Sunday 4 December 2016

Save Rohingya

I was not at the rally in solidarity with the Rohingyas today.

I'm not much into rallying and such stuff.

But I do support the need to stop the killing and oppression of those unfortunate people.

I did this first posting of mine on the Rohingyas in May last year,

Maybe Anifah is more humane than Aung San Suu Kyi

and this one when the new wave of violence against the community erupted again in Myanmar recently,

A lesson from the Rohingya tragedy 

All that before the Rohingya issue became big again in Malaysia over the past few days.

So, please don't accuse me of being sympathetic towards the Rohingyas because of Umno or Pas.

As far as I'm concerned, this has nothing to do with politics.

I think we all Malaysians should support the effort to help the Rohingyas, the same way we supported the Palestinians, Bosnians and other oppressed people around the world all these while.

Especially so because these people are quite near to us.

It doesn't matter we are from which political side, race or religion.

We should do what we can to help those people because they are human beings like us too.

To get the latest updates on the Rohingyas, I suggest this website which I found earlier today,

Rohingya Blogger

A Rohingya girl studying in a refugee hut in Bangladesh

Anyway, I think this is not such a bad suggestion by a commentator at my last post,

It is said there are one million Rohingyas in Malaysia. Alangkah mulia jika setiap orang Islam dapat mengambil setiap orang satu "saudara/anak angkat" Rohingya dan kalau boleh setiap lelaki Melayu kahwin satu perempuan/janda/balu Rohingya dan juga sedekahkan 10% gaji menolong orang Rohingya atas Dasar Rohingya juga saudara Islam.


I mean, those who have the means and in the position to help the Rohingyas  as suggested by the commentator should consider it.

I don't see why not.

If today we opened our heart and say "Save Rohingya", maybe one day, if we are in similar trouble, others may open their heart and say "Save Malaysians".

We will never know, okay. Anything can happen.


  1. humanitarian aid should be offered to those in need regardless of their ethnicity, religion or political persuasions....western aid are much admired because they do not pilih kasih.....its kind of genuine if you know what i mean...

  2. I've seen it at grassroots level Annie...the locals are far from wanting to marry Rohingya girlsvor better still take them into their houses as foster children... all this only Political Islam's tin kosong rhetorics. Najib's fighting like hell for another day in paradise putrajaya.

    1. Gimik meraih simpati politik. Skandal diri pun tak habis baca...binasala kau najib...

  3. When Aceh was hit by tsunami and Padang was struck by earthquake, it was the West that rushed in with aid and money to help aid the people and region. Malaysia as a Muslim country did well by coming forward with help.

    Arab countries by contrast hardly lifted a finger to help and when they did it was only after much criticism and even then just threw some scrap heap.

    Let us face it, Rohingyas' are not the first or only ethnic group that has faced persecution in Myanmar. Prior to this, the Karens, the Shansn the Chins all suffered the same. Malaysia hardly bothered. In East Timor, the Timorese were buthered by the Indonesians, in Sri Lanka the Sinhalese committed a genocide against the Tamils. Malaysia on the pretext of non-involvement never lifted a finger to help or protest. Not surprising since the victims were not Muslims. So, if anyone is to help the Rohingyas' just leave it to the Muslims. It is their brothers in faith. I think, what the commentator suggested is good and Muslims must come forward. Let deeds and action rise above mere words.

    Anyway, before Malaysia get more entangled and Malays pour help, do remember that Gambia offered to take ALL Rohingya's and settle them in the country. But Rohingyas' refuse to go there but prefer to be in Malaysia where Malays are generous in helping and it is easy to find income, the very least begging outside mosques on Friday. They hope someday they can stay for good in Malaysia and in the interim just breed and breed. Someday, even the Rohingyas' will also be classified as constitutional Malays and having the right to all the privileges.

    It is better for Malays to understand the history of the Rohingyas' who essentially are Bangladeshi Benggalis. History showed how the tried to get Bangladesh to annexe Arakan and thus joining Bangladesh. When that failed they even tried to secede from the then Burma. Today nevermind Rohingya's have the same DNA as the Bangladeshis, Bangladesh do not want them in.

    But Malaysia have given them refuge, helped them settle in, now even allowing Rohingyas' to set up various associations and allowing them to do public rally should go one step further and call on Malays to do what the commentator said. Now, let us see the Malays coming forward to do what the commentator said and also call on Pejabat Zakat to help these Rohingyas'.

