Friday 23 December 2016

Things are easier said than done

It's Friday.

I'm not well and not really in the mood to write.

Just that something happened just now that reminded me of a debate among my friends quite a while ago about the hudud law, some people are so anxious to implement in this country.

The subject was focused on the stoning to death of adulterers.

I was quite surprised that many of my friends are supporting the idea that such punishment should be implemented among Muslims in this country.

They said it's Allah's law.

I kept mostly quiet throughout the whole thing except towards the end.

I asked a single question to my friends,

"Let's say I'm convicted of adultery, who among you all are willing to stone me to death?"

I asked because from what I understand, according to the law, it's the responsibility of everyone to stone an adulterer to death.

None of my friends replied.

Not even those who just earlier fiercely argued in favour of the law.

Maybe it's easier to say things than actually doing it.

For a depiction of how an (alleged) adulterer is stoned to death, you can watch this video which is an excerpt from the movie

The Stoning of Soraya M.


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    1. Sorry. What you wrote are true but I can't publish it because the name that you mentioned has been banned from this blog. Thank you.

  2. What kind of people do you hang with?. These people should migrate to Saudi or any taliban state. Why do you waste timewith such f**k up people?. These people are delusional , they think god is so weak and that they need to punish people on behalf god. All these law are add on to Quran, man made conclusion. Allah says Quran is complete, if not in Quran pleas ignore them.

    1. Anonymous @ 23 December 2016 at 22:31,

      //All these law are add on to Quran, man made conclusion.//

      And that is what makes it soooooo nice - enforcing man-made laws make the ulama feel as powerful as Allah BUT if anybody is unhappy, the ulama will just say "We have the authority from Allah." :)

      Of cos, there is no way anybody could get confirmation from Allah, so the ulama get away with enforcing their man-made laws.

      Simple, isn't it?


    2. Gladiator,

      how about the man made laws that we are enforcing now? is it better?

      - Hantu Siber -

    3. - Hantu Siber -,

      //how about the man made laws that we are enforcing now?//

      Man-made laws which do not pretend to be from God/Allah/Buddha/Brahma/{insert your favourite deity here} are a damn sight better than man-made laws which pretend to be from a tutu-wearing unicorn.

      Don't you think so?


    4. Rest assured non-muslims particularly non-working wives would benefit from hudud. It's an open secret that almost 5 out of 10 SJKC men are either habitual cheaters or mistress keepers. The CSL' case is still fresh in everybody minds. If this is not enough then there was a case in which an unmarried girl had to resort to an expensive marrying the ghost ritual in order to legalise
      her son born out of wedlock. TBH's case is tips of the iceberg. All these would come to an end if hudud is in placed.



    A medical centre which helps childless couples has expressed shock over a statement by Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos poking fun at popular singer Siti Nurhaliza’s inability to conceive.

    It said such sarcasm was an insult to both men and women who go through immense pain and misery to achieve parenthood.

    TMC Fertility Centre, a pioneer in fertility treatment in Malaysia, said the Umno branch leader owed an apology not only to Siti, but also all women who had to face the mental and emotional pain of failing to conceive.

    “Clearly, the need to have a family is a primal instinct that cannot be easily suppressed.

    “Women who face trouble conceiving should never ever be victimised for not being able to bear a child,” the hospital said through its communication manager, Chan Li Jin.

    Chan said Jamal’s sarcasm had deep implications for couples who repeatedly fail to bear children despite their best efforts, adding that it had caused marriages to fall apart.

    1. This guy is a real weapon for anti-umno forces. Siti has millions of fans, Jamal....has Noh Omar.


    2. noh omar melancap dengan jamal... with public money!
      but as a malaysians yourself i quess you will be keep quiet and redha about the things that have transpired
      and doing the same thing over and over and expect diffrent result like a madman

  4. Annie,

    Why are Muslims in Malaysia so focused on punishing people?

    As far as I am concerned, religious practices amongst some Malaysians have gone mad.

    It is no longer about one's own relationship with whatever deity one believes in.

    Today, it is about control over another person's life - what that person can or cannot do, can or cannot eat, can or cannot say, can or cannot wear, etc etc.

    And all in the name of religion.

    If the name of the religion was NOT Islam, would it be OK to maim and kill in the name of that religion?


