Friday 9 December 2016

Please don't go overboard

Reached home past midnight just now.

Did the necessary and then finished up some works which I should had done earlier.

I was delayed from doing them because I was tied up outside with an old friend the whole evening.

We had dinner and after that a very long teh tarik session.

We talked about a lot of things and of course they include politics.

Of all the things that we talked about, a story that he told me made the most impression as far as I'm concerned.

It's about what happened in a Wassap group that he is a member.

The group focused on organising a Quran reading schedule among the members.

Each member was to read a portion of the Quran for a whole month and those portions in total covered the whole holy book.

That way, their combined effort made the Quran being wholly read every month.

My friend said the conversations in the Wassap group were almost strictly on reading the holy book.

He said as more members were included in the group, the conversations started to veer bit by bit to other topics.

It got to a point where politics were also discussed by some of the group members.

My friend said a particular member became so vocal at whacking PM DS Najib Razak that it cause quite a lot of discomfort for most of the others in the group.

Some of them repeatedly but gently reminded that particular member that the Wassap group was actually meant for them to discuss the reading of Quran and not politics.

Their reminders were however ignored and that particular member continued with his tirade.

It reached a point when one of them, who can't stand it any longer, posted a message which sounded something like this ;

"Haji ni marah sangat kat Najib sebab dulu haji punya kem PLKN kena tutup ke?"

It turns out that the anti-Najib guy was an operator of a National Service camp which was closed because something was not right at the place.

That post opened the floodgate for many other not so nice queries from the other Wassap group members such as whether the guy was still being chauffeur driven in a Mercedes and even how he got the contract to operate the camp in the first place.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm telling you all this story not because I want to highlight how bad is the anti-Najib guy but rather to share a reminder for all of us not to go overboard when we whack someone that we dislike or even hate.

Honestly, I'm quite concerned with the tone of comments that I received for my postings in this blog but I still published most of them because I believe in freedom of expression and speech.

I hope you all can reflect on the story above and try not to go overboard like that guy in the Wassap group.

As the religious Muslims often say,

Tutup lah aib orang lain dan Allah akan tutup aib kita

Roughly translated ; Do not shame others and Allah will not reveal our shame.

Sorry, I'm not very good on religious matters, but that's more or less how I understand it.

I also understand and believe that Islam encourages Muslims not to go to extreme in anything.

This, for me applies in politics too.

Really, it's not good to go overboard because the bad things we said now about others will likely later on reflect back on ourselves.

This applies to all sides. Pro-Najib, pro-Mahathir, pro-Anwar, pro-Hadi or even pro-Kit Siang people.

We as humans are not perfect.

So, before we say bad things about others, we should first ask ourselves whether we ourselves are so clean of sins.

Maybe that will help us remember not to go overboard with what we want to say.

Berpada-pada lah, as a Malay saying goes.

One day, we are all going to die.

Maybe at a point, towards the end of our life, we may regret what we said about others.

At that time, we may want to say sorry.

I'm sure it will be very hard to do so if what we had said was so terrible that it hurts the other people so much.

I think if it's me, I may not be able to die in peace if the person whom I seek forgiveness from refuse to accept my apology because what I said was too terrible and unforgivable.

Well, that's my thoughts this early morning.

I better go to sleep now.



  1. Peace indeed. Good reminder. Thank you.

  2. But Islam also teaches us not to tell lies, annie.

    Care to explain this?

    This lie was told after a function at a masjid. So that's the double irony. Watch if and try not to laugh or vomit. One month later the same fella was on tV3 telling a completely different story (also lies) and then Umgnok tripped over each other with 40 different further lies. (the latest at PAU this : the 2.6 billion money was given by Arabs because we are committed to halal industry!)

    These lies have consequences to the public.

    Why haven't the "lies" of the DOJ, Swiss A-G and WSJ been rebutted?

    What about all the "lies" in our own A-G's report that shows 7 billion USD is missing, and had to be covered by OSA?

    So what is the problem here? Analyse it carefully.

    Isn't it the lying, cheating, stealing and law-abusing failure who's running the country?

    Are any of these things Islamic?

    1. Islamic shariah also dictatesvtat one is innocent until his/her guilt are proven. Not preumption of guilt then prove tat you are innocent.