    1. Well,not all Malaysians are humane.

    2. Hari ini kita benarkan orang Rohingya tinggal kat Malaysia. Hari ini kita izinkan orang Rohingya untuk berdemo. Orang Rohingya diMalaysia hidup beranak macam kucing. Anak-anak mereka akan membesar sebagai orang Islam, bertutur dan fasih Bahasa Melayu dan akan mengamalkan budaya Melayu. Lambat laun mereka akan berdemo menuntut diterima sebagai rakyat Malaysia dan sebagai Melayu.

      Bersedia dan Bersetuju ke, wahai Melayu.

  4. The West accepted hundred of thousands of Indochinese refugees who then went on to become citizens. Why can't the Muslim countries help resettle the Rohingya's and make them citizens. Afterall, the Rohingya's are Muslims. Why the Muslim indifference and refusal?

  5. Annie,

    The world has been doing this since it was most needed in 2012 when the worst violence broke out:

    That caused the entire wave of refugees to set out on dangerous boat journeys. There were no Rohingya boat people before the violence in Rakhine broke out.

    Since then, the UN has whacked us for our 'uncaring' attitude of simply turning fleeing Rohingyas back to sea. There was not a peep from the Bugis pirate, nor even Hadi or PAS. I'm sure a lot of those turned away died.

    Of course, now that people want to be seen as "Islamic heroes" suddenly the Rohingya stopped being invisible.

    Donate by all means (like I say, international fund raising has been happening since 2012), but don't vote for hypocritical pink-lipped politicians. That's just disgusting.

    1. When MP Jeyakumar moved a Motion in parliament to raise the plight of the Rohingyas' and to condemn Myanmar, the Motion was REJECTED. Can you see the hypocrisy.


    2. 10:12,

      And what about the fact that Opposition LONG AGO brought this up in Parliament???

      "A motion to debate in Parliament the plight of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants stranded in boats off Malaysia's western coast was rejected today.

      Sungai Siput MP Dr M. Jeyakumar Devaraj, who filed the motion, expressed disappointment at the rejection, adding that the House had missed an opportunity to discuss ideas that could help Putrajaya deal with the crisis.

      Jeyakumar told reporters in the Parliament lobby that the matter should be debated on humanitarian grounds.

      In his motion filed, Dr Jeyakumar said Malaysia's policy to push back refugee boats to sea was an irresponsible action that tarnished the country's image in the international arena.

      The motion also carried suggestions by a few Pakatan Rakyat MPs for the government to consider, including discussions with other Asean countries on ways to address the refugee crisis responsibly.

      "We just want to discuss this crisis, it is not about slamming the government. Discussions and solutions are needed," Dr Jeyakumar said.

      The refugee crisis was also intertwined with human trafficking, the PR MPs added in the motion.

      Malaysia is the current Asean chairman, and has been warned by opposition politicians that its failure to be proactive in providing humanitarian assistance to the boat refugees and to pressure Myanmar to stop persecuting the Rohingya minority would render its chairmanship useless.

      Malaysia has been turning away refugee boats and preventing them from coming ashore, drawing international and domestic criticism. The United Nations has reminded Malaysia and other countries in the region of international obligations to rescue the migrants."

      Did you hear a single peep from Jibby?


      Now, SUDDENLY......he's making political capital.

      Yes 'don't vote for hypocritical pink-lipped politicians.'


  6. Annie,

    Some Malaysians seem to have a warped sense of humanity.

    For example, we hear cries of protest that the Palestinians are being oppressed.

    We rush aid to the Palestinians and trumpet our good deeds to the whole world.

    BUT, nobody seems to realise that we are actually only supporting HAMAS which is a Sunni faction of the PLO.

    What about Hezbollah, the Shia faction? They have the exact same problems of hunger and oppression.

    Never mind, we'll let those Shias die quietly because nobody in Malaysia wants to discuss them, right?

    Much like the special needs community we were discussing in a previous article - those Hezbollah Shias are invisible and their suffering is totally ignored.

    In Iraq and Syria, there are MILLIONS of refugees being displaced due to the war with the Islamic State.

    I don't think I have heard one word of support for those millions of refugees by any Malaysian NGO, well, Muslim NGO, anyway.

    Is it because most of those refugees are Shia?

