Monday 19 June 2017

A hungry mob is an angry mob (updated)


Oh, okay. They have apparently just now cancelled the latest GST order.

Just received this,

Good lah.


All the Chinese newspapers' main frontpage story today are about the government going to start charging GST for some food items such as sweet corns, potatoes, grapes, mee hoon, kuey teow etc.

Apparently it was an "exclusive" story that they shared.

The other "mainstream" newspapers don't seem to have the story.

The Star Online was however quick to check and confirmed the Chinese newspapers story this morning,

GST on more than 60 food items from July 1

PETALING JAYA: More than 60 types of food items will have the Goods and Services Tax (GST) imposed on them starting July 1.
These include certain seafood, vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, spices and noodles, China Press reported yesterday.
Customs Department director-general Datuk Subromaniam Tholasy confirmed the report and said a full statement would be issued today.
“It’s only a few items not consumed by the masses,” he said.
The new items that will be levied with GST include eel, swordfish and imported fruits like avocados, figs, grapes, nectarines, cherries and berries. However, vegetables such as potatoes, long beans, peas, spinach and sweet corn would also be taken off the GST zero-rated list.
Other items include bihunkuey teowlaksa mee and coconut oil.
The Government introduced GST in April 2015 in the form of a 6% tax on goods and services. For the complete list of zero-rated goods and services, visit or

I'm of the opinion that the timing of this whole thing is all wrong for the BN government.

Is it really necessary to do this now?

It's near Raya la.

These kind of stories are not good to be discussed when people get together to celebrate Raya.

Can't they do it bit by bit instead so that people don't get the perception that the cost of living is getting higher without end.

And the fact that the Chinese newspapers are the ones which broke the story is even worse.

Now the mainstream media have to follow their lead.

They should have at least preempt the story by being the ones who break the story, complete with the rationale on why the move was taken.

Now the damage done already, okay.

Some may argue, that a few sen of price increase is nothing much, but for the people out there earning small salaries, it means a lot.

Higher cost of living for me is a more dangerous threat to the government than all the other issues put together.

1MDB, for instance, is to me just an issue only understood by those who know the financial world. Ordinary people like me don't really understand it.

Sometimes I feel that those who claim to know the 1MDB issue and boasting about their higher intellect are merely a bunch of show off.

I found them irritating.

Now, issue of higher cost of living is more immediate and easier to understand.

Pricier goods - you go to the grocery store and you can understand what it's all about.

Townsfolk or kampungfolk, they all can understand it.

If they are not happy about it, then the government will be in trouble.

As simple as that.

Well, I'm just stating the facts here, okay.

If the BN government don't care about it, then that's not my problem.

If they care, they better do something to manage the people's perception on this whole thing.

I know, the opposition is in a mess, but as I wrote previously, if the people get too angry, they would just show their anger without thinking of the consequences.

Orang dah geram bukan peduli apa nak jadi.

Okay, that's all.

Here's a song to go with this post,


  1. "1MDB, for instance, is to me just an issue only understood by those who know the financial world. Ordinary people like me don't really understand it."

    Very easy to understand.

    While the rakyat are struggling financially, the PM of Malaysia, his wife and cronies stole public money from 1MDB and SRC for (among others)...

    RM520k for Chanel;

    RM60m for clothes, jewellery, car;

    RM28m for Nazir Razak,

    RM280k for son,

    RM176 m to Solar Shine,

    RM56 million to Jakel,

    Exotic Cars RM224k;

    RM3.75 million at De Grisogono;

    RM25 million charged to credit cards;

    Plus yachts, jets, pink diamonds, jewels and art.

    This is all detailed in more than 500 page of total evidence from the USA, Swiss, S;pore and 4 other nations working together.

    If it is false, then sue the WSJ and more than 60 newspapers globally.

    Sadly, forensic evidence is conclusive.

    Go send Shafee to fight in the courts of USA, Swiss, S;pore and 4 other nations.

    But nobody cares about Umno there.

    Facts are all that matter.

    Forensic evidence is conclusive.

    1. Wow Annie, u dont understand 1mdb issue or u dont want to so that u dont hv to comment on it coz if u do then u will get the bashing left, right up n down for standing on the wrong side of it so u rather play stupid. Wise choice.
      U said why cant they(government) do it bit by bit so that the rakyat wont hv the perception that the living cost going up without ending. Damn u to say it is ok if they raise it bit by bit but eventually all will be raised. U dont know our suffering. U are not fit to be a human coz u hv no soul without soul u hv no feeling for fellow human that work tills ends meet not to mentioned as a blogger.

    2. tatang is not that Annie has no soul or has no feeling for fellow human la...she shows plenty of feelings for fellow sufferings in her blogging. From what could be gleaned, it would seemed that Annie is saying that it is damn stupid of the gomen to load on the tax all at one go.. with election round the corner lagi ! Siapa bodoh sampai gitu kan ? It is a fact the gomen is screaming for funds...treasury sudah kosong, so the only way is to get it from the public. But jangan la bodoh sangat cam ni. Like a frog being put into boiling water....better to up the temperature of water bit by bit such that even the groggy frog will get used to it, until death overtakes it, by which time it is too late la.

  2. Govt dont say anything. This is just lie.

  3. It's OK Annie. These stupid people are only helping themselves go down in the next election. It seems like there is nothing that can't be taxed. On the one hand petrol subsidies has been taken away..still not enough.. Not enough with Tourist tax just because the Ministry tak cukup duit for promotions?
    We used to have Visit Malaysia Year events..didn't have to tax the Rakyat pun.

    I won't be surprise other Ministries will follow suit using the same arguments. Tak cukup duit to run the Ministry so have to implement new taxes.

    Well done Govt of the day. We can't wait to kick you out.