      The so call "lies" tat you pointed out is that the DOJ, Swiss, French n Spore are naking announcement. Announcement means a potential allegation if crime or transgresdion.

      Only a charge in court will prove the guilt. Like Anuwars sondommee.

      Lies are unsubstantiated allegation. Example, RM 42 billion 1MDB money vanised into thin air. Or, RM 2.4 billion goes into AhJib account.

      Think summore.

      Mat Bonk

    2. 'Are any of these things Islamic?' Hmmmm...bila penyamun dan penyagak pun nak tunjuk baik dan 'hero agama' dan umat islam maka habis dimain dan di putar belit hakikatnya tiada ikhlas dan munafiq ...hari2 orang melayu kena tipu lagi...

    3. Ehhhhh, Mat Tolol.

      "RM 2.4 billion goes into AhJib account." Wrong lah. RM 2.6 billion lah. He is not denying that. Tapi kantoi bohong lah doh. Kept changing story. Keep up with the programme doh. Also the Auditor-General of Malaysia. Swiss A-G and DOJ is not unsubstantiated allegations, doh. This is what we call 'forensic evidence' doh. Law enforcement bodies. Hang pi balik sekolah. Get it right this time. TQVM.

    4. 08:42

      You are really naive.

    5. 07:47

      People tell lies when they are guilty.

      In the same video, the Pink-Lipped Pirate is saying he will sue the WSJ "next week".

      That was 70 weeks ago.

    6. mat bonk typing with one finger in back of car LOL

    7. Mat Bonk,
      Please google'US PATRIOT ACT,TITLE 111
      Its about money laundering,posrs 911
      Happy reading

  3. Reading without understanding is meaningless. That is the main problem. In fact, hearing "stories" is the trend.

  4. Diakhir zaman ni, akan lahir pemimpin yg jahil dan ulama yg jahat...malaysia dah nampak dah calonnya…otak pemimpin kita sudah biul, ini balasan Allah mengkhianati rakyat sendiri. Sama samalah kita tunggu lihat apa tindakan mereka selepas ini. Tindakan mereka sudah tidak selari dengan kuasa yg diberi. Tapi mereka sudah lupa kuasa ditangan akibat dosa dosa mereka.

  5. Best to read the quran and understand it's meaning.
    Like this ayat 4.135

    Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Hendaklah kamu menjadi orang-orang yang sentiasa menegakkan keadilan, lagi menjadi saksi (yang menerangkan kebenaran) kerana Allah, sekalipun terhadap diri kamu sendiri, atau ibu bapa dan kaum kerabat kamu. Kalaulah orang (yang didakwa) itu kaya atau miskin (maka janganlah kamu terhalang daripada menjadi saksi yang memperkatakan kebenaran disebabkan kamu bertimbang rasa), kerana Allah lebih bertimbang rasa kepada keduanya. Oleh itu, janganlah kamu turutkan hawa nafsu supaya kamu tidak menyeleweng dari keadilan. Dan jika kamu memutar-balikkan keterangan ataupun enggan (daripada menjadi saksi), maka sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa Mengetahui dengan mendalam akan apa yang kamu lakukan.

  6. Najib sees a snap election as his best option, because the news can only get worse.

    Over the next few weeks and months it is going to get harder and harder to keep up his denials that he stole from the public through 1MDB. No one in the rest of the world believes him as it is, although his denials are parroted by UMNO controlled media to the Malaysians themselves.

    So, what are the upcoming problems he will have to weather?

    It is already known in financial circles that his slush fund 1MDB has lost its case over the arbitration with Abu Dhabi, which Najib and his side-kick Arul Kanda had been ludicrously boasting they could win. Abu Dhabi was demanding $6.5 billion in settlement arising out of their agreement in June 2015 to pay 1MDB’s debts: it is expected that $3 billion has been awarded with the remainder pushed over to criminal prosecutors, so serious are the shenanigans involving Najib.

  7. Good of you Annie to allow us to vent both sides on your blog. At least you're fair. Pro-Najib blogs block anti-Jibby comments while I get put off by the often vulgar chauvinistic comments on Malaysiakini and pro-opposition blogs.

