Saturday 3 December 2016

The need for parents of special needs children to be cool

I received this screenshot of an Education Ministry's official letter from a friend earlier this morning,

It basically says the government's allowance for special needs children at schools has been reduced.

And these are screenshots also sent by my friend of a Wassap conversation between parents of a special needs child affected by the matter (the wife is in white, the husband in green),

I think the husband was being sensible.

If the government have money, it would probably give more to the special needs children as it always does.

But now it does not have enough money, probably due to the economic woes, it can't be expected to give out as much anymore.

Anyway, the wife was just a bit upset that her husband was being so cool about it.

The couple, who are my friends are the ones I highlighted in this post in April last year,


  1. Yesterday my friend went to GH and was given only 2 months medication instead of normal 6. Reason? "Cutting costs because no money, sorry."

    'Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib' is actually the nasib malang of all Malaysians living under this Bugis cancer.

    #RespectMyPM - for coming up with 42 different stories for his "donation"

    #RespectMyPM - for running away from Something2Hide

    #RespectMyPM - for breaking almost every 2013 manifesto promise

    #RespectMyPM - for giving us kangkong and RM1 chickens

    #RespectMyPM - for running up RM53 billion in debt and then selling our assets to foreign powers

    #RespectMyPM - for being investigated in 7 countries

    #RespectMyPM - for being the worst liar and thief in Malaysian history

  2. Mungkin ada orang marah pasal mereka rasa kena tipu. Tu je.

    redha lah. Rezeki di tangan Tuhan. Takdir Ilahi. Terima saja. Keyword dia redha dan syukur. Itukan ajaran Islam. Doa banyak-banyak. Insya-Allah ada rezeki lain. Rezeki dah ditulis sejak Luh-Mahfuz lagi. Qada dan Qadar jangan lawan.

    Pilihan raya pun nak dekat katanya. Manalah tahu ada sumbangan.

    1. Pilihan raya pun nak dekat...ya.

      Lobai2 sokong umno bermakna sokong dan redha apa yg dilakukan pada rakyat...betul ke tidak?

      Jadi...apakah kita sebagai pengundi akan mengundi parti lobai yg berperangai macam ini?

      Kalau yg menerima rasuah itu dosa..apakah yg memberi rasuah itu tidak berdosa?

      Jika kehidupan rakyat tertekan akibat dr perbuatan umno-Bn..apakah bila parti lobai terus memberi sokongan pada Umno-Bn..maka..kita mahu lagi memberi sokongan pada parti lobai?

      Bila parti lobai berkerjasama dgn umno..maka..secara tak langsung parti lobai merestui tekanan kehidupan yg rakyat hadapi sekarang.

    2. Maaf sdr anon 19:31,

      Tulisan saya lebih bersifat 'nuetral' kerana menghormati pendirian admin blog ini yang sama-sama 'nuetral'.

      Terpulang kepada sdr ingin baca dengan emosi yang mana.

      Jangan gaduh-gaduh dah lah.

  3. In just under 1 year, this was spent on SRC credit cards (hence from KWAP money) by the First Klepet of Putrakaya.....

    RM520k for Chanel;

    RM60m for clothes, jewellery, car;

    RM280k for son,

    RM176 million to Solar Shine,

    RM56 million to Jakel,

    Exotic Cars RM224k;

    RM3.75 million at De Grisogono;

    Plus RM25 million misc luxuries charged to credit cards.

    You think the money diverted to make Wolf Of Wall St would have helped a few special needs children?

    You think the US$7 billion missing from 1MDB (source: AG Malaysia Report under OSA) would have helped a few special needs children?

    Takpe, redha jer.

  4. Sorry Annie, different topic.

    I'm watching live Najib closing PAU.

    Wow, there's something seriously wrong with him. His suara and tone, addressing the supreme council members. Like sindir gila! He keeps looking back and addressing them instead of to the front.

    KJ kena duku about loyalty, Shahrizat grinning gratefully etc, strategic bodekers hoisting I love U banners, warning he knows about those whose loyalty wavering to elsewhere.

    He sounds like a man who knows he's hanging on a thread, issuing threats to cling to power.

    And he's drooling, wiping his mouth frequently.

    Oh my God, he just mentioned Altantuya, Kevin Morais, Rosmah's ring. And denied 1mdb lost billions.

    Saying it's all his fault, why blame him only? Now he "cerita" about Mahathir's billion losses.

    Tun M didn't pocket billions lah.

    Disgusting! Just go!

  5. whts clear is that the gov is lying. pretending they have money and all. budget presentation a all colorful.

    these people dont feel a thing when they lie to public. or stole from the public.

    but yeah we should be thankful ey? that our tax money has been channelled into the banks of corrupt officers and ministers and pm.

  6. The gomen got lot of money for over priced ECRL and Taman Tugu but no money for kids with special needs?

  7. Kawan saya yang anaknya OKU dan sering mengalami sakit sawan (fits) kini hanya diberi ubat untuk selama sebulan saja. Sebelum ini dia dapat bekalan ubat untuk sekurang2nya 3 bulan. Kini tiap2 bulan dia terpaksa ke HKL untuk mengambil ubat untuk anaknya itu, dan ia jadi satu bebanan memandangkan dia juga seorang warga emas yang kekurangan kudratnya dan juga mengalami penyakit darah tinggi selain masalah lutut yg agak teruk

    1. What has your friend do thereafter? Mengeluh ajekan?

      Who cares.

  8. Najib's middleman, Jho Low & Billions of 1MDB's debt (some of it missing or not accounted for) was not even brought-up in UMNO's General Assembly.

    If the delegates have forgotten above Najib's other middlemen such as Razak Baginda & Deepak Carpet, I could have understand. But... Jho Low, how could they?

    Therefore, to show my 'respect' to UMNO-Najib, I'd use a portrait of Jho Low for my FB profile.

    Hidup UMNO-Najib.
    Hidup Jho Low.

    1. RD @ 3 December 2016 at 22:04,

      //Billions of 1MDB's debt (some of it missing or not accounted for) was not even brought-up in UMNO's General Assembly.//

      Why should here be any reason to bring up 1MDB?

      We are told the !MDB subject is already stale and Malaysians are sick and tired of hearing about it.

      We have been repeatedly assured that everything is OK there, no crime has been committed, no money is missing, it is meeting all its debt conditions, etc etc.

      In fact, 1MDB is making lots and lots of money for us Malaysians.

      Eeerrr. if you plan on checking if my statements are true, please do not rely on the financial statements released by 1MDB, OK?

      The auditors and 1MDB would like to advise you that those financial statements are not to be relied on, OK?

      You can, of cos, totally 100% rely on the press statements made by various 1MDB officials and our government ministers :)



    Anak tiri Najib dapat berjuta dari 1MDB.

  10. No la annie, this guys are lying, just like the doctors u mention in ur earlier post

  11. Annie,

    Come on, why worry about a few special needs children?

    They produce nothing and are just a drain on the economy, OK?

    I mean, what is the reality here?

    To most Malaysians, the special needs community is quite invisible.

    As a society, most Malaysians do not like being associated with anything to do with people who have special needs.

    It is as though, if they get involved, their own family could be cursed with the same misfortune.

    I don't think there are that many special needs children in Malaysia anyway.

    So, cutting their benefits will save some money which can be used for more useful things like hairdos, high teas, shopping, jetsetting to the fashion centers of the world, etc etc.

    Oh btw, PERMATA is only interested in good healthy children so don't worry about going to them for help, OK?

    Voter impact?

    I think it will be neglible.

    Many of the parents of those special needs children are very likely to be staunch UMNO supporters who will continue to vote UMNO no matter what.

    What choice do they have?

    They can't vote opposition as we all know that means the evangelist Chinese DAP will take over Putrajaya, right?

    They can't vote PAS because voting for PAS is the same as voting for UMNO except worse, like having to go to mosque regularly or face punishment.

    At least, UMNO doesn't force anybody to go to mosque.

    Anyway, what is PAS going to do about special needs children? They will probably just tell the parents that it is Allah's will or Allah's punishment and recommend additional prayers.

    PAS will probably be more interested in spending the money on more mosques, more suraus, more trips to Mecca, more JAKIM personnel, more more more everywhere except on special needs children as that could be interfering with Allah's will or Allah's punishment.

    So, cutting benefits to special needs children is a shrewd calculated move.

    Nupe, I predict that this cost cutting exercise on special needs children will not even register a blip on the political radar anywhere.

    The opposition know that there are just too few votes in it, and the government know that any votes lost will have negligible impact.

    The parents of special needs children will just have to make do with less - simple as that, sorry.

    My sincere apologies for the seemingly heartless assessment I have made here.



    1. Re. Pendidikan Khas gets special budget allocation at achools, Sdr Gladiator
      with student: teacher ratio at 5:1 plus the RM150 a month allowance for each child

      My dyslexic son enjoyed these until he completed SPM in 2013. The PK parents association here ruled for a % of the allowance be collected and pooled for school trips, else yes most parents finish the $ heheh as family and Raya spending

      Suggest we wait if the allowance is really halved, Lil sis Ms Annie
      or if other payments will be made in lieu
      ( not direct to parents?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH