Sunday 4 December 2016

A more united Umno as I listen to Jay Jay

The Umno general assembly has ended.

I was actually there at PWTC yesterday.

I think it was not so bad an assembly if compared to those of previous years.

It's just that I think there were less people this time, and everything wrapped up early everyday. Yesterday, they closed shop about 6.30pm.

But that does not necessarily mean it's bad. Maybe they were doing things more efficiently this time.

My assessment - Umno appeared united this time compared to last year.

Everyone has pledged their loyalty to the party and its president DS Najib Razak.

All the rebels are more or less kicked out of the party or left on their own.

This time Umno was speaking with one voice under Najib as their leader.

I also highly suspect that the general election will be held early.

Najib himself said in his closing speech that the party was ready for it.

My sources had previously told me that it could be as early as March, but others said there would not be enough time for ground works to be completed if it's held that early.

Nonetheless, looking at the mood at PWTC over the past few days, and especially yesterday, I think they will push for the early general election.


I think it's because they don't want the opposition to have time to mend their rift.

Also, there's the economic factors to consider. There's a high likelihood that things are not going to improve much next year.

So, better to have the election early.

Those are quite reasonable considerations, I think.

Anyway, I was bored yesterday.

Unlike the previous days, none of my friends called me up for drinks.

So, I was at my usual spot near one of the building entrances doing my own little stuff there.

I nonetheless got a bit excited after Najib's closing speech because the evergreen singer Jay Jay was performing not far from where I parked myself to do my work.

I took this picture,

At 59, Jay Jay still sounds great as usual.

I really enjoyed listening to his singing.

Didn't record it though as my phone was running out of battery.

This is one of his songs which is my favourite,

 Okay, have a good Sunday everyone.


  1. BORING..............ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
    Deep in your heart U are an umno man, kan Annie.
    Apasal tak cerita, cuma 200 orang hadir majlis
    makan malam Najib kat Sri Perdana.......?????

    1. Dorang semua dah kenyang makan duit haram dulu, Cik Minah : )

  2. 'My assessment - Umno appeared united this time compared to last year. Everyone has pledged their loyalty to the party and its president DS Najib Razak.'

    You were expecting what annie???


    The minor thieves gathered to bodek the biggest thief.

    But who was RIGHT? The so-called 'rebels' kan.

    You think the remaining parasites care about anything beyond their own pockets?

    1. Dimanakah relevan nya lagi najib ni dimata rakyat khususnya bg org Melayu...perhimpunan Agung umno tiap2 tahun org2 yg mahu berfikir, najib adalah satu2 nya perdana menteri yg cukup bertuah...semuanya dah disediakan,cuma perlu menambaikan sistem negara yg tak lagi sesuai mengikut peredaran zaman...apalagi najib mahu...skandal 1mdb, derma 2.6 billion, KWAP belom lagi terjawab..belom lagi skandal2 lain....

      Tepok dada tanya selera...sampai bila kita mahu org yg tak punya integriti ini terus memegang tampuk kuasa pemerintahan...beban tidak ada, batu digalas...nak buat apa?

    2. Actually even then you can feel the tension in the air and on their faces. Fake smiles and that horrible voice of Jibby. Have to change channels after 5 minutes of that. Cannot tahan. But he's sounding desperate all right.

    3. If becoming 'more united' means expelling people who TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR STEALING FROM RAKYAT...

      ...then better to close shop.

  3. Jay jay is 59?I am 53 going to 54 but Jay Jay looks 10 years younger than me.I guess too much politics ia bad for your health

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Look what happened to Obama's appearance between 2008 and now...aged about 20 years. yes, politics is bad for your health!

  4. Making cheap political capital out of the suffering of others.....

    The Rohingya suffered far worse atrocities in 2012 and after than the recent violence of 2016. In fact, they have been fleeing their shores due to this violence for the past 4 years.

    How did Malaysia respond?

    "Malaysia’s deputy home minister, Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, however, said his country would use tough measures, including turning back asylum-seeker boats and deportation in order to send the “right message”.

    “We don’t want them to come here,” the deputy minister said. His ministry oversees the police and immigration agencies.

    “We are not prepared to accept that number coming into our shores and those people who are already in, we are sending them home anyway.

    “I would like them to be turned back and ask them to go back to their own country. We cannot tell them we are welcoming them.”

    Bibirpink al-Songlap duk senyap jer, Hadi duk senyap jer, cuma a few NGO that raised the issue.

    But now that people need "Islamic Photo-Op for GE and To Cover Scandal"...phulamak!

    Suddenly we care!

    Rasa nak muntah...x ikhlas langsung.

    1. It is said there are one million Rohingyas in Malaysia. Alangkah mulia jika setiap orang Islam dapat mengambil setiap orang satu "saudara/anak angkat" Rohingya dan kalau boleh setiap lelaki Melayu kahwin satu perempuan/janda/balu Rohingya dan juga sedekahkan 10% gaji menolong orang Rohingya atas Dasar Rohingya juga saudara Islam.