    I cannot trust Najib simply because he has twisted so often worse than an Auntie Annie's pretzel over his denials of 1Mdb and the 2.6 billion in his personal bank account.

    If I had an employee who changed his story so many times unconvincingly, I would sack him.

    He's the prime minister of our beloved nation. He has to be held by a higher standard as his actions reflect what we are as a nation.

    And sadly now, however much Umno and the government is in denial burying their heads in the sand, Malaysia's name is mud because of him.

    Just ask anyone abroad. And please, I don't for once believe this Zionist conspiracy against him. Najib, if anyone, has sucked up to the West when he took office, golfing with Obama and touting his British connections.

    Unlike Tun M, who was outspoken against Western hypocrisy over the Palestinians and rising Third World economies.

    The US, Switzerland, Singapore etc are investigating 1Mdb, not because they hate Najb, but because these countries have financial laws which they actually abide by (shock, horror to some of our officials).

    I just get so sad lah at what Najib has done to Umno and the nation.

    I watched the closing of PAU, trying not to vomit at Jibby's "why only me?" speech. The saddest part was hearing the Umno song played to a fast-emptying hall. That song always moves me.

    I remember past PAUs which were bustling, jam-packed, the laughter and jokes during the debates. The latest one was subdued. You could see the reactions.

    Why lah Najib? Is it all worth it? Your father was so much respected. I remember my father in tears when the news of Tun Razak's death was announced. It was the first time as a child I saw him cry.

    1. "If I had an employee who changed his story so many times unconvincingly, I would sack him."

      That's a good point.

    2. 'Why lah Najib? Is it all worth it? Your father was so much respected. I remember my father in tears when the news of Tun Razak's death was announced. It was the first time as a child I saw him cry.'....its really hard to imagine what Tun Razak would think of Najib's actions. Tun Razak never wasted a sen of public money.

  8. Dalam dunia ni, kalau dah TAKSUB,
    yang hitam jadi putih. Yang putih jadi hitam,
    takda warna kelabu.
    Tikus boleh dianggap badak, badak pulak jadi tikus.
    Apa nak diherankan, manusia semuanya sama,
    tak kira whether U are Umno,PAS, or PH.
    Jadi, masing-masing tak perlulah nak menegak
    benang basah.
    Sound so hipokrit!

  9. "Please don't go overboard".

    But this is overboard:

    a) The legal cases slapped against critical media and political opponents, while others enjoy immunity;

    b) The sacking of the former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail to prevent someone being charged;

    c) The illegal transfer of MACC officials to the PM’s Department and then the re-transfer;

    d) The elevation of the PAC members to the cabinet, delaying PAC investigations;

    e) The purge of dissenting Umno members from the party ranks,

    f) The jailing of whistle-blowers by abusing security laws like s124 and SOSMA;

    g) The removal of Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin from his post;

    h) The banning of local publications (causing loss of livelihood to innocent journalists), yet not a shred of evidence that the facts published are false;

    i) The sabotage, arrests and intimidation of BNM, SB, MACC and AGC personnel to disrupt investigations;

    j) The numerous lies that have been floated to the public about the "donation" and 1MDB.

    Yes, all that is completely overboard.

    100% overboard.

    So we should sit quietly and shut up?

    1. Well said 10:54. If these are not the actions of a thief caught with his hand in the jar, what is?

    2. What happened to Zahid wanting to make his "acting Deputy" position permanent? During PAU?

  10. 8:42

    Teruskan membela. E-taling. E-pepet. Keduanya boleh.


    Most pembela will pick points of contention. They will glide over yang benar. Pembela will say Tun is telling stories. For 22 years he led the country by telling stories.

    1. 'For 22 years he led the country by telling stories.' Yes, but there was tangible achievement, no serious problems for rakyat, and we were not an international pariah. Ask those who can remember both eras which they prefer.

      Also, big, big difference in First Ladies (about 200 lbs in weight and 60 million in luxuries.)

    2. 12:51

      I should have ended 11:39 with. I presume.

    3. Anonymous9 December 2016 at 12:51

      And not to mention we could travel overseas and not be ashamed to call ourselves Malaysian.