    1. From political point of view, the increase in GST will hurt upper class families. Most upper class families are non bumis (we are talking about T20) whereas B40 consist mainly Malays/ Bumis.

      The government more or less have given up hope to get the support from T20, so the government choose to consolidate the support among B40 group.
      So, we end up in the situation in which you rob Paul to feed John or in our case you rob Ah Chong to feed Abu.
      With additional income from all the increase in GST items, tourism tax etc, the governmenr will probably increase the amount of BR1M etc.
      Unfortunately for me, even though I am a Malay my family income fall into T20. Too bad

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Congratulation Prof Kangkong.

      You've elevated the GST regime to a racial perspective. I hope, Malay support toward Najib's kleptocracy will rewarded handsomely by Najib's Rakyat diDahulukan rhetoric.
      Maybe... UMNO-Najib could include in its manifesto that 1MDB-Jho Low would be sponsoring more Village imams for the Haj if it win GE14. Takbirrr...

      #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.

    3. HA HA HA...

      Ohhhhh your spin is getting worse, otak kangkung.


      "Lowest-earning households are worst hit by the Goods and Services Tax (GST), a United Nations report said.

      Malaysia’s Millennium Development Goals Report 2015 was jointly released by the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department, in Putrajaya today.

      According to the report, households on the bottom 40 percent (B40) of the income spectrum make an average RM2,537 in 2014, a rise of 12.8 percent since 2009.

      However, expenditure has also caught up, with the average B40 household spending RM2,015 of their monthly income, or 79 percent of their income.

      The GST, introduced at six percent last year, shaved much of what little savings the B40 households can make, it said.

      “With the GST at six percent in early 2015, the bottom 40 percent household income balance would be reduced to RM400 from RM522 previously.

      “As the GST affects all households equally, those at the lower end of the B40 spectrum will feel the effect more than those in the upper parts of the spectrum,” it said.

      There are 2.7 million households that fall in the B40 category.

      Critics of the GST have long argued that the consumption tax is regressive, as it penalises lower income households more than their higher income counterparts.

      This is because lower income households spend a higher proportion of their income."

      Please inform us which branch of Universiti Dedak you are attached to, so that we know where not to send people.

      Prof Sawi Suci

    4. It amazes me that you are a professor.

      In your assessment, B40 doesn't eat bihun, koey teow, potato and kacang panjang??? Have u bought roti canai recently, there is only potato in the gravy, itupun kalau nasib baik.

      Buying cooked food will be more expensive after this. The knocked on effect will be more than 6%.

    5. of course more Malays will support BN and UMNO when you take into account Pas is no longer with Pakatan Rakyat. Opss Pakatan Harapan

      Prof Kangkung

    6. Pro sawi suci, I am glad to inform you that I am currently attached to UniVersiti Ini Tolong Melayu. Go and figure it out yourself.

      Prof Kangkung

    7. Anonymous19 June 2017 at 13:48........

      "In your assessment, B40 doesn't eat bihun, koey teow, potato and kacang panjang??? Have u bought roti canai recently, there is only potato in the gravy, itupun kalau nasib baik."

      I think this "Pros-fessor" survives on combo of hippo excrement plus dedak for fiber, kut..........

    8. "UniVersiti Ini Tolong Melayu."..........ehhhhh more like "Universiti Ini Tipu Melayu" ler kih kih kih must be form 3 dropout or maybe one of academik "genius" who jilat garmen kow2 while your "universiti hit no.700 in world ranking........kih kih kih pls teach your kangkung ekonomik to Rosmah ler.......

    9. "..I am glad to inform you that I am currently attached to UniVersiti Ini Tolong Melayu..."

      Tolong bagi maju atau pelingkup! bagi pencerahan sikit..? Tang mana yg bro Prof dah bagi tolong sama Melayu? Ada sikit riak dalam ayat tu...wallahuallam

    10. Tunggu lps abis bulan puasa kangkung will be in attacking mode.i am fasting and therefore kena jaga mulut sikit

      Prof Kangkung

    11. lepas raya post ni dah takde org tengok...selamat la bro Prof..(sian gomen kena carikk duit lebih..mana tak nya, nak bayo gaji Prof Universiti Ini Tolong Melayu) . Tapi saya rasa bro Prof Kangkung kerja ikhlas, tak terima sesen gaji semata2 nak tolong Melayu. (Maaf ye..gurau2 bulan puasa...) Opps..nak simpan habis puasa baru boleh bukak kunci intelektual guna mulut....saya taip guna jari..

    12. Kih kih kih.......dah kena belasah teruk baru lah si kangkung nih lari mcm pondan, serupa dgn Si Jibbi Bibirpink al-Songlap kat forum "Nothing2Hide"........

      bacul tetap bacul......kih kih kih.....

    13. @ Otak Kangkung 19 June 2017 at 13:05,

      No, please, on the contrary.

      After Raya, please go to the PMO and explain your superb economic theory to the Chief Thief of Putrakaya, i.e. that GST does not affect the B40. I guess they don't buy ubi kentang, sawi or kacang panjang.

      Maybe you can publish an academic paper also? Or maybe you're too lazy and you can just stick to your day job of being an Umgnok cybertrooper, OK?

      Your lack of education is a very great credit to Universiti Dedak.

      Prof Sawi Suci

    14. Tebing Tinggi XVII19 June 2017 at 15:48

      What is UiTM's ranking according to QS? #11? Oh, wait - that's a university in Singapore!


    15. Prof "kangkung", what you have to say about funds for tertiary education slashed of? Are you still proud of that huh

    16. So you come from T20? The elite class alright

      No wonder you act like your shit is holy

    17. Proff kangkong makan dedak "cap umgnok" jer...sayur pasar malam too low class for him

    18. Reading all the childish comments make me more convinced that BN and UMNO will win big this upcoming GE.

      Prof Kangkung

    19. ...annd he still act like his dung is holy

    20. Your opinion about rakyat won't matter
      UMNO have no right to act Machiavellian to try win GE14 by having illegal bangla, Phillpine and China vote

    21. Pros. Kangkang, pls publish link to your academik papers.

      I have not see tahap pemikiran "T20 Melayu" B4.

