Wednesday 21 December 2016

A bit more on the Media Prima war

I heard that former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Aziz had a press conference yesterday.

He was again repeating his demand for Media Prima chairman FD Iskandar to sue him or resign.

As most of you all probably know by now, he was accusing Iskandar of telling lies about him to PM DS Najib Razak and based on those lies wanted to remove "independent minded" editors from the media group.

Ok, just rewriting that makes me feel tired

Never mind, for more background you should just read this past posting of mine,

You can also read this theory of mine on the origin of the whole stupid quarrel,

I guess, Tunku Aziz needed the press conference as he has to renew the attack on Iskandar and broaden its coverage by the media.

Heard the press conference was attended by several journalists, some of whom were from the Media Prima group.

Didn't bother to check on the stories coming out of it though, but I'm quite sure it won't come out in the Media Prima's newspapers and television channels.

After all, it's their chairman Tunku Aziz was whacking.

I also received this rather interesting comment on the matter yesterday evening,

I will touch only on the print side. The decline in most of the NSTP's titles became obvious in the late 1980s and for many2 years, despite changes in editorship, failed to check the drop. For the most part there were no compelling plans. If there were, the plans were dropped into the waste bin by succeeding editors. U can't really blame the present management team bcos the decline has been too big. Once u lose your market share, it's almost impossible to go back up, especially when the decline happened over a long period of time.

But following Malaysianisation in 1972, not a single of the chairman had tried to interfere with the editorial management, knowing fully well that the appointments of the editorial number 1 comes from the Umno president or via his nominee/appointee. In fact so does the appointment of the chairman!!! Thus it would be naive fro any chairman to want to know differently now, because it's not as if the Umno leadership is not aware of the decline or the reasons for it. Yes the chairman/board must answer to the shareholders but it is what the controlling shareholder wants that decides, no two ways about it. Umno must surely be aware of the business perspective and the position Media Prima is in, just as it must be aware of the dire financial position of the Utusan Group, another of its business interests.

I think the commentator really know the subject matter very well.

If I understand it correctly, the decline of the Umno-linked newspapers started after Operasi Lalang in 1987, when the then perceived pro-opposition The Star, Sin Chew and Watan were suspended.

Watan didn't survive the suspension, but The Star after that took over from NST as the number one English daily while Sin Chew took over from Nanyang Siang Pao as the best selling Chinese newspaper.

Since then, Umno-linked newspapers such as NST started their decline and it continues till this day.

The funny thing was that , as correctly put by the commentator, the Umno leadership know about what ails those newspapers which are friendly to them but did nothing to improve the situation.

It's known to almost everyone that the party bosses demanded certain kind of stories to be published which didn't help the newspapers to be good business entities or even make their products reader-friendly.

As I was told, things apparently got worse as the years went by.

While back then the top editors only entertain requests by the PM, or at most his deputy, these days they seem to be scared of even state assemblymen, division chiefs and bloggers.

I know of an incident several years ago when a bureau chief of a newspaper was almost suspended just because a prominent blogger complained to the big time editor about a small mistake in his story.

Well, do Umno leaders care about all these?

I don't think so.

Probably they just want to wake up in the morning and before breakfast read the newspapers to feel good about themselves.

Some of them may even enjoy ordering the editors around.

It probably doesn't matter to them that most Malaysians don't really read the newspapers anymore.

People got smart phones these days, okay.

Maybe the editors knew this and they designed the contents of their newspapers just to serve that purpose.

Keep the Umno leaders happy. The rest don't really matter.

Actually, I don't really blame the editors as they need to keep their job to feed their family or take their girlfriends for holiday to Pattaya.

I would probably do the same if I'm in their position.

Hey, like most of those editors, I'm not even an Umno member. Why should I care too much about perjuangan and stuff?

Ethics, ideals, they really matter?

We are just humans after all.

Anyway, as I put it in my theory, that Iskandar guy was probably trying to change the whole thing.

Well, good for him....that's if he survive lah.

Oh, by the way, someone suggested to me yesterday that Iskandar came under attack because he is a sympathiser  of TS Muhyiddin Yassin.

I think that's weird because he was appointed as Media Prima chairman in September last year.

The Najib-Mahathir war started much earlier. Why then appointed him to the post in the first place if he is a Muhyiddin's guy?

Another thing, if Iskandar was just being silly in whatever he is doing as there's no way he is going to win the fight, why the people attacking him have to make the whole thing public such as in yesterday's press conference?

That's so unnecessary, I think.

