Wednesday 14 December 2016

Are we willing to risk hell?

Some people can be so sure of themselves that they actually amaze me,

Whenever I read political articles or comments which contain serious allegations against certain individuals, I do ask myself - Are these people very sure of what they are alleging?

I mean, these allegations were very detailed and not mere general statements normally associated with people who were just venting out their anger and frustrations.

Were they not scared that they might be wrong?

I do worry about that sometimes, when I'm writing this blog.

That's why I always try to be very careful over such things.

Well, I did sometimes come up with accusations such as, " Lim Guan Eng is not a very handsome guy", but I don't think that was too bad.

I don't think even Guan Eng would be angry that I wrote that. It's only my opinion and indeed, by a reasonable woman's standard, Guan Eng is really not a very handsome guy.

Of course Betty would disagree, but she would also probably be glad that her husband doesn't have me as an adoring fan.

Anyway, this is also a concern of mine whenever I have a conversation on politics with people who have lot of complaints and accusations to share.

Normally, I just kept quiet when the other person started to rant and rave about some allegedly corrupt leaders or other people.

It's because I'm not sure whether what were being said were true or false.

But sometimes it did happen when the subject of accusations is someone I'm familiar with and thus I felt the need to say something.

In an incident that happened quite a while ago, a friend was criticising me for being so supportive of former Johor menteri besar TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

Our conversation went something like this,

Friend : Alah, engko ni naive sangat. Kalau dah namanya orang politik mana ada yang bersih. Aku tau la Ghani tu ada kes masa jadi menteri besar.

Me : Kes apa?

Friend : Dia songlap duit jual tanah orang kampung masa buat highway yang kat CIQ baru tu.

Me : EDL (Johor Bahru Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway) ?

Friend : Ya la.

Me : Siapa beritau engko cerita ni?

Friend : Kawan aku kat Umno JB.

Me : Siapa kawan engko tu?

Friend : Ada la. Mana boleh bagitau engkau.

Me : Bagitau la. Boleh aku check dengan dia sendiri.

Friend : Eh, mana boleh.

Me : Okay. Tanah orang kampung kat mana yang Ghani songlap?

Friend : Tanah kat tepi highway tu la.

Me : Ya la, tapi yang kat sebelah mana. Highway tu kan panjang.

Friend : Ada la.

Me : Engko bagi tau la the exact location. Aku betul-betul nak check ni. Setahu aku Ghani tak buat kerja songlap menyonglap ni. Engko dah tuduh dia, aku nak check la betul-betul.

Friend : Alah, betul la. Kawan aku dah confirm dah kes ni.

Me : Engko ni pun. Aku tanya siapa kawan engko yang pandai sangat tu engko tak nak bagitau. Aku nak check location tanah orang kampung tu pun engkau tak nak bagi tau juga. Habis, macam mana ni?

Friend : Alah, memang betul. Ghani tu pun kaki songlap juga.

Me : Engko sure ke ni? (At this point I was already getting quite pissed off)

Friend : Memang lah aku sure. Kalau tak, tak kan aku nak cerita benda ni.

Me : Okay lah. Nak bagi senang cerita kita buat macam ni - kita sama-sama bersumpah atas nama Allah yang kita ni betul. Aku bersumpah atas nama Allah Ghani tak buat apa yang engko tuduh dia buat dan engko bersumpah atas nama Allah juga yang dia memang songlap duit tanah orang kampung tu. Macam mana? Engko berani tak?

My friend went quiet after that.

Some of you all may think that I was being childish for making that dare but to swear on Allah's name is not a trivial matter for Muslims.

If you got it wrong, you will definitely go to hell.

Well, actually in Islam if you wrongly accuse someone even without swearing on Allah's name, you are going to hell.

I think it's basically the same in one way or another with the other religions too.

Anyway, I was just trying to scare my friend at that time.

My friend is actually a good person and devout Muslim.

He is definitely better than me in those sense.

He probably just forgot about the fact that it's a sin to make false accusations that day.

Whatever it is, I think we need to be a bit more careful when it comes to accusing others.


  1. So you trying to tell us in your own subtle way that UMNO and their leaders especially Najib and Geng plus Jlow are all saints and we the majority of the general public who belief they are crooks are going to hell . Do you know for sure hell and heaven exists for the matter

    So all the foreign governments who are investigating the 1MDP are all making accusations and will go to hell. Heaven is going to be a very lonely place

    You are just talking like a form 3 school girl and still wet between your ears.

  2. Suka pula spelling engko tu Annie.

    Anyway. Selain daripada tuduhan kawan Annie tu yang sebenarnya Annie risau tuduhan yang mana ni. Cuba engko terus terang :) :)

  3. "Were they not scared that they might be wrong?"

    Dear Annie.
    I'm with you on Ghani. No doubt about it.

    But... when it comes to Najib & Jho Low's !MDB and Billions of debt, some of it went missing or not accounted for... I'm very sure, therefore not scared at all, I could be wrong in saying that 1MDB and soliciting dubious middleman Jho Low was a scam from the start to swindle Rakyat's money.
    He is and PM and self-elected Finance Minister too. Then, set-up 1MDB with Jho Low without discussing with his cabinet Ministers. And... Jho Low was already in TIA when Najib was still DPM to Pak Lah.

    This was because... during the time of Razak Baginda and then Deepak Carpet, I've given Najib & Rosmah enough benefit of the doubt.

    Jelas Najib tak serik-serik akibat bahana yang menimpa UMNO & BN, angkara orang-tengah Kelabu-asap Razak Baginda. Selepas lebih 15 tahun, ia masih menghantui BN dan Kerajaan terpaksa membazir banyak WANG menguruskan persepsi-buruk itu... kali ini dari Pusat Tahanan Immigration Australia, pula. Dan setiap kali PRU, Pembangkang masih mampu menggunakannya untuk memburuk-burukkan UMNO & BN dalam kempen Piliharaya.

    Respect Jho Low.

    1. Aku rasa najib mmg semulajadi bermuka sardin...sapa2 pun takan sangka disebalik muka sardin dia ada perangai setan yg tak terhidu sesiapa hatta Tun M sendiri. Aku tak terkejut kalau kes Altantuya, Kevin tong drum dan si Najadi Ambank adalah onar drp najib itu sendiri. Ntah berapa kali dia terlepas drp kes2 rasuah, perempuan2 dan mcm2 cerita yg mula2 aku dgr dulu mmg susah nak percaya tapi sekarang apa org cerita pun aku akan percaya. Sampai bila la si najib nie org melayu kita boleh simpan semata2 dia anak Tun Razak...patut dah lama humban ke dalam jel tanpa segan silu dgn keturunan Razak dia.

  4. Annie,

    Your point is right, in the sense that a lot of unfounded allegations are thrown around with no proof.

    The word "proof" is key here.

    For example, how do we know that the infamous 2.6 billion came from 1MDB and not from Saudi Arabia?

    It is only by forensic evidence that this can be established.

    Contrary to the ramblings of uneducated dedak-eating morons like RPK, the documentation and evidence was compiled by all these law enforcement agencies themselves (Swiss / US / Singapore), not by some Mat Dispatch dropping off "forged documents".

    The 2.6 billion passed through the US, Swiss and Singapore banking systems, which was a big mistake by the Bugis thief.

    Facts like who set up Tanore Finance, what was the SWIFT code through Wells Fargo Bank NY, where did the money travel, etc - these are all facts forensically verified.

    That's why you were probably right to challenge your friend on Ghani allegation - is it merely a khabar angin or slander or is there forensic evidence? Guess he had none.

    When the WSJ reported that 7 million had been traced to Nazir Razak and CIMB, he confirmed it was true.

    The brother of Nazir continues to live in denial, as a criminal on the run.

    1. 19:01,

      "When the WSJ reported that 7 million had been traced to Nazir Razak and CIMB, he confirmed it was true." Yes, and that is among the SMALLEST amounts involved.