      Now, we are. Sadly.

    4. 23:03

      True. Past and present. Tun's international and national legacy cannot be easily erased. Even shopkeepers at the backstreet of a UK town recognised his achievement.
      It was overwhelming indeed. But for some in the present this achievement is a true botheration.

    5. I think becos' Najib knows he has messed up the whole country.

      They are rich, let them take the money and go into exile...leave us alone.

  11. I don't know if I have 2.6B sins or more. Can't count anymore, takut I go overboard.

    1. Anonymous9 December 2016 at 11:43

      Don't forget, US620 million of the sins were re-exported : )

      If only it was so easy...

    2. Or was it?

      Nobody knows where is that US620 million now...

  12. Arrogance, Greed and Selfishness, Envy and Betrayal, Conceit and Boasting.... take a glimpse of hellfire!!!

  13. A check on the World Bank’s website shows that China Communications Construction Co Ltd (CCCC) and its subsidiaries have indeed been debarred from participating in projects financed by the development institution for fraudulent practices in a Philippine project.

    Malaysia sealed a deal to build the RM55 billion East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) with CCCC in November. Work on the 600km ECRL is expected to begin early next year.

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan was reported by Bernama as saying in the Dewan Negara yesterday that CCCC has never been blacklisted by the World Bank and that the blacklist involves its subsidiary China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

    A statement dated July 29, 2011 on World Bank’s website, however, clearly states that under the sanction, CCCC is ineligible to engage in any road and bridge projects financed by the World Bank Group until Jan 12, 2017.
    The World Bank’s sanction system states that successor organisations – through purchase or reorganisation – will be subject to the same sanctions applied to the original firm, which in this case was CRBC.

    The World Bank said in its statement that CCCC is the designated successor entity to CRBC which, along with six other firms and one individual, was debarred by the World Bank for eight years, from Jan 12, 2009, following an investigation of the Philippines National Roads Improvement and Management Project by the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency.

    1. well, so much for ARD's lying skills.

    2. I cannot believe a minister thinks we cannot read!!! What a bunch of clowns!!!

    3. The whole world is witnessing the credibility of Jibby & Loonchais have gone to the dogs. But some dogs do better, really.

  14. "I also understand and believe that Islam encourages Muslims not to go to extreme in anything."

    Fucking h1lariou$.

    1. "To me you be your religion and to me be mine" (Quran, surah al-Kafirun)

      And this verse applies between Muslims as well. Ahjibgor dah khianat duit Tabung Haji untuk kabberup lobang satu-satu MDBnya!


  15. Yeah why so so many go overboard(?) Lil sis Ms Annie
    even if DS Rosmah is on the list of ladies I despise

    Some may be true but many are exaggerated fitnah and earns her millions +ve Pahala Kering from repeated fowardings in social media. That alone may in-sya-Allah save the Yg Bhg DS from hell

    Avoid too much Dosa Kering sins by posting truth or verified accusations, boleh? Millions slanderers surely heading to bankrupcy in Hereafter?

    Most importantly even if hate her flamboyaance
    lets not get personal, boleh?
    ( just a neighbourly reminder)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Learn the difference between FORENSIC EVIDENCE and 'dosa kering' lah.......

      The newspaper claims that the documents show that over $1b (£700m, €880m) entered five accounts belonging to Najib's Malaysia bank account, AmBank Bhd between 2011 and 2015.

      According to The Wall Street Journal , Najib spent a total of US$15 million on holidays, shopping and jewellery. The spending was done at stores in the United States, Malaysia, Italy and elsewhere.

      Malaysian investigation documents, it claimed, showed that Najib's credit card was charged US$130,625 at exclusive fashion store Chanel in Honolulu, two days before he teed off with US President Barack Obama on Christmas Eve of 2014.

      That trip became a controversy as parts of Malaysia's east coast were then hit by devastating floods and Najib had to fly back to visit the affected areas.
      WSJ reported that a worker at a Chanel store in the upscale Ala Moana Center recalled that Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor, shopped there just before Christmas.

      "The transaction in the Chanel store was paid for with a Visa card in Najib's name, according to the Malaysian investigation documents. At first, the transaction didn't go through and Najib, who was present, had to call his bank to approve the charge, said one of the people aware of the shopping trip," the report alleged.