    2. Aren't the Orang Asli 'Bumi' also?

      But we hear nothing from Jibby on their plight:


    3. 12:50

      It is an Unholy Alliance.

      Behind a fake mask of holiness.

      It's quite funny, I saw Nik Abduh speaking with the pink-lips in the picture. How nice to share a stage with a thief and liar (?) Not so Islamic huh.

  5. PAU ayam boleh dimakan, PAU umno tak guna langsung:

    “Tiada intipati ucapan Najib yang boleh dibawa pulang perwakilan sebagai pedoman dalam menghadapi kehidupan yang mencabar akibat beban hidup tinggi yang berpunca daripada penyelewengan, pembaziran dan salah guna kuasa. Apa yang dihidangkan hanya maki hamun terhadap Mahathir, DAP dan gabungan Pakatan Harapan,” katanya.

    Menurutnya, pada ucapan dasar Najib ketika perhimpunan itu jelas menunjukkan beliau seolah bimbang dengan pengaruh besar yang dibawa Mahathir, malah mengakui bekas perdana menteri itu antara empat cabaran Umno.

    “Najib mengejutkan seluruh rakyat Malaysia kerana warga emas berusia 92 tahun itu amat digeruninya kerana boleh menyebabkan Umno hilang kuasa pada PRU14. Serangan demi serangan terhadap Mahathir dilakukan dan mengisi sebahagian besar ucapan itu,” katanya.

    1. Apakah sejarah buruk akan berulang? Dalam catitan sejarah, Kerajaan Melayu Melaka jatuh tumbang & dijajah oleh bangsa Feringgi apabila pemimpin berwibawa bernama Tun Mutahir dihukum bunuh oleh Sultan Mahmud dek hasutan, pengkhianatan & tamak haloba oleh pembesar2 istana, terutama Raja Mendaliar, Pateh Karma Wijaya & si Kitol.

      Melayu mudah lupa.....!!!!

  6. PWTC minggu ni ada ramai perwakilan keluar masuk dewan. Perwakilan la dan bukan ahli kebanyakan.
    Yang nampak sokongan perwakilan memang padu. Perwakilan ni gamak nya orang orang yang dipinta ketua bahagian pergi ke perhimpunan agung. Siapa tak nak. Makan sedap, hotel tanggung, kenderaan disediakan dan dapat duit saku lagi. Ini le dia yang dibahagia kan ahli umno.

    Agak nya ada tak 10,000 ahli perwakilan dan ahli umno di PWTC minggu ni ? Ada la kot
    10,0000 / 3,000,000 tu berapa % ?
    10,000 / 20,000,000 pengundi tu berapa % ?

    Buat la andian sendiri

    Do not make mistake underestimate the opponent. They now have with them a man who won 5 PAU with impressive majority. A man they have hated very much but today is working with them. They all know this time their chances is good. If they can't do it this this, they can never do it. We have seen their might twice in the past and they have had a huge success to deny a two third majority. There is an evident possibility that the opponent may get their wishes this time. Whem Mahathir ia quiet, he is on to something. The man is so readable. And we have seen bn dikecundangkan oleh overconfidence in the last 2 PRU.

  7. The outcome of next GE is on the wall. UMNO and DAP would both win big. No slightest doubt it. PAS would retain Kelantan and perhaps snatch Terengganu from BN. MCA, MIC and Gerakan would continue biting the dust with few potentially loosing the deposits. Few would be apppointed as senators in a new line-up. Like this year they are BN from outside but DAP from inside. PKR, on the other hand would continue to rule Selangor. Everything is known even before the election starts. Nothing new and it would business as usual. Lets get it done and over.

  8. Agreed on GE direction but not on Selangor DE where PKR will be divisively split, Sdr Blue
    between pro-Syaria faction and the abstain-from-voting-RU355 PKR faction

    1) UMNO and Sabah and Sarawak coalitions should take Putrajaya, DAP retain P Pinang and PAS Kelantan
    2) Selangor MB? Either Ms Syerfura Rah rah or other from DAP/ PPBM/ PAN
    ( opposed by PAS and UMNO)
    or PAS nominee, with UMNO not disenting
    3) GE14 date? Looks more like 2018, plenty time to see the change better or worse 2017 in the economy and progress, both BN and the now fractured opposition

    The government will be busy running/ mishandling(?) the country, and oppostion nothing better to do but on continuous-election-mode, kan? Whenever the GE will be exciting watching

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. M. Zin 15:12,

      As always and as usual there are few exceptions. One is to do with Mat Sabu and his comrades in Amanah. Difficult to predict what they would do inspite of Amanah surely loosing the election. Would they re-join PAS? Very unlikely because some might have already pledge new baiah.


    2. Let Tn Haji Muhamad be $ comfortable where he is, Sdr Blue

      We'd have Dato YB Dr Mujahid back anytime who should have been AMANAH President anyway

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. M Zin 13:36,

      There was when Tn Haji Mat with PAS. DAP exploited. Back then he was made a company director by DAP, indirectly drwaeing 5 figures salary, so that LGE can control PAS through a proxy. But things changed drastucally since Mat left PAS for Amanah. DAP sees no reason to keep financing Tn Hj Mat knowing there he no longer command any respect with who's who in PAS.
      Mat is now facing huge dilemma as far as RM goes. The same with Mujahid. Both would probably join DAP after next GE.

