Saturday 17 December 2016

FD Iskandar's trump card

Got a call from a friend who is with the PMO yesterday morning.

The guy was asking me what the hell was this last posting of mine was all about,

Me : I'm not really sure la Datuk. I just picked up what RPK had written.

PMO friend : Hey, that FD Iskandar guy is not as bad as what RPK wrote about him. Why did  RPK write all that nonsense about him? Come on. Tell me what you know.

Me. Really. I don't exactly know what it was all about. You are in PMO Datuk. You should know.better than me.

PMO friend : Don't irritate me by saying that. Tell me what you know.

So, I apologised to my friend for irritating him and told him what I think it was all about.

Of course, I first cautioned him that it was just my personal theory based on what I heard from other people.

1. Media Prima is in difficulties. TV ratings are down, newspapers circulation very bad. All likely due to serious credibility issues, and of course competition from new technologies - the smartphone era where news are at the fingertips.
2. FD Iskandar as group chairman felt he needs to do something to arrest the decline. The first sensible thing that he could think of was to change the way things were being done and this requires the change of people in charge of the TV stations and newspapers.
3. FD Iskandar's initial moves to initiate the change sparked the war. He is encroaching into other people's territory.
4. Those he intended to replace to enable the change are serving the interests of someone else who acts all these while as their "controller". This is the person everyone said to be Habibur Rahman. I'm not even sure what he looks like but I was told that he is close to PM DS Najib Razak.
5. So the fight back begins.
6. RPK as everyone can see is siding with those fighting against FD Iskandar. Thus those angry articles about the Media Prima chairman posted at his website.
7. I think the outcome of this fight will determine how BN will conduct its defense for the next general election.
8. I believe that if FD Iskandar wins, BN campaign method will be more refined and subtle than what it is now. Definitely no more interviews with Tunku Aziz on Buletin Utama.

Well, again, that's just my theory.

Another friend later in the night asked me who did I think will win the fight.

I said FD Iskandar was likely to lose if it is true that he is up against Habibur Rahman because everyone said that Habibur is very close to the PM.

"Not necessarily," said my friend. "FD Iskandar can still win because he has a trump card".

My friend, who is quite in the know about all these things told me what is the FD Iskandar's trump card and I believe him.

It's a powerful trump card indeed. Almost as powerful as Donald Trump :)

Nonetheless. I'm not going to tell you all what it is as I don't want to spoil the suspense for those who are interested in this fight :)

Sorry ya.

Let them find out about it themselves and get shocked.

Still, I think this is going to be quite a balanced fight. Can go either way,

Well guys, relax, okay. This is Saturday.

I need to get ready to go out now.

A cousin is getting engaged today. Ceremony in Putrajaya. Going there.



  1. They are supposed to fight those from the other side of the fence.Now they are fighting with each other.

    I have several years left of my service in a university.After retirement I would like to be a cyber trooper.May be I need a very good paymaster.haha

    Prof Kangkung

  2. Annie, you'll be happy to know that Rojak P*** Dedakmudin is still harping on this silly subject.

    So funny, right.

    One unprincipled whore with our taxpayer money shoved down the front of his spenda by Bik Mama and her pink jelly, barking like a poodle on behalf of another unprincipled whore.

    I guess he & Dungu Aziz deserve each other.

    Dance, Petra, dance!

    Good boy.

    Sit. Stay. Roll over.

    Good boy.


    1. Like I say, the insecurity of a very stupid man who thinks he's smart.

      Here's a sample:

      "Anyway, while on the subject of believe, many readers post comments saying they do not believe what I say and that at one time they used to but now they no longer do, and so on. That is actually quite understandable. If you have studied Philosophy of Religion and Political Philosophy, like I had a couple of years ago, you will know that this is quite a normal phenomena. Humans believe what they like to believe and will not believe what they don’t like to believe."


      Firstly, it's "subject of belief", not "subject of believe" and it's "a normal phenomenon", not "a normal phenomena".

