Wednesday 31 May 2017

About stupid editors and Frim's canopy walkway

Just released this comment at my last post,
Salam Annie. lama tak de posting. Where are you. Japan may be.

Nope, I'm not in Japan, though how I wish I am.

Well, actually I have not been well. Still a bit sick.

That's why I have not been writing. Better that way because I tend to over-bitch when I'm not well.

Okay, I better write a bit. Otherwise people may thought I'm dead already :)

The hottest thing happening now I think is that stupid The Star insulting Muslims thingy leading to,

Star suspends two editors

Someone asked me what I think of it, and I said it's just plain stupidity.

People get stupid sometimes. That's all.

Personally, I don't think The Star maliciously intended to insult Muslims.

Why would it want to do that for? Just for the fun of it? Seriously?

I don't like the newspaper and I don't buy it, but I have to be fair by saying that it was just a stupid oversight on the part of the editors in charge.

By the way, I don't buy any newspaper anymore. Read everything online. Save money a bit.

Whatever it is, this insulting Muslims thing happens all the time.

Even New Straits Times, which is The Star's main competitor (if you can call it so despite the huge gap between their circulation figures) had been accused of the same thing when in 2006 it published a Danish cartoon said to be insulting Islam.

Click for better view

NST, however, got away with it. You can read the whole saga at this link,

No Action Taken Against NST After Public Apology

Well, The Star had issued a public apology too in this latest incident.

So, everything should be okay.

Even the suspended editors should be okay. Just embarrassed a bit for being stupid.

Being sometimes stupid should not be too bad.

We are after all only humans.

In case of editors, they make stupid decisions too and I don't think we should be too hard on them.

This whole thing actually reminds me of an incident not long before the last general election in 2013.

I was driving to work that morning when I received a message informing me that there will be a coordinated attack against a top editor.

The attack was to be carried out by several top pro-BN bloggers.

I never asked why they wanted to attack that editor but I felt that they shouldn't do that as I know a bit about the editor and he is not such a bad person.

True enough, later that day the blogs posted several negative comments on the editor and they demanded his resignation.

At that time I was part of the Big Cat blog team, So, I persuaded my team leader to post something which I wrote about the whole thing.

You can read what I wrote at this link,

Editors' job hazards

Well, of course there are editors who are really assholes, but despite that I rather give them some benefits of doubt.

From what I know of them, they are smart people who tend to once a while get stupid rather than malicious.

Sometimes they miss things they should't have.

Even the great ones are like that.

So, I think everyone should cool off.

That aside, I'm hoping once I get better can visit the FRIM conservation centre in Kepong.

I saw this story yesterday and decided that I want to walk along that canopy walkway one last time,

FRIM’s canopy walkway to close after 25 years 

 I have fond memories of that place.

Okay, I need to rest now.

Cheers and happy puasa.


  1. Annie,

    The fact is that Muslims in Malaysia are always very sensitive about something or other.

    Sometimes, I wonder if it is to compensate for any shortcomings in their faith and beliefs.


    1. Annie,

      The fact that lately some Kafir in Malaysia are always behaving very sarcastic...besar kepala and suka cari pasal dgn Muslim.

      Sometimes, I wonder if it is because of us muslim not following their way of life!

      Anyway Al Quran has warn us about this unbecoming behaviour for about 1400 yrs ago!

    2. Anonymous @ 31 May 2017 at 18:10,

      "Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery" - Charles Caleb Colton

      Heheheheh! Thank you, thank you :)

      Your response has just proven my point, hasn't it? :)

      But to help you along..

      //some Kafir in Malaysia are always behaving very sarcastic//

      I was not being sarcastic - I was being straight-up and telling it as it is.

      My apologies for giving you an honest opinion as an independent person.

      It appears you cannot tahan honest opinions from an independent view.

      //if it is because of us muslim not following their way of life!//

      You could NEVER EVER follow my way of life.

      I lead a life of freedom.

