Thursday 1 December 2016

About charming Zahid and magnanimous Najib (updated)


It's not yet 6.30 pm but things are wrapping up here.

Most of the Umno people are leaving PWTC now.

I want to leave too but it's horrible traffic jam at these hours .

So, here I am writing this update sitting alone at one of the building enterence.

I think they wrapped up the whole things quite early compared to previous years.

Good also. Less talking more works, I guess.

Bumped into one of Najib's younger aide just now.
The guy cheerfully greeted me and was nice as usual.

That's good. At least he didn't turn arrogant after working for the PM.

He reminds me of a friend who is now a Najib's senior aide when he was in the young guy's position.

Nice and humble.

It's easier for people to like a leader if his/her people have good personality.

Most of the time, people get angry with a leader not because of the leader but because of the people around him/her.

That's why a leader needs to get good people to work for him/her.

I'm now waiting for some friends to take me to dinner.

It's customary to hang out with friends after the whole day at an Umno general assembly.

The only difference for my dinner tonight is that my friends are former Umno operatives who now consider themselves to be "diluar gelanggang" (outsiders).

Too bad for Umno because these guys are very good operatives.

It's just that their bosses are already no longer in power.

It's one of those Umno things. When your boss is out, you are out too.

Does not matter if you are good or not.

My friends I'm having dinner with  tonight are basically Ronins  - samurai without a lord :)


I'm writing this sitting in front of the Teratai Suite at PWTC.

Found myself a power point on the wall here and set up my stuff on the floor.

I was doing some work on my laptop just now when Umno VP DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi walked by with his people to enter the room.

He noticed me, smiled and said "Buat kerja, buat kerja."

I smiled back and waved my hand.

The guy was charming.

I can't say the same about many other Umno leaders these days.

Well, Javanese guys tend to be my father :)

I'm actually here to do some work and also to meet friends again.

Caught parts of the presidential speech by Umno president DS Najib Razak.

Among others, he talked about being magnanimous again, just like he did last year.

Too bad that things turned worse after the last one.

Muhyiddin, Mukhriz, Shafie are all gone now.

Hopefully, it's not going to be like that again this time.

I'm quite concerned listening to the speeches of the party wing leaders and delegates yesterday.

Many were calling for more "rebels cleansing" of the party.

I think it's better for them now to win back support than kicking out more people.

Well, that's just my thoughts, and I'm not a party member.

If they still want to kick out more people, it's actually none of my business.

At the end of the day, Umno members are the ones who will decide what their party should do.

Definitely not people like me.

Anyway, unlike the past two days, PWTC is packed with people today.

I took some pictures,

Guess, things are not so bad for the party after all.

Okay, I'm going to listen to the speeches now.

Maybe there will be one or two worth commenting.



  1. Annie,

    They can bodek in front but are they still "spiritually" there?

    Ask them to watch this...carefully...

    51 Dalil Mengapa PM Najib Razak Sudah Tidak Layak Jadi Perdana Menteri

    Then ask again.

  2. Dalam senyum tawa gurau, proses penyingkiran Zahid sudah bermula.

    PAU kali ini sekadar mengesahkan kem Hishamuddin sedang menguasai.


    1. UMNO elections unlikely until after GE14, Sdr kluangman
      nor for DAPs CEC

      Most interesting will in-sya-Allah be the fireworks during Muktamar PAS 2017

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  3. Yup, there still a lot of party goers. Good for UMNO.

    Maybe, play house music this tim.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the update.


  4. Were U crying too Annie masa mengaminkan doa
    Nanti gambar makcik-makcik yang nangis tu akan jadi
    viral, bahan lawak jenaka, macam gambar makcik baju
    merah yang menangis lepas nanyi lagu ANAK KECIL BERMAIN
    Agak-agak. berapa ratus ribu ringgit mereka dapat untuk
    adegan nangis tu, Annie.....????


    1. What -ve racial sentiments are you and your PR buddies spinning(?) Sdr Cik
      again and again and again

      Investors can come from China or France or from fook whereever. Malays have from ancient times been comfortable with China. Chinese and even Chinese DAP

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Zinshit, Zinshit, Zinshit.

      There you go again.

      False accusations again (remember your last few embarrassing crashes? I do.)

      There is nothing 'racial' whatsoever about saying China is buying up our land. That spin is YOURS, not hers. BE CLEAR ABOUT THAT. There is no racial angle to it. If anyone is racist here, it's you (remember your last few embarrassing crashes? I do.)

      I have met your type before, acting pious all the time with one hand, while the other is masturbating frantically under your jubah to the stash of child pornography you keep on your phone. Real two-headed snakes of the worst kind.

      Whether it's alcohol, drugs, senility or insanity (you have not confirmed which (?), you never make any sense.