      But it's just the shallowness that really kills it.

      Everything that fugitive prostitute writes starts off with some quasi-intellectual bullshit that makes no sense, then he'll lancap himself over his superior intelligence over his own readers, and then end with the same tired crap that he's recycled a hundred times.

      That's the formula.

      And the poor boy has to slavishly cut & paste everything S S Keruak writes, all the awful school-level logic, because Keruak is the head honcho whose shoes need to be licked by the dedak bloggers. Ha ha. Poor RPK. Swallowing back your own vomit just to get your monthly paycheck.


  3. 1. Media Prima is in difficulties. TV ratings are down, newspapers circulation very bad. All likely due to serious credibility issues, and of course competition from new technologies - the smartphone era where news are at the fingertips.

    2. FD Iskandar as group chairman felt he needs to do something to arrest the decline. The first sensible thing that he could think of was to change the way things were being done and this requires the change of people in charge of the TV stations and newspapers.

    - Why everyone seemed to beating themselves, banging their heads on the wall looking for solution? Everybody else knows by now the root cause of all the mess is HIM. Only HIM and none than HIM. With him still around. it'll weigh everyone and everything down just to defend him. It is so tiring and demoralising. I am suprise these people can go around and keep ignoring elephant in the room.
    The solution to the problem is so darn simple. It's no rocket science. Get rid of him and everything will be back to normal. Even Umno and BN will come out even stronger if he's no longer around. He's a massive liability for everyone to be associated with. The sooner those people realize this, the sooner the healing exercise to take place.

    1. 'The solution to the problem is so darn simple. It's no rocket science. Get rid of him and everything will be back to normal. Even Umno and BN will come out even stronger if he's no longer around. He's a massive liability for everyone to be associated with. The sooner those people realize this, the sooner the healing exercise to take place.'

      This is completely true.

      But to give the Bugis crook one bit of credit, he understands...

      "CASH IS KING"

      The Malaysian mentality is morally weak.

      Throw a few million here and there, they will sell their principles and their children's future in a split second.

  4. The 'trump card' must be some illicit sexual rendezvous... in Port Dickson.
    You know la.... UMNO-Najib. When you don't show loyalty and respect to their beleaguered President, your past sexual escapade will be exposed, no matter how long in history it had been. And if you're a lady, you might even be alleged of groping young boys.

  5. It's a powerful trump card indeed. Almost as powerful as Donald Trump :)

    Its been a long time since i rocked and rolled ...

  6. "The prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, is concerned about social ills involving the country’s youths, especially those branded as ‘Mat Rempit’.

    As such, she has set up a programme called ‘Perkasa Remaja’ after she felt “called” to approach this group.
    “I am concerned over social ills among youths especially those called ‘Mat Rempit’ who ride motorcycles without thinking about their own as well as others’ safety."

    These mat rempit will all compete for RM400 million to make soft porn films in the USA, plus free penthouses, as the first prize.

    "Share the goodness"!

  7. From "A Voice".....

    It is an open secret that NST, Utusan and TV3 had to take instruction from this administration’s version of Dato Kalimullah Hassan, the elusive Dato Habibur Rahman but quite a familiar figure to us [read here, here, and here among others].

    Kali is a media man but not Habibur. Neither does he come with any background in media or communication or advertising. Some say he is a black-op man.

    When did this former nestle Manager asked to leave for improper behaviour ever worked in Special Branch or “Research Department” or Millitary Intelligence?

    Supposed he was, how “intelligent” it is to use JMM or some other openly known and easy to figure out character as public face?

    The man is said to be a close friend and confidante of Najib. He was entrusted to help him face the barrage of attack from dissidents, within and without of UMNO. Said to be given ample resources and determine who gets coverage in the MSM.

    The main complain heard among pro-government activists involved at various level in fighting the campaign against Najib by dissidents is that Habibur is saving Najib at the expense of UMNO and government.