  5. Annie..

    Articles kali ni aku setuju dgn ngko..
    ..mereka yang berpaling dari al quran..mereka itu lah berfahaman jahiliyah kerana ketaksuban kepada guru guru mereka..
    ..negara ini..secara sedar atau tidak..begitu galak sekali kemasukan para guru arab/iran yang kononnya ingin mengajar tentang islam..walhal al quran sudah pun di depan mata..hanya perlukan iltizam untuk di baca dan di fahami isinya..

    1. They read using their ears my friend. How?

  6. That's not Allah's law. Not in AlQuran. Do they believe in Quran or not??? Ask that question.

  7. How about the 38 bastards who gang raped the 15-year old girl in Kelantan?

    Has Hadi Awang made his fatwa on them in the name of his hukum hudud? Seems like a very inconvenient time to open his Gigantor mouth to condemn others isn't it?

    Is it going to be Stoning or Castration for them?

    1. Anonymous @ 24 December 2016 at 08:20,

      Please do not invoke the name of Gigantor in relation to Hadi Awang.

      Gigantor is a technologically advanced robot who fought on the side of good.

      Hadi Awang is a disciple of Syaitan whose life mission is to make Malaysians hate and ridicule Islam as a primitive and barbaric religion.


    2. according to my calculations..
      those 38 bastards will get away, free, FREE! like a freeman
      hudud will say theres no 4 grown men to be witness that rape
      thats right you heard me.. those 38 rapist will be free... under hudud law

  8. Nail right on the head.

  9. As a muslim I have always believed that Islam is a religion that suits every period of time until the end of the world.Thats why Islam has to 'evolve' according to the needs of the time.
    I also strongly believe hudud as understood by many people such as the stoning of an adulterer is not suitable in this modern era.
    There are many technical issues that need to be discussed before I can agree with the stoning to death of any offence including murder.
    We need 4 pious muslim man to see the actual act of adultery.DNA evidence probably are not taken into account in determining the guilt of an accused.
    Let me write in BM to better clarify my point of view.
    Dulu kita belajar ilmu fiqah salah satu kifarah jika bersetubuh dgn psgn kita di bulan puasa memerdekakan hamba.
    Does it mean that by rejecting slavery in this modern world is a sign that we are rejecting the Islamic teachings since slavery was acceptable hundred of years ago?.nobody in his right frame of mind will accept slavery regardless whether he is a muslim or not

    Prof Kangkung


    1. Islam was against slavery then, that in al-Quran the freeing of slaves is advocated as a greatest virtue, Sdr Prof

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. "Who among you are willing to stone me to death", you ask.

    Well, when a woman was brought to Jesus Christ and was told that she had committed adultery and that the law should be applied, Jesus reply was "Let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone".

    Sadly, that is an alien concept among your adherents.

    1. All sort of adherents committed atrocious deeds in the name of their faith and God.

    2. Annie,

      //All sort of adherents committed atrocious deeds in the name of their faith and God.//

      Any religion which commands its followers to kill and maim in its name is no better than Satanism.

      Satanism is the ONLY religion I know of which does not mind if its followers kill and maim or cheat and lie.

      In a perverse way, I find that, at least, the Satanists are honest about what their religion allows them to do unlike other mainstream religions!!

      OTOH, maybe mainstream religions are actually variants of Satanism because they are lying about not killing and maiming or not cheating and lying!!

      As an atheist, I find I do not need religion to tell me that it is wrong to kill or maim or cheat or lie.



  11. Hudud is Allah SWTs law from time of Prophet Moses and before, TQ for asking Lil sis Ms Annie
    and yes the biggest check is the required proofs that are far far stricter than our Evidence Act 1950

    Islamic history has shown that both Jews and Muslims punished for adultery swore their own guilt to Prophet Muhammad SAE, so willing to be punished to avoid punishment in Hereafter

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Excuse me Zin, those individuals admitted their guilt before Prophet Muhammad who is "Rahmatul Alameem" (sent as a mercy for the entire world) of the most noble and magnanimous character ver.

      These dark days it is devils like the ISIS murderers who are executing "hukum hudud" - looting, raping and murdering. Take note before you open your mouth about the Jews and Christians. Ordinary Muslims are being tyrannized at the same time by these terrorist Islamists.


