setahun
      memorandum komersialkan produk

      Produk mendapat sokongan Mufti Melaka

  21. Annie @ 29 June 2017 at 07:37,

    //And I also think that it should be "it boils down to saving the lives of everyone on board".//

    And praying for a safe landing ain't gonna do that.

    Professionalism does.

    BTW, I take nothing away from the technical skill and prowess of the pilot himself as I think he did a fine job landing the plane in a difficult situation.

    And I suspect that it wasn't faith or prayer which saved the plane - it was the many hours of simulator training the pilot received.

    If anything, everybody should be giving thanks and offering supplications to the Almighty Flight Simulator, not any divine entity.

    We should give credit where credit is REALLY due :)


    P.S. And don't forget the engineering skills of the aircraft designers in coming up with a plane to handle such situations :)

  22. Di Malaysia ni penuh dengan ajaib yang misteri.

    Rekod kemasukan Altantuya boleh hilang, enjin kapal terbang boleh hilang, pendakwaraya yang terlibat 1MDB hilang, MH370 boleh hilang, duit berbilion-bilion boleh hilang. Negara Malaysia pun boleh lesap nanti.

    1. Off topic anon 1502.since you are off topic I would like to go off topic too.
      BN akan menang dlm pru14 regardless the pilot askes the passengers to pray or not

      Prof kangkung

    2. Yes, yes, Pros Kangkang. Keep jilating, enjoying the taste of the corrupt crevices your tongue reaches.

      For mediocre failure like you, it's the only way : )

    3. Prof kangkung

      That's "asks".

      Not much of a Prof are you?

    4. To anon 2252 and anon 0010
      BN akan menang selesa dalam pru akan datang.apa pandangan anda?
      Prof kangkung

    5. Pros Kangkang,

      You better hope so. Your feeble mind can only survive on gomen dedak, kan : )

  23. Duit GST saya untuk bayar hutang 1MDB

  24. Kenapa ya Najib masih juga PM? sebab ramai melayu bodoh. Last2 salahkan DAP.


  25. Wa naik itu Yamaha 70cc ,Wa tak tau lea pasat ini telwbang punya kapal maa aa , tapi Wa manyak ingat itu "doa" tatak salah maa aa .

    Manyak olang mau tunjuk pandai lea aa ,tapi kasi nampak itu bodoh lor rr .

  26. Dear Mr Lu...FANG!

    Apa you cakap manyak mutut maaa...

    Tapi sebab itu suluh doa punya pilot olang melayu maaa...islam lagi maa...manyak professional lagi maa...Bulih handle itu emergency situation and land that aircraft safely maaa...ada orang manyak sakit hati dan tatak mau picaya maaa...lia olang selalu ciakap aa kalau melayu...kalau islam mesti substandard punya olang maaa.

    Tapi wa ada ingat aa kalau itu pilot bukan melayu bukan islam punya olang aa dia olang mesti ciakap aa sebab itu pilot suluh doa dia punya tuhan sudah kasi tolong maaa dan itu pilot sangat sangat professional maaaa...

    Waa ingat aaa itu Zed Abraham...kalau dia pun ada dalam itu kapal terbang at that time aa...after the pilot land the aircraft safely dia mesti hug and cium itu pilot punya tangan dan kaki maaa...kihkihkih

    1. Wa ingak aaaaa....libbih baik itu pilot join airline yang seelalu adak masalah maaa...

      Ini airasia belapa kali soolah adak ploblem....itu paliah tony felnanzes tabblih pakai worrrr...

      Lebbih bai itu pilot join Emilates, tadak problem, ada qualiti, lagi bolih masuk syurga lebbih sinang maaaaa...

  27. Here is a photo of the broken fan blade of AirAsia X A330's Rolls-Royce Trent 772 engine which resulted in the fan becoming imbalanced and the plane shaking like a washing machine.

    Zaid, the Transport Minister, the Department of Civil Aviation, the media, etc should be asking why the blade broke.

    1. Yes.

      Better than arguing over divine intervention.

    2. Are you Muslim or Munafik?

      "PETALING JAYA: Facebook user Suri Kempe was only trying to help when she intervened after seeing a man being abusive towards his wife as she was waiting for a train from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) today.