      I must learn from you in bidang ekonomi....see how you prove that GST dun affect to B40? Mmg hebat lah you kakak...pls, Pros. Kangkang, show us your great T20 mind...

    22. Anon 00:53

      Spot on bro/sis

      Prof Wagyu beef

    23. This pro kangkung's otak is filled with kangkong lar. all the 60 items are consumed by the lower income rakyat. for the middle income rakyat that you said are mostly non malays, they can still afford to pay for the gst so no problem for them, it is the common folks and the middle income earners in the urban area that are badly affected.

      So go eat more kangkong lar then you can become a super professor kangkung, and spill out more nonsense.

    24. Anonymous 20 June 2017 at 16:27

      No need.....kat "Universiti I Terlalu Malas" (World Ranking No.800), all the kangkong have to do is to jilat standard ler : )

  4. Terima kasih to 48% voters who voted Bandit Nasional & contributed to all these rubbish - GST, Barang Naik & 1mdb scandal 'terbaik'!!!

  5. "1MDB, for instance, is to me just an issue only understood by those who know the financial world. Ordinary people like me don't really understand it."

    It's true Annie. I don't fully understand it either. That's why I relied on people like JMD, SatDee, OutSyedTheBox and The Scribe, who knows corporate financing, loans and Mortgages.

    They're avid defender of UMNO/BN, before. Hence, there must be something terribly wrong with 1MDB, that made them relinquished their support.
    Furthermore... why rendered OSA on completed reports that are promised to be made public, if there're nothing wrong with 1MDB?
    What is it that the Government is trying to hide?

  6. Dengar2 dah buat u-turn pasal GST 60 barang ni..betul ke?

    1. Betul.

      Si Lanun Bugis takut lah....lepas kes DOJ

      Tunggu jer lepas PRU14, GST naik lagi!

    2. plan nak umum lepas raya...terpecah lobang awal..tu yg nak cover balik tu....ha.ha.ha..

    3. Ye lah....kantoi baru tarik balik plak!


    4. Sue DOJ if you don't like the heat and burn

    5. najib & rosmah will never dare to sue doj

      becos they cannot control overseas judge


    6. Itu balang-balang punya halaga bolih turun kah ?.

      Utala pnya olang cekap , ' pi mai , pi mai tang tu jugak maa aa .

      Wa lama sutak redha maa aa .

    7. If najib and rosmah wouldn't dare sue DOJ then people like kangkung need to stop licking both of their arse

      Seriously stop being zombie macai. A misplaced loyalty will a huge waste of time and money

    8. Wa lama sutak ledha maa aa.

    9. Anon 00:39

      Spot on bro/sis

      Prof Wagyu beef

  7. Sehingga ini, sudah tiga pemfailan dilakukan oleh DOJ di mana kali pertama melibatkan dokumen setebal 136 mukasurat, kali kedua melibatkan penthouse dan pejabat di London dan yang terbaru melibatkan pelbagai lagi aset dengan dokumen mahkamah mengenainya setebal 251 mukasurat.

    Menteri2 pendedak Najib.  Ketua Polis Negara/SPRM/Ketua Peguam Negara dan Pencacai2..kamu ingat dalam hal wang haram dinegara mereka, DOJ menyediakan dokumen beratus2 mukasurat ..hanya untuk suka2 ria sajakah?

    Tunggu sahajalah...dari memfailkan saman sivil menjadi saman jenayah! apabila Jlo Low dan Riza Aziz di tangkap.. aset dirampas, semuanya akan terbongkar.

    Buat masa ini..kamu bergembiralah dihariraya... nanti, masa dukacita kamu akan datang jua..

    Al-Haq pasti menang dan kebatilan dan kepalsuan akan musnah. Walaupun keadaan-keadaan zahir nampaknya tidak begitu, namun akhirnya kebenaran akan tetap muncul dengan begitu ketara

    “Malah Kami lontarkan kebenaran ke atas kepalsuan lalu ia mengalahkannya dan tiba-tiba kepalsuan itu terus lenyap” (Surah al-Anbia': 18)

  8. Oh My BN...more skeletons will fall out or more wrongdoings will be exposed so BN need to proceed with its harakiri GE14 now...muakakaka

  9. One of these nites MO1 will abscond like marcos but even without MO1 burden, BN will lose GE14...

    1. Let's see if PAS can see that their dedak is quite immoral actually....and not support corruption.

  10. Diorang ingat rakyat ni bodoh sangat ke nak percaya yang ini semua adalah FITNAH. Kalau fitnah takkanlah details macam tu sekali. 200 muka surat lebih tu. Takkanlah ianya a work of fiction. Raja Petra pun boleh surrender awal.

    Lagipun yang mengeluarkan fakta-fakta kes adalah Jabatan Keadilan Amerika Syarikat. Bukannya surat khabar, portal berita atau blog-blog politik.

    Yang mengeluarkan tuduhan yang amat berat ini bukan badan sebarangan. Bila DOJ sendiri yang keluarkan maknanya mereka ada maklumat, fakta, saksi dan alibi to come up with such accusations.

    Lagipun transaksi-transaksi meragukan itu berlaku di negara mereka, melibatkan bank-bank mereka, melibatkan financial system mereka, melibatkan sistem pengkomputeran negara mereka, aset-aset yang dibeli dengan wang dari sumber meragukan berada di negara mereka, yang terlibat adalah sebahagian dari rakyat mereka, jadi apa yang mereka buat adalah dibawah bidang kuasa mereka.

