Thursday 8 June 2017

Innocent until proven guilty

I'm still like yesterday, writing this using my phone from my bed. Can't sit much.

Just passing time.

Someone forwarded me this story earlier around sahur time,

Penang Uber driver bashed, car smashed after sexually harassing female passenger |

That someone was complaining that the story was not being fair to the beaten up Uber driver.

She also forwarded a Facebook posting by the guy's sister-in-law which insisted on his innocence. Unfortunately I  can't publish it here because if I do so I may be accused of inciting racial hatred. It's the way the sister-in-law wrote her piece describing the ethnicity of the mob who beat up the Uber driver.

Anyway, despite that, she has a point because one is not supposed to be assumed guilty until proven so. The headline of the report does make it as if the Uber driver is already guilty of sexually harassing his passenger.

It's the same as what the mob did - beating him up before giving him a chance to defend himself. They should let the police handle the matter instead of assuming the guy's guilt and beating him up.

Wish I can put the video of the beating here but since I'm writing this using my phone, I just don't know how to do it. Maybe you all can check it out at YouTube.  Quite bad from the looks of it.

Well, whatever happened it's  wrong to beat up the guy like that. Especially so in cases such as this where the mob was made of mostly from one particular race and their victim from another. It could easily turn into a racial fight.

So guys, please be extra careful with these sorts of things, okay.

That aside, my condition is still the same this morning. The pain comes and goes.

A close friend said she will take me to a place near Genting to see a Malay traditional healer said to be good with curing my kind of ailment. Tried the Chinese one already.

I'm trying these alternative healing things because the conventional one doesn't seems to improve my condition.

Well, nothing much to lose in trying, right?


  1. "Well. nothing much to lose in trying, right?"
    Yes you're right. Didoakan segara semboh dan dipermudahkan.


  2. Annie,

    Musa Hassan caught with pants down:

    "Imagine holding a press conference to make a loud statement to the media about something that is not directly related to yourself, when you haven’t even thoroughly checked the facts.

    This is what Musa Hassan, a former IGP has done. What a nightmare it must have been to work for someone that careless in a top position.

    If Musa had properly examined the facts (read Sarawak Report for example) he would have noted that from day one we made clear that one of Najib’s personal accounts (no 2112022009694), the one which received $681 million in March 2013, was closed the following August:

    However, our article about Shafee’s payments quite clearly cites a later account Najib opened, into which money from SRC International was paid (a subsidiary of 1MDB).

    This was account number 2112022011906, which remained open until we broke the scandal in 2015. Getting these sorts of details right are the bread and butter of investigative work and something this senior officer ought to have been taught in police college.

    It is lucky he is now retired and perhaps he should keep it that way, instead of digging his friends into deeper holes, when they themselves are plainly deciding that silence is the better option."

    1. Anon are clearly off ckp hal lain awak cakap hal lain

      Prof kangkung

    2. Anonymous8 June 2017 at 18:11

      Wei diam lah, poyo. Bapak ko punya blog ke?

    3. Anon 2114
      Clearly pembangkang are not interested or do not have the intelectual capacity to discuss things other than running down the government/umno/BN/Najib.

      Apa-apa pun I bet my last Ringgit BN will win comfortably in the next GE unless PH can decide who is going to be the next shadow PM.I say shadow because shadow is not real.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. You as a professor not a white knight

      We can say whatever we want and you have no right to deny that

      I tell you if najib don't like "fitnah" then he is always welcomed to sue the opposition personnel

      Besides the comment is approved by Annie herself, the owner and not you

  3. Annie, pwrgilah berubat di mana sahaja tetapi jangan racial samada tradisional cina atau melayu..

    Belum ada serasi dan diizin Allah.

    Pengalaman jiran saya, sakit yang tidak tahu punca tetapi tidak boleh bangun bertahun lamanya, keluar masuk dari hospital kecil ke hospital besar, dari pakar ke super pakar, beli tilam ribu ribu dan segala vitamin yang datang kata bagus...semua beli sebab nak sihat dan sebab mampu...hingga hampir putus asa.

    Ditakdirkan tergerak hati nak beli maajun sebungkus RM1 jual di kedai runcit, tiga kali makan dah boleh bangun dirikan solat.