      However, the United Nations Development Programme manager (gender equality and women’s empowerment) said the man lashed out at her as well, telling her to mind her own business.

      In a post on Facebook, Suri said the man told her: “Who are you to meddle in my affairs? Not only that, you are not even wearing a headscarf.”

      Her Facebook post soon went viral, with over 1,000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares at the time of writing.

      Suri said the incident took place as she was going down an escalator.

      She was almost at the end of the hallway when she saw a man repeatedly shoving a woman, whom she presumed was his wife or girlfriend.

      Suri said the woman managed to escape his grasp. He was about to go after her when Suri intervened, telling him not to physically abuse his girlfriend.

      The man then told her that the woman was his wife.

      “As if that made it ok. If she is your wife, you don’t have to whack her like that. Why?” Suri said.

      Suri, who is a member of Sisters in Islam, said the man then asked her what her problem was while behaving in a confrontational and aggressive manner.

      Meanwhile, his friend, who was standing beside him with several bags told her not to get involved.

      However, Suri replied, “If he wants to beat his wife like that, it is not only my problem. It is everyone’s problem. I can report.”

      She said the man then sarcastically told her to lodge a report. He also called her degrading names and warned her not to interfere in his matters."

      So siapa you admire?

      HA HA HA HA.........

      Think carefully.......

    3. The story has an ending ya:

      "At this point, the man’s wife tried to apologise for her husband’s behaviour. That was when the man told Suri not to meddle in his affairs and added that she was not wearing a headscarf.

      “I was walking away at this point, but when he yelled that out, I turned around and yelled back: ‘Hey! Lelaki Melayu dayus dah lah pukul bini and mulut mcm sial ada hati nak kutuk saya tak pakai tudung? Inilah masalahnya kalau dah bodoh!’

      “(You hit your wife, you have a foul mouth, and yet you have the heart to curse me for not wearing a scarf?)”

      Suri said as she walked away, she could still hear him cursing her."

      Lesson is:

      You are a Muslim by deeds, not by saying loudly that you pray or you are not liberal.

      That is the lesson.

    4. Anonymous 30 June 2017 at 16:00

      To muslim locally, APPEARANCE is everything.

      najib & rosmah you can google their picture in Mekkah......

      ......but try not to MUNTAH at thier hipocrisy!!!!!!

      Yes, you r correct.......

      "You are a Muslim by deeds, not by saying loudly that you pray or you are not liberal."

      even world's biggest thief is able to talk like his islamic

      those who are munafik only see $$$$$$$$$$

    5. Dont worry.appearance can be deceiving for those who are stupid.btw have you noticed that janggut Anwar is getting shorter and shorter.why? Because anwar realized that his janggut cannot hide the fact that he has x crooled mind just like his crooked private keris.haha
      Prof kangkung

    6. Pros Kangkang,

      We know you are a professional flesh trade worker, but please keep your obsession with other men's genitals to yourself.

      Then try to lecture others on Islam...HA HA.

      Filthy animal.

    7. Anon 1649
      BN will win this upcoming GE.1MDB issue will not affect besar and kuala Kangsar is a prove.

      Prof Kangkung

    8. That your argument

      Pathetic argument

      "GE14 BN UMNO akan menang"
      Uiiiiiiii takutnyeeeeee

      DOJ bila nak saman?!

    9. Kim Jong Un antics and retarded ways will not effect his reign

      Sound lot like UMNO najib and pencacai kurap taik

    10. JASA berjasa dengan rakyat malaysia dengan menjilat lubang bontot jho low

  28. IT.Sheis

    If anything that can go will go wrong!

    The Equalizer

  29. Anon 30 june @ 14:43

    After thinking it deeply and carefully...i do admire the script!

    I can see apa yang tersurat dan tersirat and the intention of those srories.

    The Equalizer

  30. Anak Johor maturidi-Ash'ari.30 June 2017 at 19:17

    May be, it's good to share 6 categories of muslim (collected from other blog) ;

    1. Yg hanya tahu mengucap, selainnya tak tahu dan tak ambil tahu. Aturan hidup ikut kehendak sendiri, tetap mengaku sbg org Islam, tidak mengaku murtad atau keluar dr Islam.