If I'm them, I wouldn't be bothered.

PM is on my side what. Sure win one.


  1. Sikalang manyak olang lebih pecaya belita mulut maa aa ,itu Media kasi tutup tatak hat punya maa aa .

    Semua manyak ampu leaa aa ,sama lia olang punya boss maa aa .lakyat lebih baik lengar belita dari lakyat maa aa .

    1. Ya lah macam Malaysian idiot... lufang penah lengar ini lagoo?

  2. Umno boasted memberships of 3.5 millions
    If it does not appeals to its own members,god help them


    1. There are many Malays who support UMNO but are not members. My family members and I are amongst those. BTW, have you read Chedet's latest blog? It only manages to generate 6 comments and it is a laughable post. He is jealous of Najib and seeing rakyat kissing Najib's hand. Aiya, 22 years in office, still not enough ke? Saving Malaysia? Here is my foot on your face, Chedet bongok!

    2. 'He is jealous of Najib and seeing rakyat kissing Najib's hand.' I jeles of you sticking tongue up Pokjib ass......pls find our missing 1MDB money, bole tak?

  3. Maybe, just maybe...FD is a chairman that is not a pushover. Think about it, he has already made his wealth, which makes him a threat because he doesn't need the chairman's job. If he is implementing changes to fix the business, then good for the shareholders. To be honest, it's quite a petty issue to begin with.

  4. Ya la. I was at a gathering once and I was saying that not all things you read about in social media are true. The person answered back newspapers also cannot report everything what. Some also half truths.

  5. My family from my late father's time only subscribed to NST. it was a proper broadsheet with opinion pieces etc. The Star, till now, I only buy to check out furniture sales and ads as it's such a parochial paper with no regional or international outlook.
    Utusan I used to buy occasionally as I was interested in their opinion pages.
    But since Jibby, I've stopped buying or reading local papers because it's too nauseating. I understand that local papers have to favour the government of the day but not so slavishly lah.

    Anyway that Tunku Aziz also one kind lah. I thought he was ok until I saw him railing dementedly against Tun M on tv, his veins also popping out. Scary stuff.

  6. Annie,tak meluat ke dengan orang tua tu?Yang kena pecat relaks je dia pulak yang lebih2 siap press conference bagai..

  7. Orang tua tu dijadikan scapegoat. Tindakan yang paling mudah.

  8. Annie,
    The wily old fox need not resort to such dramas.If he thinks he has been smeared he should initiate legal approach instead of berating and hollering like an orang utan.

    This has been a great week for us Malaysians.

    One clown has dumped his clothes and has marched to the admin office of the state in his stinking towels.Never seen anyone clipping his toothbrush onto his ears.
    This guy has something common to relate to bathroom and toilet habits.Press conference in toilet.Upon release from lock up said had no bath for 4 days.Now parades in towel and toothbrush in public.
    Then we have the other clown, posing for the first time minus his military garb,minus his fake insignia,minus his Ray Charles glasses and minus his tongkat. Someone should have, at least told him to wear a men's sarung. Oops...his eagle eyed rings are also missing.Yes it is about Mr.Queen Foreskin.

    Their jokes has even reached busy Santa Claus in Lapland.

    As Santa Claus was reading the many Christmas wish lists from all over the world, one wish list caught him by surprise.

    The wish list requested Santa Claus for barn,wheat,crumbles,
    pellets and oatmeal.
    Wondering and turning to his reindeer,the surprised Santa Claus said "Every year everyone requests for presents but this wish list contains various types of animal feed (dedak)".

    "It is from Malaysia" replied the reindeer.


  9. Trump won thanks to social media NOT mainstream media (anyway media prima can go tapau)...

  10. Media prima wont go tapau anytime soon. They are run by smart business people. They are not just buletin utama and nst. They have radio, outdoor advertising, home shopping, gaming apps, movie biznez. They dont put only one egg in the basket lah...thet've diversified well.

    1. True indeed.

    2. Unlike media prima which is surviving, that worst off utusan is bleeding dumno dry...apa lagi utusan mau...

  11. Elderly pelacur like Dungu Aziz should keep quiet. Honestly.

    Now there's RPK-Musa Hassan drama pulak.

    But recall this:

    "The High Court today held blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin liable over three articles posted on his Malaysia-Today website three years ago and ruled that they were defamatory of senior lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.

    Justice Datuk John Louis O’Hara said words of a defamatory nature had been used in the articles as well as in the comments made by the public on the articles.