    2. Why quote ISIS whose summary kilings universally condemded as murder, Sdr ANON 17:34
      just to support your argument against Islam

      Islam have Syaria courts with Kadi judges for both Syariah and civil/ muamalat cases

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Bro. Zin you have a knack for going off tangent in your arguments. Hadi's hukum is about meting out punishments to mould obedience. That is anti-Sunnah Muhammadiyah.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. This post is not an opening for whacking Islam. It's for a better understanding of the faith. If you want to bad mouth Islam, please go elsewhere. Thank you.

    2. So you censored me because the truth hurts? I can now see why most muslims aren't keen with freedom of speech. Still need your elders to tell you what to believe in do you? How long are you going to keep your mental crutch?

      -Hang Durian

  13. M Zin,

    //Why quote ISIS whose summary kilings universally condemded as murder,//

    Why NOT quote ISIS?

    Many of their practices have solid foundation in Islamic jurisprudence.

    As you can see from the above example by Annie, stoning an adulteress is EXACTLY what is in Islamic jurisprudence.

    Another example is the cutting off of limbs.

    Or how about the blood of kafir harbi?

    And so the list goes...

    So, what is the difference between the practices of ISIS and that which is in Islamic jurisprudence?

    ISIS is an example of what many non-Muslims, and no doubt many Muslims themselves, fear about Islamic jurisprudence.

    And Hadi Awang is seen as nothing more than an advocate of ISIS ideology and ISIS practices.

    In fact, I am willing to bet that most of the Malaysians fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq started off as PAS supporters.



    1. Hudud is a very small area of Muslim jurisprudence, Sdr Gladiator
      and as explained above that unlike ISIS there are legal processes through courts before the Kadi judges passes sentence. We can continue this doscussion here on LoA, and OK if you already passed your judgement

      Not ISIS not even Fiqh laws however give a comprehensive picture of Islam Syaria which more emphasises direct and personal Tauhid conections with Allah SWT, and Sufism to strive for best character among others.

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. The "comprehensive picture of Islam" is justice and loving-kindness by means of deliberating on the "maqasid al-syariah" to mould and mend civil society.

    3. M Zin,

      //Hudud is a very small area of Muslim jurisprudence//

      So, because it is a small area, we should not discuss it?

      Sounds more like you are trying to avoid discussing it or even drawing attention to it :)

      Never mind that barbaric practices are being carried out in the name of Islam?

      So, what happens when your so-called "legal processes" are heavily skewed towards punishment as in the case of ISIS?

      Let's be honest, the people who run ISIS probably have a much better understanding of Islamic jurisprudence than you do :)

      Many of those ISIS people are very likely graduates of the same universities as Hadi Awang and others in PAS.

      Will you be one of those who would stone "your lil sis" Annie if she was found guilty of adultery?



    4. ISIS is not supported by Muslims in general, Sdtr Gladiator
      and their killings mainly warfare expediency which is not Islamic. Just ask your Muslim neighbours

      With or without your support majority Muslims want Bill 355
      ( although will not pass for political reasons?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. M Zin,

      //ISIS is not supported by Muslims in general//

      Well, the punishments ISIS hands out like stoning for adultery seem to be supported by Muslims in Malaysia.

      So, will you stone your "lil sis" Annie if she was found guilty of adultery under Islamic law?



    6. Yes in-sya-Allah, Sdr Gladiator
      subject to due court process and really against current social sanctions

      The Prophet SAW reminded:
      " What destroyed your predecessors was just that when a person of rank among them committed a theft they left him alone,
      and when a weak one of them committed a theft, they inflicted the prescribed punishment on him. I swear by Allah that if Fatimah daughter of Muhammad should steal, I would have her hand cut off"

      -- Hadith Sahih Ibn Majah
      ( Book 40 on Hudud)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    7. Yes I was distracted here from Maqasid al-Syaria, TQ Sdr ANON 17:43
      which are the highest and more comprehensive 5 objectives of Syaria way of life for the biggest communuity

      Fiqh prosesses support the objectives

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. M Zin,

      //Yes in-sya-Allah, Sdr Gladiator
      subject to due court process and really against current social sanctions//

      So, you are saying that you will kill your "lil sis" Annie for adultery, right?

      We have already agreed that "due court process" have been met.

      I have no idea what you mean by "and really against current social sanctions" in that sentence.

      It sounds like a jumble of words and no matter how many times I read it, that phrase is meaningless.

      You need a reality check in regards to your views.

