Tuesday 13 December 2016

MRT better than KLCC

Sometimes I really don't understand why the defenders of DS Najib Razak have to resort to whacking Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in defence of the prime minister.

I don't believe that whacking the handsome old man helps Najib, especially when the whacking went overboard.

This only make a lot of people pity the 91 year old statesman.

Whacking Dr Mahathir was exactly the tactic used by the people of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in the runs up to the 2008 general election.

It simply didn't work.

In fact, it backfired.

I really sometimes wonder why they never learn from that.

Whacking your enemy in cyberspace feels good, but that's only as far as ego was concerned.

That's all.

I think a better way for Najib's defenders to win the fight in cyberspace is by highlighting the prime minister's achievements which surpassed that of Dr Mahathir's.

I'm sure that there are many things that Najib did which are arguably better than what had been done by Dr Mahathir during his 22 years as prime minister.

Paused a bit and think, okay.

Don't simply assume there's none.

Okay, let me give an example.

The soon to be operational Mass Rapid Transport system is one of them.

Just read this story, okay,

MRT projects 160,000 cars less after SBK line operational

Imagine this - much less congested roads in KL.

I'm sure that will make life better for a lot of people.

KL will soon catch up with Singapore, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and other major sophisticated capitals in term of public transport system.

Isn't that better than the KLCC Twin Towers, KL Tower, and all the other landmarks built during Dr Mahathir's time in the federal capital?

Seriously, defenders of Najib should highlight these sorts of achievements rather than wasting their energy trying to run down Dr Mahathir.

And the nicer the way they do it, the better the impact would be among the people.

They need to say it as a matter of fact, rather than trying to show off or being boastful.

Be nice about it.

People like nice people.

They should try saying it like this:

"See, Najib's MRT actually helps make life better for the ordinary people in KL.

"Dr Mahathir's KLCC Twin Towers don't.

"We are talking about direct benefits here, okay."

Simple isn't it.

People will likely say, "Oh, ya lah, less jam now, easier to move around, okay lah true also."

And if want to add, can say la "Hey, where got Najib steal all that money. See, he got the changgih MRT built what. If Najib is really bad, he would had stolen the MRT money and buy Rosmah more handbags with it, isn't it?"

Make sense, isn't it?

Really, I think that's better than going around calling Dr Mahathir names or writing long winded sophisticated thesis on 1MDB in support of Najib which people can't be bothered to read.

You go around saying Dr Mahathir is a senile old man, and people will likely cringe.

That's because they know Dr Mahathir is not senile.

They will likely instead see you as kurang ajar (ill mannered) for saying that about an old man.

Seriously, it's better to highlight the good of Najib rather than the bad of Dr Mahathir.

And please do it without sounding trying to ampu and bodek. That only put off people, okay.

Be sincere.

People want to hear good things for a change these days.

They are fed up with the fightings and all the bad talks.

Hey, on the other side, do you think everyone really like it the way they whacked Najib upside down like that?

It's the same the other way around also.

Everyone tired of the whacking.

At least that's how I see it.

Think about it, okay.


  1. MRT vs Twin Tower.... the needs at different time. No need to compare. Both are equally good.

    But stealing money from rakyat is not something to proud of and MUST be punish... not to support. It automatically show how bad UMNO is. Supporting the leader who damage country image.

    1. Correct.

      Better to have Rule Of Law than songlap from 1mdb and src for personal luxuries.

      Bila nak saman WSJ?


    2. Tuesday...

      Macam Wimpy in Popeye, always promising "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

      Same "sincere" promises

    3. in nation building, part of the values includes patriotisme. hence the building of national icons which contributes enhancement of this value. during his time, TDM did this so that our rakyat will be patriotic to the country. imagine going overseas and people asked where are you from. instead of saying Malaysia, we asked them "do you know Twin Tower?" and the answer will be = definitely Kuala Lumpur.

      and add that to Sepang F1 which is watched by millions of people everywhere in the world where the broadcast can be reached.

      - Hantu Siber -

  2. Annie: "And if want to add, can say la "Hey, where got Najib steal all that money. See, he got the changgih MRT built what. If Najib is really bad, he would had stolen the MRT money and buy Rosmah more handbags with it, isn't it?""