    2. Solat fardhu kadang buat kadang tinggal, ikut mood, ikut sempat. tak kisah nak taubat. Ketahuilah batasnya Islam dan kufuradalah meninggalkan solat fardhu dgn sengaja.

    3. Solat fardhu cukup, jika tertinggal diqadha'nya, tp kefardhuan lain kurang diberi perhatian, sebhgn dibuat, sebhgn diabaikan.

    Tiga yg di atas kategori muslim yg tidak sempurna atau cacat imannya.

    4. Solat fardhu sempurna, segala kefardhuan dilaksanakan, segala yg dilarang ditinggalkan. Jika terlanjur melanggar syariat segera istighfar dan taubat. Kategori mukmin yg soleh dicirikan Nabi saw dgn sifat syukur dan sabar, juga sentiasa bertawakkal.

    5. Para muttaqin, mukmin soleh yg sempurna imannya, sempurna syariatnya, sempurna akhlaknya, dicirikan Nabi saw dgn sifat tenang, tawaddu' dan bersopan santun berlemah lembut. Dicirikan dlm Quran dgn sifat pemurah, penyabar, pemaaf, penyantun, sentiasa berzikrullah dan sentiasa bertaubat.

    6. Para Siddiqin, kategori wali wali Allah swt, dan sebhgn para sahabat Nabi saw. Gologan yg mendlm ilmunya, sentiasa dlm keadaan berzikrullah, sehingga setiap kita memandangnya pun mengingatkan kita utk sama berzikrullah, kata kata, amalan dan akhlaknya bertepatan dgn syariat dan sunnah. Sentiasa benar firasat dan mimpi mimpinya.

    Menurut fahaman kita ASWJ, semua di atas adalah muslim saudara kita, liberal atau tidak liberal, apa pun pegangan politiknya, selagi tak diistiharkan kafir, murtad dan terkeluar dr Islam oleh pihak berkuasa agama. Soal amalan diterima atau tidak, agamanya diterima atau tidak serah sepenuhnya kpd Allah swt.
    Prinsip asasnya spt kata kataAl Ghazali r.ha. tidak kita kafirkan seseorg yg mengaku La ilaha illaAllah, Muhammad Rasullullah, dan menyakini adanya Hari Akhirat.


  31. Annie,

    You have probably already seen this but I thought I'd offer a link in keeping to the theme of this article.

    It shows what happens when a fan blade breaks and enters the engine.

    I think they call it a blade-out and it is spectacular viewing.

    Watching the video makes one really respect the skills of the pilot and his professionalism in handling the event.

    It also explains why he felt that he needed to pray for a safe landing :)


  32. poor Zaid, I think many misconstrued his posting, in no way was he attempting to trivialize praying to one's own god for divine intervention, that, is a given
    when the pilot instructed everyone to pray, he practically shoved all responsibility to god, which is absolutely unnecessary which I can imagine gave everyone a traumatic hopelessness experience,
    fortunately, his own years of experience landed the aircraft safely, so now everyone is attributing it to his call for prayers

  33. Anonymous @ 1 July 2017 at 11:04,

    //fortunately, his own years of experience landed the aircraft safely, so now everyone is attributing it to his call for prayers//

    Nothing wrong praying to the Almighty Flight Simulator, which is the god of all pilots the world over.

    No matter which god a pilot believes in, at the end of the proverbial day, it is the Divine Flight Simulator who will save the day :)


  34. Annie,

    If, and I mean 'if', the plane didn't make it. Would the call to prayer be a problem after that?

    Hmmm, wonder how will that then affect other Malaysian flights...

  35. Zaid mangkuk ni pun satu hal.I haven't heard a single complaint from anynof the passengers who were in that flight.Many of them praised the pilot.
    Kalau bagi penampor kat mulut celupar zaid tu baru agaknya dia pandai berdoa.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof Kangkung,

      So this is your so-called 'attack mode' after puasa?

      29 days of fasting did not leave a trace on you and your mulut selipar?

      That shows that your fasting was not accepted by Allah.

    2. Try attacking mode on US embassy

      Instead of becoming jaguh kampung, become world champion

      Perhaps kangkung does not have a spine

    3. Prof Kangkung,

      If a genuine Professor berkelakuan macam you no wonder the rest of mat rempits and bohsia can never be changed for the better. You are blinded by Najib's dedak.