      I do what I like, I eat what I like, I drink what I like, I laugh at what I like, I say what I like, I curse what I like, I believe what I like, etc etc.

      The wonderful thing about my life is that I believe in having a bloody good time without hurting anybody.

      You could NEVER EVER do what I do :)

      //Al Quran has warn us about this unbecoming behaviour for about 1400 yrs ago//

      I can give you some of my opinions on Al Quran but your "sensitivity" on the subject prevents me from giving you my honest opinion :)

      You prefer that others give you dishonest views.

      You force others to give you a dishonest view.


    3. Islam get insulted once in a while but with current najib scandal and foolhardy antics, the insult must have been escalated

      Consider felda global ventures, tabung haji, permata, trump lobby, LHDN and lots more

      I think we all must be vigilant

    4. Anon 18.10 - why don't you take your tiny brain and fuck off back to the stone age?

    5. Tebing Tinggi XVII1 June 2017 at 14:54

      Aiyoh, so the "Kafir in Malaysia" are supposed to keep quiet & suck it up when their religions are concerned?

      ISIS, Jemaah Islamiya, Abu Sayaff, Maute - what is their common denominator?

      Didn't the Malaysian Police say that 4 Malaysians are known to have travelled to Mindanao to join militant groups?

      And that Indonesian officials believe 38 Indonesians travelled to the southern Philippines to join ISIS-affiliated groups with 22 joining the fighting in Marawi City?

      Or that the Southern Philippines is emerging as the Asian hub for ISIS?

      Are you in denial mode here?

  2. I don't think it was an oversight.

    It was done on purpose.

    I don't buy your suggestion that stupidity on the side of the STAR editors was the cause of the impropriate first page coverage.

    STAR had gone to far.

    STAR has to be taught a lesson, and a costly one. STAR should be banned for one month.

    Enough is enough.

    1. Anon @ 15:49

      "It was done on purpose"

      Very true...only stupid person will say it is not!

      But didn't we have been warn about this...many many time in the Al Quran.

    2. "It was done on purpose."


      Stupid reasoning.

    3. Anonymous @ 31 May 2017 at 15:49,

      //It was done on purpose.//

      My guess is that you have never published anything on a regular basis having to meet deadlines, right?


  3. The picture on the front page is ok if it was without the big font headline AND the big font headline is also ok if it was without the picture. BUT when the editors decide to print it on the front page one on top of the other, this may cause nationwide misunderstanding among Muslims. The editors whether it is an oversight (of which I doubt) or not must accept responsibility over it. This same newspaper has done it again and they have not learned.

    On another story Sultan Sharafuddin of Selangor is furious over R.Sivarasa talk at a Subang mosque. The way I see politicians should politely decline any invitation of any kind of talk in any places of worship be it mosque, temple, church or surau. Let places of worship serve what they are built for.

    Kalau buat macam ni, kekal aman Malaysia ni.


  4. Malaysia bolih maa aa ,buat salah lengan sengaja pon bolih mintak ma'af maa aa ,sutak biasa itu macam maa aa .

    Ini lunia lalam ,hanya Malaysia saja bolih buat itu macam maa aa ,kaum minority bolih kasi hina kaum majority yang mentabir negala ,(lengan alasan tatak sengaja atau tatak paham)lain tempat mana bolih but itu macam maa aa,satu Malaysia maa aa .

    Sekolah lain-lain ,hilup lain-lain mana bolih paham maa aa . Itu the star MCA punya ,titun satu bantal pon bolih ketuk sama kawan maa aa ,banyak punya kawan lea aa .

  5. Amaran and more amaran from the talented people up there!

  6. Annie. I am brave kampung born. But I am not fond of canopy walkway. The movement terrified me. I can climb coconut tree though. Very well. During my younger and lighter days.

    On another note. The Star also published an apology for reporting that the NGO Syria Care is related to ISIS. So how many errors on the same day for us to assume that they were only slips on the slope.

    1. Anonymous @ 1 June 2017 at 06:28,

      //I can climb coconut tree though.//

      I am soooo jealous of you.