      You are going to be involved in killing a person for a matter which does not involve you at all.

      You are not your "lil sis" Annie who committed the adultery, you are not your "lil sis" Annie's husband, you are not the person with whom your "lil sis" Annie committed the adultery with.

      And yet, you would kill your "lil sis" Annie? For a matter which is none of your business?

      You need to re-assess your sense of values and humanity.

      Do you understand why non-Muslims think your beliefs are primitive and barbaric?



    9. You asked and I explained above, Sdr Gladiator
      Due court process(?) will be judged case by case

      You are entitled to your beliefs and the majority will in-sya-Allah carry on with Syaria

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    10. M Zin,

      //You asked and I explained above//

      Explain why you are getting involved in a matter which has nothing to do with you?

      Explain why you are going to kill your "lil sis" Annie when it is none of your business what she does with her life?

      You have really not explained anything.



    11. Sure not personally my business, as sentencing for adultery is by YA Hakim in court. Is that still confusing you?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. M Zin,

      //Sure not personally my business//

      So why are you going around killing your "lil sis" Annie, for something which is "not personally your business"?


    13. if anyone doing adultery, its going to cause damage to society
      if you are not punished here by stoning, you will suffer in hereafter
      if you refuse punishment then your relationship with allah can be questioned
      therefore dont commit adultery and control your lust

    14. Anonymous @ 30 December 2016 at 15:19,

      //if anyone doing adultery, its going to cause damage to society//


      Adultery has been going on for thousands of years and society is still around.

      In fact, countries where adultery is not punishable by stoning to death are, arguably, way more advanced than countries which advocate stoning adulterers.

      //if you are not punished here by stoning, you will suffer in hereafter//

      My unicorn god promised me a great hereafter no matter what I do here.

      //if you refuse punishment then your relationship with allah can be questioned//


      So one who is adulterous need to accept being stoned to death?

      Which moron came up with that idea?

      Which moron would want to accept such an idea?

      //therefore dont commit adultery and control your lust//

      That is just your view.

      What if a person wishes to indulge in their lust?

      Are you going to go around imposing your views on him/her by stoning them to death?


  14. stoning people to death is not necessary to improve malaysian GDP
    first things first, you know what to vote
    dont let 50rm or 1million let you change your brilliant idea about how malaysia should be

  15. Here we are, in the 21st century, still arguing over the merits of so called divine laws that came out of a magic book from the sky.

    All religions are equally bullshit. They are created to control the populace so they follow like little sheeps they are. Occasionally someone crazy enough will take his religion too seriously that they try to impose ancient barbaric laws in a MODERN legislation, but the really crazy ones will end up blowing themselves up for a chance to enter the grand whorehouse in the sky filled with sex and booze (not pointing any religion here). Really classy heaven.

    Fact: Most irreligious societies are highly developed. Most religious societies are poor, have high birthrate, and low educational attainment.

    This islamic revivalism so persistent in Malaysia will unfortunately be our own undoing. As an (indigenous) malaysian, I'm dissappointed in my fellow countrymen.

    Silalah undi PAS.


    1. Anon17,

      //still arguing over the merits of so called divine laws that came out of a magic book from the sky.//

      Well, there are people who don't like anybody arguing their divine laws - they just want you to accept those laws.

      //All religions are equally bullshit.//

      You may say that but my unicorn is still better than your unicorn,

      //but the really crazy ones will end up blowing themselves up for a chance to enter the grand whorehouse in the sky filled with sex and booze//

      I don't need to blow myself up to get to a whorehouse.

      Plenty of whorehouses in Jalan Bukit Bintang where one can get blown.

      Oooppss, Jamal Jamban will now have new vice dens to raid now.

      //Most religious societies are poor, have high birthrate, and low educational attainment.//

      A wise emperor knows to keep his subjects stupid.

      //This islamic revivalism so persistent in Malaysia will unfortunately be our own undoing.//

      Ah, but Hadi Awang believes he will be guaranteed a spot in Paradise.

      //As an (indigenous) malaysian, I'm dissappointed in my fellow countrymen.//

      As usual, I have a feeling that nobody cares very much what an indigenous Malaysian thinks or feels except during PRU.

      I find it strange that indigenous Malaysians don't seem to realise that they can easily hold Putrajaya to ransom - regardless of whether UMNO/BN or Pakatan is in power.