Thursday 29 December 2016

Plans for 2017 and missing Anita

The year is coming to an end and I'm getting lazier than ever.

It's always like this for me.

Relaxing as I wait for the new year.

Well, I can't be jumping all over the place all the time.

I also don't feel like getting too serious around this time of the year.

So, do excuse me for writing simple stuff for now.

Just bitching a bit, okay.

As I wrote in my last post, 2016 has not been a very good year for me.

For one thing, I didn't get to travel overseas this year.

Singapore doesn't count, okay.

Last year I was in Japan twice.

I really need to travel again.

Priority is to fulfill my promise to visit my friend in Tokyo next spring.

Hopefully I have the time.

Hopefully also the ringgit will improve.

Some people are saying the general election will be called next year.

They said it's because BN is confident of winning as the opposition parties are now in a mess.

I'm hoping instead for them to shut up and wait all the way till the deadline in August 2018.

Don't say anything please.

That way they will not disrupt my traveling plan for next year.

How to book plane ticket and hotel room if everyone keep saying the election will be held tommorow lah, next week lah, next month lah all the time.

It was like that before the last general election in 2013.

The nonsense dragged on for months till actually the end of the deadline.

So tiresome.

I'm also planning to revisit some of my favourite local destinations.

Pulau Rawa is one of them.

Been there only once and was happy there.

Sweet memories.

Promised to visit it again but never did.

Maybe this time I really get to be there again.

Wonder whether the coin I placed at the cracked spot of the wooden jetty is still there.

Other than traveling plans, I'm also hoping to change a bit for next year.

I want to be more quiet and just minding my own business.

At work, I just want to do my job the best that I could and not be so kepochi about the rest anymore.

Must remind myself that I'm there just to earn a living and nothing more.

Sometimes I care too much about my work place and make noise about it.

It happened before.

In the end they kicked me out.

That's quite troublesome, okay.

So, no more of that.

Next year anyone ask, I'm going to say "Saya cari makan saja".

As for this blog, I'm hoping to tone it down even further.

It's too serious as it is now.

Actually, I have wanted to do so for a long time.

Around this time last year I wrote that I don't want to write about politics anymore.

I was tired of it.

But then some clever and famous people went to town saying I have been banned and banished from these and those.

So, I started writing a bit about politics again just to show them the middle finger.

Maybe next year I can write more happy stories instead of all those political nonsense.

See lah how.

Oh, one more thing for next year - I think I want to start a small online business.

I think I can sell perfume.

Got a relative who is doing it and said he can help me with it.

Wearing perfume is good, okay.

Especially for people who have problem taking shower in the morning...hahahaha

Okay, I'm kidding :)

It's just good to smell good, seriously.

Anyway, I think I need to have something on the side like that.

Just in case I kena sacked for bitching too much :)

You know lah these days, so many people got retrenched.

So many ended up becoming Uber drivers.

That reminded me of a Chinese friend whose Malay husband took up a VSS offer from the company they were working for last year.

The husband wanted to  become an Uber driver but my friend vetoed him.

"I'm not going to sleep with a taxi driver," my friend said. I had a good laugh at that.

That's funny, okay.

I'm not sure what my friend's husband is doing now.

Eh, enough la of my rambling nonsense.

Need to eat some lunch now.

Here is a beautiful song for the day,

Sunset is splendid, but only lasts for a minute, and disappears with the cloud,
brightness that passed would never return again.
Year by year, month by month, all changes during this life just like the floating clouds
gathering together and then dispersing in different directions.
what left is weariness
The road is so long ahead, but the light is getting dimmer
Joy lasts so short and will never return
who would see through (or understand) me that my dream is only to be simple (simple life)
Once have encountered so my troubles
interlocked with my dreams and fantasies
once in your arms of sincerity, accompanied by you during time of sufferings
During the life journey, I feel disappointed
road is difficult and trouble awaiting at another turn
One day, when I think of returning, but already too late!
Ai.....I was born lonesome
I feel dismal, encountering winds, frost, laughter and cry on the road
One day, when I think of returning, but already too late

I miss Anita. May she rests in peace.


  1. Hi Annie,

    China is good detination if you plan to go on holiday overseas. Like RM, the Chinese remimbihas also gine down by as much as 20%. So not so expensive to dine and wine there especially, CNY is around the corner. What more Beijing is encouraging overseas profrssional Chinese to return and resettle in the mainland. Plenty of opportunity there.

  2. From OneUber driver to Annie:

    If you get to a tropic paradise remember to get a life!

  3. Yes Annie... I've heard that song by Anita Mui before and it's very soothing to the ear. How I wish I understand Cantonese.
    Sadly, I only know that she died 13 year ago, when you wrote... 'May she rest in peace'.

    On the other note... It seems FD Iskandar is winning the 'war at Media Prima'.
    I've just saw ex-DAP Vice-Chairman, Tunku Aziz in RTM's BES-5, doing what he use to do in TV3, attacking the handsome old-man in his MatSalleh slang.

    You're right... FD Iskandar sure had a 'powerful trump card'.

    But its quite sad though. UMNO-Najib is sacrificing RTM's TV rating to safe TV3's.

    Happy Christmas holidays and mega-shopping in Australia.
    #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low, Deepak Carpet, Razak Baginda and now, Peter Sondakh.

  4. Dear Annie, today Tg Aziz appeared again on TV3. He disclosed that Tun M and LKS pakat to appoint MM as PM and LKS as deputy. Hello Umno, kalau nak sampaikan mesej kepada pengundi2 di kampung, awat la dok ambik 'Mat Saleh' ni yang jadi jurucakap. He did not even speak BM in Bulletin Utama!

    1. Tg Aziz is a pain in the neck for DAP.Poor choice or is he Najib's trojan horse when he joined DAP

      Prof Kangkung