  8. After observing for quite a while and seeing what is happening to Najib, he should raise his hands and admit that his business guised as so-called black op and spinning failed miserably.

    There is even Minister following his story line. It only seemed to be working to a limited group of old school UMNO folks. Generally, it has backfired on government and Najib.

    His brutal method may be useful at winning seats within UMNO in losing constituency like Petaling Jaya Utara but it is not winning the public confidence and worsen Najib’s image. He lost the basic that government has to be factual. The fact will speak for itself, so no necessity to spin.

    When government spin, it will look like covering up and public is wiser to notice such “cheap trick”, especially when it is hardly sophisticated and quite noticeable.

    So much as chief defender of Najib. Some say the team is just reaping the benefit of the communication budget.

    And, that Mat Salleh Paul Stadlen is a problem too.

    Who does he think he is to boss around Ministers and trying to pick fight with everybody including friendly Saudi Arabia. He claimed to be professional serving the boss but he should know his station in life. He could neither speak nor understand Malay. Apart from his encounter with loose Malaysian women at wild parties, he hardly understand the Malaysian psyche.


    Semua syarikat pun ada masalah. Celcom pun sama. Ini trump card seseorang? Kita pun tak tahu. Trump card ni boleh jadi macam macam jenis.

    1. "I think the problem comes from chairman Jamal. Why he kept quiet when this foreigner was appointed? And why Axiata Board approved this appointment? Why Minister Salleh Keruak did not say a word? UMNO just said today they don’t want foreign intervention. Why get this German to intervene in a national GLC like Celcom? This is so contradicting!"

    2. GLCs in Malaysia are products of NEP. They are not meant for money making or wealth generating, at least that's not their main function and priority. They are for 'wealth redistribution' and thereby to promote the economy of the Bumiputras.

      So the setting up of GLCs is simple. Through monopolising certain businesses (such as beras, tepung, minyak, gula etc.), or bestowing special advantages through taxes, permits, duties etc., granting by way of gift government properties such as lands to corporatised bodies etc. etc..

      These GLCs need to be manned by people of choice for the powers that be. They have been chosen amongst three kinds of people: related to the Orangs Besar, Overseas graduates yang ada cable kuat, or picked from other existing government agencies / GLCs.

      But none of these people ever had to run their own businesses. They are sitting so high up they don't even know how to register a company at SSM. They choose their subordinates (if they are free to do so, of course) not because they want the company to grow (because that's not their own company)but because they want someone who would not threaten their position, would be subservient to them, and would not 'cakap banyak'.

      And if they are overseas graduate they would behave like orang puteh, feeling higher standard cakap orang puteh and using branded accessories. And, while they were in overseas they had told themselves they want to come back to change the Malay mindset. Some would come back wearing three-piece suit and having janggut, and they would carry with them very special blend of Islam and each of them would think that they are Sayyidina Omar r.a. of the modern days.

      And each of them, while own nothing in the GLCs, would run the GLCs macam bapak dia punya. And to their political masters they owe their unwavering duties, not to Allah SWT or to the Rakyat, the true owner of the public properties.

      So, when a foreigner is called in, some shit must have happened. Those manning GLCs are Biro Tata Negara trained and heavily indoctrinated lot. It is not that easy for a non-Malay to be called in to jaga GLC.

      Some masjids, for example, would have Cina to do renovation or other construction work for the bangunan masjid. If you don't know the story and you see the Cina Kapir dalam Masjid you nak sembahyang pun tak khusyuk. Then you pray for the kebinasaan to the AJKs Masjid. Then you found out the kontraktor asal Haji Z dah kencingkan amanah duit masjid kerja dah tiga tahun tak siap-siap. Maka Cina dipanggil sebab takde orang nak jawap di akhirat nanti, itu pun nasib baik Cina tu kasi siap kerja dulu duit nanti bayar.

      So, check first. Per-chance you may find out intriguing stories behind it.