    4. Who wil decide on the election outcome?Malaysians or American?btw Najib and Trump are buddies.
      What did Trump say about Najib?'my favorite Prime Minister'

      Prof Kangkung

    5. Prof Kangkung

      Keep it cool Prof!

      Anyway i've seen even the nastier,filthier and ugliest comments from the toons comparing of yours.

      Everyone does had seen it too...wright

      The Equalizer

    6. Monkey Prof teach what? Peel banana?

    7. Brim makin ramai dpat.. Mkna nya rakyat makin susah... Permainan najib yg anda x nmpak

    8. When your currency has been repeatedly pummeled and raped to pieces, a period of correction and profit taking is something only a moron of the highest order wanted to shout out to the world and celebrated. Come back when US$1 = RM3.00 Ayam Bugis

      Terlebih jilat

    9. Memang pun rakyat melaysia mau gulungkan kerajaan najip,buang dalam longkang party bn....

    10. Otak kat lutut,mata kat buntut,kat kepala penuh dgn dedak,maka terhasil lah puak2 pencacai yg tak tau sengsara rakyat.

      jho low

  36. Prof Kangkung,

    //btw Najib and Trump are buddies.//

    With Trump as a friend, I don't think Najib needs enemies.

    Trump will throw Najib under a bus if the situation warrants it.

    Of cos, if Najib behaves submissively and fawns all over Trump, makes Trump feel like a big man, etc, the "friendship" could last a bit longer than it needs to :)

    //What did Trump say about Najib?'my favorite Prime Minister'//

    Maybe it is just the way you have written it, but it does sound like Trump talking about one of his pet poodles.



  37. Didn't some monkeys crashed a plane the other day?

  38. Ini semua macam cerita hindutsan la.

    The pilot may have just said,"..let us pray for our save landing.."

    Ada ke ayat ni pelik bunyi dia in a troubled flight ? Zaid ni pun satu. Mabuk ketum apa dia ni ? Tak payah komen lagi baik. Kita tak tau hal apa yang sebenarnya pilot tu ucap. Kita melompat-lompat. Kita semua ni pun dua kali lima jugak. We are Malaysian. Kena akal akal aje. Dulu orang putih akal akal kan kita. Sekarang ni orang Melayu sendiri akal akal kan kita. Besau sial orang Melayu yang macam ni. Kasi dia duduk dalam flght yang bergegar tu biar dia tau takut.

    Now how did a blade broke and why ?

    Pakai recycled fan ke ?


    1. Wa pecaya Bulayu punya olang 'Islam' mesti pecaya pada doa lea aa .
      Mungkin sikalang ramai Bulayu sutak tidak pecaya pada doa lagi maa aa , manyak pelik lea aa .

      Sikalang punya Bulayu memang banyak pelik lor rr ,mungkin lia olang ingat itu 'lasuah' bolih kasi selamat manyak hat .

  39. But again if i were the pilot of that flight, i might have slipped too. Excuse him la.

    But he did a brilliant job, didn't he ? I do not think many passengers would complain about the pilot. Harshest complaint would have to be to the carrier. So the engineering department must be overhauled.

    If Tont F had uttered those words as claimed by one commenter above, Tony F is in trouble..

    Dalam dua tahun AAX has more than one incident and that's not good. MAS same..lost 2 planes in under 12 months. One was never found.

  40. Anonymous @ 2 July 2017 at 23:32,

    //The pilot may have just said,"..let us pray for our save landing.."//

    And therein lies the nub of the problem, and by all accounts, something you don't seem to understand.

    //Tak payah komen lagi baik.//

    What a shame you don't take your own advice.


  41. In 1MDB issue, I would like to say that the failure of our enforcement institutions to transparently investigate the 1MDB scandal has made room for others who were more willing to investigate

  42. The DOJ's actions have put our local enforcement agencies to shame and to task! IGP, AGC, MACC, BNM and the BN government are shielding the thieves by dragging their feet and covering the massive theft! I pray God steps in quickly and hauls up all the thieves and dedak eaters very soon

    1. We grovel in the mud, but say we are reaching for the stars!

  43. How can Kerr return the jewellery to Jho Low when his whereabouts is more secretive than the hideout of Osama bin Ladin?