    Sometimes I wonder where you are leading Annie. Between Kakak Cantik and Handsome Old Man. Personally. Saya kasihan dengan Kakak Cantik. And a lot of respect for the Handsome Old Man.

    I hope Grandfather is fine.

    May Allah Ta'ala guide us all.

    1. How do you know he didnt steal the MRT money?
      Where he got the money to but all the berkins?
      How to pay 1mdb debt?
      Didnt mention in the budget


    2. Aiyaa !, Annie manyak pandei itu sindir maa aa !.

  3. Mahathir only built KLCC and KL Tower throughout his 22 years in office? Then when were LRT, ERL, Monorel built? During Tunku's time?

    1. Brilliant answer!

    2. Annie, sometimes you also a little bullshitter do-gooder....

    3. Mahatir didn't av a good tym in Port Dickson.. Najib did.. huhuhu..

  4. 'KL will soon catch up with Singapore, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and other major sophisticated capitals in term of public transport system.

    Isn't that better than the KLCC Twin Tower, KL Tower, and all the other landmarks built during Dr Mahathir's time in the federal capital?'

    Neither here nor there.

    The MRT is a public project from public funds.

    So were Dr M's.

    Big deal. So what?

    We don't measure leadership by structures, lah.

    How naive.

    There are deeper things to leadership than just spending money.

    Not stealing, for one thing.

    How's the progress on TRX? Zero. The money is gone. How's Bandar Malaysia, also a "landmark" that was created by selling Malay land to China after 2 worthless re-evaluations?

    Should I kiss the Bugis pirate's feet for BR1M? That costs the public 3 billion a year. But the money is ours. Same as MRT money. Same as Tugu park money. Same as double-priced ECRL project to fill 1MDB hole.

    It's all our money.

    Leaders either steal it, misuse it, or use it well.

    It's all our money.

    Not from their personal generosity.

    1. And let's not forget that the LRT and Monorail and KLIA train (and KLIA) carry a lot, lot more public than the MRT.

      Now, whose idea was all that?

      Whoops...Tun Dr M...hehehe so much for the logic of Najib is good because of MRT : )

    2. TRX is underground city that is why theres no development on the ground.

      I just wonder how they gonna dug a limestone earth without affecting any building surrounds it.

    3. When the D.O.J. comes a-rolling in then jibby gonna be chicken fried... cuckookoo


      Long live the Rakyat!

  5. Annie,

    Some Melayu Islam are too stupid so they fail to see that in fact, Najib is the most notable Islamic Warrior of modern time, having caused the Rothschilds to quit their positions in 'their' own bank, shutting their banking operations etc..

    And his 1MDB is creating havoc to the Yahudi's kapir banking system the world over. People are going to jail and more will be going too, but look at Najib, the smile, the calmness, truly magnanimous like you said.

    Who else but Najib yang paling disegani oleh Yahudi, the archenemy of Islam.

    Illuminati, what illuminati? Najib will come to you.

    Truly Melayu Glokal, truly Generasi Ulul Al Bab.

    1. Ha ha, good one...and Goldman Sachs also wish they has never been mixed up.

      Tapi the UAE was the main victim of Phase 2 (fake Aabar)...now ECRL mark-up used to pay off.

      "gali lubang, tutup lubang"...

    2. Don't be gullible guys...jibby belongs to them underworld elitist club members (toa pai kia)

    3. Notable islamic warrior?

      I think "notable donation collector" is what u meant

  6. This statement wins ... "I'm sure that there are many things that Najib did which are arguably better than what had been done by Dr Mahathir during his 22 years as prime minister. Pause a bit and think, okay. Don't simply assume there's none. Okay, let me give an example."

    1. Tun never played golf with Obama and went to Chanel boutique with SRC credit card while people were dying in floods in kelantan.

      Najib 1, Tun 0.

    2. Tun never raised 2.6B from Arab Prince to put in his bank.

      Najib 2, Tun 0

    3. Tun married Tun Siti, who was never caught banking RM 2 million over the counter into Affin Bank or spending public money on Jewellery, Private Jets and Film Lucah Grant for her Boiboi.