    The only thing Malaysia has contributed to the war in Syria and Iraq is to send several hundred fighters to fight for the Islamic State.

    I am sure PAS is extremely proud of those Islamic State fighters from Malaysia who are killing the dirty rotten infidel Shias, right?

    Yes, many of those Islamic State fighters from Malaysia are, in fact, PAS supporters and are from Kelantan!!

    Now, we have the Rohingyas - a Sunni Muslim minority in Myanmar.

    The reaction we get from some quarters in Malaysia is "OMG!! Those horrible evil Buddhist Myanmarese".

    Yupe, we must help the Rohigyas immediately, we must tell the whole world, show the whole world, what good pious folks we are who care for our fellow humans who are suffering - well, only the Sunni Muslim humans, of cos.

    Would we have the same care factor if the Rohingyas were Shia?

    Or if the Rohingyas were Christians like many of those Orang Asli in Gua Musang whose homes are being destroyed by that wonderfully Muslim PAS-dominated Kelantan state government?

    Compare all those Malaysian NGOs making noises about the Rohingyas to Medicins Sans Frontier.

    MSF is a secular organisation which does not care whether a person in need is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Zarostrian, black skin, white skin, brown skin, yellow skin, any skin, any colour, any religion, any political belief.

    MSF will help a person in need - period.

    And MSF have had their volunteers killed for holding such ideals.

    So I ask you, who do you think is a better person?

    A Malaysian screaming for justice for Palestinians (Sunni Muslims only, of cos) and Rohinyas (Sunni Muslims only, of cos)..


    An MSF volunteer with ZERO racial and ZERO religious and ZERO political affiliations who puts his/her life on the line to help ANYBODY regardless of their race, their skin colour, their religion, their political beliefs?

    Malaysians can decide for themselves.


    P.S. Disclaimer : I have supported MSF well before it was cool and sexy to support them, well before they won their Nobel Peace Prize.

    P.S.S. I am NOT an MSF volunteer - I am a coward and do not wish to die early.

    1. Agreed!

      Also, I would rather donate direct to MSF than to some dodgy local tabung.

      Lets not forget what happened to YAPEIM and to most of the money collected for Kelantan flood victims......

    2. Gladiator,
      As I wrote, it's not about politics, race or religion. It's about people dying on our doorsteps. I think many kind people of this country will help. It's okay if there are those who don't want to help and just want to talk. That's their right. Thank you.

    3. Annie, isn't that exactly the point that Gladiator was making, "it's not about politics, race or religion" he said. But he asks, would we have the same care factor if the Rohingyas were Shia? Not at all. So there is very heavy politics of religion about this whole thing, more so becos' the govt has been so two-faced about it. Yes, I'm sure people will help on a person to person basis (do donate via reputable channels) but it's futile to pretend that some politicians have 'tumpang glamer' on the issue, in contrast to doing nothing for four years.

  7. Me too. I rather be a living coward than a dead hero.

    Well said Anon 10:30. All these public display of support just a farce. For public consumption to burnish the Islamic credentials.

  8. All Malays should go and read ktemoc.blogspot on what he has written about the Rohingya's. Unwanted refos.

    Could someone upload it here.

  9. Anon 10.54.
    Here U are.........

    Rohingyas unwanted even by Bangladesh
    The Rohingya people were East Bengalis (Bangladeshis today) who were encouraged to migrate into Arakan region (now called Rakhine State) in Myanmar by the British after the First Anglo-Burmese war in 1826.

    However there have been claims, mainly by Rohingya scholars, there were already Rohingya presence in Arakan (Rakhine) as far back as 100 years before the First Anglo-Burmese war (16th Century).

    Be that as it might have been, today the Myanmarese do not want the Rohingyas, I believe for three reasons, namely:

    (a) though the Rohingyas have been highly persecuted today they in turn were not exactly 'angels' in Myanmar, having been quite racially arrogant and ethnically aggressive to the Myanmarese in Rakhine State, ill treating the Myanmar indigenes,

    (b) the Rohingyas are Muslims living in a predominantly Buddhist country, and history saw them giving their loyalty to what was East Pakistan (Bangladesh today), with Rohingya leaders asking Ali Jinnah in the 1940's to incorporate Arakan State into Pakistan.

    When Ali Jinnah refused to interfere in Burmese affairs, the Rohingyas then attempted to secede from then-Burma to form their own Islamic State, hence

    (c) the Rohingyas were never loyal to Myanmar and that feeling of alienation has been reciprocated by the Myanmarese.