    Jho low

  44. Kangkung ni hati busuk n hitam betul .. hmm sedih ada nk tergelak pun ada .. kesian mak yang mengandungkan ko , penat dia mengandung ko 9 bulan last2 ank dia jadi org yang busuk hati .. hmmm

    1. Anon 3 july @ 11:20

      Cuba tunjuk satu jari ke orang...dan perhatikan jari jari yang lain tunjuk arah ke mana?

  45. Jho low ini keturunan Mongol tau? takut tak?


    Mongol tu kuat sampai mampu merogol rogol sampai saya pun keluar air

    1. Anon 3 july @ 11:32

      Memang tentera monggol ni kasar dan ganas.Ramai wanita yang jadi mangsa.

      Mungkin anda ni juga salah seorang dari keturunan mangsa mangsa rogol mereka.

      Ada ciri ciri mereka pada diri anda!!!

    2. Cracked

      Hahaha.. jho low ni memang perogol. Sejahat-jahat Malaysian

      So when sue DOJ

  46. Alhamdulillah , dengan RM 500 yang kami dapat, bolehlah kami raya dengan sangat meriah .
    Maklumlah dengan berkat kerajaan yang Ada, semuanya mampu milik.
    Harga berpatutan, rakyat semua sejahtera. Buktinya, banyak rumah terbuka , rakyat pun ramai datang .
    GST tidak lah membebankan, malah memakmurkan ekonomi.
    Ternyata dengan GST, menguntungkan rakyat, sebab harga barang semuanya turun. Semoga Malaysia makmur begini supaya tahun depan lebih ramai rakyat mampu beraya ke Bali seperti PM kami ....

    RM500 dapat beli rumah banglow 10,000 sq/ft. 500 jerw... anda bila lagi?
    engkaw aderw?!

    1. Anon 3 july @ 11:37

      Alhamdulillah..memang raya tahun ni bertambah tambah meriah.Kanak kanak paling seronok.Dapat duit raya tahun ni lebih lagi dari tahun tahun sebelum ni.

      Makanan melimpah ruah.Dari ramadhan hinggalah ke syawal.

      Rezki kurniaan Allah melalui kerajaan yang ada.

      Perumahan 1Prima ada yang dah terima kunci.Bangsa bukan melayu pun ramai yg memohon.

      Nampaknya bertambah tambah sejahtera lah rakyat malaysia.

      Cuma mereka mereka yang sakit hati,busuk hati,dengki hati dan tak puas hati saje yang akan terus memaki maki hingga bawak mati

    2. Anon 854
      Kalau tak busuk hati bukan pembangkang namanya.

      Prof Kangkung

  47. Assalanualaikum PM. Buatlah sesuatu dan baiki keadaan yg kian meruncing dan dapatkan kembali duit duit yg telah lenyap kerana ia dapat membantu pulihkan dan guna membayar hutang hutang yg berlonggok dan saham FGV yg merundum dan kenaikan barang barang keperluan sehari hari. Dulu kita dengar GST akan turunkan harga barang tetapi sebaliknya pula yg berlaku. Mesti ada yg tidak beres begitu juga dgn saham FGV yg di jamin oleh kerajaan.

    1. Anon 3 july @ 11:42

      Semua permasaalahan yang anda sebutkan itu adalah disebabkan olih angkara para para pensabotaj!!!

  48. kosong-kosong maafkan kami rembat 42 billion


  49. Takder sorang pun orang dalam UMNO mempersoalkan dari mana Jho Low dapat duit sebanyak itu.

    Prof wagyu

  50. Membela dan mempertahan najib adalah kerja paling sia-sia didunia

  51. mau kaya join UMNO MCA MIC !!! become thier _____] cronies

    1. Anon 3 july @ 15:30

      Kalau mau dengki..sakit hati..busuk hati..tak puas hati..maki maki..kena join sape?

  52. This is from a Malay comment which I try to translate ...."Miranda Kerr must be feeling really pissed. After returning the diamonds she realised she had given someone a free makan...." LOL!!...


    1. Anonymous @ 3 July 2017 at 15:40,

      //she had given someone a free makan....//

      She should make a police report.



  53. Please google this to form your opinion

    The best airline Captain announcement ever came on a British Airways 747 ayter all our engines fauked