      Najib 3, Tun 0

    4. Tun arrested far less politicians under ISA compared to bibirpink songlap king under Sedition Act, MCMC Act, Sos-Rosmah Act, etc etc etc.

      Najib 3, Tun 0

    5. Tun not under investigation in 7 countries for stealing public funds and mentioned 36 times by DOJ

      Najib 4, Tun 0

      Phulamak...kesian Tun, kalah teruk la nih!

    6. 'Film Lucah Grant' LOL...brother of Hugh Grant kah?

    7. 'Tun not under investigation in 7 countries for stealing public funds and mentioned 36 times by DOJ'. Ye la tu...'elephant in the room' yg blom selesai lagi.

      Harap penyokong PAS dapat update Hj Hadi mengenai perjalanan kes ini, kerana kebelakangan ini dia kelihatan begitu "miang" sekali dengan Hj Najib dan UMNO. Semoga fakta kes ini dapat membuka minda bagi meraih kesedaran Hj Hadi dan kalangan kepimpinan PAS. Jangan kerana dendam, nafsu dan ego menutup segala pertimbangan dalam memilih kumpulan untuk menghadapi pilihanraya. Penyokong PAS perlu memilih untuk berada di saf depan bagi memperjuangkan nasib rakyat. Golongan yang membawa PAS kebelakang perlu ditinggalkan kerana mereka berjuang demi kepentingan diri dengan menjadikan agama sebagai pendinding untuk menutup hasrat tersembunyi.

    8. Lucah Grant...ha ha yep could be Hugh's brother...

    9. 'Tun married Tun Siti, who was never caught banking RM 2 million over the counter into Affin Bank'.....yeah so what happened to that case? The old MACC said they had all the evidence on that one.

      I pity TS Kassim, I think he really did try and solve the scandal fairly and by the book. And the MACC did recommend prosecuting Najib before they were told by Pandi to drop the case. They wanted to appeal, remember?

  7. LOL Annie... MRT pun idea zaman Tun M..

  8. 09:19

    "We don't measure leadership by structures, lah."


  9. Sejak dari dulu lagi, banyak idea2 yg telahpun direalisasikan dalam mengatasi masalah kesesakkan..namun hakikatnya, tak pernahpun dengar ibu kota tak pernah jem! Jalan clearpun masa cuti2 perayaan je. Dah jadi trend..kalau nak buat projek baru, syaratnya kena la cakap "dapat kurangkan kesesakan...bla.bla.bla.bla..." tq

  10. Immature childish and short sighted politics, do we measure our leaders by their mega projects where billions are spent and made, any Mother's spoiled brat can do that, 1 leader got it right when he said what is the point of having first world structures but a third world mentality, we have neglected in nurturing a civil society where differing views and opinions are welcomed instead of being harassed and incarcerated

    1. University dropouts (aka Nottingham fail case) are not supposed to be cabinet ministers. We Malays got to get over this bangsatwan mindset of family entitlement.

  11. Whether Najib or his goon squad whack Mahathir or not many
    will still believes that Mahathir is doing the right thing
    and Najib still has alot to answer for the 1MDB fiasco.

    Annie...your spin doesn't work again. Try harder!

    1. 'Najib still has a lot to answer for the 1MDB fiasco'...hmmmm, bila dia nak jawab plak?

      Dr Jomo kata keadaan ekonomi Msia jatuh antaranya disebabkan 1MDB.

      1MDB siapa yg kemudinya?

      Si tahi cicak la jawapannya.

      Lihat saja dari lembaga pengarahnya..siapa pengerusinya?

      Lihat siapa presidennya?

      Lihat pula siapa penasihatnya?

      Tahi2 cicak la.

      "Nobody is responsible"???

      Inilah nasib rakyat Malaysia...sedihnya...

  12. Annie you're truly an educator..Just like your profile says...

    1. The best comment ever.

      If u think annie is your educator, then it was mahathir and all his predecessors mistake failed to create decent education system.