      Ohhh, and 'fook'? Where did you acquire that from? Must be from RPK, kan? Well, seeing as you are both sex-obsessed, slimy, two-faced pieces of human excrement, why not spend your time wallowing in his filth, to excite your nafsu even more? Win-win lah kawan!

      PS: And please don't try your usual lame escape clause of 'this thread is not about my child pornography collection', blah blah blah. How many times have you tried that?


    3. Crever, crever
      just more sewage drool from your mouth, Sdr 19:39

      My Q: What is Sdr Cik Minahs post about(?)
      yeah you people don't know so easy resort to insulting and belittling language not following our Sunnahs

      Avoid insulting voters with your longkang language lah
      ( just a suggestion)
      drive them to give BN the GE14

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Anon 19:39,

      Well said , but you are too kind to these snakes.

      There's no other descriptions better than to call them snakes.

    5. M. Zin 19:07,

      "Malays are comfortable with Chinese and even Chinese DAP". Absolutely. So comfortable that they don't mind be reduced to 'kucing kurap' by Pennag DAP Mr. Jeffrey Ooi. For merely RM 200/head the state government is giving under the Underprivileged Assistance Programme, the Malays there sell their land and dignity and move elsewhere. Too much and too comfort.


    6. Mmm snake whatever, and more that is what DAP delegate Shamser Singh used huhu on November 6th 2016 on YAB Tun

      NB. Chinese, at least True Blue offers one intrepetation instead of you people automotic got no argument/ vulgar insult mode

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Zin,

      I am curious then.

      How are your OWN actions:

      a) Calling people 'farts' and telling them to 'suck each other'

      b) Using racist language on people (including one completely innocent victim)

      c) Slandering commenters on this blog on other blogs

      And many others (careful with denials, as the evidence is public) this consistent with the Sunnah?

      I am very sure it is not.

      Perhaps you can enlighten me?

      My second question, is hypocrisy frowned upon in Islam?

    8. My actions have been explained at least once before
      ( respect your choice not to accept)
      and really flattered by your personal check over so many threads and other sites visited, Sdr ANON 12:50

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    9. No, they have never been explained.

      And no, I did not need to check anything ("remember your last few embarrassing crashes? I do.")

      You have avoided the question:

      Is hypocrisy frowned upon in Islam?

      Being a pious-sounding holy man, I thought you could explain your own disgusting behaviour.

      Guess not.

  5. Najib singled out DAP, warning “secular party” would destroy Bumi rights and institutions reserved for the community should it come to power.

    Mara, Felda, Risda, Felcra, Teraju would become extinct

    Comments : But surprisingly even the Malays in Penang are now doing very well under DAP. Especially the business people. Business is good in Penang for everyone, including the Malays.

    Under Najib, Mara has no money. No more scholarships and Mara loans. Felda and FGV are making losses, peneroka Felda are paid 45 days after harvest,

    Najib said the DAP was a party that championed “extreme liberalism and secularism” which would negate Umno’s struggle all these years.

    “I believe that the Malays and Bumiputera community will be worried and live in fear.”

    Should DAP come to power, Najib warned, Islamic institutions would not be taken seriously.

    “Islamic institutions like Lembaga Tabung Haji, Jakim, Jawhar, the Zakat board will undermined,” he claimed.

    Umno, he stressed, was the only party that could secure the future of the Malays.

    Comments : Liberal? Secular? Kepala _ _ _ _ h hang.

    Your wife's son has made a movie 'Kambing of the Kampong' which has broken the Hollywood record for the 'f' word - used 506 times in that movie. And he made the movie using money stolen from the public.

    In Malaysia that movie has been banned. Your wife attended the premiere of that movie. Here is a question : did you get Hadi Awang to read the doa selamat at the movie premiere? No? Why not?

    1. “Islamic institutions like Lembaga Tabung Haji, Jakim, Jawhar, the Zakat board will undermined,” he claimed.

      Cantik la tu. Kes songlap wang Yapeim & TH olih penyamun Umni, tu semua OK kot? Tu sape yg buat? Berani nak jawab? Ohhhh, munafik Bugis dah lari dah. Opps.

      Tidak ada dalam UMNO sekarang yg layak jadi Presiden.

      UMNO tumbang ramai haramjadah yg berkepentingan tidakakan ada peluang lagi nak sauk lagi duit rakyat.

      Kerajaan yg baru mesti tangkap dan bicarakan semua ahli UMNO yg di-syaki kekayaan yg meragukan.

  6. Kita berharap dan berdoa agar UMNO BN dalam rejim najib ini dapat di tolak dari tampuk kuasa bukan hanya kerana nak seronok melihat mereka jatuh dan najib, Rosmah dan anak mereka serta kuncu kuncu penyamun dibawa ke muka pengadilan....yang lebih penting kita mahu etika rasuah, pembaziran dan kelemahan pemimpin pemimpin umno BN lain serta bermasalah di tamatkan serta merta kerna mereka ini sudah diperingkat membaban negara dan merugikan generasi akan datang.

