Sunday 25 December 2016

Still a pleasant Christmas Day outing, next time Aquaria

I think it was a rather quiet Christmas today.

Well, maybe it's just me, but there seems to be less enthusiasm in its celebrations this year.

For instance, compared to previous years, not many of the blogs which I checked today made the effort to post Merry Christmas greetings for their readers.

I have mine at the top right corner of the web version of this page for today.

Just a small one.

Maybe because this is not a very good year for a lot of people.

Nothing much to really cheer about, I guess.

Actually, it's not a very good year for me too.

I got quite a number of problems this year.

A lot of uncertainties too.

But it's okay.

That's life.

It has its ups and downs.

Hopefully things will be better next year.

Anyway, today I took a boy, who is with autism and his sister on a drive around KL.

They are from outside KL and just here for the school holiday.

Just jalan-jalan.

I thought of taking them to the Aquaria at KL Convention Centre, but when we arrived there we discovered that the place was packed with people and the queue for the tickets was too long.

I estimated that it would take at least an hour at the queue to get the tickets to enter the Aquaria.

I can't do that as the boy would get restless.

His autism is of the moderate level.

He can't speak much too.

His sister had given him a T-Shirt with autism paraphernalia to wear for the day so that people would be more understanding when they see him acting differently.

So, we went on a walk along the Bukit Bintang - KLCC Pedestrian Walkway  instead.

It was quite fun.

Actually, it was the boy who led his sister and me along the walkway, and without planning it, we ended up at the Pavillion.

It was my first time there.

We walked around a bit before resting at a Baskin & Robbins for ice-cream.

After that we walked back to the KL Convention Centre.

The queue at the Aquaria was still very long.

So, we abandoned the thought of watching the fishes and drove off for makan elsewhere.

All in all, it was still a satisfying Christmas Day outing for me and the kids despite not being able to get into the Aquaria.

Maybe I will try taking them there again some other day.

I have never been in there myself.

Someone recommended it to me a few years ago.

For now, I will just show the kids the video of the place,

Okay, hope it was a pleasant Christmas Day for you all too.


  1. Hi Annie,

    Haha, first time? I use that route like every weekdays to go to work; from KLCC lrt station to Jalan Perak. 😊

    It's nice of you taking those kids to sightseeing. Were they from some foster home or you know them personally?

    Kid reminds me of that autism boy in Redha film. You've watched it?

    Kind regards,

    1. Ya. First time there 😊 I hardly go to KL city centre for many years. I know the kids personally. As for the Rehda movie, I did watch it and wrote a few postings to promote it.

  2. Annie, ko ini dah jadi murtad dengan muat-naik atribut kafir. Haram.. tak tau ke?

    1. Mu ni seumpama bersombong bodoh. Sila buktikan mana yang berunsur kafir? Apa tu akidahmu terjejas disebabkan gapa?

    2. Islam mengharamkan kita mengucapkan Selamat Hari krismas. Nanti akidah kita terpesong. Jadi untuk rasa sedih Krismas tidak meriah bererti kita orang Islam tidak syukur hari krismas hambar tetapi mengharap hari krismas meriah. Itu dah kira murtad.

    3. Pasti Nabi Isa ia adalah Al-Masehi min Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala yang akan pada masa depan memerangi al-masehi Dajjal Antichrist yang takkabur dan bermaharajalela ganas atas ummat manusia. Dajjal mesti dibunuh habis.

    4. anonymous 14.43
      we wish them their happiness. we not celebrate it...we just like d lively day. n dun charge other with act of apostasy for tat smallest matter. why live d difficult?

    5. Annie,

      it's amusing to say the least.

      weren't you saying in earlier post that "things are easier said than done"? , that these people won't carry out the God-ordained punishment?

      well, think again.

  3. Annie,

    You are a kind soul indeed.

    The world needs more people like you.

    As for Christmas, I don't really celebrate Christmas but I do enjoy the festivities, just as I enjoy Hari Raya, Deepavali, Thaipusum, Veesak day, etc etc.

    It is nice to see people having a good time.


  4. Kalau nak tegur....tegur lah dgn lemah lembut dan berbudi bahasa seperti yg diajar oleh nabi saw...

  5. Annie,

    There must be a reason for a quiet or dull christmas. The most likely reason for this is factuality instead of a myth. Many chrristians begin to realise that 25/12 as a birthdate of jesus christ is a myth. He was born much earlier. Most likely in July or August. Definitely not in December. This is a fact. So it is technically wrong to celebrate JC birthday on 25/12. But its perfectly alright to wish anyone Merry Christmas to signal the end of year and the beginning of new year.

    1. Trueblue,

      //Many chrristians begin to realise that 25/12 as a birthdate of jesus christ is a myth.//

      25/12 is merely a symbolic date which Christians use.

      //He was born much earlier. Most likely in July or August.//

      Just as likely to be borned in January or February or March or April or .. you get the picture.

      The fact is, nobody really knows and hence the symbolic use of 25/12.


    2. Gladiator,

      Unfortunately not many christians think 25/12 is symbolic. Many believe it is the birthdate of Christ and hence the term 'Christmas'. However I must congratulate you for being factual by agreeing 25th December is not the date that Christ was born.

    3. Trueblue, that's nonsense ie that most Christians are not aware of this. I am a Christian and I know that 25/12 is meant to be symbolic So does every other Christian I know.

    4. Anon 15:11,

      The 25/12 is far from symbolic. Not many Christians would agree with you. For instance the Pope Francis in his yearly sermon said this last sunday - "Christmas transpires as God fulfills his promise by coming in the flesh, (…) and He gives his people a new hope for humanity: eternal life”. Clearly the Pope was referring to the birth of Christ on Christmas day!. If a holiest person in christiandon such a Pope is mistaken on the birth date of Christ then forget about ordinary christians.

  6. What a contrast compared to the fat blobby bitch who's probably snivelling away

    1. speaking of Blobby, I was watching Rogue One when tiba-tiba I terkejut when I thought Blobby made a cameo! Rupa-rupanya, it was Bor Gullet. Described as a "large octopus-like creature which KNOWS ALL"

      hmmmm, maybe it WAS Fatsoh after all.

  7. Any holiday is a cause to celebrate.buat apa nak gaduh-gaduh.jgn mudah-mudah nak menghukum orang lain seolah-olah kita ni pemegang kunci syurga.
    Happy holidays.May year 2017 brings a lot of happiness.

    Prof Kangkung