    FBI dengan kuasa penyiasatan yang ada pada mereka mampu menyelongkar dan menterbalikkan segala apa yang ada dalam isi perut bumi Amerika. Tiada satu yang akan terlepas dari cengkaman mereka. Tiada entiti pun yang out of reach bagi mereka melainkan kesalahan itu dilakukan di luar Amerika. Hatta Presiden Trump tidak terlepas dari penyiasatan.

    Kalau sekadar mengeluarkan statement menafikan itu ini dan melabelkannya sebagai fitnah, mereka mengharapkan rakyat negara ini tidak mempercayainya dan berada di pihak mereka.


  11. Timbalan Presiden PAS, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man mempersoalkan jaminan kerajaan supaya cadangan itu tidak akan diteruskan selepas PRU14.

    Beliau juga ingin tahu jika Jabatan Perbendaharaan kini berada di tahap kritikal sehingga BN sanggup mencadangkan pelaksanaan GST ke atas makanan asas, ketika PRU14 perlu diadakan dalam tempoh kurang 14 bulan.

    “BN tidak lagi boleh dikekalkan sebagai kerajaan. Ini kerana PAS menjangka jika BN terus memerintah, rakyat akan dipaksa membayar GST untuk petrol dan juga ubat-ubatan.

    “Cadangan terbaru menunjukkan BN sanggup melanggar janjinya untuk tidak mengenakan GST terhadap makanan asas. Tiada jaminan bagi rakyat, BN tidak akan melanggar janjinya yang lain, jika ia kekal berkuasa,” katanya dalam kenyataan hari ini.

    Actually is true

    Pls check with Tourism Ministry

    All payment to supplier

    media agency

    ad agency

    More than 1 year overdue

    they is under legal action


    "Treasury say no money"

    malaysia is POKAI

    while najib & rosmah live like emperor and empress

    GST they try to do "quiet"

    but is caught

    1. I hope Tun M will stand in the next election and be chosen as the new PM so that we can have a better life like when Tun was the PM for 22 years even when we are in the worst financial crisis in 1997, there we no GST to burden us. but now when all the ministers were saying that our country economy are soooo good yet we are all burdened with GST kepala pening everyday trying to balance our income and expenses also cannot.

  12. Annie,

    //They have apparently just now cancelled the latest GST order.//

    They must have read what you wrote earlier and got scared :)

    On a more serious note, I have always supported a GST on EVERYTHING, no exemptions.

    One condition - the government MUST account for every sen of GST collected and the bulk of the GST MUST be redistributed back to the poor and needy in the form of services, assistance and even direct cash if necessary.

    I do not have the confidence that the incumbent government will redistribute the GST collected back to the poor and needy.


  13. la awat tak jadi pulak ni??bukan ka kata GST bagus dan penting untuk kemajuan dan kesejahteraan ekonomi dan negara Malaysia ka??u turn macamni nampak sangat GST ada xpa xda pun xpa kan??tapi kena ada la kan sebab terpaksa bayar hutang yang Najib tak buat kan....semua ni sebab politik ja kan kalau betul tuk kemajuan negara ko ingat orang nak marah ka??dan bila orang marah apasal lak takut kalau ko buat benda betul..semua wayang kulit ja semuanya sebab undi ja kan....ko u turn pun ko ingat orang tak marah ka??pilihanraya please....

    annie's article = admision gst lebih kepada political motivated rather than the nation's progress...

  14. Because the govt is run by the stupid monkey race.

    1. People like u are the reason BN always win.

    2. Anonymous @ 19 June 2017 at 21:50,

      //Because the govt is run by the stupid monkey race.//

      Hey, a pig-ignorant comment about Malays.

      And entirely original, too.

      Well done.

      An original entirely self-made moron.

      Aiseh, man, you will get along just fine with that other commentator who made pig-ignorant comments about the Chinese in Annie's other posting.

      Now, anybody else like to make similar pig-ignorant comments about the Indians dan lain2?

      Then we will have a full set of pig-ignorant morons to display for all to see.

      Come on - Malaysia bolih.

      We know you are out there.


      Don't anybody say I am not nice to retarded people 😀


    3. If we want to win then you have to treat the rakyat as human with opinion

  15. Aisey, kenapa cancel??? I was waiting for one of the ministers to say " Don't buy kacang panjang, bihun, etc in the supermarket, buy at pasar tani - no gst at pasar tani".

  16. Memang benar Tuan Gladiator, GST ni seoatutnya function macam Zakat. Tapi di negara kita ni macam awak sebut kita nak tengok accoutability. Kalau tak boleh tunjuk accountability, abolish aje GST ni. Saya jugak faham GST ni bertujuan (tak disebut) untuk kasi game perniagaan yang pusing pusing tax filing.

    Tuan RD,
    saya baru faham pemikiran orang orang T20 ni. Tapi saya juga faham sikit sikit teori ekonomi. Gamak nya teori ekonomi yang diajar di University Ini Tolong Melayu masakini songsang sikit kot (by admission professor nya) ?

    Tuan RD sebut blog blog yang satu ketika nya penyokong tegar BN tetapi sekarang dah beralih angin. Ini saya setuju dengan Tuan RD. Deme ni hebat hebat belaka. They must know a lot more than we can ever know. Saya pun kadang kadang ragu ragu dengan pentaksub MO1 ni macam Batu Bata Atas Dinding ni. Dulu neutral. Lagi satu sepupu Sultan ni sehari posting berbelas-belas. SD pun boleh tukar-tukar. Boleh pakai ke cerita pentaksub ni ?

    1. Anonymous @ 19 June 2017 at 23:11,

      //Memang benar Tuan Gladiator//

      Alamak, please lah, don't call me "Tuan".

      I am just a normal guy like anybody else you would walk past on the street.

      You don't go around calling everybody you past on the street "tuan", would yer?

