Tuesday 27 December 2016

A special UNSC's resolution, remembering Rachel Corrie and Palestinians

On Dec 23, the United Nation's Security Council passed a resolution demanding Israel to stop the building of more illegal settlements in the Palestinian occupied territory.

It's the first of such resolutions in 36 years.

The last one was in 1979.

The resolution was put forward by New Zealand, Venezuela, Senegal and our Malaysia. Special salute to our team in the UN and Wisma Putra.

All the member countries of the council supported the resolution with United States, the main defender of Israel abstaining. 

The fact that the US didn't apply its veto power to block the resolution was evidence on how the world was so fed-up with the arrogance of Israel over the matter that even its big brother can't continue to ignore the atrocities committed against the Palestinians anymore.

I would like to believe that to a certain extent, Malaysia's good relations with the outgoing Obama administration helped in persuading Washington not to veto the resolution.

You all can read about it  in this report ;

US lets UN denounce Israeli settlements

Yes, the Israelis will ignore the resolution and US, under Donald Trump's presidency will revert back to blindly supporting them, but I'm still proud and happy that Malaysia didn't waste its mandate as a non-permanent member of the UNSC by moving forward the resolution together with same minded nations.

It is still a victory for those who want peace and justice for the Palestinians.

As stated in the report, it was a significant resolution because,

"It formally enshrined the international community’s disapproval of Israeli settlement building and could spur further Palestinian moves against Israel in international forums."

The fact that the resolution was not vetoed by US, reminded me of the American girl Rachel Corrie who died 13 years ago trying to defend a Palestinian home in Rafah, Gaza.

This is her story,

We will never forget Rachel Corrie and the Palestinians.


  1. Annie,

    //Yes, the Israelis will ignore the resolution and US, under Donald Trump's presidency will revert back to blindly supporting them,//

    Yupe, the Israelis will ignore the resolution just as they have ignored every other resolution before.

    Trump has already stated that he will "fix it" when he takes office on Jan 20th.

    I think this is just Obama's "up yours" to the Jewish lobby for not supporting Hilary clinton in the recent US elections.

    What is even more worrying for "some people" is that with Malaysia being involved in this resolution, Trump may not shut down the US DoJ actions against JhoLo and Coy.

    There are lots of Jews in Trump's administration and they have long memories.


  2. Penyamun penyamun duit 1MDB dah menggelabah. Kabinet dah kucar kacir. Singapore tengh buat permohonan interpol untuk bawak masuk jho low. Wisma putra dah surrender bula bulat kata dia tak nak masuk campur.
    Jho low mintak tolong penyamun untuk political asylum di kazakhstan. Tapi itu pun belum tentu dapat. Sorang menteri umno dah confirm akan cabut lari dari kabinet sama sama dengan wee ka saiong. Liow tiong lai masih nak selamatkan penyamun. Projek dia dengan salah sorang taikun aviation masih pending. Tunggu tu lepas baru dia bail out dari najib. sama sama kita saksikan drama 2017 nanti. zahid dah senyap senyap tunjuk signal dia berani keluarkan surat layang dan terlepas tanpa apa apa warning pada dia.


  3. Itu, resolusi ,apa ada Israel ambil peduli maa aa ?. Wa manyak ingat itu Alab lagi manyak cilakak lor rr.

    1. Butut jugak... lo lufang.
      Malaysia.... olang Malayu manyak sinang kena tipu sama itu Alab punya olang. Talak selik-selik.

      Di Johor 2011...Medini land deal.
      (Arab Consortiums and a Sri Lankan individual, who hides behind few companies registered in British Virgin Island.)
      Lugi RM3 Billion sehingga Khazanah kena beli-balik tanah Iskandar.

      Dalam 1MDB pun ala selupa. Olang-tengah Najib, Jho Low sama lua olang Pak Alab sulah klepet Lakyat punya WANG.

      Tapi kita sikalang megah-megah... lagi satu minggu mau habih itu Kelusi UN Security Council... Najib kawan baik dengan Obama, main golof punya pasai...'resolution' berjaya kondem Israel bina lagi banyak lumah halam untuk pendatang Yahudi diatas tanah Palestine yang kalah-perang pada 1967.

      Hidup UMNO-Najib... Hidup Jho Low. Hidup Razak Baginda. Hidup Deepak Carpet.

  4. Malaysia pushing for the resolution. That's expected. New Zealand pushing for it. That's heroic. I salute them. Read the immediate reaction and many threats to NZ by Netanyahu. Despite him saying that he is going to ignore the Resolution. Dah kalau nak ignore. Ignore je lah. Yang engko (pinjam annie's engko) melompat-lompat buat apa. Obama did not veto has nothing to do with what Malaysia thinks. Dia buat untuk diri dia. Dua tiga hari lagi nak tinggalkan pejabat baru nak sibuk. Knowing very well he would not be able to follow through.

    Fools are us who think people care.

  5. Dearest Rachel,

    Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure
    And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven
    Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven?

    - the Dead and Dying of the Holy Land


  6. Jamil Khir is currently having a teh-tarik session on RUU 355, together with 2 PAS members in UK, while Najib & family are celebrating the UNSC resolution, Christmas & New Year holiday in Australia.

    And... as usual RTM & TV3 are relaying news, from Najib' FB & Blog, as if the PM is still in the country and hard at work for the welfare of the Rakyat.

    #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.

  7. True to form eh. That said, my simple definition of progress would be a safer country, affordable cost of living, good standard of education...all of which we lack. Instead we have dumno apologists like lss and fat fucking blobby who continuously bleat and lie.