  11. Can anyone here honestly say that they follow any of the Media Prima channels anymore? Heck, thanks to free HyppTV, I now watch Sgp's Channel News Asia & once in a while TV1 & TV2 news. Feel sad watching the rubbish malay drama shown on TV3 & there is hardly any good english series on media prima channels anymore. The only series worth watching is Brains China.

    1. I don't think you are their target audience. You seem like a scholarly, urban, sophisticated, english premier league watcher type individual . But ya, tv3 is still the number one channel in malaysia and 8tv hugely popular for their chinese content. Damn it, if more malaysians should be more like you, the world would be a better place.

  12. Bigger than FD vs keling battle:

    Lending credence to this is the rumor mill where down the grapevine it is Hishamuddin who has asked Zahid to step down, seemingly to make way for him to be the replacement deputy prime minister as he enjoys a cozy relationship with Najib by virtue of being related to him through a cousin’s relationship. Najib probably is of the view that blood is thicker than water.

    But Zahid has dug in deep and looks set to combat any move to oust him and this has invariably led to a division in UMNO where support is divided for Najib and Zahid. On the surface it looks as if all is well between the top two leaders of Malaysia but there are stirrings of discontent in the camps of these two men that is set to complicate the run up to the 14th general election.

    It was envisaged by Najib that with the dismissal of rebel, Muhyiddin Yassin, everything will be smooth sailing when Zahid was appointed the new deputy prime minister. But Zahid is beginning to show that he has a mind of his own and is under considerable pressure to counter the ill-effects that have surfaced from the 1MDB fiasco whereby Najib has come under heavy criticism and condemnation.

    While initially Zahid openly defended Najib now he is beginning to see that the prime minister has become such a great political liability that he is caught between his convictions as a Muslim to do what is right and proper or to keep covering for the shortcomings and weaknesses of Najib as a leader. This is why it is only a matter of time before his conscience acts up.

    Allah is Great and Almighty and Zahid knows as a Muslim that eventually the truth will prevail. If Zahid has any real Islamic principles and convictions, if he is to be measured by the man that he claims to be, he must not hide from the truth but act conscientiously to do the right thing and eradicate all evil and wrongdoing from the governance of this country and set it on the right path towards the Greater Glory of Allah.

    1. Zahid will win.

      But the dedak king still has access to money.

      Zahid has to songlap his own.

      That is how umno works.


  13. The test of the pudding is in the eating.

    The pudding here is RUU 355 – also known as Hadi’s Hudud Bill.

    When it was served by Hadi, the non-Muslim BN component parties beat their chests opposing it, saying they will even leave the coalition.

    Now comes the bombshell. Umno supreme council member Ahmad Maslan has cut the ground from under their feet. He has point-blank told them that they cannot, repeat CANNOT, oppose the same bill when it is taken over by the government and served by the government.

    Now what? Are the non-Muslim BN component parties going to be man enough to tell us their stand on this directive?
They have got to answer Ahmad Maslan, for silence means consent.

    Did they “oppose” it feeling safe that they will not be going against the BN’s consensus system as they will be opposing Hadi and not the BN led by UMNO?

    Now that the game plan has changed, will they in the spirit of “consensus” do as directed by Ahmad Maslan, or have the courage to tell him that they are not opposing any individual or party, but are opposing RUU 355 regardless who tables it, even upon pain of having to leave the coalition, not just leaving the Cabinet posts.

    The non-Muslims parties in the government must make their stand here and now and not play any games, as they seem to have done when opposing the private members’ bill, knowing full well they will not be breaching the “consensus” to support all government bills.

    The game is up. So the threats to leave Cabinet posts were all a drama up to now.

  14. Firstly, FD is a businessman and as chairman he wants to make sure media prima is run as a business. What's the harm?

    Secondly, where is the evidence he said what he said about Tengku Aziz? A lot of it is heresay. Surely, the burden of proof is on the accuser? Is it not?