      //During my younger and lighter days.//

      As long as the coconut tree doesn't break when you try to climb it today AND you can find a very very very short coconut tree, you should never give up :)

      Get some friends to hold a safety net underneath the tree :)

      Or get a climbing harness :)


  7. Annie,

    Lately a lot of fucking monkeys like to jump up and down over nothing instead of getting some work done. No wonder they have to sell 49.9% to motherland.

  8. Jom ngada2 kemarahan dengan star supaya skandal-skandal MO1 & 1mdb dilupakan...

  9. Anonymous @ 1 June 2017 at 12:18,

    //Islam get insulted once in a while//

    If Islam is being insulted, is it becos of Islam itself or is it becos of those who practise Islam?

    The ONLY way most people can "see" what a religion is about is to look at how its practitioners behave.

    So, if one sees people of a particular religion going around being intolerant of other races and religions, persecuting other religions, being very "sensitive" to the point of being irrational, beating up others for tooting a horn during prayers, etc etc, can one be blamed for having a negative perception of that particular religion?

    Does it help when those who are entrusted with protecting and spreading the religion do not seem to be very effective at getting the followers to show how beautiful that religion is?

    I mean, people may keep hearing about how wonderful and peaceful a religion may be but if all people see is the violence, intolerance, narrow-mindedness of the majority of its followers, what should people think of that religion?


    1. What do you mean by "violence, intolerance, narrow-mindedness of the majority of its followers" ? Majority ?? Care to give a figure or percentage to justify your use of the term majority? Why do you choose to believe the action of the few reflects the religion as a whole ? Lets face it, the majority Muslims in this country are PEACEFUL people. Look around you. They are the ones who will come to your help when you are involved in accident, or help to push your car when it breaks down. Many other examples I can give. Not just Islam, but practitioners of other faiths as well. The so called irrational acts of a few do not reflect any religion as a whole. If you choose to believe so, then I'm sorry to say but you are prejudiced.

    2. Gladiator
      Please give your validation of majority?
      Me thinks you are hiding biases yourself
      You might be no better than those ypu accuse at summary judging groups of people

    3. Anonymous @ 1 June 2017 at 19:10


      Anonymous @ 2 June 2017 at 13:08,

      I did write a nice long response some hours ago but it doesn't seem to have appeared.

      It's happened 2 or 3 times here and elsewhere.

      My Internet connection must be playing up again :(

      I like to think I have used very polite language to take into account the "sensitivities" of some people, so I don't think my missing comment failed any tests.

      Anyway, I am too lazy to try and recreate it.

      So, here is a nice short answer for both of you.

      I have given you both a straight-up honest view of just one random insignificant person from the wilds of the Internet.

      But it is not just me who have such views.

      Millions and millions of others, maybe billions, all over the world hold similar views.

      It is just what people see and what people think.

      Of cos, there will be those who say there is very little violence, intolerance and narrow-mindness in Malaysia.

      Perhaps very little violence but is that REALLY the case with intolerance and narrow-mindedness?

      How many of you have gone visiting your friends' houses for Deepavali or Chinese New Year or Christmas?

      How many of your non-Muslim friends will be coming to your house for Hari Raya?

      Two very simple questions. I have many more questions and examples.

      As I said elsewhere above, some people prefer it when others give them dishonest answers by saying everything is fine and dandy with everything.

      And yes, I can be easily forced, thru fear or thru consideration for "sensitivities", to give you a very nice sounding but totally dishonest answer.

      Would you like that?

      Wouldn't you like an truly honest answer (right or wrong) so that you can do something about it?


      P.S. I was reading some news about the Maldives today and I was shocked to discover this.

      Who would have thought that the Maldives would be doing this?

    4. So you like the "billions all over the world" have islamophobia and that justifies ypur comments.
      I just love the way immediately think I don't visit my fellow Malaysian religous celebration nor they visit mone because I'm muslim'
      It almost come naturally isn't.
      You sound like all the other Holier Than Thou bigots.
      Go ahead Gladiator, go ahead and continue to think you have all the "HONEST" answers.
      Have a good life.