      And when I fart, it smells just as bad as anybody else.

      Tuans, OTOH, have farts which smell so much better than the rest of us common folk - just ask a tuan, if you don't believe me. 😀


  17. DOJ berani dedah 100% dgn hitam putih, tarikh, nama dan tandatangan dengan begitu terperinci.

    Siap dgn tarikh , jumlah wang dan barang apa yg dibeli dan kepada siapa diberi, siap ada tanda tangan pada 15/6/17.

    Kalau apandi, mo1dan isteri mo1 kata ia adalah fitnah, senang ja, ambil surat setebal 251 halaman ini dakwa balik dimahkamah, tunjukkan dan buktikan kamu ni difitnah.

    Tetapi kamu hanya menafi dgn mulut. Ini tak boleh diterima pakai.

    Jikalau ada pihak berjaya tunjuk bukti, maknanya dituduh harus buktikan dgn hitam putih bahawa ia adalah palsu.

    Jadi keluarkan penyataan dan bandingkan dgn tarikh urusan dalam laporan DOJ,

    Kalau ia tiada dalam penyata bank jolo dan mo1 dan 1mdb.

    Maka ia adalah tuduhan palsu, mo1 pula boleh saman DOJ dgn berbilion bilion kerana tanggung malu, cemar reputasi.

    Tetapi semua agensi kerajaan semua hanya kata ini semua tak benar,
    Dan kata DOJ ada agenda nak jatuhkan mo1.

    Rakyat malaysia cukup berterima kasih kepada DOJ kerana berjaya bongkarkan rahsia perbuatan terkutuk mo1dan isteri mo1 yg selama ini menipu dan mencuri duit rakyat malaysia.

    Tidak pernah terjadi kepada mana mana PM malaysia peristiwa yg amat memalukan ini.

    Proses mahkamah harus dijalankan kepada mo1 dan isteri mo1 atas dakwaan ini,
    Inilah peluang kepada mo1 dan isteri mo1tunjuk dan buktikan bahawa mereka benar benar difitnah.

    Maka keyakinan rakyat malaysia terus memberi sokongan 100% kepada mo1.

    Ini apa punya undang undang , menafi dgn mulut dan tutup kes. Buat senyap, buat bodoh.

    Adakah rakyat malaysia bodoh sampai tahap macam tu, percaya bahawa mo1 difitnah ?

    Rukun negara malaysia ada tulis, perkara ke 4, KEDAULATAN UNDANG UNDANG.

    Kenapa DOJ boleh siap senarikan tarikh tarikh dan beratus ratus urusan dan jumlah dgn tepat.

    Ini bukan satu kerja yg mudah. Tak kat satu dua urusan mungkin boleh direka.
    Ini laporan begitu lengkap, mustahil ia satu fitnah.

    Jika fitnah, peguam peguam mo1 lagi suka, terutamanya shafee, buturian begitu lengkap siap dgn nama , tarikh dan tandatangan, senang untuk dakwa DOJ.

    Kalau mo1, apandi masih berdiam diri,

    Secara logik akal, sah 100 % mo1 subahat dgn sekutunya rompak duit 1mdb, duit rakyat.

    Betul betul bapa segala penyamun.

    1. tak sia-sia Pandi jadi AG..untung MO1 dapat nyorok sekali sekala bila ada statements tak cerdik dikeluarkan oleh pemakan2 dedak terhormat...

    2. Anon 00:31

      Spot on bro/sis

      Prof wagyu beef

  18. Gst sepatutnya bolih menurunkan harga barangan apabila sst di mansohkan.

    Tak perlu untuk jadi pakar ekonomi pun untuk memahaminya...yang masih menuntut di universiti pun tahu.

    Tapi tak begitu jadinya...kerana harga barangan sebenarnya adalah dalam gengaman towkey towkey dan orang orang tengah!

    Dengan beratus persatuan perniaagan dalam apa juga jenis perniagaan.Sudah tentulah harga barangan adalah dalam gengaman mereka!

    Yang tak puashati dgn gst ini adalah mereka sebenarnya.Gst dpt memantau transaksi perniagaan mereka.No more hanky panky.

    Yang sebelum ini cukai perniagaan dgn senang dpt di manipulasi olih mereka dan dgn senang dapat lari dari membayar cukai!

    SABOTAJ...itulah perkataan yang tepat dan sesuai kenapa gst tidak dapat menurunkan harga barang.Walhal dgn gst ianya sepatut turun.

    Dgn pengumuman pihak kastam yang akan mengenakan gst keatas beberapa barangan lagi hanya beberapa hari saja sebelum hari raya...ini pada saya adalah seperti satu tindakan sabotaj juga...shooting on his own leg...tapi yang pasti bukan kaki pengarah kastam Dato Subramaniam Tholasy!!!

    Yang peliknya bolih katakan hampir semua akhbar bahasa cina yang dapat this first hand news ini.Semacam ada kolaborasi terancang!

    Kenakan gst dan naikkan harga barangan sebelum orang melayu menyambut hari raya!

    Macam nak bagi orang melayu marah...bila dah marah can easily divide them and rule them.

    A plain act of sabotaj to me...yang tak perlu pun untuk ada sijil political science untuk memahaminya.

    Selain dari kpdnkk...bukankah sebahagian tugas pengarah kastam juga untuk menentukan towkey towkey dan orang tengah ini tidak sesuka hati menentukan/menaikkan harga barangan
    atau pun jika perlu kena turunkan juga harga barangan?

    Selain dari senjata sebenar...senjata ekonomi juga berkesan untuk mensabotaj dan menumbangkan sesebuah kerajaan!

    The Equalizer

    1. Memang benar... harga barangan dan perkhidmatan dapat dikurangkan jika tiada keterlibatan orang-tengah dalam sebarang urus-niaga. Tak perlu bayar komisen, maka harga barang semakin murah.