    As a matter of fact, the term Rohingyas has been a continuation of an older term 'Rooinga', an attempt by the Muslim Bangladeshis to establish a distinct identity for themselves and to also identify themselves as indigenous to Rakhine State.

    Today everyone knows Myanmar wants all of them out a la ethnic cleansing and would you believe it, Bangladesh does NOT want them too.

    They are hoping Malaysia accepts them as good Islamists (which they indeed are, Islamists that is, but whether they are 'good' or not is unknown).

    Since both Myanmar and Bangladesh do not want them, and they are good ultra conservative Islamists, I would recommend they migrate to Islamist countries with syariah-hudud laws or syariah-hudud practice such as (i) Aceh, (ii) Mindanao, (iii) Pakistan (whoa, we don't want the Pakis to commit genocide, do we) Saudi Arabia, (iv) Sudan, (v) Somalia, (vi) Brunei, etc etc etc, ...

    ... failing which (and I doubt any of the named countries will accept them) they should migrate to Australia, NZ, Canada, Europe and Britain. But please count today's USA out.

    I believe Britain should be the country to accept Rohingyas as the British created the problem, though it has to be admitted the Islamic bent and intent of the East Bengalis and now Rohingyas added on to the British initiated problem. Is there a Rohingya-ish lesson here for Chinese and Indian Malaysians? Wakakaka.

    There are approximately 1.3 million Rohingyas in Myanmar. As Bangladeshis in reality they can possibly provide votes for Bangladeshi-loving Malaysian political parties like KIMMA, UMNO and PKR, though I suspect if they are allowed into Malaysia to eventually become citizens they will vote for PAS.

    1. So the solution is simple.

      Use diplomatic pressure. At the very least on Myanmar & Bangladesh.

      Not staged pictures of Najeez al-Songlap molesting poor Hadi's arm. He looked really uncomfortable, as befits any Muslim seated right next to grand corruption.

    2. The Rohingyas like all poor Muslim communities worldwide have been infested with Wahhabi radical attitudes and aggressive behaviour- no thanks to Saudi petrodollars.... But guess who is going bankrupt nowadays that petrol prices have plunged downhill. Your haj expenses is going for a hike folks.

    3. Anonymous5 December 2016 at 13:52

      More son on Myanmar. But a man whose image is so bad like Najib should not interfere. Let the OIC and UN and other ASEAN nations do it.


  10. Can disregard first local/ political sentiments(?) Lil sid Ms Annie
    Malaysia has the most work to do to diplomatically push the issue

    Myanmars still in denial and would likely quit when ASEAN chairman Malaysia poses the Rohingya agenda, Sdr KTemoc

    United Nations SC:
    We will table Rohingya UHRs violation as member of UN Security council, that neither US or Russia wil veto kan?
    Wisma Putra should in-sya-Allah be working hard for the coming meeting in New York

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. It seems that Myanmar would not dare other ethnic minorities like Kachins and Karens because they are armed. They have only guts against the Rohingyas becase these people only used their hands and legs in defending their rights and dignity. There is only word which can best describe the burmese army - coward. Like Kachins and Karens, its timely for the Rohingyas to arm themselves so that these betel-chewing burmese soldiers would think think twice before harming them.

    1. By the way the kachins and the shans are also in Malaysia. Only thing is as non-muslims, no one is bothered.

    2. 16:19,

      No one bothered because both Kachins and Karens are fighting back. Not only they can defend themselves, but are also capable of inflicting the burmese army with bloody noose.


  12. "In a separate development, the Myanmar government said it would issue an official response objecting to Najib’s participation in the KL protest yesterday.

    “Asean countries should respect the actions of Myanmar on the Rakhine state issue.

    “The new government is working on a solution to this issue. And I want to say again that the Malaysian government should respect the Asean charter,” the deputy director general of the President’s Office, U Zaw Htay, told Myanmar Times.

    He also accused Najib of trying to stoke religious extremism as well as playing to the gallery for popular votes in view of the general election that is expected to be held soon in Malaysia."

    Whatever you say about this issue, the last para is 100% correct.

    It is 100% about the elections.

    ".....playing to the gallery for popular votes in view of the general election that is expected to be held soon in Malaysia."

    Why not ask for the US$620 million "balance donation" that he "returned" to "Saudi"? Surely "Saudi" can just re-wire it again?