      We may postpone TN 2050 to the next millenium

  13. Do read Jebat's latest post --- "Kerajaan Pencuri"


    Najib 2.6B, Tun 0

  14. Najib is a warrior.Tun M is a warrior too.Both have their own strengths and weaknesses.
    Tun M is a kung fu fighter whereas Najib is a Tai Chi master.
    If I have to pick the winner in the duel of the century I would pick Najib for the fact that he is younger and as the head of the government he has so many weapons as his disposal

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Could be true. But if Najib wins, country loses. We are losing already, in fact...

  15. Hi Annie......guess you just could not deliver what was in your mind.In the end, the topic has attracted lots of ridicule.Never mind.Sometimes we win, other times we lose.

    You should have made an attempt to write about a new sensation
    that has taken our nation by storm. Yes, our colourful Rani Kulop has somewhat, taken the shine off Harith Iskandar.

    Following his recent statement of just having slapped a tiger,ability to reach Mynamar within seconds and strong warning to Aung San Su Syi , the Mynamar military has started looking for pet tiger cubs.
    This is to allow Aung San Su Syi to send these tiger cubs to meet up with Rani Kulop, if and when he turns up in Mynamar.

    Again, following Rani Kulop's brave boast of having just slapped a tiger, aroused the attention of the World Wildlife Foundation.They have successfully identified the tiger that faced the wrath of Rani Kulop.

    The tiger has been confirmed to be very old , unable to walk,both eyes blinded and many teeth having dropped off.

    WWF also reported that the vet who took care of the sick tiger is an old acquaintance of Rani Kulop and no element of animal torture was incurred during the slapping session.

    WWF is looking forward to visit Malaysia and shall be meeting with the fearsome Rani Kulop to award him a bowling ball
    as a gesture of recognition for his extra curricular activities.

    Kalah Harith Iskandar.

    1. Still waiting for Rani Kulop to appear on white horse...but he should just straight join the Village People and sing "YMCA".....


      Kipidap, dongibab, yukenduit beb!

  16. najib razak could have done a whole lot better had he not been asociated with many number of scandalous matters. Being actually charged or not is a separate issue. he is the country official number 1. He makes the calls to what must happen and what need not happen much like what the good Doctor In The House had made many many many calls during his 22 years driving the Malaysia forward. Not that this good doctor was not faced with problems. To begin with he was very much disliked by many segments of Malaysian society. He was a Malay ultra which the non-Malays despised. Even many Malays did not like him for he still has "2 camca darah Kerala" in him. He was the 1st Malaysian Prime Minister to have been call unpleasant names. But this did not stop him from driving forward.

    najib razak inherited the great Tun Razak legacy at an early age. We all had honestly thought this najib could make a great prime minister for us after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi failed to fill the shoes. But this lousy Malaysian politics is umno centered and every other issue since the good Doctor relinquished his power has not failed to associate with umno. Not even many Malays are extremely sickened by what goes on in umno.

    The whackings on and by both sides today, who has given it a beginning ? Would it not be the presently serving jail term ex DPM ? From that beginning we are having to stomach all these whackings until today..yes it has been this long. Our children grow up with this type of gutter politics. Kesian dia orang ni..disewelkan dengan politik kangkung oleh manusia yang sepatutnya dibayar elaun untuk berbahas di Parlimen perkara perkara yang memberi faedah kepada Malaysia dan rakyat nya.

    Dr.Mahathir has begun to provide Malaysia with what Malaysia needed since the day he was appointed Menteri Pelajaran in 1974 - educated workforce. And he has been writing to to make the Malays aware of their potential had they left their feud-alistic view of life behind them since his student days. He has given more than 70 years of his life to see the the Malays speficially and Malaysia in general to achieve progress. Now who else in Malaysia has done this tirelessly ?

    No matter how this Grand Old Man is whacked from every direction, we cannot possibly erase what he has done for his beloved country of birth.

    Can we say the same of najib razak, Annie ?

    Yes we are all sickened by najib' way of running the government. We want him to drop dead - yes as harsh as it sounds !

    najib razak has any achievement we can be proud of ? Does he have any ? We are sliding into an economic abyss today ! Is this something that we ought to be proud of ?