    4. I fully agree with Tuan Blue 14:12.


  9. Munafik bernama Najib Razak terlupa sumpah janjinya sendiri.........


  10. China has a vested interest in keeping a weak, dependent, autocratic leader in power. Little attention is being paid to the potential loss of Malaysian territory to the Chinese, to the unfavourable terms of these arrangements and their limited positive impact on Malaysia’s economy.

    Guarding against the possibility of electoral defeat, Najib has also established the new National Security Council, which came into effect in August and allows the prime minister to dictatorially declare a state of emergency through a body made up of his own appointees. At the same time, Najib has created a new special defence force and increased his personal protection.

    While the Prime Minister has tried to use fear against his people, the person who has been the most afraid is Najib himself. This week’s UMNO meeting reflects rising paranoia. So far he has managed to hold on to power, but not without incurring serious costs. Growing authoritarianism, widening political polarisation, deepening ethnic tensions and discredited immoral leadership have damaged Malaysia’s social and political fabric.

    Najib’s mismanagement is also evident in the economy’s contraction and the depreciating currency. That thousands braved threats of arrest and thuggery to attend the Bersih 5 rally shows that many Malaysians are willing to fight on and will not be cowed.

    The test ahead will be the point when Najib’s fear campaign backfires more widely, and more Malaysians realize that the only thing they have to fear is Najib himself.

    1. You also have to fear Rosie. She is ten times the man he is (by weight.)


  11. Hee hee, look at the guy in 'action' - so pondan, so "over" that he would be banned by RTM for homosezuality like Imuda was last time:

    So inappropriate, so un-statesmanlike.

    And such a hypocrite:

    “I’m here today not as Najib Razak, but as a Malaysian and a Muslim. There is no assembly more honourable than that which is done for Islam,” he said.



    1. Anonymous4 December 2016 at 18:43,

      This was how much the govt "cared" before:

      (May 19): A motion to debate in Parliament the plight of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants stranded in boats off Malaysia's western coast was rejected today.

      Sungai Siput MP Dr M. Jeyakumar Devaraj, who filed the motion, expressed disappointment at the rejection, adding that the House had missed an opportunity to discuss ideas that could help Putrajaya deal with the crisis.

      Jeyakumar told reporters in the Parliament lobby that the matter should be debated on humanitarian grounds.

      In his motion filed, Dr Jeyakumar said Malaysia's policy to push back refugee boats to sea was an irresponsible action that tarnished the country's image in the international arena.

      The motion also carried suggestions by a few Pakatan Rakyat MPs for the government to consider, including discussions with other Asean countries on ways to address the refugee crisis responsibly.

      "We just want to discuss this crisis, it is not about slamming the government. Discussions and solutions are needed," Dr Jeyakumar said.

      The refugee crisis was also intertwined with human trafficking, the PR MPs added in the motion.

      Malaysia is the current Asean chairman, and has been warned by opposition politicians that its failure to be proactive in providing humanitarian assistance to the boat refugees and to pressure Myanmar to stop persecuting the Rohingya minority would render its chairmanship useless.

      Malaysia has been turning away refugee boats and preventing them from coming ashore, drawing international and domestic criticism. The United Nations has reminded Malaysia and other countries in the region of international obligations to rescue the migrants and to prevent their refoulement if they faced persecution at home.

  12. "I think it's because they don't want the opposition to have time to mend their rift."

    I partly agree, Annie.

    To me, the most important reason why, is.... GE14 must be held ahead of the outcome of DoJ's asset forfeiture initiative, Swiss AG's probe, money-laundering trial in Singapore involving Najib-Jho Low's 1MDB... etc.
    Surely UMNO-Najib would not want Jho Low or MO1's indictments in various kapir-countries to cast doubt and exasperation among the Rakyat, especially at the end of the mandate. They would then be between a rock and a hard place.

    With a fresh and early mandate, UMNO and most probably PAS' Haji Hadi could bravely howl... 'foreign-kapir interference' to oust a Muslim led government.

    Hidup UMNO-Najib.
    Hidup Jho Low.

    1. Najib's just a dead duck trying like hell to make it as Peking Duck for another day in Purgatory


    2. Al-Fadhil TGHA has grudgingly accepted political parties need fighting funds for GE:
      1) $681 for UMNO
      2) $ millions SPLASH overpricing for PKR
      3) $00 millions N Channel consultants for DAP,
      all for rakyat to eventually pay, kan?

      NB. Hmm PAS: Hard to believe they still pass the prayer hats for donations

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Ada lagi ke baki dari USD681 tu.... Saudara M Zin?

      Bukankah Haji Hadi dah dapt 90 Juta?

  13. Jamuan makan malam umno hambar??? Meja banyak kosong??? Since annie complaining no drink invitation, instead of ungrateful macais that najib should invite 'loyal' annie to this jamuan makan malam???