    Kesilapan kita ialah mendahulukan usaha, bukan salah, tetapi niat dan doa yang patut jadi pertama, usaha dan lain lainnya adalah kedua dan ketiga...

    Saya doakan anda kembali sihat, aamiin

  4. Annie,

    //I'm trying these alternative healing things because the conventional one doesn't seems to improve my condition.//

    For goodness sake, please go see a properly trained doctor.

    Smart people who do not get results from one doctor will go for a second opinion or a third opinion.

    Or go see a doctor in Singapore.

    Not every Malaysian trained doctor is good, so you may need to try out a few.

    And doctors are just human and can mis-diagnose medical conditions.

    That is why you may need to see a few doctors to allow the scientific method of study, experimentation, analysis, etc to work.

    Traditional medicines in Malaysia is nothing but quackery.

    I may have told you the story of a couple, where the wife had breast cancer?

    OK, let me repeat the story here for others.

    When the wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, the couple refused to accept conventional cancer treatment.

    They turned to traditional medicines - Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain2.

    Needless to say, her condition worsen and eventually the couple turned to REAL medical treatment but it was just too late.

    She died, leaving behind young children and a loving husband.

    The irony of it all was that the husband is a doctor - Malaysian trained, I think.

    As you can see, not all Malaysian doctors have a brain either.

    So, I beg you - please go see a properly trained doctor in Malaysia or Singapore, OK? Please, please, please, please.

    I beg you, please.


    1. Fully agree to Gladiator on this.
      Long ago a lecturer friend went through a period of depression . After months of medical leave and numerous visits to different bomohs his family brought him, his condition only worsen.A common friend relate his situation to me and asked if I can help.I offered to help on one condtions that is to bring him to a phsychiatrist. Took him to Dr Fathil Man at Ampark Park clinic ( probably retired now).Since then, my friend fully recovered. ALHAMDULILLAH.


  5. "not all Malaysian doctor have brain either".

    So do some of the commentator here ,as many Malaysian did fall in the same line .

  6. No monkeys can cure your illness. Go to Singapore where all the pork eating Chinese are. Their brains are much better because they eat a lot of BKT.

  7. Anon 86171811: Dalam rumah Annie ni semua topic is in session. That's the charm of being here. Meh saya tambah bagi meriah.


    Not your cup of tea? Tak apa jangan baca. Some of us can't face up options that truth could be on someone's pasture.

    To Annie. May Allah Ta'ala give you sihat soon. Sabar dalam mencari penyembuhan. Ameen.

  8. Gladiator!

    Any comment from you regarding the mob beating or bashing. How come you simply miss to say something on this.

    1. Anonymous @ 8 June 2017 at 18:59,

      //Any comment from you regarding the mob beating or bashing.//

      What is there to say?

      You could not tell that those were mindless morons taking the law into their own hands?

      You could not tell that they were all brave heroes when they are in a large group?

      Isn't that a normal situation for Malaysia?

      Are you proud of it?

      Are you looking to me to give you inspiration so that you can organise your own hero group to avenge the mistreatment of that driver? Or maybe to defend the honour of the victim?

      How about you let us know YOUR opinion instead?

      Your opinion is just as important as anybody's opinion here. :)

      //How come you simply miss to say something on this.//

      Don't you think that it was much much more important to tell Annie to go and get proper medical help?


    2. Anonymous @ 8 June 2017 at 15:42,

      //After months of medical leave and numerous visits to different bomohs//

      Unbelievable that an intelligent person like your lecturer friend could even consider bomohs, isnt it?

      But, as I pointed out, even a doctor can be stupid.

      //I offered to help on one condtions that is to bring him to a phsychiatrist.//

      Your lecturer friend was lucky to have you as a friend.


    3. Gladiator

      My opinion...same goes with Annie. Innocent until proven guilty.Anyway those mobster must has wrongly identified the identity of the vietnamese lady. Assuming she might be a .......!!!

  9. Get well dear!

  10. Newspaper utusan bangsat

    1. Wa manyak sukak itu baca Utusan ,bolih belajar bahasa Bulayu maa aa .

  11. Annie. Please highlight Gerald Tang. Thank you.