    1. Then MOl talked about the Rohingya and the rally to be organised by PAS.  He wanted to show to UMNO members and Malays he is a bugis warrior.  He will defy objections  from the government of Myanmar.  If he is so concerned about the Rohingyas why didnt he  call a meeting of OlC members?  Why didnt the goverment take the lead by bringing a motion in parliament and get parliament to take a stand and send that to Myanmar's govt?  It becomes the responsibility of govt,  not UMNO. 

      MOl cannot think clearly at all. Instead the Rohingya rally is a political rally and a PR stunt for  UMNO to show the Malays  that PAS is now working with UMNO.  lt was a PAS rally stolen by UMNO. Hadi was relegated to third place behind bugis warrior and DPM.  Poor Hadi and poor PAS played out by UMNO.  

      And here is some really big time hypocrisy : Raja Baharin from Amanah tried to bring a motion before Parliament to discuss the Rohingyas but the motion was rejected. Even  PAS did not support. So the Rohingya rally (Sunday) was just political.

      It is the same with RUU 355 Bill, PAS has lost the ownership.  UMNO has taken over the RUU355 and PAS again got played out. 


    2. Alaa still the kopitiam politics talk(?) Sdr ANON 15:06
      instead of looking out for Malaysia that has and will in-sya-Allah take a lead diplomatic role to push the issue

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. "Malaysia that has and will in-sya-Allah take a lead diplomatic role to push the issue", we had 4 years to do that. The world tried to help, we did nothing. In fact, were roundly condemned by the UN for pushing them back to sea. Let's call opportunism what it is.

    4. Ha ha ha...bila penyamun dan penyagak pun nak tunjuk baik dan hero agama dan umat islam maka habis dimain dan di putar belit hakikatnya tiada ikhlas dan munafiq...hari hari orang melayu kena tipu kah kah kah....

    5. When Tun championed the Palestine cause he did it consistent......from day 1, like a true Statesman in World Forums like the UN. Not like some screeching clown with no speaking skills, joining the 'cause' to save his own skin.....


    6. The problem with boat people cannot be solved in the Andaman nor Mediterranean seas, Sdr AzNON 18:23

      Opportunism(?) or not you must support any initiative for in-sya-Allah permanent political solutions

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. The Rohingya are not in the Andaman nor Mediterranean seas, and only we were criticised for inhumane treatment:

      "Malaysia is the current Asean chairman, and has been warned by opposition politicians that its failure to be proactive in providing humanitarian assistance to the boat refugees and to pressure Myanmar to stop persecuting the Rohingya minority would render its chairmanship useless.

      Malaysia has been turning away refugee boats and preventing them from coming ashore, drawing international and domestic criticism. The United Nations has reminded Malaysia and other countries in the region of international obligations to rescue the migrants."

      We failed.

      Let the nations who have been trying for 4 years continue their efforts
      (many have), rather than a last-minute flip-flop based on playing to gallery.

      Who says Malaysia is even respected internationally to make such a demand. China is happy we are fully defending their aggression in S C Sea. Anifah did not even turn up for meetings to enforce resolutions. Some ASEAN chairman we are.

    8. Anonymous 5 December 2016 at 19:11

      I fully agree. Tun was a hero of the Palestine cause but wanted nothing in return. Certainly not publicity. Or photo ops.


    9. Publicity? YAB Tun tells the whole world we shoot/ shoo Chinese Vietnamese boat people

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    10. yeah tun help palestine but at he same time kow towing with soros.....

  13. I say accept any number of Rohingya and give them citizenship. Then forcefully send equal number of Melayu to Syria to die.
    Win win.

  14. 'Rizal Mansor has accused Dr Mahathir Mohamad of insulting Prophet Muhammad when the former prime minister quipped that the Prophet didn’t get RM2.6 billion in donations nor did he have 1MDB.'

    Rosmah should stay out of politics.

    Tun was only pointing out (correctly) that dishonesty and corruption are not allowed in Islam.

    Guess Rosmah's office boy was sent to try and twist it (with no success.)

  15. Annie..kenapa letak gambar siti plak tue?hehe

  16. For all the big talk about helping ummah, not one Muslim or commentator agreeable to the suggestion:
    1. Malays to adopt a Rohinga;
    2. To marry a Rohingya divorcee or widow;
    3. To contribute 10% of salary to the Rohingyas;
    4. Pejabat Zakat to use zakat money to help Rohingyas.