      I have no doubt that if that part of the money trail is correct, then the others are too.

      It makes Pandi's sins all the more unforgivable, to allow the public who pays his salary to be ripped off by these bloodsuckers and then try to pretend nothing is wrong.

    2. Hmmmm, si Nazir tu pon...ape nak cakap? Ishhh. Adik beradik satu hal tun rahah sendiri sebagai ibu tak rasa apa2 ke? Darah daging nya di panggil penyamun, kulit muka tebal mcm kulit b*** dan lagi hebat MUNAFIK. Takkan Tun Rahah tak malu? Kaum munafik ni mana tempatnya Tun? Neraka jahanam, Tun.

      Najib buat hal, angkara rosmah. Habis seluruh keluarga Tun Razak terpalit. Tak ke hina? Takkan keluarga Tun mmg tak berguna,cuma najib je. Dia menganiaya rakyat, takkan Tun sebelahi dia?

      Saya tak merayu utk pujuk najib,tapi suruh lah najib berhenti. Tak cukup2 lagi ke?

      Nazir pun kau harus ingat. Kaya dunia je lah yg kau dapat....akhirat nanti tau la kamu.

    3. 19:01

      "Not by some Mat Dispatch dropping off "forged documents""

      You are seriously hilarious. Thanks.

    4. mdzfrs 14 December 2016 at 19:01

      You'd be surprised how gullible some people are. Raja Putar Dedakmakan's fairy tale that the 3 Tan Sris "falsified evidence" (maybe they did it in Photoshop kut? You know, like Umno fakes sex photos and letters and SMS?) doesn't make sense to any intelligent human being. But not all people are intelligent. The worst spin was that the DOJ case is to cover Hillary's e-mail server. Who came up with that? JASA. Arul Ana-Konda actually said this in Australia. That's why we are becoming a 4th world nation. Idiots are 'running' the country.

    5. nazir is less corrupt than najib, though.

  5. Annie.. U nie mmg comical laa..

    apa benda pulak argue dgn kawan psal politician..

    trusting a politician wen it comes to money bznezz..?

    Jgn buang masa laa Annie..

    psssstt.. heaven north bound or east..?

  6. Finally. I feel motivated.

    Yes. Go for it.

  7. Aku sedih annie tengok engko sudah memihak-mihak.

    Terpulang kepada engkolah tentang agenda engko.

    Semoga engko punya cita-cita tu tercapai.

    1. Mehak amenda nya. Aku cuma kata kalau nak menuduh orang tu biar betul. Kan tak elok main bantai tuduh orang tak kira betul ke tak. Kan dosa macam tu.Tak betul?

    2. Betul jugak kate engko tu.

      Ish. Sory ek kalu aku cakap engko memihak-mihak.

  8. Annie, tlg buat dialog psl 2.6B plk. Masukkan semua jawapan dr najis dan cacainya.
    Dr ftnah, bkn utk personal gain,lwn isis, aswaja, penderma, penderma penderma, penderma dh matilah, dh pulangkan blk siap.

    Boleh buat filem tamil rsnye tu

    1. Sorry. Aku tak de dialog macam yg engko nak tu. Yang aku cerita pasal defend Ghani tu cerita betul. Engko ingat aku berani ke nak reka cerita sumpah atas nama Allah. Aku bukan baik sangat tapi tak de lah sampai sanggup nak kena laknat tipu cerita macam tu.

    2. Annie what about Ghani and the big gold coin . Do not tell me that is not thru and there many more to tell so if you have evidence of their honestly okay not not them no need to defend them as you are also not sure. Support a dishonest person is a also a major SIN and you can go to hell using your same analogy

      I can say you are adopted then you say you are not and then you say I have your birth certificate and I say it is forged and you said cannot lah it is government document but with all the government scandals nobody can be sure if it is genuine or not and using your same logic. What is good for the goose have also be good for the gender . When you have nothing to say good best not to say anything as others may know more than you

  9. Annie,

    One of the problems I find talking to people in Malaysia, both pro-Govt and pro-Opposition, is their inability to produce very much evidence when they make claims.

    In cases such as the one you have quoted about Ghani Othman, it is impossible to verify those claims as there are no specifics.

    Yet, I have no doubt that there are many who would gladly believe those claims despite the total absence of evidence.

    I find that when pressed for evidence, some people tend to get angry and indignant, like "How dare you ask me to prove what I am saying?" or like your friend, they become evasive and vague.

    My guess is that many Malaysians are conditioned to accept anything said in a confident voice and with authority.

    Most of us are discouraged from asking questions from a very young age.

    This prohibition from asking too many questions is constantly reinforced as one grows up by various means.

    It is almost like a perverted variation of that saying, "Consume, be silent, die", except here it is "Accept and believe what you are told, be silent, die in ignorance".


  10. If they have not learned to compare and contrast people will believe what they want to believe.

    Mohon hidayah from the One Who Knows Best. For guidance on the right path.

  11. "Are you willing to risk hell? "

    the question should be directed to first couple....lying, stealing from the funds of pensioners to fund personal shopping...sacking, transferring and silencing those who tried to bring them to justice....

    malaysia is a very surreal country...why can we tolerate this? any other country they would have faced bullets in order to pursue justice....malaysians rilek jer.

    blame yourselves when your cucu cicit face even WORSE looting....then after you are gone the umnoputras will all be billionaires and ordinary malaysians will be struggling....whose fault? WAKE UP BEFORE TOO LATE

    1. Malaysians are passive, kawan. Even if what you say comes true, you think we will do anything about it? No, sorry la. Won't happen.

  12. Annie

    You are demanding proof when talking about ghani osman but most of your postings is playing up statement without clearly stating why you like this or that person except that he is handsome or cute.

    Most of your discussion on policy is based on what they are talking down there.

    So this posting is discrediting those talking without evidence and facts on ghani but all the time it is OK for you to write on issues based on heresay on others!

    You need professional help

  13. ...Anyway, I love corruption for I am able to get ahead and get what I want.

    1. well it worked for Kak Ros & Abang Ah Jib : )

  14. Annie, jasabaik mu dipinta untuk menghentikan segala bentuk "tuduhan" yang sedang menguasai...

    1) ko gi jumpa Najib, ko minta dia jangan perkOSA Laporan Odit Negara pasal 1MDB, release...

    2) Tuduhan kedua dua pihak perlu dihentikan sama sekali, segala bentuk tuduhan ke atas Mahathir ada cukup bukti, kalau ada bukti - dakwa, kenapa masih menyalak macan anjing sakit perut..

    3) Tindkan menghentikan Police Traffic Outrider, menghentikan Tukang Masak dan Membatalkan Jemputan ke atas Mahathir adakah masih kekal sekadar tuduhan atau realiti?

    1. Sorry ya.
      1) Najib tu bukan anak sedara aku senang-senang aku boleh pegi jumpa.
      2) Aku bukan anggota Power Ranjer. Aku tak de power nak menghentikan tuduhan-tuduhan tu. Pasal anjing sakit perut tu aku rasa elok engko pegi kacau kawan aku Big Dog kut kut dia tau nak buat macam mana.
      3) Memang la betul layanan istimewa unuk Dr Mahathir tu dah di stop kan. Tapi tu biasa la. Dia kan gaduh dengan Najib. Dah, kalau Najib bengang dengan dia, memang la dia berentikan semuanya. Aku rasa kalau engko bengang kat aku pun engko buat macam tu juga kat aku rasanya.

    2. Jawapan ko WIN!

    3. Annie 12:47

      Kelakar la u nih : )

  15. Annie, kalau ko dapat hak rasmi atas nama mantan jawatan dan bukan atas nama ikut ic, ko layak sampai mati walaupun kita ada pertikaian peribadi.

    Sebab besok ko pun nak jadi mantan juga unless kau hilang semua tu sebab sudah dalam penjara.