    He said the quantum of damages would be assessed by a deputy registrar at a later date, and granted legal costs of RM5,000 to Muhammad Shafee’s counsel S. Ravindran.

    O’Hara pointed out that Raja Petra had been declared a bankrupt, but said it was not his concern whether Ravindran would be able to secure the money from the blogger.

    Raja Petra’s counsel, J. Chandra, had objected to Ravindran’s suggestion that the costs be set at RM10,000, arguing that his client was a bankrupt and not in the country and that the parties should bear their own costs as decided by the Court of Appeal on a matter related to the suit.

    Muhammad Shafee made an application on January 26 under Order 14A of the Rules of the High Court 1980 for the disposal of the suit based on a point of law without going for a full trial, claiming that there were defamatory words in the three articles posted on the Malaysia-Today website.

    He had filed the suit against Raja Petra, 58, in August 2008 for posting on August 6, 7 and 11 of that year the three articles titled “Shafee Abdullah: Sodomologist Extraordinaire”, “Money, Power and Sex: What Motivates Man” and “The Real Dalang Behind The Anwar Sodomy Allegation” on the website, which he claimed had defamed him."

    So the fugitive bankrupt ain't so smart.

    or I guess 'Julian Khoo' as we should call him after the fake name he invented for himself.

    Then he lectures others on Islam!


    1. RPK is an inbred shit stirring failure in all senses. Gets a monthly stipend for writing rubbish and has about as much credibility as fat Soh. By the way fat Soh has gone for her bi-annul lipo treatment it appears. Hope she doesn't come back.


  12. FGV shares are around RM1.60. 65% down from IPO price of RM4.55.

    FGV is making losses by the hundred millions.

    The Felda settlers and lorry transport contractors are not getting paid on time.

    And these folks are having a gay old time smoking cigars in London.

    If only they could speak the London like the London.

    Akhir kalam, as Azalina Othman said about "bukan duit bapak dia !"

    Memanglah bukan duit bapak dia.

    Duit orang.


  13. Yeah you called YTM Tunku who left DAP a pelacur, Sdr ANON 11:12

    Hmmm Sdr Shamser Singh called YAB Tun who sucked up to DAP both a snake and a pimp

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Please don't hold a press conference. The nation is tired of press conferences because someone got hurt bcoz of name calling or a pc to call someone a liar. Pleaseeeee

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Sorry Anon 09:53
      Please try not to be too vulgar so that I can publish your comment. Thank you.


    4. TQ for removing lazy vulgar comments, Lil sis Ms Annie

      Vulgar and personal?
      Maybe not RBA but a few resort to personal belittling insults. They can't compose a rational argument kut?

      1MDB story repeated and repeated really OK
      ( mminus vulgar PM wifes names, boleh?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  14. Mahathir has done all the impossibles to get back his RM100B parked with his cronies. Now I want to see him cium mulut and tongue wrestling with Lim Kit Siang pulak. Alang alang menyelup pekasam biar sampai kepangkal lengan. Tak sabar nak tengok perkara ni betul betul terjadi. When comes to Chedet, perkara yang kita fikir mustahil, tak jadi mustahil. If this happens, penyokong Chedet yang memberi komen-komen di atas akan muntah darah, hahaha

    1. LOL....engko nih RPK zombie totok, kan? Now I want to see you cium bontot and tongue wrestling with melayu celup bankrap fugitive tu......"taste the dedak" at both ends ya....mmmmm sedapnya!

  15. Annie,

    //I heard that former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Aziz had a press conference yesterday.//

    Tunku Aziz can call as many press conferences as he likes to demand that FD Iskandar apologises to him.

    Tunku Aziz gave an ultimatum to FD Iskandar to apologise and threatening legal action but that time period has past and now Tunku Aziz is giving another ultimatum?

    How stupid does that look?

    How many more "ultimatums" is Tunku Aziz going to give? Three? Four? Five?

    I would be extremely surprised if FD Iskandar even bothers to respond to anything Tunku Aziz says or does.

    FD Iskandar knows that Tunku Aziz hasn't got a leg to stand on as far as this issue is concerned.

    From what I can see, the whole matter will just die down quietly with Tunku Aziz retreating to lick his wounds and FD Iskandar will continue to do whatever he likes in Media Prima.

    Tunku Aziz is a has-been.

    As the song goes, he "exchanged a walk-on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage."


    1. 'Tunku Aziz is a has-been'...atau, "never was?"


    2. Hmm hate it(?) Our good LoA readers read MT line by fook line, betul Sdr Gladiator?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH