Saturday 21 May 2016

Thoughts on Wesak Day

First of all, I'm wishing all good Buddhists a happy and peaceful Wesak day.

I have quite a number of Buddhist friends.

Except for a Sinhalese girl, the rest of them are Chinese.

They are all good people, the same as my other friends of other faiths.

Well, I chose them to be my friends because they are good people, not because they are of that or this religion.

Called one of them just now.

She's one of my closest friends from my former work place.

The girl is a very devout Buddhist.

She was on a bus to work.

It's Saturday and Wesak day some more, and there she was, on her way to work.

She said the office don't have enough people, so that she has to work today.

Things must be not so good at my former work place now that they have to make my friend work on a day like this.

Nonetheless, my friend doesn't seems to mind.

"Some of the Muslims also have to work on Hari Raya what," she cheerfully said.

My friend is always mostly cheerful and positive about life.

I admire her for it.

"So, you are not going to temple today?" I asked.

"No, tak sempat la. Two people only working today," she said.

Oh, in case you think my friend is a DAPster because she is Chinese, let me assure you that she is not.

You know lah, these days there are people who try to make especially Malays believe that all Chinese are evil DAPsters.

I know for certain that not only my friend voted for BN in the last general election, but she also helped to campaign for it.

And nope, she is not a member of MCA or Gerakan either.

That's her personal choice, okay.

Anyway, need to get up and get ready for the day now.

Got a date this afternoon.

Lunch, movie, and maybe a massage at a spa.

Just want to relax and enjoy the day.

Don't want to be grumpy grumpy,

As it makes you fat and ugly.


Cheers and have a good weekend guys.


  1. Namo Sakyamuni Buddha!

  2. Hasn't stopped far Soh from dishing out more hate. She needs some air and more Lipo it appears. Also funny how she brazenly comments on others about their weight but is completely silent about her fat arse and her frequent Lipo escapades.