    So, all the helping ummah talk is just...

    1. That's right.

      Actually we should do far more. But the ultimate solution is for Myanmar to regard them as true citizens.

    2. I have no problem if they are regarded as Malays and by extension -citizens. So long as they do not take the priveleges of the Chinese and Indians.

  17. Save Rohingya or Save MO1?

    What does Zakir Naik being offered three islands in Terengganu, being given PR in Malaysia by our gomen, Zakir Naik wanting to move his broadcast TV Station to Malaysia, the Rohingya issue, MO1 joining street protests all have in common?

    These are all political PR stunts by MO1 to fool the Malay voters. 

    To fool them that UMNO and Pas are now together.
    To fool the Malay voters that UMNO is now 'Islamist'.
    To fool the Malay voters that UMNO represents the 'Islamist' struggle.

    That UMNO is part of the jihad.

    What are the consequences? Who cares.

    You gave the Tokoh Maal Hijrah to Zakir Naik. Other than UMNO (and PAS) getting the Malay vote, what does it do for Malaysia?

    You gave the Tokoh Maal Hijrah to Yusuf Qardawi. Other than UMNO (and PAS) getting the Malay vote, what does it do for Malaysia?

    You allow Bilal Philips, Ismail Menke, the Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, the Uighur jihadis, the Chechen jihadis, the Lashkar e Jangvi etc entry into Malaysia. Other than UMNO (and PAS) getting the Malay vote, what does it do for Malaysia?

    Well, first of all, these people help to radicalise our young people. Bebudak yang memang sudah bodoh jadi lagi bodoh, berkali ganda bodoh.

    The Rohingya street demo has NOTHING to do with the Rohingyas.

    Dont believe me? Want proof? The Speaker of our Parliament DID NOT ALLOW a motion (an usul) about Rohingyas to be debated in Parliament. Sometime in May this year?

    So what the crap are you talking about street demos for the Rohingyas?

    A PM does not join street demos lah. Bodoh. You are the PM. You are the gomen. You dont demo. You do. You have the power.

    You can call for an OIC meeting.
    You can call for a UN resolution.
    You can do so many things.

    But its all just a show. Acting.

    Suddenly the Rohingya matter.


    1. OK lah whatever, what $ do you contribute(?) Sdr ANON 20:30

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  18. cant everybody just think positive about what umno and pas are trying to do for the people of Rohingyas. why all these negativity?

    1. Ummmm...because even the Myanmars can see it's to deflect attention and 100% insincere?

  19. To me... it's not Safe Rohingyas. It's a ploy to safe UMNO-Najib and Hadi's PAS.

    1. such negativity that the country doesnt need.
      shame on u for being a malaysian


    2. Malaysian? Not sure where these sincerely concerned(?) people emerge from, Sdr 12:44

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  20. Annie @ 5 December 2016 at 11:28,

    // It's okay if there are those who don't want to help and just want to talk.//

    My apologies for my ranting but I do get a bit worked up when I see the double standards which many Malaysians have.

    BTW, I do not include you among those Malaysians with double standards as you have consistently showed compassion towards those who are less fortunate.

    And I don't just talk.

    I am a regular donor to MSF and only MSF.

    I do not donate to any other organisation - be they political, NGO, charity, whatever.



    1. Yes for MSF and Mercy Malaysias also deserving, Sdr Gladiator
      with medical support in foreign diasater areas

      Yes walhamduli 'Llah for you and many other good Malaysians, while some make it their business to belittle/ accuse of ill-intentions

      ( siapa yg buruk sangka? agenda?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  21. The former UN Secretary General has been to Myanmar and has confimed there was NO genocide.

    So, the purported genocide claim is clearly a pure bullshit lie.

  22. Kesian the Rohingyas. Disgusting of Jibby to hijack their plight to deflect from his 1Mdb scandal.

  23. Anon 23:23
    "Kesian the Rohingyas"

    They deserve to be killed. These murderers have blood in their hand. History showed that they killed some 40,000 Buddhist in Rakhine/Arakan. They waged a war against Myanmar. They were complicit with Bangladesh.

    No wonder just like the Palestinians, God don't want to help them.

  24. Where is that rocky bru asean solidarity 2015??? Bodoh Nasional u-turn or flip-flop again!!! LOLOL