      Masaalahnya, Najib sendiri yang asyik membelakangkan Jihad KPDNKK, memerangi peranan orang-tengah dalam urusan perniagaan.
      Semasa jadi Menteri Pertahanan lagi, dia dah guna orang-tengah kelabu-asap, Razak Baginda. Sehingga hari ini, bahana nya masih dirasai selepas hampir 20 tahun... dalam bentuk persoalan... siapa arah bunuh Altantuya?... dari pusat tahanan immigration Villawood, Australia.
      Undang-undang Negara jadi cacamerba. Takkan nak jalankan hukuman bunuh keatas Azilah, manakala Sirul dibiarkan hidup di Australia, tanpa mengetahui siapa arah mereka berdua bunuh Altantuya?

      Sebaik saja menjadi PM, dia juga lantik diri sendiri sebagai Menteri KeWANGan. Tidak lama kemudian, Deepak Carpet dapat pinjaman RM30 Juta, TANPA Faedah dari Bank Rakyat. Apakah keistimewaan Deepak sehingga Bank milik Kerajaan, Bank RAKYAT, dibiarkan pikul biawak-hidup menanggung kerugian akibat pemberian pinjaman itu?

      Orang-tengah terakhir Najib yang paling berjaya dan terkenal adalah Jho Low. Tak perlu lah saya cerita pasal 1MDB-Jho Low yang belum basi ini.

    2. saya bukan towkey kedai dan bukan juga orang tengah...rakyat biasa ja dan saya juga tidak berpuas hati dengan GST......

  19. Really annie you dont understand 1mdb isu, one question for u,which do u believe that the us doj lawsuit against riza n jho is a fiasco or is it for real

  20. Anonymous @ 19 June 2017 at 23:11,

    //GST ni seoatutnya function macam Zakat.//

    Yupe, GST is like zakat.

    Not 100% but similar enough.

    No, not the Malaysian-style of zakat, OK?

    I meant the Islamic style of zakat.



  21. The newspapers that broke this story were not entirely accurate. Zero-rated has always been for items that were fresh and not processed like fresh meat, chicken, vegetables etc.
    What the ammendement actually did was to remove items that had other things added to them.
    For instance potatoes; fresh raw potatoes are still on the zero-rated. What was taken out were frozen potatoes (the kind in the freezer aisle that had seasonings). Same goes to spinach and sweet corn. Fresh bayam or jagung were still zero-rated.
    The other was coffee-the ammendment said that roasted coffee is zero-rated but not the ones that had sugar or creamer added(like the 3-1's)

    We cant take anything we read at face value at the risk of being turned into mindless zombies.

    1. Thanks for the i understand.

      Prof kangkung

    2. profesor kangkung longkang mana dia ni baru nak paham ni....

  22. If anyone is interested, the full list of GST items included:

    Vegetables such as potatoes, beans, long beans, peas, spinach, sweet corn, cucumbers.

    Then the gomen try to spin to say:

    "These are not items consumed by the masses".

    HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

    This is the most lying gomen of all time.

    Worse than Trump.

  23. The Equalizer,

    //A plain act of sabotaj to me.//

    You may have given great reasons why we should have a GST but I feel you are mistaken in thinking that it is all an act of saboatage for its failure in Malaysia.

    I don't support a GST in Malaysia purely because I believe the monies collect will be misused.



    DS Rosmah kata dia nak buru pemfitnah, dan saya tidak takut sebab ini bukan fitnah.

    Berani kerana benar.

    Jika ini fitnah, saya cabar DS Rosmah untuk saman DOJ sekali.

    Saya juga menggesa DS Rosmah supaya memulangkan semula duit rakyat dan barang kemas yang dibeli menggunakan duit rakyat.

    Duit yang digunakan ini adalah milik rakyat bukan milik DS Rosmah.

  25. Syukur lah... sume dh kena GST.. Betul kata Ahmad Maslan.. dgn Gst .. harga barang akan turun.. syukurlah... suka sgt2 ni...

  26. The removal of Mohd Isa Samad as chairman of Felda Global Venures (FGV) is long overdue, but Malaysians were stunned today to learn that Isa has now been given the acting chairmanship of the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), filling the vacancy left by SPAD’s founding chairman and former minister Syed Hamid Albar earlier this year.

    Isa has made a mess out in FGV and earlier in Felda. He should not be rewarded with such an important position in SPAD which could further erode public confidence towards the government.

    SPAD is directly or indirectly responsible for the following projects:

    East Coast Rail Link, which is worth RM55 billion;
    KL-Singapore High Speed Rail (RM60 billion);
    MRT Sungei Buloh-Kajang line(RM28 billion);
    MRT Circle line (more than RM20 billion).

    Is Isa going to create a bigger mess in his new position where the stakes are equally high, if not higher, than FGV and Felda?

    What value does Isa bring to the table at SPAD, that Prime Minister Najib Razak has to keep him around even after he was almost universally discredited for the troubles he created in Felda and FGV?

    1. Menurut cerita yg tular zaman 90an, Najib terhutang budi teramat sangat dgn Isa Samad. Skrg baru saya percaya kisah tersebut sebab buktinya dalam ramai2 bekas penjawat awam & retired politician, tainted Isa Samad juga yg dipilih untuk menerajui SPAD. Isa Samad pula org yg tak tahu malu, masih tak sanggup lagike nak tinggalkan kuasa?

  27. Gladiator

    Without prejudice!

    This damn country of ours should have gone bankcrupt and are on the brink of total failure of its governing system by now!

    That was what being predicted by the Wisetoons years back.They even dare to say bulih potong jari! How true they believed it will.

    Believed me is nothing to do with someone embazzling the wealth of this counntry until to an extense of bankcruptcy or the purpose of introduction of Gst is to make the people to suffer more or this country rite now is in a total mess and total failure and is govern by penyamun or all the government staff now are all useless only makan gaji!!!

    It is all about a bunch of wisetoons who are trying by all means to gain power and have total control of the system for their pocket by bad mouthing others(it is their speciality anyway) who are trying very hard to make what ever system available functioning.

    And look like to me its still functioning fine...aparts from the hick up here and there...and sabotage included!!!

    The Equalizer

  28. nothing to hide..gaduh adik beradik

  29. You know how funny that sounds?
    Okay imagine if your hard earned money is used by 'unknown minister' of your own country Inapropiately and millions spent on diamonds and you are being told to chill. Hello? Your brain connect the dots already? Or havent wake up?

    Besides...i think we are all pretty chill already haha..

    edit: and btw diamonds are made out of fkg carbons.

  30. The Equalizer,

    //it is nothing to do with someone embazzling the wealth of this counntry//

    So we'll just accept the blatant corruption and robbery as part of running a country, right?

    OK, if that's your view, that is then your view.

    Do I respect that view?

    No fucking way.

    But that is how life works.

    It is up to an individual to take his/her stand on any subject, right?

    //It is all about a bunch of wisetoons who are trying by all means to gain power and have total control of the system for their pocket//

    So what's the difference, right? 😀

    Pakatan Harapan may rob us blind, may be just as corrupt as BN, may abuse power just like BN, etc etc.

    BUT Pakatan may just, possibly remotely tenously introduce new policies and new thinking to the thoroughly rotten system we have now.

    And if Pakatan is no good, it will be piss easy to fuck them off and put BN back in.

    The old wash-and-rinse-and-repeat-if-necessary tactic for me.

    We, the people, MUST, win back our rights to control our politicians.

    In developed countries, politicians are afraid of the people.

    Look at how Teresa May and Donald Trump are scared of their voters.

    But in Malaysia, the people are afraid of politicians.

    In Malaysia, things can go wrong and a politician will simply piss in my eye and tell me to fuck off.

    It may be acceptable to some folks to do as they are told, because after all, I understand the feudal system which was forced down my throat from young.

    But then, I have always been a pain in the ass who seldom accepts authority without putting my hand up and asking why 😀

    Come to think of it, all the DAP powerbrokers in my kampung avoid me for some reason.

    Only the DAP ADUN ever comes over to say "hello" to me every time we are in the same room/function 😀

    Personally, I think it is to make sure I can only speak to one person and one person only 😀

    To be fair to all parties, I also have a funny story about the main MCA guy in my kampung, but that is another story for another day.


  31. Semakin hari semakin meruncing masalah negara ni, itulah dah diberitahu awal2 tapi degil, dulu felda pun mcm itu tapi ego mrk ini tinggi, bila semua duit amanah tabungan rakyat sudah habis di cekau mulalah nak kutip macam2 cukai, celaka punya penyamun.

  32. Rosmah got her stolen pink daemon now

  33. Alhamdulilah selepas Tan Sri Isa Samad dilantik menjadi Pengerusi Felda (kemudiannya FGV), Felda terus maju diluar jangkaan. Rakyat Felda hidup senang tujuh keturunan. Saham FGV naik tak turun turun. Warga Felda semuanya menjadi jutawan selepas melabur saham FGV. Korupsi? apa itu, Felda bersih daripada korup dan seleweng sejak Tan Sri Isa Samad dilantik. Alhamdulilah...

    Bertuah SPAD dapat Tan Sri Isa Samad...

  34. Najib menang Pekan guna undi Tentera
    Najib menang Pekan guna undi tentera
    Najib menang Pekan guna undi tentera
    Najib menang Pekan guna undi Tentera
    Najib menang Pekan guna undi tentera
    Najib menang Pekan guna undi tentera

    Sedap gila ziana zain

  35. Pakai logik akal yang waras pun dah tahu siapa betul siapa salah.

    Semua 27 media yang siar tu setahu saya semuanya media berkredibiliti di negara masing masing.

    Takkanlah semua media ni tak check dulu kesahihan berita sebelum laporkan?

    Lainlah Sinar Harian, doktor palsu pun boleh tulis artikel dalam akhbar mereka.

  36. Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman claimed that almost each and everyone of the exco members got offers from BN to turn against the party.

    Syed said he himself had been offered a scholarship, money, job and a house in the U.K.


  37. Isteri MO1 Dikaitkan Dengan Pembelian Berlian Bernilai Rm128 Juta

    RM128 Juta = Pergi bank tekan RM3,000 setiap hari selama 117 tahun

    1. "RM128 Juta = Pergi bank tekan RM3,000 setiap hari selama 117 tahun"

      This is excellent illustration.

    2. sekali...128 mil = pergi bank tekan 3000 setiap hari selama 117 tahun.

      kalau ada " Like", i mau tekan every day for 117 years la :)

  38. The Felda kampung and Sarawak population doesn`t know what`s happening,and it doesn`t even know that it doesn`t know

    UMNO using the media giant to enslave Malaysian`s Fool

    1. The first major challenge for the opposition is to unite tha various parties under one umbrella.After that they have to choose who among their leaders will become the Prime Minister if Pakatan Harapan wins the election.
      Otherwise they can forget their dream of toppling the BN
      Anybody would like to disagree with me on this?

      Prof Kangkung

    2. yes i would like to disagree simply because hang ni bangang...
      sekian , terima kasih..

    3. aiya eri, be fair lar, i think this time at least prof kangkung is talking sense give credit where credit is due.

      hope prof kangkung continues to be sober and not mabuk kangkong lagi and talk nonsense.

  39. Prof Kangkung,

    //After that they have to choose who among their leaders will become the Prime Minister if Pakatan Harapan wins the election.//

    The only people who seem interested in the Pakatan candidate for PM are, surprisingly, BN people :)

    I really do wonder why.

    Is it because the Pakatan choice of PM is one of the very few wedges which BN can use against Pakatan?

    Is it because knowing who the Pakatan candidate is will allow BN to focus its attacks on the right person?

    I dunno.

    Pakatan people don't seem to care very much who becomes PM.

    The only certainty amongst Pakatan people is that no DAP candidate will EVER become PM and even DAP people know that as well.

    Believe me, I have spoken to die-hard DAP people and by die-hard, I mean little education, hard manual labouring, poor social skills, simple outlook on life, etc etc. I am being polite to die-hard DAP people here, OK?

    Let's just say, it is the same reason why no MCA or MIC person will ever become PM. :)

    No, it is not because MCA and MIC don't have enough seats in Parliament :) You know, I know lah, so no need to pretend, OK? :)

    So, why the BN fixation that Pakatan "have to choose who among their leaders will become the Prime Minister if Pakatan Harapan wins the election"?


    1. well reasoning Mr G. Its the BN pple who is kalut. Maybe they sense that they r going kelaut soon

  40. An apparently uninhabited oil palm estate in Sungai Dulang, Perak has raised eyebrows when 22 voters had supposedly registered there.

  41. The Gladiator

    "But Pakatan said MAY...just POSSIBLY remotely,tenously introduce new policies and new thinking...."

    Hohoho...sorry gladize!

    NO DICE please!!!

    Again NO DICE please!

    Because the stake are just to high.

    No f.....g way! Ooops Sorry just borrowing yout f words.

    They might...they might not.

    Believe me it wont be easy to piss them off once they've taste power!

    Even if you have state of the art washing machine.Sorry...not a good tactic at all to me.

    Very true...pakatan will rob us blind.They have the potential to do that.

    I dont think in Malaysia people are afraid of politician.Considering how me make fun of them this days and before.Maki hamun included.

    Agree with you...we should be fair to all parties!

    But than this world is not a fair place to live...

    The Equalizer

  42. I can't believe we have someone behaving as disgusting as Imelda is alive and well

    Apa? Sudah lupa? Cincin pink diamond berharga rm128 juta dibeli dengan wang rakyat

    Apa? Aku ni bodoh? Wang itu UMNO yang punya?
    Itu namanya merompaklah pundek. MO1 wife beli diamond tu dengan menggunakan wang rakyat

  43. Malaysia boleh apparently. Stealing Rakyats money is more important than taking care of Rakyat.

  44. Masalah bila orang senang mentadbir, semuanya mahu dibeli dengan wang. Berikan rakyat BR1M sebagai gula-gula yang tidak mengenyangkan dan tidak juga berkhasiat. Wang tunai ditabur-tabur seperti Ali Baba Bujang Lapok memberi sedekah di pasar-pasar

  45. Babi ni bukan dia fhm erti susah...najib dgn rosmah tk kn faham pn susah...2 ekor ni tahu nk senang je...tapi dia senang rkyat yg bgi..rkyat yg tlong dia jdi senang hidup mewah...lepas ni jgn ade lagi PM kt malaysia cm ni...hancur negara...

  46. Dahalan is defending the indefensible. He is on wit end on how to compensate for the error in admitting the MO1 n wife are Najib n Rosmah.. .He is running out of excuses but he had to say something to keep himself comfortable otherwise he will lost his rice bowl.That's how low or pathetic he can go. Haven't u notice he is speaking with his eyes a bit off-stared.

  47. Najib now is too busy defending himself in 1MDB accusations. USA DOJ is closing in on the people involve in money laundering. All his Ministers are too busy defending Najib. The IGP is being investigated for involvement on the Police Protection money collection scandal in Malacca. The AG is too busy prosecuting the whistle-blowers and LGE. Proton is sold. Petronas is looking for financial injection. Everyday there are BAD news. The Navy ship run out of petrol. The AirForce is selling the MIGs planes to India and the remaining planes are out of spares parts. The Navy Submarine purchase scandal and the killing of the Mongolian girl is still haunting Najib. The jailing of Anwar sodomy, chapter 2 is still haunting Najib. Now USA DOJ is haunting Najib too !! Now the Country is in Crisis !!

  48. Khairy jamalludin macai bapuk berkepit

  49. The Equalizer,

    //NO DICE please!!!//

    That's fine if you don't mind it when things stay the same, eg the corruption, the abuse of power, the lousy education system, the religious mania, etc etc.

    For me, it is "Yes, dice".

    I have personally seen enough change in my kampung in Selangor to think that I would consider "Yes, dice".

    And I have been to Penang to see for myself what they have done there as well.

    //Believe me it wont be easy to piss them off once they've taste power!//

    Are you kidding?

    Look at Selangor and Penang. Getting rid of Pakatan in those states would be a snack - if they misbehave.

    You know it, I know it, and Azmin Ali+Lim Guan Eng know it.

    In fact, the cards are stacked against Azmin Ali and Lim Guan Eng but the voters have kept them in - only just mind you.

    //pakatan will rob us blind.They have the potential to do that.//

    We are ALREADY being robbed blind NOW!!

    At least, Pakatan only has the potential to do so but we dont really know cos they have never had the opportunity to sit in Putrajaya - yet

    //I dont think in Malaysia people are afraid of politician.//

    Go on then, I dare you to say something nasty about Najib Razak under your real name 😀

    Rosmah is not a politician but you could try saying nasty things about her too, OK?

    Or say something nasty about UMNO.

    Berani kah? 😀

    Use your REAL name, OK?

    I promise you I will visit you in jail, OK?

    //But than this world is not a fair place to live//

    So, we should do nothing about it?

    Just because you and I have a good life already?

    From knowing how to exploit the current system?


  50. Jho TAIK BABI Low