      The documents, it claimed, revealed that the credit card was paid for with an account in Najib's name, and that account had been credited with US$9 million a few months earlier.

      According to the documents, WSJ alleged that the money came from SRC International, the former unit of 1MDB that is now under the Finance Ministry, which is headed by Najib.

      "On the day Najib played golf with Obama, SRC International transferred a further US$9 million to the account via 1MDB's corporate social responsibility arm. The money arrived the day after Christmas," stated the WSJ report.

      WSJ claimed that there was also a recorded expenditure on June 28, 2011, at Signature Exotic Cars, a car dealership in Kuala Lumpur, for US$56,000.

      "Najib's credit card also incurred charges of €750,000 in August 2014 at an Italian branch of De Grisogono, a Swiss-owned jewellery store, again being financed from the same account as the expenses in Hawaii, according to bank-transfer information that forms part of the Malaysian government probe.

      "A person who works for De Grisogono confirmed Rosmah, the prime minister's wife, was a client of a branch of the jewellers in Porto Cervo, a tiny Sardinian resort." it added.

      All fitnah?

      Cross-corroborated by law enforcement across 4 jurisdictions? "Massive fraud" and "theft" are the words officially used.

      Saman lah.

      "Next Tuesday", kan? LOLOL......

      Millions slanderers surely heading to bankruptcy in Hereafter?

      Or two greedy thieves and their fat Chinese errand boy?

      Think lah.....


    2. " According, according .."

      They can rot in hell for all I care, why you want to join Sdr Sdr ANON 17:07
      for DS Dins P Relations $, ada?

      OK really if $ working for politics
      ( but absolutely no slander)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah

    3. 17:07,

      fully agree with you. it's not a minor is basically a very specific allegation (down to dollars and cents) that public money was stolen.

      any decent leader would immediately hire the best lawyers and sue.

      why didn't Pandi send his so-called "proof" to the various countries? then us, swiss, s'pore etc would drop their cases and apologise.


      The facts alleged are backed with solid proof and najib cannot "fix" it like he can here.

      Simple as that.

    4. 18:37,

      HA HA, what a moronic response.

      How much $ did it take to buy over the Swiss A-G, the Singapore MAS, the WSJ, the NYT, 50 international papers, TS Ambrin Buang, the DOJ, the Seychelles, the UAE?

      Do tell us.

      Komplot Yahudi ke, makcik? Ambrin Buang is Yahudi ke? Are the people above all Jewish?

      Your paymaster spent US$77 million to pay Jewish APCO for "image campaign", why not spend the same to sue all these people?

      Ha ha ha...the answer is clear.

    5. Anonymous 9 December 2016 at 21:19,

      Well the answer of why there's no legal action is quite simply that it's impossible that 3 of the most financially sophisticated nations in the world, after collecting forensic evidence for more than a year, are wrong about their conclusions.

      The evidence in the Singapore courts is merely confirming the fine details.

      No, Najib dares not take action. He cannot silence or buy people overseas like he can here.

      That in simple terms is why.


    6. My comment was following this thread on slander, Sdr ANON 21:19
      and OK, image/ political campaign is a separate issue which you apparently revel in

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Mmg lah dia x berani nak saman tikus lah. Korupsi malaysia lebih teruk dari jiran tetangga...berbillion. Najib sama je standard/lebih teruk dari marcos dan suharto. Keluarga bangsawan, pahlawan taik kucing...bagaimana agaknya sejarah malaysia akan ditulis lepas ni? Najib bapa penyamun...atau bapa klepet?

    8. 19:35,

      Ko tanya kenapa Pandi x hantar bukti utk "clear" nama Najib? Bukti apa pulak?

      Di Amerika DOJ (Department of Justice) telah menyatakan penyiasatan mereka telah menunjukkan Rakyat Malaysia telah ditipu dan khazanah negara disonglap olen perompak2 ini pada skala 'Mega' (monumental scale).

      Dan objektif mereka adalah untuk menyita segala aset yg diperolehi secara haram ini, dan akhirnya dipulangkan kpd rakyat Malaysia, kerana ianya hak milik rakyat, seperti yg sepatutnya.

      Di manakah maruah, tanggungjawab dan amanah penguatkuasa undang2 dan agensi yg bertanggungjawab di "negara Islam" Malaysia ini?

      Nampaknya org kafir yg x suka kemungkaran, berbanding dgn 'law enforcement' di Malaysia ("negara Islam" konon) yg selamba jer buat kaber-up. Nih lah yg x masuk akal.

  16. Lain dari 1MDB tak ada topik lain ke.I have been saying this so many times before.You can never win the next GE by harping on 1MDB issue only.1MDB issue is so complicated to average man on the street.Furthermore,1MDB issue are not really convincing when you take into account people like Justo in the storyline.
    As the saying goes, there are 3 types of voters.The first type is those who vote with their stomach.If you can fill their stomach you will get their votes.Hence the 'dedak' term.
    The second type of voters are those who vote with their head.The guys who vote with their heads are not easy to please.
    Unfotunately (or fortunately for our PM) those who vote withe their stomachs far outnumber those who vote with their heads.
    The third category of voters are those who have the brain but choose to vote otherwise to fill their stomachs.Hence the term'cronies'

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Anonymous9 December 2016 at 20:54

      I would agree with most of your points. But 1MDB is not a 'created issue'. And it's not an 'election issue' either. It's a national problem and a shame for a Muslim nation to bear this corruption. The effects on us will outlast GE14.

      'Unfortunately (or fortunately for our PM) those who vote withe their stomachs far outnumber those who vote with their heads.'...yes, perhaps. But we cannot for that reason give up. It is not the theft of money that is worst thing Najib did, it is the subsequent actions. The rule of law is broken, and that endangers us all.

      PS: 'Furthermore,1MDB issue are not really convincing when you take into account people like Justo in the storyline.' Justo is irrelevant. The RPK spin (now discredited) was that Justo 'forged' documents. The Justo part of the 1MDB trail was verified independently by BNM, hence PAC Chairman was told to delete the evidence from final report. It has been verified by international agencies also. Justo is not relevant or involved in most of the 1MDB transactions, only in PSI. The DOJ report gives a good overview. But for the record, just PSI alone was US$700 million of our money stolen. We can either sit back and just accept it, or fight for justice. The road is not an easy one.


    2. The battleground has become racial according to Sin Chew, Sdr Kangkong
      and added with BR1M, that will deliver GE14 to UMNO with Sabah and Sarawak Bumi coalition
      ( BR1M, dedak or welfare?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. I like the medical analogy. Indeed the kuman has gone into the bloodstream. Sepsis.

      Here is the full comment extracted from

      "Naj 12:49 PM
      Saudara Waghih,

      Isu USD700mil masuk akaun peribadi ni didokumentasi dengan baik, Sarawak Report lapor kata masuk akaun peribadi, pejabat "pemimpin" kata tidak. Kemudian WSJ lapor benda yang sama, "pemimpin" kata nak saman. Kemudian "pemimpin" kata "tak guna untuk tujuan peribadi". Kemudian, "itu derma". Dan perincian (detail) berkenaan derma juga berubah-ubah; sama ada tentang penderma atau tujuan derma.

      Jadi isu USD700mil ni saja dah nampak begitu banyak membohong dan berubah-ubah jawapannya. Kata nak saman pun tak saman (inipun bohong juga). Panggillah nak panggil apa pun kalau tak nak panggil kleptokrasi; apa yang terlihat ialah sama ada ketidakjujuran, atau lemah tak berani nak ambil tindakan (kalau ada isu pencemaran nama (defame) oleh WSJ), dan/atau lain2 perkara yang menampakkan "pemimpin" ni sama ada tak kompeten atau tak boleh dipercayai atau lain2 kombinasi yang melemahkan organisasi "pembela" yang kamu sayang tu.

      Asalnya perkara ni ialah berkenaan "potong buang" entiti yang melemahkan organisasi; takde isu pun nak guling kerajaan, merosakkan saf, atau apa2 lagi istilah yang dah digunapakai. Ini lumrah; kalau ada bahagian lemah dalam badan dan boleh melemah/lumpuhkan satu badan, doktor akan potong buang bahagian tersebut. Masalah di sini ialah bila bahagian bermasalah ni mempengaruhi bahagian lain melalui apa cara sekalipun supaya kekal berada (malah berkuasa) di dalam badan. Akhirnya kita nampak semakin banyak bahagian yang rosak dalam jasad terbabit.

      Rapatkan saf, kukuhkan ukhwah, atur strategi dan buanglah entiti2 bermasalah."

    4. 'Rapatkan saf, kukuhkan ukhwah, atur strategi dan buanglah entiti2 bermasalah." Yes...the sepsis of Umno has infected and weakened the whole country.

    5. But what can we use as antibiotic?

    6. 20:54 said:

      "Unfotunately (or fortunately for our PM) those who vote withe their stomachs far outnumber those who vote with their heads."

      Sounds to me we are still at the level of trying to fulfill our basic life needs. Underdevelop verging on developing.

    7. 13:28

      Combo of. Brain. Educating the Mass. Upholding Truth. Facts and Figures. Palatable Options.

  17. Good Saturday Morning. Sharing a different kind of first lady.

  18. UMNO appear not to care how ridiculous they look hurling accusations at others for things they themselves are plainly culpable.

    It is UMNO who are hiding the identity of their donor, whom they claim is a “Sheikh”, but whom they refuse to name.

    If NGOs must reveal the names of their donors, why not UMNO?

    In UMNO’s case it is because the party is lying and the money is actually stolen from the Malaysian people and from pension funds and it has been spent not on good works pursuing democratic principles, but on handbags, bribes and anti-aging treatments.

    Nur Jazlan knows this perfectly well and it is why he was booted ‘upstairs’ out of the Public Accounts Committee. Sadly, everyone is now wondering what was his price and why he now seems to care little for the future of his country by helping drag it down to a moronic dictatorship under Najib?

    1. 'If NGOs must reveal the names of their donors, why not UMNO?'...because the "donor" is the diverted 1MDB bond money from 2013.

      The "Fake Sheikh" donation letter is a cut & paste of an almost exactly same letter Jho Low used to transfer stolen assets to Riza and the 2 Arabs.


  19. Actually....sad fact...Malaysia has gone overboard, now sinking fast : (

  20. Kangkung , if you so confident that dedak will help BN to win PRU14 than why don't Najib call the election immediately.
    Ada berani? No . He dares not to call election. You can see from last '. royal snub'.
    Dia cuba guna semangat Melayu dan Islam semasa PAU and Perhimpunan Rohingya tapi outcome not encouraging. He went to lowest level telling malay, Sultan tak suka Tun M.

    1. Why should our PM call an early election?The mandate runs until 2018.
      The opposition are the one who are really scared of the possibility of early election.Remember the DAP call for early state election in Penang when LGE was charged with corruption.What happen to that call?
      From what I heard, PKR are not too keen on having separate election for state and Parliament as they fear PKR might be losing more seats to Pas.
      Sapa yang takut sekarant ni?pembangkang atau kerajaan?

      Prof Kangkung


    2. Q: Is there really toughest opposition(s) Sdr ANON 20:43
      that can wait until 2018. UMNO got the government to run
      and PAS the Syaria Bill to pass

      Don't know who, YAB Tuns irritation?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Sultan Sultan especially Sultan Johor dan Kelantan memang tak suka Mahathir. It is the prerogative of the new Agong who is also Sultan Kelantan to cancel the invitations that have been extended to Mahathir and his wife. After all it is his coronation. Annuar Musa's invitation also got cancelled, tak melatah pun. To Mahathir, every single thing has become a big issue because he has left with no other reasons to oust Najib. All his attempts have failed big time! He has to accept that Allah is not with him and it is time for him to repent.

  21. Dear Annie, tells the high up. The story that your friend was telling was about the whatsapp group amongst UMNO members. That is the sentiment on the ground. So benci sampai sembang Quran, teringat Firaun dan teringat DS ...... What more amongst whatsapp group yg bukan ahli UMNO.

  22. Ciri-ciri Pejuang Bebal. Berdasarkan pemikiran Almarhum Dr Syed Hussein Al Attas.