    He has brought for all to see the ugly side of the Malays in the form of jamal jamban and pendekar pasir salak into center stage. Don't forget he wants to make us all dedak reliant. Just why ?

    1. In fact we can say it's the moral degradation of Umno that has caused the party mission (and hence the country) to go off the rails.

      During zaman TAR, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, at least leaders were oriented to service and not $$$$$$. A bit of the materialism is lagacy of Tun era, we have to admit.

      But patronage (a.k.a. dedak culture) really has reached maximum under Najib.

      The most sickening thing is, the MTU and KBU are fully aware of what has been stolen from the rakyat....and they really do not care.

      During zaman TAR, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, I do believe that civil service would not have allowed the kind of cover-up that Najib has done.

    2. Anonymous13 December 2016 at 18:59,

      Actually we can also say that MACC, BNM and former A-G tried to take action, before all the sabotage began which is co-ordinated from PMO. Who gave the orders for arrests and transfers of MACC and SB? No prizes, but PS it was the female half behind it.......

    3. The female half is the problem. Pure evil. Tengok muka dah tahu beb. Scary.

    4. She carry on play around with bomoh2 some more and she'll become a thoroughbred witch...which is akan datang soon.

  17. Najib created the draconian SOSMA whereas Tun only went on with legacy ISA
    Najib 5 Tun 0

  18. Dr M foresight

    Industrial revolution for Malaysia

    Penang bridge




    Air Asia

    Twin towers

    A strong Petronas with interest worldwide and backbone of national Budget and development


    Development of KlL to an international city

    Internet revolution and no internet restrictions

    Stability for the ringgit as a respected currency

    Intergrated rail transport in Klang valley commuter , LRT , monorail

    Railway double tracking sand electrifying the railway network

    North south highway

    Tourist spots like to Iman and Langkawi duty free islands

    Increase quality roads by 100% dual carriage inter city highways yes till ones but if you want fast then need to pay to use nothing is free

    Sepang track

    Langkawi LIMA

    Various universities private and government

    Maths and science subjects in English

    No red shirts to bully people

    No need of Bersih

    Respect respect

    And so in and on

    1. Yes during Tun time a AG , IGP , head of civil servant and governor of BNN where just that

      But now under Najib they are Politicians

    2. There is KBU Bkt Aman, KBU AG Chambers, KBU EC Offices, KBU Parliament Speaker's Chair, etc etc.

      So the guilty can escape justice.

  19. I suspect Annie you have switch sides and tell tell sign when you said compare Tun's and Najib's achievements as Tun archive Alor where else Najib achieve none but roll back development of the country's hardware and human resources

    Thank you Annie for been honest in asking what Tun did and what Najib did or did not

  20. 160 000 less Drivers after the MRT becomes operational , is this a desktop in house survey or assumption by our brilliant read your mind planners. Have anybody done a physical sample survey among the regular Drivers or again doing mind reading of Drivers like Professor X of X-men . Knowing malaysia Drivers love to drive and are there 160 000 car park lots available at the MRT stations and free parking along the MRT route for Drivers to park cars and take rides on the trains . Car park charges for whole day comes more than the petrol and toll charges. Have car got glamour and rid MRT look like Foreign labour no standard .

    1. Exactly!

      More hot air from the "geniuses" of the Songlap King.

  21. Borrowing more than 100billion for development is sheer stupidity of highest level.They know that they will never paying or paying less than 5% the loan during their reign.Its definitely will go to the next generation which need to pay the taiks they left behind.

    1. Debt for each citizen 3,333 wow such much Dept without even having a say in these projects

  22. dulu masa nak buat lebuhraya utara selatan pun ramai yang kritik Tun M.nak buat putrajaya,KLIA pun ramai yg kritik Tun M.Now the very same people atau mungkin anak cucuc dia puji Tun M.
    Thats what I call hypocrisy at the highest level

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Not really. In fact they are completely disconnected things. Structures built by Dr M (I don't recall complaints, actually) vs. people supporting his current bid to get rid of Najib is not comparing apples to apples. The need to remove the Bugis Songlap King is not about structures, past or present. And I guess simple fact is, people who lived thru both eras can see Najib is far, far, worse - worst PM ever, in fact. So by comparison, Tun (not perfect) is remembered more fondly. Nothing to do with KLIA or Putrajaya buildings at all. That is a completely separate issue.

    2. Prof Kangkung,

      Kalau dulu rakyat kritik Tun M buat projek projek tu tapi sekarang puji dia, at most that's lack of foresight and now credit must be given to where it's due. That's not hypocrisy.

      But the entire BN including UMNO then bukan main puji Tun M lagi, but now they attack Tun M and the language they used to slander Tun M, when they used to be the moving force behind Tun M's usaha, now that's hypocrisy.

      But that hypocrisy is nothing compared to the muslims. They berzina while Allah prohibits them from illicit sex, they steal when there's clear prohibition in the Al Quran, they amassed wealth through corruption and passing down their haram wealth to their next generations jadi daging darah anak cucu while in the same time takut nak makan dalam kedai mamak sebab syak ada benda haram, they kutuk yahudi and the westerners imagining that they want to jahanamkan islam while in the same time buying properties in western countries and migrating there for better life and health benefits. There are many more examples and in everyone's heart the Muslims are synonym to hypocrisy.

      Pernah berdakwah, Prof Kangkung? Pernah bawa orang masuk islam sebab 'keindahan'(?) huhu Islam?

      But the hypocrisy of muslims is nothing compare to orang Melayu. Kata dirinya bumiputra, nak tanam pisang sekalipun harapkan orang indon, kata tak nak jadi hamba dalam negara sendiri, lelong tanah kat orang asing tak cukup lagi ambik la IC sekali, kata amal makruf nahi mungkar, menyokong Najib dan memanggilnya kurniaan Tuhan Semesta Alam.

      Now, that's hypocrisy of the highest order.

    3. Anonymous 14 December 2016 at 09:01
      You are completely right. Orang Melayu dah sesat jalan. But how to solve. Too far...

  23. Tun had to build twin towers KLIA LRT north south highways proton because these involved transfer of technology for Malaysian companies to capatize and build better buildings highways and to get into automotive manufacturing and for local and export market same with internet and all the other projects under Tun to advance our industries

    1. Tun build that is not for free.

  24. Najib created high paying Pemandu to replicate EPU's work to transform nation of BRIM and Graduate Uber drivers.
    Tun only stick to EPU to transform Malaysia from agriculture to industrial based nation.
    Najib 6 , Tun 0

    1. Najib paid a combined total of millions ringgit to RPK and LSS to make him smell like roses.

      Najib 7 Tun 0

    2. Najib paid 7 billion to a bunch of con-sultans and mat sallehs in order to generate meaningless acronyms like ETP, GTP and C.U.R.I W.A.N.G.

      Tun never hired a foreign con-sultan. Yet got results from local talents.

      Najib 7 billion, Tun 0

  25. Hi Annie,

    I have an important message to pass to someone I believe you have access to. I have no way of getting it through myself or through any of my friends. That's why I'm turning to you, whom I believe is honest and not selfish.

    It is not political, has nothing to do with 1mdb or anything scandalous. Instead, it has alot to do with the youth of this country and their future.

    If you like to help, please post you email on your blog near the drawing of yourself for say 24 hours. I will then email the message to you. After you've read it, you decide whether you'll want to pass it through.

    Thanks. Hope to see your email address soon.

    Please do not email me as I wont be able to be sure that it is really you.

    Best Regards,


  26. When you harp on Najib's MRT success can only mean

    M Mad R Racial T Trouble as it cannot be the MRT of the transport system as that was started by Tun only the other MRT which I mention was created by Najib way back in 1980's at the infamous kris waving racial hantered speech as UMNO youth leader which culminated with operations Lalang

    So proud and you too

  27. THE LIES OF THE BUGIS CROOK.....watch and enjoy.


  28. Annie,

    Ngko tulis artikel ni masa mengigau mamai bangun tido ker??!!..err..have you ever heard the word 'good governance' before?

    ps:nak bodek najib pun jgn la smpi level mad maselan

  29. stakat ni posting paling bodoh from u annie....nasib baik la u ni comel annie....