    5. If Glady had not used 'majority' in his comment above, I would have fully agreed with every single word he wrote... about the "negative perception of that particular religion".

      The way I see it... in that cone-ruckus, if Glady had noticed carefully... there're some who tried to hold-back the angry mob and tried to defend that very rude driver.

      Nonetheless, I agree with Glady... "If Islam is being insulted (mocked is a better word) is it becos of Islam itself or is it becos of those who practise Islam?

      Of-course... it's because of the people who practice 'that particular religion'.

      The best example is Najib Razak himself. He's the President of UMNO which represent the Ketuanan and of-course...'that particular religion'. He had been mired with various scandals and the latest... allegation of embezzling Rakyat's money through debt-ridden 1MDB-Jho Low. Then he began chummy with religious people in Ya-Na-Na concert, using money coughed out from 1MDB.
      To placate the Malays and the followers of 'that particular religion'... again he used borrowed 1MDB's money belonging to Rakyat 1Malaysia... of which the nons have a stake... to sponsor pilgrims.

      With the diminishing support from Rakyat, notably the Malays when Dr.M set-up Bersatu, he became chummy with PAS and played wayang on Act 355, to the scorn of the nons.

      Coupled with Taliban bombing Buddha's Statues in Bamiyan, insurgencies in countries where 'that particular religion' is the minority, ISIS videos of 'sembelih' people, suicide bombers in kapir countries and Indonesia... etc, etc... that particular religion had.. and will be a target of more mockery and ridicule, in future.

    6. Najib can help himself by stepping down, if he believes in hereafter and reading the Quran and Hadith about swindling public money for his personal lust

  10. According to the documents obtained by Sarawak Report, the controversial lawyer Muhammed Shafee Abdullah was one of the biggest individual recipients of money from Najib’s 1MDB slush fund accounts.

    Shaffee, who is known to be an extremely close confidante of Najib and who was controversially appointed as the public prosecutor during the appeal against the acquittal of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on sodomy charges in 2014, received two payments.

    11th September 2013 Najib paid him RM4,300,000 from his AmBank account no 2112022011906 and again on 17th February 2014 he received RM5,200,000 from the same account.  This account has been identified as having been funded by money stolen by the Prime Minister from the 1MDB subsidiary SRC, which had borrowed some RM4 billion from the civil service pension fund KWAP.

    AG Apandi inadvertently confirmed that finding by waving MACC investigation papers showing the money trail into Account no 2112022011906 in January 2016, at the very press conference during which he announced that no wrong-doings had been committed and he was closing down investigations into 1MDB.

  11. Anonymous @ 2 June 2017 at 21:17,

    //So you like the "billions all over the world" have islamophobia and that justifies ypur comments.//

    Oh, I am so sorry.

    Everything is fine.

    There is nothing different which you need to do.

    It is not your fault and there is nothing you need to correct.

    Happier now? :)

    //I just love the way immediately think I don't visit my fellow Malaysian religous celebration nor they visit mone because I'm muslim'//

    Of cos, you do, of cos, you do.

    Of cos, they do, of cos, they do.

    And your neighbours all have wonderful parties with their non-Muslim friends during Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chrstmas, Chinese New Year.

    I am sure everybody has a great time.


    Everything is fine.

    It is not your fault and there is nothing you need to do :)

    //You sound like all the other Holier Than Thou bigots.//

    Yes, of cos it is all my fault.

    Everything is my fault, isn't it?

    There is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to change.

    Now, doesn't that sound much much better? :)

    //go ahead and continue to think you have all the "HONEST" answers.//

    Oh, of cos, there is no intolerance, no narrow-mindedness on your part or amongst anybody you know.

    None whatsoever.

    I am so sorry, I was wrong, I was being dishonest.

    Everything is fine, everything is OK, there is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to change.

    You have to believe me, I am telling you the truth, you know.

    Really I am.

    Now, that has to sound a lot better than what I was saying, doesn't it? :)


  12. Dear RD and Gladiator,

    "Negative PERCEPTION of that particular religion"...and of course Islam in this matter.

    Well if both of you are aware islam is the fast growing religion at almost every continent... europe and USA in particular! Thats where some people with some particular religion feels uneasy!

    They has simply no answer about this phenomena.So this is where war of negative PERCEPTION has been launched againts islam by them. It started with their grand master design... the Sept 911.The supposed to be muslim terrorist has done it with a military style precision operations and they've done it in the united state of america soil...and thats amazed me because by their standard muslim are suppose to be dumb and stupid!

    What happen to Muslim and muslim country after that i left it for you to judge and ponders and pleasa try to be honest to yourselves.Jangan tipu diri sendiri. Because thats the worse thing to do!!!

    Did the perception of that particular religion that you quoted has becoming very positive after all the violence and terror that being crafted?

    Back home... which particular peoples with which particular religion are at the top of all the unmoral chain activities...towkey syndicate judi haram...towkey rumah urut haram...towkey rumah sundal pelacuran...towkey syndicate penyeludupan...towkey dadah...towkey Ah Long...Towkey/ketua gangster...orang tengah dlm bisness yang cekik darah and profiteering...suka bagi rasuah untuk dapat banyak dapat untung...penguatkuasa jadi mangsa dan ada yang diancam dan dibunoh kalau refuse to accept. and last but not least...this particular winner takes all attitude!

    Now with all the unmoral behaviour and attitude...tell me how come this people... their family and decendance with their particular religion are not getting any negative perception at all!

    Now did you sense something fishy here!

    1. Anonymous @ 3 June 2017 at 02:04,

      //islam is the fast growing religion at almost every continent//

      Apparently thru birthrate only.

      Having 10-12 kids is good, right?

      In a world with scant resources, a bit of prayer will help bring up the children, right?

      //It started with their grand master design... the Sept 911//

      That is merely one of many way-points.

      But for some people it starts from there.

      The supposed to be muslim terrorist has done it with a military style precision operations//

      Supposed to be muslim terrorist?


      What are they then?

      Let's think of a better name?

      //towkey syndicate judi haram...towkey rumah urut haram...towkey rumah sundal pelacuran...towkey syndicate penyeludupan...towkey dadah...towkey Ah Long...Towkey/ketua gangster...orang//

      Christians and Jews and Chinese and Illuminati - they all pakat lah.

      Sorry, I forgot, and DAP.

      No Muslims, no Malays, no Arabs.

      They are the holiest, the best.

      See? I remembered to say something nice about the Arabs.

      Hate and intolerance ok? Narrow -mindedness ok?

      Thks for the info.

      //tell me how come this people... their family and decendance with their particular religion are not getting any negative perception at all!//

      By "this people" and "their particular religion", you are, of cos, suggesting the Christians, the Jews, the Chinese, the Illuminati, DAP, etc.

      Why isn't there a negative perception of them?

      But there are.

      YOU don't like them, you are suspicious of them, they are ALL bad.

      But other people do not see them chopping off heads, stoning folks to death, complaining about how short a skirt is, forcing others to eat or not eat something, etc.

      Maybe the Christians, the Jews, the Chinese, the Illuminati, DAP, etc. don't seem to spend their lives hating or being intolerant or being narrow-minded.

      //Now did you sense something fishy here!//

      Yupe, there is something fishy here.

      It sounds like different people are using different values as benchmarks.

      In Malaysia, religion, rather than common sense, is often a major factor in decision-making.

      But just as religion has many believers, there are many who believe that religion is a con.

      Religion creates fear, anger, hate and intolereance.

      Religion exists for the benefit of the clergy.

      Go thru how religion developed as humans progressed from caveman to now and decided for yourself.

      Anyway, I feel like I am babbling to myself in circles with this comment.

      Who cares what I think anyway?

      I am a nobody from nowhere, right?