  7. Javanese guys charming?
    Maybe, but definitely not the Hindu brahmin kasta superiority-complex type man!

    Eeee geli sungguh jenis tu...

  8. PAU ni mmg buang masa jer. DS Najis Mughallazah (the 'chosen one' konon) kuat merepek & jerit, tapi slrh dewan semua zzzzzz. Xde energy, xde charisma. Worst public speaker.

    Apa guna "PAU" UMNO ni? Tiada pon.

    UMNO dah rosak dari hujung akar.

    Pemimpin sekarang telah LAMA melabur wang dan titik peluh untuk mendapat jawatan.

    Namun ketika era TDM, semua tak laku sebab prestasi mengatasi segalanya. Ampu bodek tak mujarab.

    Zaman pak lah pula terlalu TERANG dia tidur, ampu bodek pun tak jalan.

    Zaman najib dicucuk hidung, senang bagi pengampu menyerlah - sebab najib memang kurang daya fikiran (lembab). Lagipun dia SUKA dipuji.

    Duit rakyat yang dicuri dibagi bagi pada pendedak -supaya taat setia. Pemimpin yang beramanah tidak akan terperangkap - namun terdiam sebab nak jaga jawatan.

    Alasan mereka adalah mereka tidak menerima suap tapi mereka lupa bahawa mereka bersekongkol dengan pencuri.

    Senang cerita UMNO tidak boleh pulih - politik wang sudah merebak ka hujung akar.

    "Sila guna tong sampah"


    1. Bahasa: Saya juga buksn setuju dengan pemimpin namun tak perlulah bahasa kesat, Sdr ANON 22:10
      cadang biarlah in-sya-Allah berhujah ikut Sunnah

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. 07:17,

      Sy nk balas nasihat sikit, boleh? Kalo saudara x suka komen org lain, x payah baca lah. Senang, kan? Blog admin dah luluskan komen, sdr peduli apa pulak? Lebih baik kalo saudara start blog sendiri, kan? Toksah berlagak pandai ataupun berlagak alim, ye. Toksah jaga tepi kain orang lain. Fundamental, kan?

      Tu jer.

      Sebenarnya manusia x perlu 'self-appointed moral guardian', dlm bhsa omputih. Sila rujuk kpd Surat Az Zumar Ayat 46. Jelas.

      Terima kasih.



    3. Kalau jahil baca ayat al-Quran Sdr ANON 09:44
      ( Surah az-Zumar, 39:46)
      jangan buat dosa buat tafsir al-Quran ikut nafsu sendiri hanya untuk $ DS Din, or whoever you represent

      ( Just a suggestion)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    4. Hmmmm, kamu suka memfitnah orang lain, nampaknya.

      Teruskan, kalau 'kerja' itu pilihan kamu.


    5. Kalau(?) kita sebut tadi kalau, Sdr ANON 17:30
      jadi bukan fitnah.
      ( kalau betul $ pun bukan, kan?)

      So who are you really?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  9. Ekonomi mencorot, harga barangan naik, gaji tak naik, cari kerja susah, perbelanjaan harian naik,tapi UMNO cakap tentang bahaya DAP. Yang sedang memiskinkan Melayu siapa. Agensi-agensi Bumiputra semua hampir lingkup, tanah dan harta negara dilelong kepada China, rasuah, MO1 dan isteri hidup mewah sha la la, Ringgit menjunam -kat Mekahpun orang Arab tak nak Ringgit.Sayangnya orang Melayu masih percaya UMNO. Mantap.

    Iya, mesti undi UMNOOOOO

    1. Dia tak fikir si sanrabone tu dia akan reput dalam tanah dalam berapa bulan lagi... itu jam betui betui Nothingtohide!

  10. Did they make you wear blinker.

    Brubaker Matsuyama

  11. Annie,

    Like previous years PAUs there is nothing new coming out from this year PAU. Year in and year out is all the same. Full of rheotorics but empty in substance. Strangely, you seen to enjoy the show. Care to share the reason why?

    1. yg Annie njoy, kawan2 dia belanja makan laaa.. sorry, psal reason ini itu Annie tk main share share lohhhh.. damnnnnn, hujan nie buat kepala ku pening..


    2. GE after GE they win again, Sdr Blue
      and politicians +/- flatter themselves but really have little final impact on our nations workings

      Malaysia have long a working civil service
      ( inherited MCS from the British?)
      who actually do the thinking and work,
      OK get Ministers/ YBs do the Pelancaran

      NB. Civil service, in Selangor DE and P Pinang not changed kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH